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Lao Ai, who came flying on a cloud complacently, suddenly had his face fallen. He halted immediately, then turned to look at Yan Dan and the other two with a vicious glance.

From the corner of his eyes Yan Dan gazed at Lao Ai and said coldly, "Lao Ai, although Dan is not a mighty person, I'm still the emperor of a dynasty. You've been hiding in Great Yan for over two thousand years, lurking in the dark to plot evil schemes. Dan despises you! On top of that, you've lost to me over the bet in drill ground, which means you are a total loser. That makes me despise you even further! You can't win the bet, and you failed in seizing over the dynasty from my hand. So, what makes you think you have the qualification to stand on the same level with me?"

Ying Zheng too was casting a cold glance over at Lao Ai, "Lao Ai, you're merely a eunuch in my palace," said Ying Zheng mockingly, "Why are you not dropping to your knees now and bowing to your master? It has been over two thousand years since we last met, have you forgotten that I'm the emperor, your lord, your master?! You're just a eunuch, a dog under my feet! What makes you think that a dog can stand on the same level with me? Are you crazy or out of your mind?"

Lao Ai's face turned red, then pale, then red again, and suddenly, he coughed out a mouthful of blood. While trembling, he pointed his finger at Yan Dan and Ying Zheng, lips twitching as he was trying to same something. Yet, before he could say anything, Xiang Yu, who had been brushing and stroking the coiling-dragon spear with his hand, had already roared out impatiently, "Stop behaving like you are some decent man! Ying Zheng, the First Emperor of Great Qin, he is a hero of the generation! Yan Dan, once the Crown Prince of Yan State, his retainers had tried to assassinate an emperor, and he is now the emperor of Great Yan. So, he too can be considered a hero of the generation. Me, I had roamed the world and killed all the members of Great Qin's imperial clan, and I proclaimed myself as a peerless hero as well! When the three of us meet, it is only right and natural to call it the Meeting of Three Dragons!"

He laughed proudly, then scornfully gazed at the Lao Ai's crotch, raised his head up and roared again, "You, Lao Ai, I've heard of you before. You're a fake eunuch who earns your living with a bird! Without that bird of yours, you're just a miserable small potato! You've no qualification to be one of the dragons among us! Pooh! Look at that thing under your pant, look at it now… Can that tiny worm be considered as a dragon?"

Yan Dan had been rather refined in his words, while Ying Zheng's words were based on facts. But Xiang Yu, he simply gave vent to a torrent of abuse. Though Lao Ai had just coughed out a mouthful of blood after being scolded by Ying Zheng, Xiang Yu's words made him tremble and cough blood again. Shivering from head to toe, he turned looking at Yan Dan, and saw Xun Kuang and Mo Di, the two mighty experts. Then, he exasperatingly turned to look at Ying Zheng, and saw Guigu'zi, and a large group of aggressive and doughty civilians and military officers, none of whom were an easy target. In those years, Lao Ai, Li Si, and Xu Fu were considered friends, so he knew that these were extremely cruel and merciless people who had endless trump cards under their sleeves. Thus, he did not have the courage to provoke them.

Flustered and exasperated, Lao Ai's pupils constricted as tiny as needles as he stared straight at Xiang Yu and said, "The Hegemon-King of Western Chu, Xiang Yu? What are you then to claim yourself as the Hegemon-King? I swear that one day I will kill all the men in your clan, and rape all the women and children in your clan!"

Lao Ai's long hairs erected on their end, as the pinkish mist around him boiled and soared high up into the sky, while a vast evil aura was emanated, rolling and rushing in all directions. Suddenly, the several hundred beautiful and seductive girls and the group of nearly one thousand burly men around him began to moan lustfully together. An enchanting air burst out from them, and the powerful evil force surged and thrust toward the souls and Nascent Divinities of the surrounding people. In a blink of an eye, the clothes on those seductive girls and burly men disappeared without a trace, and right before the eyes of all the people in the field, they began to mate in groups of three to five on top of the clouds.

Wu Qi's body trembled. Suddenly there was a wisp of evil flame that shot up from his lower abdomen. The Gold Core in his dantian shivered as an evil Yin flame emerged at its core out of nowhere. If it were any other ordinary Human Immortal of Gold Core realm, the evil Yin flame would have immediately burned off his Gold Core and wiped out all his cultivation base. But fortunately, Wu Qi's Gold Core was protected by five Acquired Pearls, as the enormous acquired energies of five elements had provided a very solid protection to the foundation of his Gold Core. As a result, no matter how the evil Yin flame was trying to wreak havoc in his Gold Core, it just could not do anything to Wu Qi. Instead, it had helped him in the tempering of his Gold Core and his mind.

Meanwhile, the Seven Holy Deities and Devils were cheering and dancing as they rushed into his Gold Core from Spiritual Ocean, opened their mouth wide and devoured the evil Yin flame that contained a vast aura of evil and lust. As the movements of the girls and men around Lao Ai became faster and bolder, his evil technique had come to a climax, and the evil Yin flame inside Wu Qi's dantian had also been burning even more vigorously. However, it merely served as the nutrients to the growth of Wu Qi's Seven Holy Deities and Devils, and could do no harm to his foundation.

Keeping a straight face and calm heartbeat, Wu Qi narrowed his eyes, enjoying the show put out by the people around Lao Ai. He thought to himself that he was just watching an adult show like those back on Earth. Then suddenly, he felt two large palms pressing against his back, while two extremely cold energies kept injecting into his body and rushed into his dantian, leaping onto the evil Yin flame and trying to put it out. Feeling surprised, Wu Qi turned looking over his shoulder and saw Catfish-flood-dragon and Lord Xiansheng. While they were exercising their cultivation to defend against the attack from Lao Ai's evil technique, they also stretched one hand out to help Wu Qi in dispelling the evil force.

Lord Xiansheng was an expert about to form his Nascent Divinity. Thus, Lao Ai's evil technique could not affect him. However, Catfish-flood-dragon's cultivation base was far weaker than Lord Xiansheng, and her flood dragon bloodline was not as strong as him. Thus, she was greatly affected by such an evil technique. When faced with this nasty evil technique of Lao Ai, Catfish-flood-dragon had to withstand a greater pressure. But, even though she was trembling and nearly lost control over her mind, she still stretched one hand out to help Wu Qi in suppressing the evil flame. Obviously, she had a pretty decent character.

One hand given during emergency should deserve a great return. It looked like Catfish-flood-dragon was a perfect example of this phrase. Although she was a little bit stupid, but Wu Qi did not mind having more friends like her.

Wu Qi took a deep breath, and the Gold Core in his dantian moved. All five Acquired Spirit Pearls began to spin at top speed, pouring out a great amount of pure acquired energies through his body, and rushed into Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon's bodies. The acquired energies flowed and rushed quickly through their bodies, helping to temper their bodies and remove any impurities, while improving the purity of the flood dragon bloodline. Wu Qi had been cultivating the Dragon Transformation Script for quite some time, and thus, he had a very profound understanding of it. With his help, Catfish-flood-dragon and Lord Xiansheng felt their bodies had turned scorching hot, as if all the blood essence in their bodies had begun to burn, while a great deal of impurities were quickly removed.

He turned and gave Lord Xiansheng and Catfish-flood-dragon a smile, who were both frightened and baffled, nodded and said, "Thank you, my friends. This is the gift in return for your help. Wu Qi possesses some extraordinary treasure, and hence I can protect myself. I really appreciate the great kindness you have for me." Wu Qi then hastened the circulating speed of the energies in his body, pouring out more acquired energies into both catfish-flood-dragon and Lord Xiansheng's bodies.

Lord Xiansheng laughed, narrowed his eyes and increased the output of his dragon energies into Wu Qi's body. Instinctively, Catfish-flood-dragon did the same as Lord Xiansheng. The dragon energies entered Wu Qi's body, and were purified by the Acquired Spirit Pearls of Five Elements, then circulated back into their own bodies. It was worth mentioning that the blood essence and dragon energies from both flood dragons were at least one hundred times stronger than Wu Qi. Thus, while Wu Qi was helping them in purifying their energies, their dragon energies had also improved the strength of Wu Qi's body at the same time. It was indeed a situation of mutual benefit, returning a favor with a favor.

While Wu Qi and his friends were sharing benefits, Lao Ai's nasty and despicable evil technique had greatly infuriated Xiang Yu.

As Xiang Yu was a bad-tempered man, he could never accept such thing happening right before his eyes. So, when Lao Ai asked all his disciples to put out a grand show of naked men and women shamelessly, a flame of fury immediately burst out in Xiang Yu's heart. On top of that, among the mighty army of Great Chu, there were about several tens of thousands of Gold Core soldiers who had the same evil Yin flame burning inside their bodies, their bodies swaying and looking about to collapse. Xiang Yu roared out furiously, immediately after which, the eighteen giant undead warriors standing behind him let out loud roars that sounded like thunder, lined up in a formation and charged towards Lao Ai.

Both Ying Zheng and Yan Dan smiled at the same time, then beckoned their subordinates and asked them to retreat, as they had decided to observe the overall strength of Lao Ai and Xiang Yu. In the future, Xiang Yu and Lao Ai would be two great foes they had to fight, and by allowing these two villains to fight among themselves first, it would be beneficial to both Ying Zheng and Yan Dan.

It was unknown where Xiang Yu found such huge dead bodies and crafted them into eighteen powerful undead warriors, who stood over ten thousand feet tall. Although they had the body similar to a human, they were definitely not the dead bodies of the human race. Each of them stood over ten thousand feet tall, and underneath their skin was a layer of very densely arranged black scales. There were a few sharp horns found on their head, and their facial bones looked more like wild beasts. There were a few of them who even had long tails like that of cows dragging behind their back. With all these nonhuman characteristics, evidently, they were perhaps the dead bodies from some extinct ancient race, and not related to the human race.

Roaring and yelling these eighteen gigantic undead warriors rushed towards Lao Ai and surrounded him and the group of slightly over one thousand disciples of his. After that, they raised their arms high up and smashed down viciously onto Lao Ai's head. As these undead warriors were spraying crimson flame from their mouths not long ago, turning all the condemned prisoners in the city of Qin army into nothingness, their fists were still wrapped in a thick layer of dark flame. Like the stars falling from the sky at high speed, thirty-six huge fists smashed down with a deep and muffled whistling noise.

Nevertheless, Lao Ai was truly a peerless man of evil. He waved his arms and let out a loud and long laugh that shook the sky. Suddenly, from the bodies of over one thousand disciples who were mating crazily around him a large sheet of pinkish mist burst out, and was absorbed into his body within a blink of an eye. Having replenished by this huge amount of lustful energies, Lao Ai's body grown taller and bulkier. He was now standing about thirty feet tall, while his clothes were ripped and torn apart, revealing his extremely bulky muscles.

Then, his penis quickly erected, pointing straight toward the sky like a long spear. A pale golden gleam was emitting from it, while the tremendous pressure emanating from it had caused the surrounding natural energies to generate crackling noises. With his penis as the center point, a vast and enormous evil energy began to linger and wheel around him, making the blood vessels on his body to swell up, and his muscles to poke up like an ancient fiendgod.

Facing with the huge incoming fists from eighteen gigantic undead warriors, Lao Ai thrust both fists out fearlessly and greeted them. "Great Sun Technique, BREAK!" Lao Ai roared harshly. All of a sudden, ten pink airflows shot out and quickly from all ten fingertips of his and broke out into a raging flame, then turning into a large light ball which shone brilliantly like the sun, emanating vast and endless evil energy.

Vaguely, one could see countless seductive, naked girls dancing and singing inside of the light ball, with a beautiful and pleasing music. Without hesitation, Lao Ai threw the light ball out and made it clash forcefully with the heavy punches of the gigantic undead warriors. A sweet, charming moan of girl rang out, then the sky was filled with romantic, pinkish bright lights suddenly. Amidst them, a splendid and majestic garden emerged. Inside the garden were countless exotic flowers and rare plants, millions upon millions of beautiful girls and handsome men, fully naked. They were mating to their heart's content everywhere. The eighteen gigantic undead warriors were trapped in the garden, rushing and charging around like some headless flies.

If it were some ordinary cultivators being trapped in this garden, it would not take long before their minds were completely controlled by the lustful energy, and having their spirit and mind burned off by the evil Yin flame, becoming Lao Ai's tonic. However, it was eighteen undead warriors that were being trapped in it now, eighteen undead warriors who had completely lost their instinctive behavior of living beings.

They were first stunned and struck dumb by the illusion of the garden, but very quickly let out furious roars and kept punching their fists in all directions, spraying out crimson flames from their mouth. Lao Ai's body trembled as he quickly performed incantation gestures, barely managing to maintain the illusion. While exerting all his ability to maintain it, Lao Ai roared angrily at Xiang Yu, "Xiang Yu, do all these monsters have the strength of beginner-stage Nascent Divinity realm?"

Xiang Yu did not answer him, and not knowing when, he had already ridden before Lao Ai, thrusting his spear towards the latter.

As eighteen gigantic undead warriors of early-stage Nascent Divinity realm had pinned down all of Lao Ai's energy and strength, he had no way to defend himself against Xiang Yu's sudden attack.

The spear pierced through the air with a dazzling dark gleam, and was followed immediately by an arrow of blood that shot high up into the sky, and a hideous howl that spewed out from Lao Ai's mouth.

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