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The eighteen giant corpses threw the city of Qin army onto the ground wildly, generating a loud boom that echoed throughout the battlefield. The tremendous tremor shook many houses and army camps in the city, crumbling them into ruins. At least over one hundred thousand Qin soldiers hiding in the city had their internal organs severely wounded by the violent shock, which made them collapse to the ground while coughing blood.

Deep, muffled battle cries could be heard coming from the army of several tens of thousands of undead warriors, who were all clad in iron armors and enshrouded in towering Yin energy. Taking the opportunity when the restrictive runes and defensive mechanisms above the Qin city were ripped into shreds by Xiang Yu's palm strike, they charged into the city at lightning speed, bringing together a vast aura of death, which made them seem like a great river of death.

Inside the city, the Qin soldiers had already lined up in neat formations, charging out from campsites in various locations, and greeting these undead warrior soldiers without showing any fear. Even the soldiers who had their internal organs wounded by the tremendous shock just now had also struggled up to their feet, lining up into formations and greeting upon the incoming undead warriors with their comrades.

Two armies, both emanating with an immense killing intent, clashed aggressively with each other like two great tidal waves. From within the Qin army, countless verbal orders were being shouted out with shrill voices by the middle and lower grade captains. As the orders echoed out, three teams of Qin soldiers at the forefront immediately raised up their shields, each about half-foot thick and ten feet tall, forming a very thick and strong line of defense. At the same time, the soldiers standing behind the shields had their hands clenched tightly on their blade. Following the unified orders of the captains, they swung the blades forward and down with their utmost strength.

The loud ringing of weapons clashing could be heard immediately, while those undead warriors who were hit by the blades had their iron armors ripped into pieces. The razor-sharp blades continued their way and hacked forcefully into their bodies. However, it seemed the bodies of these undead warriors had been tempered with some secret methods, as their corporeal bodies were at least ten to one hundred times stronger than the iron armors worn by them, which served more like a decorative item than a defensive tool. Many sparks were generated when the blades hit their bodies, yet none of the blades could succeed in cutting through these undead warriors.

Behind the three lines of Qin soldiers at the forefront were three lines of soldiers with spears in their hands. Following the orders given out by the captains, these burly soldiers, who had a pair of arms twice as thick as those soldiers wielding the blades, bent their knees and lowered their bodies, tightening their grip on the razor-sharp spears while letting out deep roars. Then, they thrust the spears forward viciously through the opening between the shields.

Again, the ringing of weapons clashing echoed out. The spears poked through the iron armors on the undead warriors' bodies, breaking and tearing them apart. Yet, they could only generate a large number of dazzling sparks on these fearsome undead warrior soldiers, while leaving behind a few faint white lines on their skins. Then, as if nothing had happened, these undead warrior soldiers stretched their arms and gripped onto the blades and spears, exerting their utmost strength as they pulled and swung these weapons in all directions.

Shocking cries filled the air, as over several thousand Qin soldiers had their blades or spears gripped by the undead warriors. They were pulled and dragged out from their ranks by these undead warriors, who seemed to possess an incredible strength, and were forcefully thrown far away. Among these Qin soldiers, although the weakest had the cultivation base of the peak-stage Houtian realm, yet their strength still belonged to the strength of a living human being. Even though many of them were Xiantian realm soldiers, and even though some of them were at Physique Strengthening tier of Xiantian Realm, they could only exert several kilograms of strength with both arms.

But these undead warrior soldiers already possessed the cultivation base not weaker than these Qin soldiers when they were alive. After they died, their bodies were further tempered using mystic techniques and herbs, which gave them a body at least ten to one hundred times stronger than steel, while their muscle strength was at least one hundred times greater than ordinary soldiers. With just a casual swing of their arms, these undead warrior soldiers could unleash a tremendous force no less than fifty thousand kilograms. As a result, the Qin soldiers were thrown several hundred feet away by them.

Underneath these Qin soldiers were the swarm of undead warriors, who kept pushing forward. Right when they fell, their bodies were immediately grabbed by many big hands of undead warriors that came from all directions. Then, with just a casual pull of these savage undead warriors who were only left with the instinct of killing, these several thousand Qin soldiers were immediately ripped and torn apart. Their blood and organs were sent flying in all directions, spraying and falling to the ground.

Then came the wild howling of undead warriors, as over several tens of thousands of them in the forefront exerted their utmost strength and punched out their fists, hitting heavily onto the thick shields of Qin soldiers. Each of the punch came with the force of nearly fifty thousand kilograms, and they broke the shields in an instant. The soldiers holding the shields were like eggs under a huge hammer, as none of their bodies could withstand the impact from such an incredible force. Their bones were cracking and breaking, many broken bones bursting through their skins like sharp arrows and shooting out from within their bodies, riddling themselves with many bloody holes.

In just the time of a breath, the array of shield that served as the foremost defensive line of Qin army was collapsed completely, while all the soldiers holding the shields were killed by the undead warrior soldiers.

The army of undead warrior soldiers rushed into the city in one straight and long line, marching and pressing forward unstoppably like a crumbling mountain. The three lines of soldiers behind the shield soldiers did not even have the time to retract their spears when the undead warriors had already arrived before their faces. The heavy fists punched down like the hammer of the God of thunder, crushing the bodies of these spear-wielding soldiers into pieces. Blood and gore piled up on the ground, forming a scene which was too horrible to look at.

Although they had just engaged for less than a few breaths of time, over thirty thousand Qin soldiers were killed in action. They were all killed on the spot, and not a single one of them was left wounded. When faced with these ferocious and savage undead warriors, it was not possible to have a wounded survivor. Nevertheless, the formation of Great Qin's army did not move at all. All the soldiers kept standing firmly in their position, holding their weapons and staring angrily at the undead warriors who kept pushing forward.

"Bolts!" Suddenly, the roars of Qin army's captains came from all directions. Following the command, a troop of crossbowmen suddenly emerged behind the Qin army, each clad in leather armors and carrying a crossbow with a peculiar design in their hands. Using the quickest speed, these crossbowmen loaded their bows, roughly calculated the distance between them and the undead warriors, then tilted the crossbows slightly up and quickly launched a shower of bolts.

*Twang!* Over tens of thousands of bolts were being released at the same time, piercing through the air and flying high up into the sky like a swarm of hornets, accurately blanketing the army of undead warriors while generating deep, muffled wind breaking noises.

In midair, Xiang Yu, who had just forced back several formidable generals and ministers of Great Qin with one single palm strike, suddenly let out a wild laugh and said, "Ying Zheng, how could these metal scraps be useful against the 'Divine Undead Army' of Great Chu? For over the past several hundreds of years, I've pushed my way up North relying on this army of several tens of thousands of undead soldiers, wiping out countless foul demons, evils, and nasty beasts and birds. Yet, I have never had one single soldier killed or even wounded. So, how could they be hurt by your inferior weapons?"

Xiang Yu threw his head back and let out wild laughs into the sky, expressing his disdainful view towards the shower of bolts released by Great Qin. However, he was only able to give out two laughs and could no longer continue, while the rest of his laughs got stuck in his throat, which made them sound like the clucking of an old hen when laying eggs. It made him look and sound really awkward.

During the first two loud laughs of Xiang Yu, the showers of bolts released by Qin army had already fallen into the swarm of undead warriors. Then, all the bolts burst out with a blinding white light, which came with a magical effect of cleansing and expelling any forces of devils and demons. Blanketed by this white light, the divine undead army of Xiang Yu quickly melted down like snowmen under the hot sun. Black mist kept surging out from their bodies, and their steel-like bodies were instantly softened.

The bolts did not cause too much of direct casualties to the undead army, but the magical white light had greatly reduced the strength of these undead warriors.

To their surprise, the Qin soldiers discovered that their blades could now chop off the heads of these undead warriors easily, while their spears could penetrate the important parts of their bodies. The movement of the undead warriors had become stiff and slow, and under the white light, no matter it was the spirit, strength, or the recovery speed of the Qin soldiers, it had increased by at least double.

Xu Fu, who was knocked flying away by Xiang Yu's palm strike and nearly had all his bones crushed into pieces, let out a wild laugh while coughing blood, "Xiang Yu, you twerp, don't you ever underestimate Great Qin! If not for the trap set up by us being intended for someone else, if not that we never expected you to come here to stir up the situation, there would be no room for you to act so arrogantly and unbridled in this place! Those are merely undead warriors, not some really divine techniques! The mystic technique of Great Qin is no weaker than yours!"

Then he gave a loud cry that shook the surrounding mountains, while many huge waves were raised as well.

Deep, muffled clatter of footsteps could be heard coming from the city built by Qin army, as a troop of steel figurines, about several hundred thousands of them, walked slowly out from campsites at various spots in the city. Their steps were heavy, and there were blinding and dazzling runes flashing and blinking on their bodies. Each of these steel figurines stood twelve feet tall, having a stature taller and burlier than an ordinary human. They were carrying either razor-sharp blades or spears, or huge steel bows and arrows, marching with neat paces and using the most commonly seen charging formation of Qin army. They pressed slowly towards the several tens of thousands of undead warrior soldiers, who were now wrapped in the white light.

Following the loud verbal commands of Qin captains, the Qin soldiers began retreating slowly, while the tall and burly demon figurines replaced them and locked the undead warriors into a fierce fight.

It was a miserable scene, as the white light had taken away over 90% of the undead warriors' combative strength, making them no longer the match to these demon figurines. From the murderers who slaughtered the Qin soldiers wantonly just now, they had become the target of being wantonly slaughtered. The demon figurines were crafted using very precious alloys that went through more than one hundred times of tempering, and the runes on their bodies had enhanced them with tremendous defensive strength and enormous forces. Each of these demon figurines weighed about fifty thousand kilograms. Thus, even at their top form, none of the undead warriors could have the ability to defeat them.

Each blow struck out by these demon figurines came with the force of over millions of kilograms, an enormous force that only a peak-stage Human Immortal of Gold Core realm who specialized in body strengthening technique could have. When wielded with such an incredible force, their blades and spears could inflict a frightening offensive strength that made one despair. Whenever a thirty feet long blade was casually swung out, it would always slice a dozen undead warriors into half. Along with that, whenever a spear that was as thick as a small tree poked out lightly, it would always rip three to five undead warriors into pieces.

Meanwhile, when the fists of these undead warriors hit onto the bodies of demon figurines, they could only generate some sparks, and when their fingernails scratched on the bodies of the demon figurines, they could not even leave behind any marks. The toughness of each demon figurines could be comparable to upper-grade magical items, and with the enhancement of the primordial runes, the toughness of their bodies could even be comparable to lower-grade magical treasures.

With his Mystic Eyes of Universe, Wu Qi glanced through the army of demon figurines, and saw a total of one hundred and fifty thousand demon figurines!

When fighting with ordinary human soldiers on a battlefield, these steel demon figurines could unleash a fearsome combative strength. Each of them could easily fight with ten thousand human soldiers. If the Blood Swallow Army and the Black Swallow Army of Great Yan Dynasty were to face this army of steel demon figurines, they would be like the divine undead army of Xiang Yu, the mere target of being slaughtered. Wu Qi could not help himself and gasped, feeling fortunate as Xiang Yu was kind enough to be the first man who came attacking Ying Zheng. Or else, perhaps Great Yan Dynasty would be the one to suffer greatly from them.

But, where did all these steel demon figurines come from? These frightening combat gears never made their appearance in the previous battle when the Qin army was besieged by the aquatic demons of Longyuan River.

Meanwhile, the aquatic demons of Longyuan River had already retreated to the Spirit Tapeworm River, and through there, they began retreating back to the main branch of Longyuan River.

Wu Qi, He Qianqiu, Wanying Dragon King, and their company were now standing on the peak of the tallest mountain near the Spirit Tapeworm River, exercising their own mystic technique in observing the battle between Qin army and Xiang Yu. Judging from what they saw, it was beyond any doubt that Xiang Yu was in the disadvantaged position. Although he had repelled the besiege of many Great Qin's generals and ministers with one palm strike, it seemed like his divine undead army was facing the risk of being wiped out completely.

Right at this moment, the eighteen giant undead warriors brought by Xiang Yu suddenly opened their big mouths together.

A large sheet of red flame was sprayed out from the mouths of these giant undead warriors, which blanketed the demon figurines that were fighting with the undead army.

The threateningly high temperature swept and rolled out in all directions. Even Wu Qi and his company, who stood several hundred miles away from the battlefield, could feel the frightening heatwave that came caressing their faces. Obviously, the flame contained a very dreadful high temperature. The mountains nearby the city immediately melted into lava, while the Qin soldiers in the city were instantly turned into ashes amidst the deadly temperature. In just a blink of an eye, all Qin soldiers were killed on the spot.

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