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He was Xiang Yu! The Xiang Yu who was too ashamed to go back home to see his elders and committed suicide at the bank of the Wu River!

"What an extraordinary mighty hero! " Wu Qi thought inwardly, as he rested his eyes on the tall and mighty figure who sat on the dark horse and was emanating an immense, murderous aura. He could not help himself but breathed out a long sigh, then coughed out two mouthfuls of blood and dragged Lord Xiansheng back away from the battlefield. At present, he was yet to possess the ability and power to poke his hand into the conflict between these men. But, sooner or later, Wu Qi would let these heroes of the past know that the world was a very large place, and they were not the only heroes!

With both eyes filled with burning flame, Wu Qi retreated back carefully.

On the other side, needless to be told by anyone, Wanying Dragon King had already coiled up a huge wave, brought the army of countless aquatic demons and began retreating from the battleground quickly as well. He had also sent out a large wave to pull Wu Qi and Lord Xiansheng over to his direction, while he flew towards them and gave Lord Xiansheng a few slaps on the face as he scolded, "Rascal! Are you trying to flaunt your superiority by saving him? If something happens to you, who is going to take care of me when I am old, and give me proper burial after death? Who is going to inherit the throne of Longyuan River Dragon King that is passed down from our ancestors?"

Lord Xiansheng's eyes went wide, looking at Wanying Dragon king as he said in a deep voice, "Wu Qi is the man who healed my eye. It is a great kindness, and if I don't repay it, I am not worthy to be the son of a man!"

Wanying Dragon King immediately gave him another few slaps on the face, causing him to cover his face and creep away. While flinging his palm and giving out slap after slap, Wanying Dragon King kept scolding, "Son of a man? Son of a man?! What bullsh*t son of a man are you? Your father, I, am a flood dragon, and you are also a flood dragon! What makes you think you are related to a man? If you ever risk your life again in saving someone, I'll... I'll..."

He stammered for quite a while, as he really had no idea how to properly lecture his son. However, standing not far away from them, Wu Qi had already completed his lecturing with the curse phrase - 'f*ck your mother!'. Laughing in his mind, Wu Qi suddenly felt a frightening vibration coming from above him. The great flood with the circumference of one thousand miles above them was abruptly shattered by an incredible force, killing several tens of thousands of giant fishes, turtles, anacondas, and many other demon beasts. It ripped and tore their bodies into countless small pieces that floated and bobbed on the water surface.

They raised their heads up hastily and saw both Ying Zheng and Xiang Yu flying backward while coughing out blood once again. Obviously, Xiang Yu was stronger in term of his muscle strength, yet Ying Zheng's ability in magic power was much more superior. They had fought a head-to-head battle, ramming each other with tremendous forces. As a result, Ying Zheng's corporeal body was nearly disintegrated by Xiang Yu's barbaric force, yet Xiang Yu's soul was evidently shaken by Ying Zheng's magic. He was now shaking his head madly, trying to recover his sense which had been greatly confused.

It was the second head-to-head collision between the two formidable overlords, and both were backing off with injuries. The cultivation techniques used by both men were the extremely brutal and violent types. When they began to fight, they would fight with no retreat, and that was the reason the injury suffered by them was extremely serious.

Not far behind Ying Zheng, Li Si was seen clenching his jaw tightly as he took out a scroll and a writing brush, focusing his vision on Xiang Yu while writing a huge character of 'death' neatly on the scroll. The character was written using an ancient form called 'bird script', and was emanating a dark, ominous mist. Li Si gently flicked the tip of the brush, with which, the huge 'death' character broke instantly on the scroll. Then, he cried out in a deep voice, "Dharma word, Death! The perishing of all things!" Immediately, a strong and dense dark mist began bursting out from every single pore of Li Si's body, and very quickly, his body became wizened, turning the once handsome, elegant middle-aged scholar into a dried, withered, and skinny old man.

Xiang Yu, who was letting out wild laugh into the sky while holding the coiling-dragons spear in his hand and getting ready to launch the third charge towards Ying Zheng suddenly had his body trembled. In the next moment, an area with the diameter of one thousand feet around him suddenly turned pitch-dark. It was so dark that only the faint white glow emitting from his body could be seen from the outside. It was as if the area had suddenly transformed into hell. Countless foul ghosts were seen twisting and struggling out from the round pitch-dark area, baring their teeth and waving their claws while leaping towards Xiang Yu. An endless stream of foul ghosts kept springing out from all directions, bringing together an immense air of death as they kept extracting and sucking out Xiang Yu' life force.

The once vigorous and energy-filled body of Xiang Yu shivered, together with the dark horse below him as their bodies turned stiff in midair. They were flooded by an army of endless foul ghosts, and although each of the ghosts only took away a tiny bit of life force from them, in just less than a second, Xiang Yu's skin and muscles had quickly turned withered like a wizened apple, losing all its life force. In the meanwhile, the dark horse threw its head up and kept neighing and snorting into the sky. Every strip of its muscle had turn tensed up, while the once dark and glossy skin and hair had quickly turned dull and listless too.

Li Si, who had a large piece of flesh sliced away from his shoulder by Xiang Yu, was giving out a hideous cold laugh from the side. A layer of dark glow was flashing and blinking around him, as he shut his eyes and focused all his effort on maintaining the effect of the dharma word.

Xu Fu flew out soundlessly from behind Ying Zheng. He was now clad in a thick, dark long robe, and a strange glow was seen flowing round and round his body. Every now and then, some twisting runes would appear near him and then disappear. He rested his eyes on Xiang Yu, who was now trapped by the army of foul ghosts, casually stretched his finger out, and lightly pointed in the air. Then, he read, "The eight million deities now and in the past, I can crush them with one finger. To all deities and holy existences in the realms of the entire universe, in the past or in the current age, listen to my command!"

Suddenly, Xu Fu's finger turned transparent, and expanded to a length of over three feet, and the diameter of an adult's arm. Vaguely, there were countless tiny runes seen blinking and flashing inside that finger, and with a shake of his body, the surrounding natural energies began to fuse into this huge finger of his. In just a blink of an eye, the air in front of the finger suddenly broke and shattered.

Xu Fu moved, stepping into the shattering air and came behind Xiang Yu. Like a falling snowflake, he moved his huge finger slowly and soundlessly down, and finally touched Xiang Yu's back. A loud boom rang out in an instant, so loud that over several thousand lofty mountains underneath them were turned into nothingness, while frightening cries could be heard coming from the depth of Great Dream Marsh. Countless water jets consisting of pitch-black mud and filthy water shot high up into the sky, reaching to an altitude of nearly one hundred miles.

The air surrounding Xiang Yu was ripped to shreds, and the countless foul ghosts transformed into pitch-black and sticky mist, plunging into his body together with Xu Fu's finger strike. The tremendous force pushed Xiang Yu's body forward, throwing him off the back of the horse and shattering his armor, revealing his bronzed and intrepid body. His skin began to break and peel off, as there were countless twisting dark runes squeezing in and out from his muscles. Xu Fu's Deity Crushing Spell had transformed the countless foul ghosts into a vicious destructive force into Xiang Yu's body, turning into curse runes that wreaked havoc inside his body.

Wu Qi was hiding inside of the great flood and had retreated to a distance of several hundred miles. He had been using Mystic Eyes of Universe to keep spying on the battlefield, and what he saw made him breath out a long sigh, "The Deity Crushing Spell from Script of Ancient Law is indeed very powerful. Too bad that I didn’t have the time to study the Dao of Primordial Talisman recently, and don't have the ability to unleash this finger attack at all." However, Wu Qi did realize that without the army of countless foul ghosts summoned by Li Si using his dharma word, the deity crushing spell of Xu Fu would not have such an incredible power. It was the joined hands of Li Si's dharma word and Xu Fu's deity crushing spell that brought the incredible power, which turned all the mountains and ridges in this area into nothingness.

The filthy mud water shot high up into the sky, while several thousand mountains were crumbled into pieces. A vast expanse of underground energy was lingering in the surrounding air. As the mountains were crumbling and collapsing, the underground energy vein below had suffered a very serious damage, causing an immeasurable amount of underground energy to leak into the surface. They were turned into energy storms that were visible to the naked eyes, raging across the land.

With a solemn face, Zhang Yi walked out from the crowd, spreading both arms as he unleashed a fearsome suction force from his body. It was as if he had turned into a small black hole, sucking out all the energies wandering around him. The tremendous suction force continued to spread further, and in a blink of an eye, it had covered a huge area of over one hundred miles. The vast and immeasurable underground energies were being sucked into Zhang Yi's body, then transforming into enormous magnetic force and pouring out violently.

But this time, Zhang Yi had forcibly condensed the enormous magnetic force into a black hole with the diameter of about ten feet, which then thrust towards Xiang Yu at lightning speed while generating crackling noises like thunder. From all around him came an incredible suction force that was enough to crush stars. The force grabbed Xiang Yu's body like countless giant hands, and was about to rip his corporeal body into the tiniest shreds.

Inside the pitch-dark black hole, Xiang Yu's body was seen twisting in a very bizarre manner. It made him look like a toy made out of clay, which had lost its human shape within a blink of an eye.

"Arrow, the crushing of the stars!"

Suddenly, Li Xin walked out from the group of Great Qin's minister, pulling the string of a golden longbow that stood as tall as his own height, and quickly released three arrows at the same time. Three blinding beams pierced through the air and thrust into the black hole made from magnetic force, hitting right into Xiang Yu's body. No one knew how Xiang Yu actually tempered his corporeal body, but when the three arrows that were capable of piercing through mountains hit him, they were only able to rip his skin, yet failed to impale even his muscle. They spun rapidly for a while and finally exploded, causing a lot of blood to spray out from Xiang Yu's skin, but could not cause any real damage to him.

Ying Zheng was holding the Imperial Seal and was about to launch another attack at Xiang Yu, but his face fell when he saw what happened. "What a strong body… It is indeed an incredible body!" Ying Zheng cried in a stern voice, "Xiang Yu, you traitor! You should be proud of having this level of cultivation base. But unfortunately, I'm aided by many capable ministers and courageous generals, yet you're a lone wolf. How are you going to defeat me?"

A long cry rang out, as Wang Jian, Wang Ben, and Wang Li, the three from the same clan, leaped into the sky at the same time, each holding a similar designed three-faced mirror in their left hand that shone with a bright, three-colored beam. They aimed it at Xiang Yu's body, while in their right hand was held identical longswords, emitting a blinding light as they kept spreading out intense heat like three little suns. They gave a loud and long cry as they thrust the longsword right towards Xiang Yu's brow, throat, and chest.

The three of them had the cultivation base of peak-stage Nascent Soul realm, and were specialized in body strengthening technique that gave them a very tough body. On top of that, the divine abilities possessed by them were only suitable to be used in fighting melee battles, and thus, made them three valiant generals of Great Qin. The three swords thrust out with an enormous force that was enough to pierce a large hole in a mountain and split the ocean, emitting a blinding light and intense heat as they pierced through the air and stabbed forcefully on Xiang Yu's body.

In just a fraction of a second, many of these valiant generals and fearsome ministers of Great Qin struck together, unleashing the frightening attacks that were more than enough to instantly kill an ordinary Nascent Divinity cultivator. No matter it was their cultivation techniques, divine abilities, their magical treasures or weapons, the overall strength and resources of these ministers and generals had struck awe into Wu Qi's mind and made his heart race.

Three swords pierced through Xiang Yu's skin, and were about to venture further into his body. Suddenly, Xiang Yu threw his head back and let out a wild laugh.

"Ying Zheng, do you think I need help in dealing with a group of wild chicken and stray dogs? With me alone, with Xiang Yu alone, I can wipe out your Great Qin with just a flip of my palm!"

"There is a mighty deity in Great Chu[1], who wielded his axe and killed all living beings! The name of the deity is Chiyou[2], as he fell after he brought chaos to the world!" Following the recitation of Xiang Yu with a bitter and aged voice, a towering blood energy shot out from behind his back. Amidst it, one could see a blood red war banner waving violently in the strong breeze.

"You bunch of worms, get the hell out of here!"

Xiang Yu flipped his right palm and thrust it toward the sky, unleashing a huge blood red palm that was over one hundred miles in circumference, shooting into the sky together with aggressive roars of countless soldiers. Li Si's dharma word, Xu Fu's runes, Zhang Yi's magnetic force, the sword beams of Wang Jian and his offspring, all of them were ripped and broken into pieces by the blood red palm.

Xu Fu, Wang Jian, and all other men immediately flew away while coughing blood, and having their seven apertures burst out with a great amount of blood as well.

The enormous blood-red palm shot into an altitude of over one hundred miles, brought together a despairing aura as it turned and pressed down in the most formidable manner.

On the ground, the eighteen giant corpses that stood over ten thousand feet tall each had forcibly uprooted the city built by Qin army, raising it high up in the air. The blood red palm arrived, smashing the thick layer of runes on the wall and turning several thousand Qin practitioners into ashes amidst the shrill and miserable cries.

With just one palm, the ministers and generals of Qin army were defeated.

[1] Great Chu - It was a hegemonic, Zhou dynasty era state. From King Wu of Chu in the early 8th century BCE, the rulers of Chu declared themselves kings on an equal footing with the Zhou kings. Though initially inconsequential, removed to the south of the Zhou heartland and practicing differing customs, Chu began a series of administrative reforms, becoming a successful expansionist state during the Spring and Autumn period. With its continued expansion Chu became a great Warring States period power. (Source:

[2] Chiyou - Chiyou was a tribal leader of the Nine Li tribe (九黎) in ancient China. He is best known as the tyrant who fought against the future Yellow Emperor during the Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors era in Chinese mythology.(Source:

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