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Sitting loftily above the cloud, Ying Zheng gave Wu Qi a fierce gaze. It was so powerful that it seemed capable of taking corporeal form, and made Wu Qi shudder with great fright. Without hesitation, he jumped and hid behind Wanying Dragon King. Meanwhile, when Wanying Dragon King saw that He Qianqiu had escaped from the trap, he immediately recalled about Wu Qi's military order, as he only needed to distract the Qin army.

"We just have to distract the Qin army. Why should I risk my life and fight with them?" Wanying Dragon King was very cunning and treacherous, so when he saw He Qianqiu had made his escape with his seriously wounded apprentices and disciples, the Old Dragon King quickly gave a loud dragon cry that shook the sky, "My children of Longyuan River, let's retreat! Retreat at once! My children, the bugle of Dragon Ying is too powerful for us to fight. We have to retreat now! Don't blame anybody if you run too slow and get yourself killed!"

The great flood began to roll gurgling and foaming backward, while following the flow of the water were countless aquatic demons fleeing in a flurry. They came fast, and they retreated even faster. Even the Spirit Tapeworm King, who was fighting with Nine-headed Ice Earthworm in the mud moments ago, had already brought all his children and flew hastily out from the depth of mud. He followed the great flood and went back to Spirit Tapeworm River. The army of Spirit Tapeworms stained the retreating water with a blood red hue, making it looked like a flood made out of pure blood.

Ying Zheng gave a cry furiously, "Wu Qi you b*stard! You have ruined my plan again! Come and face your death!"

He quickly performed an incantation gesture with both his hands. The shadows of eight flood dragons and one serpent took their shape, and then formed a pitch-black seal. He casually pointed his finger at Wu Qi, and the black seal thrust out, transforming into a shadow of a dragon. It pierced through the air with deep, muffled noise, smashing towards Wu Qi's back.

Wu Qi felt a very strong and menacing air coming towards his back. Without hesitation, he activated the Water Dragon Armor, a middle-grade magical treasure, that Jing Ke gave to him not long ago. Immediately, a loud and long cry soared high up into the sky, as a crystal blue full armor sprung out and covered Wu Qi completely. Three fist-sized water dragons were seen wheeling around him rapidly, while emanating a large sheet of crystal blue energy barrier that protected him from any attack.

*SPLASH!* The seal unleashed by Ying Zheng smashed and crushed all three water dragons into pieces, continued its way and hit forcefully onto Wu Qi's back.

It was as if the Water Dragon Armor did not actually possess any defensive strength. With just a single hit, the seal thrust out by Ying Zheng had turned it into nothingness. Wu Qi felt a sharp pain coming from his back, as a brutal and violent energy that came together with an immense destructive aura penetrated through the Water Dragon Armor, and was about to hit right into his body. He had just started the cultivation of Dragon Transformation Script a few days ago, and although it did greatly strengthen his corporeal body, there was no way he could withstand this incredibly fearsome attack.

"Ying Zheng! I never spied on your wife taking a bath! Why are you bearing such great grudges against me?" Wu Qi cried angrily. He waved his left arm backward and unleashed all thirty-six golden dragon scales, glinting and emanating with a thick layer of earthy yellow fog behind his back. In the next second, the dark seal broke through the Water Dragon armor and impacted onto the earthy yellow fog, knocking and pushing Wu Qi a couple dozen miles forward and slamming into a small mountain.

Blood sprayed out from his mouth and reached a very far distance. Wu Qi felt as if all his bones were now broken, as none of them could respond to his control. Apart from the silver lotus, Wu Qi had taken out all his defensive weapons and items, yet the casual strike of Ying Zheng still nearly killed him. If not for the fact that the Earth Element Dragon Scale Shield was an overly powerful item, having a defensive strength far greater than ordinary magical treasure, Wu Qi would have been killed by Ying Zheng just now.

However, before Wu Qi could pick himself up, and Wanying Dragon King, who stood on the back of Iron-shelled Turtle, could come to his rescue, Ying Zheng had already given another furious cry and drawn out his Sword of Emperor Qin. He swung it swiftly and mercilessly towards Wu Qi's direction. At the same time, as Ying Zheng feared that Wanying Dragon King might want to save Wu Qi, he gave a hideous grin and formed nine dark seals, thrusting them all out towards the old dragon. Following him in launching the attacks were Li Si, Xu Fu, and all the important ministers standing around Ying Zheng.

The attacks that came like a raging thunderstorm had prevented Wanying Dragon King, Catfish-flood-dragon, and their company to attempt rescuing Wu Qi. A bright sword beam shot down from the sky and slashed aggressively towards Wu Qi's back, who was trapped inside the body of the mountain. The sword beam unleashed by the Sword of Qin Emperor had transformed into a figure of a golden flood dragon, glinting dazzlingly as it impacted onto Wu Qi's body with a jarring dragon cry.

Wu Qi exerted all his energies and managed to exercise the dragon scale shield again. A loud boom rang out, and his body was pushed several miles deeper into the mountain. Although the sword beam was stopped by the dragon scale shield, the tremendous force came from it had nearly ripped Wu Qi's body apart. After the impact, the sword beam did not disappear, but continued spinning rapidly like a drill head on the earthy yellow fog that formed from the dragon scale shield, as it was determined in piercing through the shield and kill Wu Qi.

A loud dragon cry suddenly came out from Wu Qi's finger. The item spirit of black dragon ring had poked his head out. There were bits of bright gleam flashing in his eyes.

A huge amount of black dragon scales shot out from the ring, wheeling around Wu Qi and interlocking into a set of dragon-scales soft armor that looked mighty, and took the shape of a real dragon. It emanated a towering black airwave and collided viciously with the dragon-shaped sword beam, dissipating the formidable sword beam in an instant!

The impact sent a tremendous shockwave that violently shook Wu Qi, making his eyes roll up while he kept coughing blood from his mouth.

The black dragon then shouted, "I've used up all the natural energies I absorbed recently. Quickly think of a way to save our lives, or we are going to perish! You rascal, if you want to die, don't ever drag me with you! Remember to release the restrictive spell in my soul before you die!" Black dragon nearly wept as he said that. If he were killed because of Wu Qi's own misfortune, that would be the dumbest way to die!

Wu Qi chuckled, nodded and said, "You are my buddy, my best buddy! If I die, I'll definitely drag you with me. This is what we call life and death together!" Then, his pupils contracted and shone with a menacing gleam, while he cried out fiercely, "Do your best and protect me! Stop talking now! If I die, you won't be able to live either!"

He rose and dashed out from the little mountain with staggering steps. He sprinted over the water, pointed his finger up in the air at Ying Zheng, and cried, "Ying Zheng, f*ck...!"

Before the torrent of curses could spew out from his mouth, the exasperated Ying Zheng had risen from the chariot, and taken out a large seal shimmering with a bright white glow from under his sleeve. "Wu Qi, you little rascal! I promise that I'll definitely kill you today! I want to kill you! Take this attack, the Imperial Seal of Great Qin! It has gathered the energy of Human Emperor found in the Heaven and Earth, and it will wipe out your corporeal body, your soul, and take away your rights of reincarnation forever!"

Abruptly, the seal in Ying Zheng's hand burst out with a large sheet of bright light, in which the characters of 'Having received the Mandate from Heaven, may the emperor lead a long and prosperous life' emerged slowly. The bright light had wrapped around Wu Qi, and when these characters appeared, it made him unable to move even a step, turning his body stiff and hover right above the water. Wu Qi turned and looked at the seal held in Ying Zheng's hand, then could not help but curse in his mind, ‘This is utterly despicable! As the mighty emperor of Great Qin, you actually use your Imperial Seal to kill me, a mere tiny little Gold Core cultivator? Can you be more shameless than this?’

Ying Zheng grinned hideously, and was about to thrust the Imperial Seal down.

A loud dragon cry rang out, as Lord Xiansheng was seen having both eyes bursting with wisps of flame and transformed into a flood dragon, rushing beside Wu Qi. Without hesitation, he grabbed Wu Qi and pulled him into the water. However, right at the moment when Lord Xiansheng came right beside Wu Qi at lightning speed, he too was wrapped by the bright light, and it made his movement become a hundred times slower. Bit by bit, inch by inch, he stretched his arms out and wrapped around Wu Qi's shoulder, then slowly dived back into the water, inch by inch.

Wherever the bright light shone from the Imperial Seal covered, not only was the space completely locked down, even the time had slowed down by one hundred times. Thus, Lord Xiansheng's movement was forcibly slowed down by one hundred times, and looked no different than a snail.

It immediately struck a great terror into Wanying Dragon King's heart, "Ying Zheng, if you dare to kill my beloved son, I'll wage a desperate fight against you!" cried the old dragon king.

Ying Zheng grabbed the bugle of Dragon Ying in his hand hideously and shouted back, "Let us see if you do have the rights to wage a desperate fight against me, Wanying demon dragon! I've wasted one hundred years of my life in using this Imperial Seal today, and I'm going to use it to kill all of you!"

In the meantime, on the peak of a lofty mountain about one thousand miles away, an extremely gallant looking dark horse was seen bowing its head, munching and eating from a basket filled with ginseng that were at least one thousand years old, nine-leaved Ganoderma, and many other precious herbs that had been washed cleanly. A small stool was placed on top of a mountain rock, where a burly man sat with his back straight. The burly man had a head of long hairs hanging down loosely from his shoulder, a pair of eyes with double pupils each, and a stature as mighty as a war god. He was clad in a heavy armor decorated with the image of a qilin stepping on the moon. There was a bright gleam glinting in his eyes as he peered at the battlefield one thousand miles away.

"Ying Zheng! The emperor of Qin Dynasty, Ying Zheng!"

The burly man placed both hands on his knees, and was emanating a brutal air like a savage tiger sitting loftily on top of the mountain, that made one bow upon looking at him. Wearing a faint smile on his face he looked at Ying Zheng in the far distance, then said in an indifferent voice, "Do you know that I've waited for over for two thousand years for today, the day I can finally fight with you? Your sons, your grandsons, none of them were my match!"

"Bring me my spear!" The burly man reached out his arm.

Six tall and burly soldiers, their skins emitting a pale golden glow, immediately carried a twenty-four feet long, coiling-dragon spear with a diameter of a bowl over to the man. When the man had his palm grip the pitch-black coiling-dragon spear, it immediately gave a sharp and jarring dragon cry.

"Activate the Ten-thousand Corpses Death Formation and kill all the generals and captains of Qin army. The Yan army is late in the game, and I'm too lazy to wait for their strategy and plots."

An excited expression that could not be covered up emerged on the burly man's face, "Regardless of how brilliant of your strategies and schemes, when they are faced with an absolute power, there are merely illusions that can be broken easily! Only the mighty power that sits at the top the world can bring a massive storm to this place!" said the man with a wild laugh.

He sprung and mounted himself on the dark horse, threw his head back, laughed and said, "It is too bad that you are not by my side... as you can't see me ride the horse and wield my spear again, defeating all the so-called mighty heroes under the heaven! Yuji, oh Yuji... behold, and witness how I kill the emperor of Qin dynasty today!" [1]

Then, he thrust the spear forward, ripping the space before him and brought all his men stepping into it. In a blink of an eye, he had reappeared right behind Ying Zheng.

Before Ying Zheng could have the time to kill Wu Qi and Lord Xiansheng, the coiling-dragon spear of the man had smashed forcefully into Ying Zheng's back, together with an immense killing intent that was capable of destroying everything. A furious roar came out from Ying Zheng's mouth, while the shadows of eight flood dragons and one serpent rolled and rocked behind his back. He immediately threw the Imperial Seal backward, sending over an enormous force together with it towards the sudden attacker.

BOOM! The coiling-dragon spear and the Imperial Seal collided, and the massive impact caused blood to spray out from all seven apertures of Ying Zheng and the burly man.

Ying Zheng cursed furiously as he was knocked flying for one hundred miles away by the burly man's spear, while the burly man was laughing out wildly, riding his horse quickly back so to counterbalance the powerful force that came from the Imperial Seal. While he was backing off, he drew out a longsword from his waist and swung it forcefully out towards Li Si's head, who happened to stand pretty close to him.

Li Si gave a shocked cry and backed off hastily. However, the tip of the sword still brushed passed his shoulder and sliced off a thick flesh the size of a human palm.

Then, from the Great Dream Marsh came countless jarring and sharp cries, as several tens of thousands of iron-armored soldiers sprung out from the mud, enveloped in a menacing aura that towered to the sky. They left countless afterimages in the air while rushing and charging towards the Qin army.

Suddenly, the city constructed by Qin army collapsed and sunk into the ground. A group of eighteen huge humanoid figures, each standing nearly ten thousand feet tall and enshrouded in the same menacing aura and evil wind, slowly rose and made their appearance from the collapsed city while giving out vicious laughs. Shockingly, these giants had already emptied the foundation of the city constructed by Qin army.

Wu Qi send out his divine will and scanned over the iron armor soldiers who appeared suddenly, and cried out in shock quickly, "All of them are dead bodies? Are they zombies? Who is that guy?"

The burly man riding on the dark horse and wielding the spear heard Wu Qi's loud cry when he was about to charge towards Ying Zheng. He could not help but throw his head back and let out a wild laugh.

"I'm the Hegemon-King of Western Chu, Xiang Yu! [2] Ying Zheng, I'm the one who burned your Epang Palace, and the man who killed all the members of your Imperial Clan!"

Countless thunderbolts streaked down from the sky as Xiang Yu announced his name. For that moment, the only image in everyone's eyes was Xiang Yu, riding on the dark horse and letting our furious roar into the sky.

[1] Yuji - Consort Yu (died 202 BC), personal name Yu Miaoyi, also known as "Yu the Beauty", was the concubine of the warlord Xiang Yu, who competed with Liu Bang (Emperor Gao), the founder of the Han dynasty, for supremacy over China in the Chu–Han Contention (206–202 BC). (Source:

[2] Xiang Yu - Xiang Ji (232–202 BCE), courtesy name Yu, better known as Xiang Yu, was a prominent warlord who lived in the late Qin dynasty. (Source:

Yuji - Consort Yu (died 202 BC), personal name Yu Miaoyi, also known as "Yu the Beauty", was the concubine of the warlord Xiang Yu, who competed with Liu Bang (Emperor Gao), the founder of the Han dynasty, for supremacy over China in the Chu–Han Contention (206–202 BC). (Source: Yu - Xiang Ji (232–202 BCE), courtesy name Yu, better known as Xiang Yu, was a prominent warlord who lived in the late Qin dynasty. (Source:
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