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A strong wind came blowing by abruptly. Amidst it, catfish-flood-dragon transformed into her human form, but still had a very large catfish head. She flew to Wu Qi, then wobbly bowed at him and said furiously, "What an utterly bad luck! I had got my official paper from old dragon king and was moving over to the Great East Ocean, but you know what? I actually bumped into this licentious three-headed shark while on my way there! Over the past two years, I've been suffering from all sorts of bad luck! How unfortunate!"

Looking at the grumpy catfish-flood-dragon, Wu Qi let out a wry smile and said, "Indeed, you are down on luck recently." At the same time, he thought in his mind that even if catfish-flood-dragon walked with her head held high on the street of Ji City, no sons of influential clans would have their lust aroused by her look and abduct her back to their homes. However, her decision of moving over to the Great East Ocean had led her to the licentious three-headed shark, who fell in love with her at first sight. If she was not down on her luck, what else could that be?

Riding on a cloud, Lu Chengfeng had also flown into the sky, hovering right next to Wu Qi while frowning and looking at the three-headed sharks who kept spitting his saliva.

Catfish-flood-dragon kept sizing up Lu Chengfeng from beside curiously, using her large nostrils to keep sniffing up and down. Then, she said, "This is strange, you look like a human, but why I can smell the scent of flood dragons from your body?" She turned her short and fat neck, throwing a puzzled look over at the Gold Core strange sign behind Lu Chengfeng's back. "Aye, are you a demon whose true form is dragon turtle? If not, then why are you carrying a large turtle shell on your back?"

Wu Qi did not say a word, while Lu Chengfeng was speechless. Both men rested their eyes on the silly looking catfish-flood-dragon, unable to utter a single word for a very long while.

At last, Wu Qi breathed out a long sigh, then gently patted on Lu Chengfeng's shoulder, who appeared to have suffered a great slap on his pride. After that, he took a few more steps ahead, pointed his finger at the three-headed sharks and cried out, "I don't care who you are, and I don't care where do you come from. This is the territory of Great Yan, and now, you need to get the hell out from here!"

Yan Xi, who rushed over here with a group of many Earth Immortals and Human Immortals, all from the Imperial Clan of Great Yan Dynasty, snapped furiously, "Duke of Tianyun, we can't let him go! How dare this foul fish demon utter words of insult against His Majesty?! We have to pull his tendons out and rip away all his skin today, so that he will know the consequence of offending us, the Great Yan!" The tall, burly and red-faced Yan Xi had a very bad temper. After he finished saying that, he immediately raised his right hand and shot out a thunderbolt.

Yan Xi was from Heavenly Spirit Sect, and he was cultivating with the Dao of Talisman there. As a peak-stage Nascent Soul Earth Immortal himself, he had attained a very profound cultivation in the Dao of Talisman. Inside the thunderbolt which he struck out casually were three small, golden talismans of thunder, wheeling and spinning in a triangular formation. Tiny electric arcs kept darting out from them, while they kept absorbing the surrounding wood and water element energies, making them collide violently. After the thunderbolt left his hand and reached a distance of about one thousand feet, the once human-head-sized thunderbolt had expanded to several dozen feet in diameter.

A loud boom rang out as the golden thunderbolt flashed and hit right into the body of the three-headed shark. In an instant, several dozen electric serpents as thick as water bucket emerged, slithering and rolling about on the body of the shark while generating crackling noises without end. The body of three-headed shark swayed a little bit, then was pushed a few hundred feet back by the force generated by the explosion of the thunderbolt. He twisted his giant body, then to his surprise, he saw a ten feet wide wound opened up on the middle head. A large patch of skin was ripped away, while pale-golden blood was gurgling out from the hole.

It seemed the three-headed shark had just realized what happened. With a blank expression he stared at Yan Xi for a while, then suddenly flew into a rage and yelled out, "How dare you hurt me? How dare you!! Do you know who I am? You b*stards! I'm going to kill all of you here today! When I return to the great ocean, I'll definitely gather all my troops and slaughter every single living thing in your so-called Great Yan Dynasty! No one will survive my wrath!"

A gust of dark wind suddenly wrapped around the three-headed shark as he transformed into a muscular man very quickly, standing about ten feet tall, with a dark skin and fully naked. Just like the catfish-flood-dragon, he still had the large fish head mounted on top of his neck, and was baring his sharp teeth while clamoring in a loud voice, "I'm the king to all the aquatic clans within five million miles in the Great East Ocean! I'm the king of the aquatic clans! How dare you hurt me like that?! This is a humiliation to all the aquatic clans in the Great East Ocean!"

He stretched his arm forward and performed a grabbing gesture, then a fish spear with nine forks appeared in his palm out of nowhere. Ferociously and savagely, he swung the glinting fish spear, pointing it in all four directions. In the next moment, dark clouds began to gather and blanketed the surrounding skies. Dense water vapor started to rose from all the nearby rivers and lakes, forming a very thick layer of water cloud that blanketed the land of over one thousand miles circumference. The three-headed shark then grinned hideously and said, "I'll teach all of you a lesson today, so you will learn that there is somebody in this world who you can never afford to offend!"

While Wu Qi and all the other men were about to strike, a very cold, emotionless voice suddenly rang out from the side, "Oh really? There is somebody in this world that we can never afford to offend?"

Then there came a ferocious sneer, as Huo Wuyu brought a group of demon birds, all emanating with intense killing intent, broke through the cloud and came flying towards them at top speed. There was a fierce and savage gleam flickering in Huo Wuyu's eyes, "You're just a little demon king that ruled a tiny five million miles ocean!" cried Huo Wuyu with a hideous laugh, "Do you really think you are one of the few old b*stards in the Great East Ocean? This place is Meng Mountains, the Meng Mountains that has the same status as your Great East Ocean… And this is my territory!"

Not allowing the three-headed shark to say a word, Huo Wuyu opened his mouth and sprayed out a jet of Rotting Bones and Soul Devouring Energy. In a blink of an eye, the greenish energy brought together miserable howls and groans from millions upon millions of foul spirits, and enveloped the arrogant and unbridled three-headed shark and all his subordinates hovering around him. Then, Huo Wuyu inhaled, with which the three-headed shark and all his subordinates gave a despairing cry. In a slow motion, their skin, flesh, internal organs, blood essence, and bones, all began to turn into gray ashes, peeling and falling off layer by layer. Within just a split second, all of them were sucked into Huo Wuyu's mouth, leaving no traces in the air.

Their corporeal bodies, their souls, and the Nascent Souls which the three-headed shark and his subordinates spent ages to cultivate, were all sucked into Huo Wuyu's mouth. Finally, he burped satisfyingly, nodded his head at Wu Qi and the people around, then let out a jarring wild laugh. He then rode on a strong demon wind and broke through the dark cloud, flying to an unknown destination.

Wu Qi and all the people around twitched their lips as they stood looking at each other and said nothing.

The three-headed shark was a demon lord who had formed his Nascent Soul and even a tiny thread of Nascent Divinity, which was the reason why he could force catfish-flood-dragon to flee desperately. Yet, a formidable demon like this was just swallowed by Huo Wuyu like eating a bowl of noodles. It proved that the few most powerful demon kings in Meng Mountains were truly mighty and formidable, and no one could offend them easily.

Yan Xi shook his head, then brought all the men to fly back down, continuing his task of controlling the teleportation formation.

The fish spear that belonged to the three-headed shark was spinning and falling to the ground. After it was hit by the soul-devouring energy, the once glinting fish spear had turned dull and rusty, and all the energies inside of it were sucked out by Huo Wuyu. Looking at the completely damaged fish spear, Wu Qi shook his head and said, "Why did you come here to face your death? We have five demon kings taking turns on duty here every day. Why should you, a demon shark who has yet to form a complete Nascent Divinity, come here to show your arrogance? Sigh!"

After that, he turned to look at catfish-flood-dragon and asked, "So, what are you planning to do next? Return to the Lake of Four Waters and be the chief there, or continue your journey to the Great East Ocean? If you return to Lake of Four Waters, that Ying Zheng might come looking for you again. But if you insist on moving to the Great East Ocean, hmm, it is a surprise that in the eyes of those oceanic demons you are actually an extraordinary beauty!"

Catfish-flood-dragon gave Wu Qi a look, stuck out her chest and chuckled. "You're absolutely right! Let me tell you, in the flood dragon clan, I'm considered one of the top-rated talents! Although the character of this three-headed shark is rather inferior, he does have a sharp eye!" While slamming on her chest, catfish-flood-dragon kept giggling happily. After a while, her face suddenly fell and said, "But, where shall I go next? I can't go back to Lake of Four Waters. I'll be dead if I am caught by Ying Zhang. As for the Great East Ocean, aye, I will again be blocked by someone on the way! Aye, why am I such a good-looking catfish?"

Wu Qi was speechless, while Lu Chengfeng kept blinking his eyes and carefully gave the catfish-flood-dragon a look. She was now swaying her large catfish head back and forth complacently, while the few dragon whiskers were dancing happily near her mouth.

Wu Qi sighed lightly, then told her in a serious tone, "Well, after all, we are considered old friends. Since you've nowhere to go, why don't you stay here and provide your service in Great Yan's army? At least, we are protected by five demon kings from Meng Mountains. No matter how strong Ying Zheng is, there is no way he can capture you from our field headquarter."

"Five demon kings?" Catfish-flood-dragon's eyes went wide with shock, "Which five of them?"

Wu Qi then told her the names of Huo Wuyu, Xiong Wanling, and the other three demon kings. She gasped with astonishment after hearing those names, then quickly nodded her head and said, "If that is the case, I'm now part of your Great Yan Dynasty! Having protected by the five of them, I will have no fear of that Ying Zheng anymore. Actually, it is all because of the Cauldron of Yu that Great Qin is able to bully us, the aquatic clan. Without that cauldron, hmph, the old dragon king would have no fear of them."

Wu Qi secretly felt really happy about her decision, and agreed to what she had said. It was all because of the Cauldron of Yu that Ying Zheng was able to bully the aquatic clan. However, against the beast kings and bird kings living in the mountain forest, Cauldron of Yu would not be an efficient tool. He was thinking that perhaps he should find a way to make Wanying Dragon King join the Great Yan, as it was something that would bring mutual benefits. Great Yan could help Wanying Dragon King defend against the Cauldron of Yu, while with a powerful aid such as Wanying Dragon King standing by their side, they would have a greater chance of defeating Great Qin in the upcoming war.

While he was quietly pondering on what strategies to use, he suddenly heard a loud and jarring alarm noise.

Then, a Human Immortal cried out in a quick and panic tone, "Fifty thousand miles away, the traces of scouts from Qin army have been detected at the Yunxia Ridge outpost! A confrontation has broken out!"

Wu Qi immediately let out a long cry, transformed into a sword beam and shot towards a minor teleportation formation located inside of Meng Fortress. Catfish-flood-dragon looked around stupidly, then quickly followed behind Wu Qi and said, "Brother Wu Qi, I'll help you beat those people! The Qin army is utterly detestable!"

Lu Chengfeng transformed into a bright light and shot towards the teleportation formation too. Very quickly the clattering of footsteps filled the air, as troop after troop of Black Swallow soldiers riding on cow-headed beasts rushed towards the formation. In just the time of a few breaths, an army of three thousand Black Swallow soldiers had arrived and stood inside the formation. Wu Qi descended and landed into the formation, then shouted out sternly, "Quickly send us to Yunxia Ridge! Also, inform all the outposts in the front line to prepare for the enemies!"

A group of several dozen cultivators had also arrived with bright beams, joining Wu Qi and the army.

Then, a dazzling glow erupted from the formation. Wu Qi felt his body become lighter, as bright lights were flashing and flickering before his eyes. In the next moment, he had arrived at another teleportation formation hiding inside a small valley fifty thousand miles away. Right after he walked out of the formation, Wu Qi immediately heard the whizzing sounds of arrows piercing through the air coming from a few miles ahead of him, from an outpost which was still under construction. Every now and then, he also heard the painful cries let out by someone who got hit by the arrows.

He hastily brought the large troop of soldiers and rushed towards the front line. Very soon, they had arrived on top of the outpost.

A few Human Immortals stationed in these outposts were standing on top of a nearby mountain, looking down at the foot of the mountain. When they saw Wu Qi and the army arrive, these few Human Immortals from the Indestructible Sect quickly flew to them and offered their greeting. As Wu Qi was the deputy chief supervisor of west field headquarter, despite his level of his cultivation base, his authority was higher than most of the cultivators here. Even the five demon kings were under his command.

Wu Qi, Lu Chengfeng, Catfish-flood-dragon and the other few cultivators returned their greetings to these Human Immortals, then they walked to the small mountain and looked down from the top.

There were only about thirty scouts from Qin army who came attacking the outpost. Each of them was clad in a light-weight black armor, and were currently fighting with a group of Black Swallow soldiers. Both sides were holding longbows and arrows, running and dashing quickly through the mountain forest while shooting arrows at the opponents. Wu Qi saw over twenty dead bodies lying around the forest that was about one mile in circumference, and many of them were from soldiers from the Black Swallow Army.

While Wu Qi and his company were observing the situation, another Black Swallow soldier was caught off guard by the enemy, having his throat pierced through by an arrow.

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