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Both Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng quickly changed into clean clothes, then brought Yan Qijun and Qin Wuyang to a parlor at the backyard garden, which was used to receive private and prestigious guests.

The parlor was surrounded by many crystal screens, and the floor was properly heated before they arrived, making sure that none of them could feel the cold temperature that reigned the outside world. The cold wind swept over and slammed into the surrounding screens ceaselessly, generating slapping noises that filled the air. Numerous sword beams and blue tails of light drawn out by the Sky Patrolling Eagle Guards blanketed the sky above. They pierced through the air and fell to the ground like shooting stars, giving a touch of mystery to this dark winter night.

Naturally, to entertain prestige guests such as Yan Qijun and Qin Wuyang, the best wine in Duke Yan Le's Mansion would have to be used. The first Duke of Yan Le had buried several thousand wine jars under a bush of wisteria in the backyard garden. By now, they had already become the best vintage wine. Both Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng worked hand-in-hand and dug out a few large wine jars from under the wisteria, and used the newly brewed wine to blend with the sticky wine paste in them. Then, they poured it into small wine pots and warmed them up using hot water, filling the whole parlor with the aroma of wine.

Upon smelling the aroma, the delicate face of Yan Qijun twisted a few times, then he rubbed his palms excitedly.

"This Drunken Immortal Wine had been kept very secretly by that Yan Buji, and he never allowed me to taste it. Finally, I am able to fulfill my dream today. Haha, and it is his son who personally dug out the wine, warmed it up and brought before my face. When I meet him again, I'll definitely make a good tease out of him." Yan Qijun chuckled, then picked up a small wine glass and took a small sip out of it, slowly sucking the aromatic liquid into his mouth and giving it a good taste.

Meanwhile, Qin Wuyang did not go as gentle as the crown prince, as he already hugging a wine jar and gulping down the wine. Much fine wine spilled out and stained his cloth.

Upon hearing what Yan Qijun said, both Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng could not help but gasp with astonishment. They exchanged a glance, then Wu Qi forced out a smile and asked, "Crown Prince, according to what you said... can you really meet with Duke Buji sometimes? I thought he is already dead, killed by someone in the Myriad Red River?"

While holding the wine glass, Yan Qijun gave out a laugh, shook his head and said, "Dead? Hehe, Wu Qi, I think you should know what technique my father is cultivating?"

Suddenly, Wu Qi recalled the few cultivation techniques which Mo Di found in the barbarian's legacy tablets, which he cracked open using the flame from earth's core. Among them were the scripts of the last two chapters for the cultivation technique that Yan Dan was cultivating. Then, he remembered, the name of the cultivation technique was called the Reincarnation Technique of Nine-death and Nine-resurrection. Abruptly he raised his head up, looking at Yan Qijun and cried out shockingly, "The Reincarnation Technique of Nine-death and Nine-resurrection? Nine death and nine resurrections... Could that mean...?!"

Yan Qijun sighed sorrowfully and said, "You're right, that is the name of the damn cultivation technique." He paused a brief moment, sneered and continued, "It requires one to gain enlightenment to the Dao of Heaven and Earth in between life and death, gathering the energy of reincarnation, and eventually, forming a holy transcendence body that has the characteristic of neither death nor life. This is the profound essence of this cultivation technique. In order to cultivate this technique to the profound level, one would have to gain enlightenment on life and death, accumulating his cultivation in the line between life and death."

He pointed his nose and said in a self-mocking manner, "I, Yan Qijun, am the Crown Prince of Great Yan Dynasty. People think that I am less than one thousand years old. But in fact, I am over two thousand years old now. However, my cultivation base is still at peak-stage of Gold Core realm, not even close to breaking through Nascent Soul realm. It was because of their internal evils that my father and his brothers failed to make the breakthrough. But, I, Yan Qijun, am a peerless genius with extraordinary talents. Yet why after cultivating laboriously for over two thousand years, I'm still a mere Human Immortal of Gold Core realm?"

He shook his head and let out a wry smile. "As the Crown Prince of Great Yan, I cannot always be assassinated by someone, I cannot always meet with calamity. I have to sit on the throne of Crown Prince, safe and sound, so that all the people, all the civilian and military officials, can have an impression of we are in the time of peace and order. My father can always be in a secluded cultivation. He can go fight with demon beasts, he can be severely wounded by demon beasts, and gain enlightenment when he is near death. But I, the Crown Prince, cannot do that. I have to keep guard at Ji City like a clay puppet of a deity. I've to stay here, safe and sound."

Yan Qijun spread his arms helplessly, breathed out a long sigh and said, "This is a nasty cultivation technique. Without experiencing life and death, one could never gain any progress in his cultivation. I've been cultivating laboriously for over two thousand years. I've consumed countless spirit pills and Gold Cores. Hehe, but the two thousand years of cultivation only brings me to peak-stage of Gold Core realm. Damn it!"

Yan Qijun cursed. It showed how much of grievance he had been brewing in his heart. Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng exchanged a glance, not saying a word.

Qin Wuyang placed down the wine jar, wiped his lips and said with a smile, "Yan Buji did get killed by someone in Myriad Red River. Actually, not only at the Myriad Red River, when he was traveling around the world and seducing women everywhere, he had offended many men and caused them to send countless assassins to kill him. As a result, for the past tens of years, he was severely wounded and nearly died eight times, and I can't remember how many times he was mildly injured. Half a year ago, after he was assassinated in Myriad Red River, he managed to leave the peak-stage of Gold Core realm and became an Earth Immortal of Nascent Soul realm."

Yan Qijun continued with a cold voice, "According to the Imperial Law of Great Yan, any members of Imperial Clan that form his Nascent Soul would have to retire in a secluded cultivation and become a sinecure of Cloud Swallow Pavilion. Therefore, taking the opportunity, Yan Buji faked his death and disappeared from the eyes of the public, while we use the incident to draw out some bad eggs."

Wu Qi forced a smile and said, "So, who actually sent the assassin to kill Duke Buji, and for what reason he wanted to kill him? What are the causes and effects of all these incidents?"

Qin Wuyang spread his arms and gave a helpless wry smile while saying, "All of that is just a show put out by us, a show intended for someone to watch. That unlucky offspring of mine, Qin Qingshui, is also an actor in this show. Although in real life, he is not a decent guy either, but when we asked him, a not so bad guy, to act like a complete b*stard, it is really a tough job for him."

A strong nip in the air rendered both Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng speechless. They were struck dumb with amazement, staring at each other with their bodies turned stiff.

If the death of Yan Buji, the upheaval that broke out after his death, and how Qin Qingshui deliberately made things difficult for Wu Qi, all of it was just a show put out by them... In his mind, Wu Qi could not help himself but curse Yan Dan and his ancestors of eighteen generations. He hated the fact that he was in a total dark when someone made him a puppet in their show, as that was a very heavy blow to his confidence.

But very quickly, Wu Qi felt a joy in his mind, as during the whole incident he had gained himself many benefits, and had played tricks on many people. It seemed these people were in a total dark as well, right?

‘You played a trick on me, I've done the same to you. The feeling is mutual.’

Perhaps, the only unlucky group of people in the whole incident was Wei Xiaoxiao and those vassal kingdoms who secretly colluded with her. They were the true victims of this whole show!

Then, he thought of Princess Ying Chuan, and thought of the man behind her, Lao Ai. It was no wonder why Yan Dan had behaved so calmly. Even though Wu Qi had long informed Yan Dan about the secrets of Lao Ai, he waited so long and only forced Lao Ai to show himself recently.

It was a huge net they had cast! Yan Dan had proven himself to be the emperor who ruled Great Yan Dynasty for over two thousand years.

Wu Qi took up a wine glass and gulped down the wine in it, then turned to Yan Qijun and Qin Wuyang, gave them a thumbs up and said, "It is indeed a very well-thought plan, as it leaves no opportunity for the enemies to react. Aii, if I knew this earlier, I would not have brought myself so many troubles! Why should I create so many enemies for myself? Let me think, Wei Merchant, Heavenly Spirit Sect, Myriad Dao Alliance, the monarchs from several dozens of vassal kingdoms, oh, and Chief General Yue Yi, and the Capricious Yin and Yang Su Muye. Am I making a fool out of myself?"

Yan Qijun let out a hearty laugh. He shook his head and said, "Don't worry about Yue Yi and Su Muye. Although Su Muye does lack worldly wisdom, old mister Su Qin is very strict with his children. So, no matter how unbridled Su Muye is, what he did during the imperial banquet is not from his own will. As for Yue Xu..."

Suddenly, an intense killing intent shone from Yan Qijun's eyes. He gnashed his teeth and said, "That Yue Xu deserves to be killed. Great Yan had given him many things, yet he still secretly colluded with our enemy in scheming against Great Yan. His crimes deserved a thousand deaths. Chief General Yue Yi will not hate you for what you did. You can rest your heart at ease. Yue Xu has to be dead."

Lu Chengfeng coughed lightly, bowed at Yan Qijun before he asked, "So, all this is for..."

"All this is just a show we put out for someone." Yan Qijun answered coldly, "Chief General Yue Yi will keep sending men of sacrifice from the army in the attempt of killing Duke of Tianyun. Those men of sacrifice deserve to be killed, and by killing all of them, you are contributing great merit to the dynasty."

Lu Chengfeng was about to ask his next question, but Wu Qi jumped before him and asked out a straight question, "Why are you telling us all this?"

It was Qin Wuyang who answered his question. "Because Yan Chengfeng has been appointed as the Chief Supervisor of West Field Headquarter. We want him to manage the field headquarter with his mind at rest. Therefore, there are things we need to clarify before he leaves. At any rate, you just need to remember one thing - Great Yan Dynasty is still standing firmly like a lofty mountain. Regardless it is His Majesty, Jing Ke, Gao Jianli, Yue Yi, Tian Guang, and me, Qin Wuyang, there is no divergence of views between us. All along, we are standing together, shoulder to shoulder."

He smiled proudly and continued in an indifferent voice, "Together, we came to this world, and we have been fighting bravely for over two thousand years. We went through life and death together to establish our foundation here, the Great Yan Dynasty. In the future, we will make Great Yan Dynasty more powerful and prosperous, to a level where we will unify this world. With that in mind, how can we fight amongst ourselves? However, as someone wishes to see us fighting with each other, intending to divide the strong bond between us, we acted like there really is an internal conflict between us to show them how we divide among ourselves."

Yan Qijun gave a cold laugh and said, "We will show them what they like to see. After that, we will take away all their possessions and their lives. Nothing is better than this."

He took a deep breath, reaching his hand out to Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng, then he said, "Your performance during the last few months has gained our trust. Although you are still a little bit fresh, you had proved your worthiness. Therefore, welcome to Great Yan."

Welcome to Great Yan!

Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng looked at Yan Qijun, then exchanged a look with each other. After that, they reached out their hand and held onto Yan Qijun's hand.

Qin Wuyang let out a loud laugh, reaching out his hand and slamming forcefully onto both men's palms.

Yan Buji smiled and said, " Keep the conflicts going with the people that you currently have them with, and for the people you have established friendships, maintain those friendships. Eight days later is an auspicious day. I want Chengfeng to go worship the ancestors of Great Yan in the Imperial Shrine, and have your name officially listed in the book of lineage. It is also the time for you to meet Yan Buji. Although I really don't like how he scattered his seeds everywhere, after all, he is your birth father."

said Yan Qijun while twitching his lips, as if he were dissatisfied with Yan Buji's behavior.

So, they continued their secret meeting through the night. Both prestigious guests told Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng everything that they should know and understand. They even told Wu Qi the reason why both he and Lu Chengfeng could gain the trust of Yan Dan and many of his brothers in such a short period of time. Apart from Mo Di's positive comments on Wu Qi, the second reason was the Token of Eight Swallows which Wu Qi was given. Although he had this powerful token, he never did anything unusual with the special privilege.

Although he was holding a great power in his hand, Wu Qi never used it wantonly. This had added many points for Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng, and thus, they were able to receive a uniform acceptance by all the core members of Great Yan Dynasty.

Yan Qijun and Qin Wuyang took their leave when the dawn was breaking. Wu Qi and Lu Chengfeng sent both of the men out from the mansion.

Before stepping into his coach, Yan Qijun suddenly turned smiling at Wu Qi, as if he just remembered something. "As you are now one of us, I'll not scheme against the Innate Earth Element energy you obtained in the Rare Treasures Conference. Those people are really stupid. How could they fail in recognizing an Innate item? This really pissed me off!"

Qin Wuyang too was shaking and sighing beside, then he said, "If not that we had also found several dozens of Innate items when we arrived in this world, hehe, we would never let you have that thing!" He gave Wu Qi a fierce glare, then continued saying with a cold voice, "That thing is coveted by many. Quickly find a way to consume it and leave no trace behind, or you will have to face many troubles. Don't you forget that Zhang Yi does know you have this rare treasure."

Then, escorted by many guards, both men took their leave.

Meanwhile, Wu Qi kept looking at their departing back in astonishment. They had found several dozens of Innate items when they arrived at this world?

What kind of a damned world was this?!

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