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The energies from underground energy vein, the Earth element energies from surrounding mountains and hills, the Water element energies from the few little rivers and streams that flowed nearby, and the Wind element energies from the wind that blew through the woods… All the natural energies in the surrounding area were grabbed by the black-robed man, transforming them all into a tremendous magnetic force and smashing down from above. Apart from this extremely pure magnetic force which thrust out like a giant serpent, there was no other force that existed in the air surrounding the jade platform.

Two balls of glossy and green ghost flames burst out from the eyes of the black-robed man. He fixed his eyes on Wu Qi, as he sneered and said, "Hand over the Innate Earth Element energy essence, and that Black Dragon Spirit Ring which belonged to my Emperor. Then, I'll capture you alive and let my Emperor decides your fate. If you refuse, I'll rip you apart, but spare your soul and bring it to my Emperor. It seems the latter option is rather an easy job."

An idea suddenly leaped into Wu Qi's mind. Without hesitation, he grabbed on Princess Zhang Le's slender and tender waist, kicked his legs in the air and sprung backward, while exerting all his strength to give out a loud cry, "Somebody, help! This man is the subordinate of Emperor Qin, Ying Zheng! The spy from Great Qin Dynasty has infiltrated Great Yan Dynasty!"

His voice rang out like a sudden thunderclap, echoing out several dozens of miles away in an instant. Then, from all over Ji City came several dozens of divine senses rushing at top speed towards where his voice came from. Among them were a few that came with anger that billowed to the sky. Like shooting stars, they shot towards the place with the utmost hostility, knocking heavily into the energy barrier that was formed from the magnetic force gathered by the black-robed man. A few loud booms rang out, as two immense forces, invisible to the naked eyes, collided in midair and splashed up a few gigantic, half-translucent ripples.

A few enormous whirlpools surged up and kept spinning very quickly in the air. Two small hills on the side of the lake were pulled up into the air by the force and sucked into the few whirlpools. In the next second, crackling and crumbling noises filled the air, as they were crushed into pieces, turned into earthy-yellow energies of Earth element and merged into the magnetic force.

"It looks like you're courting death!" said the black-robed man, shaking his head.

An eerie cold laugh came out from his mouth, followed immediately by a sudden change in the magnetic force, as it suddenly transformed into a huge net that covered the land thirty miles in circumference. Then there was a deafening rumble, as everything within the area of thirty miles vanished into nothingness, regardless it was the mountains, ground, lakes, rivers, plants and flowers, and even all those ordinary guards who were patrolling the event venue, serving ladies, and servants… Everything was smashed into the tiniest particles by the magnetic force. The energies in all the objects and living things were then forcibly extracted by a bizarre and evil force, turning them into the magnetic force which increased its strength by several times.

A large hole, tens of miles deep, was opened up on the original location where the auction of Rare Treasures Conference was held. The wall of the hole was smooth like a mirror, and no bumps or holes could be found. Every spot that was covered by this magnetic force, even the dust flying in the air was turned into nothingness by the tremendous force, while all the energies in them were extracted and merged into the huge energy barrier formed by the magnetic force. Apart from Wu Qi and Princess Zhang Le, there were also some men who dashed out from their abodes earlier, and everyone was now hovering in midair. Their bodies were controlled by the vast magnetic force, causing them to be unable to move at, like flies trapped in amber.

Wu Qi was shocked. The man's cultivation base was too deep to be fathomable, while his cultivation technique was extraordinarily bizarre. No matter what kind of natural energies fell into his hand, he could always transform them into magnetic forces and use them to attack the enemies. It was like a small black hole that could devour everything, and turn all the energies into the magnetic force that the man could control. With such a cultivation base and cultivation technique, this man was simply a freak, an inhuman.

Wu Qi struggled and turned his head to Princess Zhang Le, and it just happened that Princess Zhang Le had turned her head and looked at him as well. It was rather magical, and although both of them did not say anything, just with the meeting of their eyes made them know what they were trying to do. Wu Qi flicked his finger and took out nine "Grand Pure-Gold Fire and Thunder Talismans' from his storage ring, which were very powerful talismans made by Heavenly Spirit Sect, capable of unleashing the force equal to a full force strike by a middle-stage Nascent Soul cultivator. As a matter of fact, that was all the Grand Pure-Gold Fire and Thunder Talismans he had obtained after killing so many Human Immortals from the Heavenly Spirit Sect.

Then, he flicked his finger again, shot out a drop of blood essence and sprayed it onto the nine pure-gold talismans. A vast energy ripple immediately burst out, forcing out a small space around him and Princess Zhang Le, about one hundred feet in diameter. Within this small space, the magnetic force was dispelled, and with that, the five colored divine rays behind Princess Zhang Le's back immediately erupted with a bright glow, transforming into energies of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and some other elements that kept wheeling within this tiny space.

Princess Zhang Le's eyes went wide, quickly forming an incantation gesture with both hands and reciting a few incantations. She unleashed bright five colored glows from all ten fingers of her, which then transformed into a huge hand and thrust towards the people that dashed out from Heaven Breaking Sword Sect's abode. As the five colored glow spread further, the pure magnetic forces were slowly but forcibly disintegrated into all sorts of energies, from Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, and many different elements. While the energy of the black-robed man could destroy everything and merge them into one, Princess Zhang Le's five colored divine rays could deter and recover everything. Their powers were on two totally opposite sides.

However, because her cultivation base was not as strong as the black-robed man, only after traveling less than one mile distance, the five colored divine rays were completely wiped out by the enormous magnetic forces. The green ghost flames in the eyes of the black-robed man shone to a very far distance, while a strange laugh could be heard coming out from his mouth. The magnetic forces around him began to roll and rock violently, inch by inch crushing Princess Zhang Le's divine rays into pieces.

Princess Zhang Le's face turned purple with panic. Looking at Nie Yaonu, Nie Baihong, and some other people who were trapped in midair by the magnetic force, she suddenly coughed out a mouthful of blood and made the glow on her palms turn stronger, pushing the five colored divine rays about half a mile further. Although she had just recovered from a severe injury, it did not stop her from using her blood essence to increase the power of her innate ability by three times, which was the ability that was inherited from her birth mother. Instantly, the divine rays broke away from the interception of magnetic force.

Taking the opportunity, Nie Yaonu let out a long cry. Her silvery-gray hair waved violently in the air, unleashing tiny wisps of sword energies that spread in all directions. From behind her back, a strong wind purely formed from countless white and tiny sword energies soared high up into the sky, transforming into five aggressive sword beams that shot right into the sky. Then, from her mouth, an over one hundred feet long sword beam shot out, shattering the magnetic force before her that felt as heavy and thick as a mountain, opening up a passage for Princess Zhang Le's divine rays to travel through.

A large mouthful of blood sprayed out from Nie Yaonu's mouth, and her skin was densely covered with countless tiny dots of blood. The enormous pressure from the magnetic force impacted on her sword beams and knocked onto her body, causing all the blood vessels underneath her skin to rupture and smear her skin with blood. She gave a long cry, flung her long hair out and coiled up Meng Xiaobai, Yan Bugui, Xiong Jin, and Xiong Yin, while exerting the utmost strength to leap forward, jumping towards the divine rays that came towards her at top speed.

The five colored divine rays came at the right moment and coiled up Nie Yaonu and all the people around her. Then, they immediately retreated back towards Princess Zhang Le and Wu Qi like a shooting star. Although it moved incredibly fast, the recovery speed of the magnetic force was even faster. Wave after wave of immense pressure smashed into the divine rays, shook and rocked Princess Zhang Le and all the people enveloped in the divine rays, making their bodies tremble from top to toe.

Fortunately, they were accompanied by Xiong Jin and Xiong Yin, two demon bears of Nascent Soul realm. They roared out furiously, transforming into their true form of Iron Boned Ground Bear. Two huge black bears who stood one hundred feet tall kept swinging their large bear palms and slapped towards all the directions. Their powerful force kept offsetting the magnetic forces that were pressing on them endlessly, and only then was Princess Zhang Le able to fetch them back to her side.

The black-robed man, who had his attention diverted in dealing with the attacks from numerous experts of thirteen Immortal Dao Sects, was surprised to see the changes. He turned to Wu Qi, sneered and said, "You do have some petty tricks, huh? I can see that this little girl's innate ability is an excellent one. If I can capture her and offer to my Emperor, my emperor will definitely be greatly delighted! Though, she won't be getting the status of Imperial Consort, but I'm sure she will be conferred with the title of a concubine!"

Amidst his indifferent and cold laugh, the black-robed man waved his fingers lightly in the air. In an instant, several thousands of threads of magnetic forces gathered together, transforming into black sword beams that one could see with naked eyes, and killed all the experts from thirteen Immortal Dao Sects. Except for Lord Heavenly Spirit, Sangha White Rays, and a few other Nascent Soul cultivators who the Rare Treasures Conference invited here, and the cultivators from Green Spirit Sect who left earlier in anger, none of the cultivators from the other eleven Immortal Dao Sects could withstand the casual sword strikes unleashed by the black-robed man. Wherever these black sword beams went, all the magical treasures and flying swords were instantly smashed into pieces by their extreme weight.

One after another, Human Immortal of Gold Core realm and Daoists of Xiantian realm had their bodies ripped apart, and their souls wiped out completely by these sword beams formed from magnetic forces. Over one hundred dazzling Gold Cores turned into tiny bits of golden specks, flew and fell into the sleeve of the black-robed man. Apart from Lord Heavenly Spirit and a few handful of people, all the other cultivators were killed. Meanwhile, those prestigious guests from influential and wealthy clans were trapped by the magnetic force and hovering in midair. The tremendous force had gathered and pressed them into a large meatball. It looked like this black-robed man was planning to capture these people alive.

After killing all the people from thirteen Immortal Dao Sects who tried to stop him, the black-robed man sneered and said, "Wu Qi, you and your friends better surrender yourselves. As for that little girl, please don't try to fight back, as that might make me tear your skin. If that happened, that would be a waste of something beautiful."

Hearing that the black-robed man wanted to capture Princess Zhang Le alive and offer to Ying Zheng, Wu Qi immediately exploded in anger. The short hairs of his which had just grown back in recent months were all standing straight up. He pointed his finger at the black-robed man and cried out fiercely, "To hell with your wishful thought! I'll never allow that Ying Zheng to touch even one hair of Zhang Le! I don't care what bullshit emperor of Great Qin Dynasty he is, if he dares to touch even one hair of Zhang Le, I'll castrate him alive!"

He pointed his finger out, as nine talismans immediately transformed into nine pure-gold electric bolts and shot out at lightning speed. Suddenly, a sheet of red cloud was seen gathering in midair. Amidst the cloud was a huge vortex, that was spinning at a high-speed. In just a blink of an eye, twenty-seven thunderbolts with the diameter of a water bucket smote whistling down in the most brutal manner.

The black-robed man casually stretched his arm towards the sky, turning the invisible magnetic force into a layer of thick shield that blocked above his head. In the next second, the twenty-seven thunderbolts smote forcefully onto the magnetic force and exploded instantly. Layer upon layer of magnetic force kept shattering, yet from the body of the black-robed man came an endless stream of even more powerful magnetic force, that kept supplying into the barrier. In a blink of an eye, all twenty-seven thunderbolts were gone, but they did not even touch on the hair of the black-robed man.

The man gave a few mocking laughs, turned to Wu Qi again and said, "What an audacious little boy, do you really think you can fight me with just some talismans? Hehe, I am Zhang Yi, and if I were that easy to deal with, wouldn’t that mean I've wasted my life of over two thousand years?" He casually pointed his finger out, unleashing several hundred thousand flying daggers the size of a human palm, purely formed from magnetic force, and thrusting them into Wu Qi's direction. The black-robed man, Zhang Yi, had decided to kill Wu Qi, as he had lost the interest in capturing him alive. He wanted to kill Wu Qi and just bring his soul back.

Suddenly, from the sky above, countless starlights sprinkled down, turning into a giant foggy web that fully enveloped around Wu Qi and his friends.

The magnetic flying daggers hit the giant web of starlights and exploded, turning into strong energies of five elements that dispersed into the surrounding air, filling the sky with countless colorful glows that looked extremely splendid.

Zhang Yi took a deep breath. He slowly threw the cap that covered his face back, revealing an old face beaming with energy. Then, he gently stroke his long beard, gave out a long laugh and said, "My senior brother, since you're here already, why don't you show yourself? It has been over two thousand years since we last met!"

A ball of dense silver light descended from the sky. A middle-aged scholar, clad in a long white robe and riding a double-winged flying serpent, flew down slowly.

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