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In the following period of time, Wu Qi had been busy pressing the button. Within the course of two hours, he had bought over twenty items, all of which were strange plants and exotic flowers. During the auction, he went all out to compete with Valley of Medicine, stopped at no expense and even depleted all the energy stones in his storage ring. Eventually, he succeeded in getting every item he had his eyes on.

What he did had caused many troubles to Valley of Medicine. So naturally, Nie Yaonu and Nie Baihong were very happy and satisfied to witness that. Even the way they looked at Wu Qi now had become kinder.

Meanwhile, Wu Qi was laughing wildly in his mind, as these strange plants and exotic flowers were enough to make up the main ingredients of two sets of medicinal formula, both of which could be used to concoct the 'Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup'. As the name implied, the soup could purify one's blood essence and temper the body, which would allow the person to obtain the most powerful strength inherited from their ancestor's bloodline. Once he gave the soup to the people of Long Bo Kingdom, he would have the chances to strengthen their bodies, purify their blood essence and make them obtain their ancestor's bloodline.

According to the legends, the ancestors of the people of Long Bo Kingdom were actually one of the Deity Clans that lived in the times of great antiquity. The people of Long Bo Kingdom were, in fact, the descendants of Deities. The reason that why they had to face such a brutal and violent Thunder Tribulation when stepping into the realms of Gold Core, Nascent Soul, and Nascent Divinity was all because the strength contained in their innate bloodline was overly powerful. It was so extreme that even the Heaven was jealous of them, and thus, sent down the extremely brutal Thunder Tribulation to punish them. As long as Wu Qi could stimulate and activate the ancient deity's blood essence in their bloodline, even if that were just the tiniest bit, these one hundred slaves would become very powerful in a very short amount of time, and became Wu Qi's best assistants.

Now that he had bought all the main ingredients for the soup, and once he got himself some commonly found medicines as the side material, the concoction of Ancestral Awakening and Body Tempering Soup could then be commenced.

After a round of near insane auction that caused the prices of these strange plants and exotic flowers to skyrocket, Wu Qi did not participate in the auction for the next following few spirit medicines. However, his previous crazy behavior had thrown the people of Valley of Medicine into a panic, causing them to bid with very high prices for the next few spirit medicines. As a result, they wasted quite a lot of energy stones. This had made Nie Yaonu and Nie Baihong burst into a loud laughter again, and become even kinder towards Wu Qi.

Time slowly passed, as afternoon arrived swiftly. It was at this time that a group of fully armored elite soldiers walked up to the platform, each possessing the cultivation base of peak-stage Gold Core realm. These soldiers were all clad in a blood red armor, an armor unique to the captains from the most elite army of Great Yan Dynasty: the Blood Swallow Army. They were led by ten soldiers, each possessing the cultivation base of Nascent Soul realm. These men were emanating an immense ripple of energy that struck awe into Wu Qi's mind.

The more he became closer to the core of Great Yan Dynasty, and the more he learned about them, the more Wu Qi felt that the overall strength of Great Yan Dynasty was too deep to be fathomable. Perhaps, even compared with the Great Qin Dynasty, the Great Yan Dynasty's strength was not that weak after all. On the surface, although the cultivation base of Yan Dan and his brothers were weaker than Ying Zheng, judging from all the other latent powers of theirs, they seemed at par with Great Qin.

Protected by this group of so many Human Immortals and Earth Immortals, a translucent jade box was brought up to the platform. Inside it were five human-head-sized pearls, two yellow, and three green. Upon seeing these pearls, Wu Qi immediately jumped to his feet. The two yellow pearls were Acquired Pearls of Earth Element formed from the pure Acquired Earth elemental energies, while the three green pearls were Acquired Pearls of Wood Element. A total of five Acquired Spirit Pearls were presented before Wu Qi's eyes.

The old man on the platform stroke his long beards and smiled reservedly, then said in a loud voice, "My honorable guests, ten years ago, since an Acquired Pearl of Gold Element was auctioned and bought by Chief General Yue Yi with the price of thirty cities, we, the few largest merchants of Great Yan, had sent out many people to search everywhere for similar treasures. After spending a lot of time and efforts, sacrificing several thousands of manpower, we were finally able to find these five Spirit Pearls in five different, extremely harsh and dangerous Spirit Caves!"

Gently, he fondled the pearls placed in the box, then breathed out a long sigh and said, "I will not waste my breath to explain the benefits of these Spirit Pearls. At any rate, as long as you are cultivating with any five element techniques, once you have these pearls fused into your body, they will help hasten your speed in cultivating. Also, if they are refined into your Prime Magical Treasure, they will bring you endless power. If they are placed in your mansion in conjunction with Energy Gathering Formation, you can turn your mansion into a natural Spirit Cave, allowing your clan members to enjoy a smooth cultivating process at home!"

The old man continued in a deep voice, "According to the price ten years ago, the floor price for each of the pearl is ten cities, and the city must contain at least three hundred thousand population. There is no ceiling price. Now, we'll commence with the auction of the first Acquired Pearl of Earth Element. My honorable guests, please bid your price!"

Without saying a word, Wu Qi immediately slammed his fist on the auction formation, raising the price straight to a shocking forty cities. Currently, he had the fief of 1/5 of a province, which comprised of several hundred cities. Thus, he did not regard it too much of a loss to give away forty cities.

There was an Acquired Pearl of Gold Element in Yue Yi's mansion, and Wu Qi was confident that he could steal it later. He would only need an Acquired Pearl of Earth Element and an Acquired Pearl of Wood Element, then he would be able to own a complete set of Acquired Pearls of Five Elements. After that, by following the Seven Foundation Establishment Technique he learned from Scroll of Stealing, he could construct an Acquired Minor Five Elements Spirit Formation in his dantian. If that were properly done, his body would be able to self-generate energies, and make his speed of cultivating take a great leap. Also, with his Gold Core possessing all five elements, the power of his sword energy that cultivated from Five Elements Sword Technique would be at least ten times stronger than Nie Yaonu and Nie Baihong, who did not own a complete set of five elements in their Gold Core.

The whopping price of forty cities had frightened everybody, as the Acquired Pearl of Gold Element that Yue Yi bought ten years ago cost only thirty cities.

Everybody was made speechless by Wu Qi's bid. When the old man finally announced that the Acquired Pearl of Earth Element was sold to Wu Qi, only then the sounds of whispers could be heard coming from abodes in every corner, as if they were guessing and discussing which spoiled son had bought this Spirit Pearl with such an insane price.

Since the first Earth Spirit Pearl was sold to Wu Qi at an extravagant price, the second Earth Spirit Pearl had attracted the attention of more people. Among thirteen Immortal Dao Sects of Great Yan Dynasty, there were two sects - the 'Primordial Yellow Sect' and the 'Indestructible Sect', which were cultivating with Earth element techniques. The Primordial Yellow Sect excelled in the use of Earth element magic. They were able to shift mountains and raise hills out of nothing, showering the earth with rocks, all of which were very powerful magic. As for the Indestructible Sect, they were known for cultivating their bodies into indestructible bodies of Earthly Diamond. They used the Earth element energies to temper and strengthen their bodies, and were able to cast Divine Thunder of Acquired Earth, an offensive spell that could inflict a tremendous damage.

The two sects had poured in all their efforts to fight for this Earth Spirit Pearl. Urged by the seniors of each sect, all their apprentices and disciples had offered their own fief, either one or two cities, and grouped them together to bid for the treasure. However, as these sons of influential clans who joined the Immortal Dao Sects had yet to accomplish any achievements, they did not own too many fiefs. As a result, the Indestructible Sect was able to purchase the second Earth Spirit Pearl with the price of forty-seven cities.

The next item to be auctioned was the Acquired Pearl of Wood Element. As there were three of them, there was not too much of competition for the first pearl. Wu Qi clenched his jaws and once again called the bid of forty cities, and was able to buy it without any hassles.

When the organizer sent the two Spirit Pearls to the abode where Wu Qi was present, he did not hide it from anybody, and instead, fused both pearls into his body in front of everyone and merged them into his dantian. Seeing this, both Nie Yaonu and Nie Baihong were nodding their head approvingly. With these two Acquired Pearls, Wu Qi's cultivation speed would definitely be faster than those at the same age. Under the powerful effect from these two pearls, no genius or extraordinary innate talent could overtake him.

It was just that this pair of mother and son were really poor. They did not have any cities that they could use extravagantly like Wu Qi, so they could only watch how these Spirit Pearls slipped through their fingers.

Meanwhile, Princess Zhang Le was staring at Wu Qi with her face melted into a smile. Wu Qi had spent eighty cities to just buy two Acquired Pearls. His extravagant spending habit had fully gladdened her. Compared to his generosity, those sons of influential clans who had been bothering her these days, who racked their brains to keep throwing luxurious banquets in trying to win her heart, were simply worthless.

Wu Qi noticed there was a look of envy flicker in the eyes of Nie Yaonu and Nie Baihong, and he even saw a look of anticipation in the eyes of Nie Baihong. Also, he noticed that the strongest Spirit Root in Nie Baihong's body was exactly the Wood element. Immediately, without the slightest hesitation, he kept pressing the button on the auction formation, and used an incredible price of fifty-one cities to buy the second Acquired Pearl of Wood Element.

When the organizer sent the Spirit Pearl to the abode, Wu Qi cupped it with both palms and offered to Nie Baihong with the utmost respect.

Nie Baihong hesitated, as he felt embarrassed to receive the pearl from his disciple. Compared to him, Nie Yaonu was able to take the matter openly. She grabbed the pearl and shoved it into Nie Baihong's hand, smiled briefly and said, "Don't act like a teenage girl. Since this is a gift given by your own disciple, just accept it with an open heart. In the future, when Wu Qi faces some difficult situations in Ji City, you as his Master shouldn’t let your sword be left idle."

Nie Baihong gave a long and sonorous laugh, took up the Wood Spirit Pearl and refined it with the Fire of Samadhi, merging it into his dantian. Contrary to Wu Qi, when the pearl fused with his dantian, it quickly resonated with his own core energies, as both began spitting and swallowing each other's energies and gradually merged into one. He had taken this Wood Spirit Pearl as his Prime Magical Treasure, and once it was successfully refined, the pearl would match perfectly with his bone structure, allowing Nie Baihong to unleash an offensive strength a few times stronger than before.

In the end, as Wu Qi had expected, a bloody fight erupted for the third Wood Spirit Pearl. The Valley of Medicine and the 'Green Spirit Sect', who both cultivated with Wood element techniques, plunged themselves madly into the battle of ownership for the last pearl. Both parties kept raising their bid, and finally, as Valley of Medicine owned a greater number of disciples and apprentices from influential clans, they were able to gather a total of eighty-three cities, using the whopping price to claim the ownership of the Wood Spirit Pearl.

The failure in the fight had made the numerous cultivators from Green Spirit Sect explode with anger. Together with hysteric curses, their abode suddenly exploded and shattered into pieces. Then, several dozens of green rays shot into the sky, made a turn and flew back straight to their own sect.

Seeing the situation, Wu Qi could not help but shake his head and sneer. Eighty-three cities? With all the apprentices and disciples from influential clans in their sect, Valley of Medicine could only come out with eighty-three cities? That was rather disappointing! However, that was not really out of his expectation either. After all, those sons from influential clans were only descendants of some great nobles, and thus were only given or two cities as their pocket money. It would be impossible for those great nobles to give their descendants the total controlling power to all the cities.

That was the reason why from several thousand apprentices and disciples from influential clans, they could only gather eighty something cities. This made Wu Qi look down upon them.

As he was cracking a few jokes with Princess Zhang Le, the auction entered its last segment.

Those strange items that were found in the last ten years but even the organizer could not identify them, yet knew that they must be some kind of rare treasures, they would be auctioned in the last segment of the conference. On top of that, no matter the price these items were sold at in the end, the organizers would request the person who bought the item to openly speak out the exact function of the item, so that those who participated in the event could gain some knowledge. This was one of the rules for the auction, so as to prevent them from finding the same treasure in the future and still be unable to identify it.

Wu Qi interestingly threw his glance over at the platform, wanting to see what kind of rare treasures were going to be auctioned off.

When the first item was brought out, it made him nearly jump out from the abode, kill the organizer and rob the treasure.

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