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Wu Qi had been paying a close attention to every single movement of Ying Zheng and his men. When he saw Bai Qi take out the ten feet long bugle that seemed to be made from a twisted bone, white in color and mixed with a pale yellow hue, he quickly covered both ears with hands while exercising the Seven Holy Deities and Devils in his spiritual ocean to protect his soul. On top of that, the silver lotus was wheeling in his spiritual ocean as well, protecting his three spiritual and seven physical souls inside the stamen, while emanating a vast five-colored bright glow that enshrouded them.

Then, he saw Bai Qi raise the bugle high up, take a deep breath and blow it with utmost strength.

A loud, sonorous, and feverish dragon cry came echoing out. When the dragon cry came out, no other sound between the heaven and the earth could be heard. Even the rolling noises that came from the vast tidal waves disappeared completely. The dragon cry was filled with dignity and grandeur, and an ancient aura that came from the great primordial times, lofty and unchallengeable. It was as if a True Dragon with an unprecedented status of veneration had just come to the mortal realm and gave out this awe-inspiring long cry.

Upon hearing the dragon cry, Wanying Dragon King had his body immediately tremble from head to toe. He nearly spun and ran away from the battlefield. But luckily, he could still remember that he was the Dragon King of Longyuan River. Trying his best, he held onto his mind, so he would not make a fool of himself in front of countless demon beasts. He clenched both fists tightly and glared at Bai Qi with his bloodshot eyes, then roared, "The bugle made using the bone of Dragon Ying! The bugle made using the bone of the Divine Dragon - Ying! How is it possible that they own such a rare treasure?"

In the primordial times, when the Human Emperor - Yu the Great [1] tried to control the flood, he was challenged by countless aquatic demon beasts that came in great numbers. It was at that time the Divine Dragon Ying descended from the heaven, struck awe to all the demons with his immense power, and helped Yu the Great in successfully controlling the flood. Dragon Ying by himself was a superior Divine Dragon in the dragon clan, the ultimate leader of all the aquatic clans under the heaven. And because of his merits and virtues in striking awe to all the demons and helping in controlling the flood, he became an existence like a God in the hearts of countless aquatic demon beasts under the heaven. A long cry given by Dragon Ying could bring a very powerful deterring and an offensive force to these aquatic demon beasts.

Although it was a dragon cry generated using a bugle made from Dragon Ying's bone, among all the aquatic demon beasts who heard the cry, those with cultivation base below Gold Core realm immediately had their heads exploded. With just one single dragon cry, over millions of Xiantian realm aquatic demons were killed instantly. In addition to that, countless poisonous bugs, big fishes and aquatic creatures hiding amidst the raging tidal waves were killed by it as well. The surrounding water waves turned crimson, and emitted a pungent smell of blood.

Suddenly, two jets of blood shot out from Bai Qi's nostrils. As he had exerted all his strength to blow the bugle just now, it had consumed the power which he laboriously cultivated for sixty years, and nearly made his cultivation base drop from peak-stage of Nascent Soul realm.

He took a deep breath and threw a glance over at the Qin army's camp, where the ground was shaking violently and ceaselessly. Then, he turned and gazed at the giant turtle, who was rising slowly up in the air, getting ready to slam down again, and then at the great starfish demon, who had his body twisting and wiggling while pressing towards his direction. Then, he exerted all his energies and once again blew into the bugle. There came another shrill dragon cry that shook and killed countless aquatic demon beasts in the surroundings, and even made over ten thousand demon beasts who had formed their Demon Cores to pass out straightaway. They all fell into the undulating waves, floating and drifting into a far direction.

Han Zhu, Tan Xue, Le Hai, all three great demons had their bodies shivering at the same time, and they gave a massive roar together, trying to cover the dragon cry generated from the bugle of Dragon Ying. However, no matter how they kept roaring, the dragon cry still kept echoing out from the bugle, and was never interrupted by their wild roar.

An arrow of blood shot out from the bugle. When Bai Qi sounded the bugle for the second time, his cultivation base immediately dropped to late-stage of Nascent Soul realm. The source energies of his Nascent Soul had suffered a great loss, and even the source of his soul was injured, causing blood to spray out from all seven apertures of his. The arrow of blood was coming out from his mouth, had traveled through the bugle and shot out from its mouth.

Countless aquatic demons fled in all directions in pure terror. When faced with the cry of Dragon Ying, none of them could have the abilities to defend against it. They could only be frightened by the deterring and expelling force that came with the cry, fleeing in utter desperation. Apart from several thousand aquatic demons who had reached the mastery in their Demon Cores and several hundred demon beasts who had formed their Nascent Souls, all the other aquatic demons and ordinary fishes and prawns that were hiding in the water were either dead or fled from the battlefield. In a blink of an eye, the water level in the area had lowered by nearly one thousand feet, once again exposing the lofty mountain peaks.

Suddenly, Bai Qi let out a miserable howl, as his body was kindled with a blood-red flame that looked sticky like real blood, rolling up and enveloping his entire body. The ten feet thick blood-red flame rolled and rocked around him, emitting a pungent smell of blood. Vaguely, one could see countless faces with twisted expressions moving around restlessly amidst the flame, opening their mouths and letting out miserable shrieks. Bai Qi clenched the bugle tightly in his hand, then cried out in a stern and savage voice, "Foul demons, how dare you to act recklessly before us? We are the Great Qin of blood and iron, far mightier than you demons could ever estimate! Great Qin! Great Qin! Great Qin!"

As Bai Qi began howling madly, several tens of thousands of soldiers in Qin army's camp immediately raised their weapons high up in the air. Using all their strength, all their souls, and all their blood and energy they gave a loud, thunderous roar, "GREAT QIN! GREAT QIN! GREAT QIN!" The loud, sonorous, and feverish roar shook and made the water roll backward, crumbled the surrounding mountains, and made the bodies of several hundred weakest Demon Core realm demons rip and tear apart, leaving only their Gold Cores that flew in all directions.

The savage and brutal killing spirit coming from several tens of thousands of Qin soldiers transformed into a towering blood-red energy of viciousness that one could be seen with naked eyes. It was attracted by the blood-red flame dancing and leaping on Bai Qi's body, came straight to him and fused into his body. With that, the blood-red flame surged and burned even more violently, while giving a high and mighty air of viciousness to Bai Qi, as if he could now slaughter every single living being under the heaven with just a single sword. Bai Qi gave a hideous laugh, brought the bugle to his mouth and once again sounded it.

But this time, it was not the cry of Dragon Ying that being sounded. Instead, it was a cry of 'KILL!' that came from countless soldiers and captains of Qin Army!

Suddenly, the blood-red flame burning ragingly on Bai Qi's body disappeared, and then came a bloody energy of viciousness from the bugle of dragon bone, split into three incredible powerful killing intents and flew separately towards Han Zhu, Tan Xue, and Le Hai, the three great demons. These killing intents had no shape and were incorporeal, but they could be seen with eyes, could be heard by the ears, and could be sensed by the bodies as well. Three killing intents shot out at an incredible speed, and fell onto all three great demons nearly at the same moment they left the bugle.

Le Hai gave a miserable howl, as out of five body parts of his, one was cut by the killing intent. A huge amount of five-colored fresh blood sprayed out from the wound and drizzled down to the ground, corroded the earth and created a large hole. Without hesitation, he quickly spun and fled with his body trembling violently. Countless tiny bright beams and sand particles kept flying back into his body, while the cut body part of his had disintegrated instantly, turning into the same tiny bright beams and sand that merged back into his body.

On the other side, Han Zhu also let out a painful cry. On his nearly one thousand feet thick back shell, an enormous wound that stretched about one mile long and measured tens of feet from edge to edge, was suddenly ripped apart. A large volume of light-golden blood shot out from the wound. The severe pain made tears spray out from his eyes. Although the giant turtle had always been famous for his slow movement, he was now swinging all four short legs of his at top speed, crazily thrusting like a wild wind and fled to the side of Wanying Dragon King.

Then, from underneath the camp came a loud boom, as if the mountains were crumbling and the earth was cracking. Not long after that, the land of tens of miles in circumference abruptly collapsed, as the giant crab, Tan Xue, was seen crying painfully with his mouths spitting endless bubbles, flying back to where he came from with body covered in green blood. His left pincer was cut away by the killing intent, causing sticky and green blood to keep spraying out from the wound. He wailed and flew, eventually hiding behind the back of Wanying Dragon King.

The strike of three killing intents had severely wounded three great demons. However, the skin all over Bai Qi's body had cracked. Blood oozed and sprayed from these cracks, smeared and stained those who stood close to him. After unleashing the attack, the once peak-stage Nascent Soul Bai Qi had his cultivation base dropped straight down to middle-stage Nascent Soul realm, and it was not the end. His cultivation base was still dropping, and judging by the rate of dropping, he would very soon drop below middle-stage Nascent Soul realm. Nevertheless, with just the cultivation base of Nascent Soul, he was able to defeat three great demons who had formed their Nascent Divinity; Bai Qi should really feel proud of himself.

Wu Qi rested his eyes on Bai Qi, who now had his body completely covered in blood. He could not help but twitch his lips. He was wondering how Great Qin Dynasty was able to possess so many rare and precious treasures. That was a bugle made using the bone from Dragon Ying! How did they find a mystic treasure such as this? If not because of this bugle, with the army of several millions of aquatic demons who risked their lives in attacking Qin army's field headquarter, even if Ying Zheng did have the body of a True Dragon, he would still be beaten into a meat paste! But now, out of these several millions of demons, many of them were either dead or had fled from the battlefield, leaving behind only a small group of Nascent Soul and Gold Core realm demon beasts, whose minds were disturbed and had become restless due to the dragon cry of Dragon Ying.

What a Bai Qi! He was able to gather the fierce killing intent unleashed by several tens of thousands of Qin soldiers, turning them into a single strike that could injure the great demons who had formed their Nascent Divinity. His cultivation technique was indeed brutal and evil. Wu Qi's eyes shone brightly as he kept staring at Bai Qi. He was a man truly worthy of the title of 'Human Butcher', the Bai Qi of Great Qin who had killed four hundred thousand people without batting an eyelid!

Bai Qi fell to the ground, then Li Xin, who had been standing behind him, walked up to him and gripped tightly onto the bugle, which cost a great amount of energy to sound.

Ying Zheng's laugh was heard coming from a far distance, "Old Dragon Wanying, seems like all your subordinates are mere wild chickens and stray dogs. So, you better don't put them out to make a fool of yourself. If you really want to break into my camp, you better do it yourself! Hehe, but with the Bone Bugle of Ying Dragon, I wonder how many percentages of your dragon energies are going to be suppressed by us?"

Wanying Dragon King took a deep breath, stepped onto a cloud and drifted forward. He sneered and said, "That bugle made using the bone of Dragon Ying has caught my eyes. Hehe, even if fifty percent of my dragon energies are suppressed by the sound of Ying Dragon, killing all of you is still a piece of cake for me. Also, with the overall strength of yours, how long could a dragon cry last? Three breaths? Or five breaths? And tell me, how many Earth Immortals do you have that you can use in keep making the bugle to sound?"

As he kept letting out strange laughs, Wanying Dragon King's body gradually expanded, slowly turning into a burly half-human-half-dragon being with a dragon head and a human body, standing fifty feet tall and clad in an armor of golden scales. The robes covered his body was blown away by the wind, exposing his strong body filled with lean muscles. Water vapor, misty fog, and tiny electric arcs enshrouded his body, while a powerful, near-invincible aura was emanating from all over his body.

With a swing of his hands, a pair of Purple-gold Thunder Hammers appeared in his grips. Their handles were forty feet long, and their hammerheads were twice the size of the largest water bucket. A layer of purple fog and golden light enshrouded this pair of incredibly large hammers. When Wanying Dragon King waved the hammers casually through the air, the surrounding area was immediately filled with roars of thunder. The raging wind and violent rainstorm swept across once again, and the tidal waves rose up to several thousand feet high. Countless thunderbolts smote onto the hammers, making them burst out with a large sheet of purple light that looked like a flame, illuminating Wanying Dragon King and making made his entire body take a purple hue. He looked extremely frightening now.

With a wistful look, Wu Qi gazed at the pair of great hammers in Wanying Dragon King's hands. They were definitely a pair of Spirit Items, and that too of excellent quality. The one who crafted them must be a supreme-grade crafting master. Although there were not many formations and defensive mechanisms found in the hammers, each of them was of the top quality, and the connection between them was flawless, perfectly bringing out all the power of the material and formations of the hammers into play.

Wu Qi did not have the intention to make this pair of hammers his. Without even trying, he knew that the weight of them must be incredibly heavy. Except for Wanying Dragon King himself, no one could have the strength to lift them up easily. They were a pair of heavy weapons used in melee battle, not some magical treasure that could be driven using magic spells.

Wanying Dragon King wielded the hammers and hit them with each other. Then, he gave a hideous laugh, lifted the hammers up high and leaped towards Ying Zheng's direction.

"Little boy Ying Zheng, why are you not blowing it? Blow it now! Blow a nice tune for me!"

The strange laugh of Wanying Dragon King shook the surrounding water waves, brought up huge waves that followed his movement and crazily slapped onto Qin army's camp.

Ying Zheng's face turned unsightly while Li Xin clenched his grip on the bugle and sounded it immediately.

The shrill and loud dragon cry rang out, causing nearly half of the water vapor and misty fog shrouding his body to vanish.

The shadows of eight flood dragons and one serpent behind Ying Zheng's back had once again made their appearance. Ying Zheng took a deep breath, pulled out an eight-feet long heavy sword that fashioned in a peculiar way, swung it and greeted Wanying Dragon King. A loud boom echoed out as the pair of hammers and the heavy sword collided in the most brutal way.

[1] Yu the Great - He was a legendary ruler of ancient China famed for his introduction of flood control. (Source:

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