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Remaining silent, Li Si threw an examining glance over at Wu Qi for a long time. Only when the army of over two thousand soldiers formed a one mile wide tight encirclement around them, he forced a smile on his rather dried and skinny face. He cupped his fist, bowed and greeted Wu Qi in a solemn manner, then said, "My little friend, Li Si, the Prime Minister of Great Qin, offers his greetings. Could our little friend tell us from where and what sect are you coming? And the very land that we are standing on right now, to whom does it belong?"

Staring back at Li Si, who put on an air of a seriousness and neglected no detail in his manner, Wu Qi could not help but breath out a long sigh. He bowed his head and looked at his naked body, then took out a set of clean clothes from his storage ring. He gave a wry smile and asked, "Can you let me put on my clothes?"

Li Si slowly shook his head, a smile that made Wu Qi's flesh creep emerging on his face as he said, "Not good. Those who are naked, there will be a slight unnaturalness in their movement, and their running speed will be slower by roughly twenty percent. Since it can hinder the escaping speed of our little friend, why should I allow you to put on your clothes?"

Wearing a vicious smile on his face, Li Si continued saying in a slow tone, "Just talk to us about who you are. We are all men here, so there is nothing awkward about being naked. Don't mention anything regarding manner or etiquette, those are trifle and useless things, stinking and notorious."

Wu Qi's grip on his clothes became tighter, and breathed out a long sigh once again. He looked at Li Si helplessly while having his mind spinning at a high-speed, trying to find a solution to his current situation. Among the thoughts that came into his mind, he even considered about surrendering to Great Qin Dynasty, bringing them to attack Ji City and annex Great Yan Dynasty. But suddenly, he thought of Lu Chengfeng, he thought of Yan Bugui, Yan Jiuhui, and Princess Zhang Le. He even thought of two little serving ladies of Princess Zhang Le, as all of them were people of Great Yan Dynasty.

Gradually, Wu Qi's face turned solemn, and he began putting on clothes unhurriedly.

Upon seeing that, Li Si had his expression flashed. "Little friend, if you put on one more cloth, I'll have you killed immediately," said Li Si indifferently.

Wu Qi gave him a gaze, continued putting on clothes at his quickest speed possible. "I never met anyone as psychotic as you. Just for the sake of preventing me from making an escape, you are not allowing me to wear my clothes? If there is a chance in the future that your son or daughter falls into my hands, I'll definitely strip them naked and throw them on a busy street to let all the people make rude remarks upon their appearance."

"How dare you!" A black-armored soldier refuted angrily from behind Li Si. Suddenly, he drew his blade and thrust towards Wu Qi. The blade streaked through the air while the soldier left several afterimages behind and came beside Wu Qi. A large bed of flame burst out from the soldier's body, and his blade shot out a several feet long flaming jet as well. Together with a frightening high temperature that was enough to melt down any gold and iron, the blade thrust straight toward Wu Qi's neck.

Wu Qi snorted coldly, stretched his arm out and gripped the blade, turned his innate Fire energy into a tiny wisp of fire and injected it into the soldier's body through the blade. Suddenly, a muffled noise of explosion rang out. The enormous Fire element energies inside of the soldier's body were ignited by Wu Qi's innate Fire energy, as if a tiny spark was thrown into a large bucket of oil. Countless purple-red flames burst out from pores all over the soldier's body and instantly melted down his body, even turning his armor into a puddle of molten iron.

Within a blink of an eye, a formidable soldier was burned into a pile of ashes.

Wu Qi gripped tightly on the blade, weighed it and sneered, "An upper-grade magical weapon, good stuff! It costs one hundred gold coins to buy in the market! Thank you for this!" He conveniently shoved the blade into his storage ring, then continued putting on clothes. He did not even look at Li Si, who had his face now darkened.

Li Si took a deep breath and said with a deep voice, "Those who kill the soldier of Great Qin will be punished with death. Today, I, the Prime Minister, sentence you to a capital punishment of having all your clan members slaughtered!"

A cry was given out by several Embryonic Breath tier soldiers at the same time. Great sheets of flame erupted from their bodies as they raised their blades up in the air and charged aggressively towards Wu Qi in a crescent-shaped formation. The fire was raging wherever they passed. Trees and grasses were burned into ashes, and even the dark soil had turned pale gray by the violent flame shot out from their feet. In a brief moment of giving out the cry, they had come beside Wu Qi.

The blades were raised up high, but before they could be wielded down at Wu Qi who was strapping his belt, several dozens of sparks were shot out by him and penetrated into these soldiers' bodies. Just like what happened a moment ago, the innate Fire energies kindled and ignited the Fire element energies in the soldiers' bodies. Those who cultivated Fire element cultivation techniques, there was no way they could control the pure and violent innate energies which contained a slight principle of nature. Their energies stirred up quickly, and like a bomb, they exploded in an instant.

Several dozens of fireballs went ablaze on the spot as purple-red flame burst right out of the soldiers' bodies, burning their bodies and armors into nothingness. Wu Qi swung his sleeve and collected up all their blades, shoving them into his storage ring. He turned to Li Si and sneered, "Thank you! Another million gold coins for me. Are you guys here to kill someone, or to bring me gifts?"

Li Si rested his eyes on Wu Qi's face in a daze, his eyebrows twitching, but no one knew what he was thinking about. Meanwhile, Bai Qitian, who just had his arms fully healed, cursed furiously, "What an audacious little kid! It is your talent that made me want to take you as one of our men. But not only do you not appreciate the kindness, you've killed my men instead! You deserve ten thousand deaths! Someone, capture him alive. I want a thorough torture on this man!"

Twenty captains of beginner-stage Gold Core realm marched out, leading their men as they formed into two small sized crescent-shaped formations, pressing towards Wu Qi from left and right. Twenty flying swords turned into ten feet long sword beams and wheeled over their heads, while the noises of crackling came ceaselessly from their bodies. Obviously, they too had been cultivating with a unique body strengthening technique, and they were exerting the utmost force they could come out with.

Upon looking at these captains who were about to assault Wu Qi, Li Si suddenly gave a soft cry, "Halt! Let me talk to him."

None of the captains answered to Li Si, as they kept pressing toward Wu Qi. Bai Qitian threw his head up and looked at Li Si with a pair of bloodshot eyes as he said, "Your honorable Prime Minister, please pardon my rudeness. This guy killed my soldiers, and I can't spare him for the crime he has committed. Once I've him captured alive, I'll let him talk with you."

Li Si thrown an indifferent glance at Bai Qitian, placed both arms under his sleeves and said, "Fine." Then he sneered, bringing together a dozen men, who were clad in the same dark robe, slowly backing several hundred feet away from the battlefield.

Bai Qitian focused his vision on Wu Qi and let out a battle cry, "Crescent Formation, kill!"

With jarring noises, twenty sword beams shot down from above, in a seemingly messy but precise order as they thrust aiming at Wu Qi's meridians and joints on both arms and legs. If he were hit by the swords, Wu Qi would lose his ability to move, but no harm would occur to his life. It appeared that Bai Qitian's order was decently carried out by his subordinates. Meanwhile, together with deep and muffled wind breaking noises, twenty Human Immortal Captains were leaping towards Wu Qi.

Suddenly, Li Si, who had backed several hundred feet away, shouted, "General, have you forgotten that the Dharma Body of an Earth Immortal is not something they can break away."

Before his voice could fade into thin air, shrill and miserable cries immediately echoed out. There was a five-colored gleam flashing in Wu Qi's eyes as he did nothing but allow all twenty sword beams to hit his body. After that, Sword of Greedy Wolf gave a sharp and loud howl and transformed into a dark beam that looked like a curtain of water wave as it swept across all the captains. All the sword beams gave a miserable cry, as they were immediately knocked back by a tremendous force after producing some dazzling sparks on Wu Qi's skin. And, although all those Gold Core Captains were cultivating body strengthening techniques, they still had their bodies cut into two pieces by the Sword of Greedy Wolf.

Casually, Wu Qi stretched his hands forward and performed a grabbing motion, with which, twenty thumb-sized Gold Cores, yet to fully condense and having a hue of white mixed with tiny bits of golden specks, were all tightly gripped in his palms. He gave a wild laugh and forcibly pulled all the flying swords and armors into his storage ring. Then, a large sheet of yellow light erupted from his body suddenly, as he began squeezing down into the ground.

Bai Qitian was caught unprepared by the death of his elite captains. With a blank expression, he stared at forty pieces of dead bodies lying scatteringly on the ground, when he roared furiously, "Damn it! Dharma body of Earth Immortals, even a lower-grade magical treasure driven by Human Immortals could not harm a tiny bit. This bastard!" Bringing together a crazy killing intent, he gave a loud roar and sprinted towards Wu Qi, thrusting his tiger-headed spear into Wu Qi's heart with a raging roar of a tiger.

Wu Qi had exercised the escape art of Earth, having half of his body sunk into the ground. He threw a cold gaze at Bai Qitian, then took out three golden-purple talismans from his storage ring, and gave Bai Qitian a weird smile. He casually activated the talismans, pointing them at Bai Qitian, while sinking most of his body into the ground.

Suddenly, three talismans were set ablaze, and a dark cloud appeared out of nowhere and hovered in the sky. Deafening rumbles rang out, as eighteen golden thunderbolts, each as thick as a water bucket, streaked whistling down from above with an aura that could kill everything. In the blink of an eye they smote onto Bai Qitian's head. They were the 'Three Golden Thunderbolt Talismans' produced by Human Immortals of Heavenly Spirit Sect. The strength of each thunderbolt was equal to a full strike unleashed by a middle-stage Human Immortal of Gold Core realm. When all eighteen thunderbolts smote down altogether, not even a late-stage Human Immortal could withstand them with the help of magical treasure.

Eighteen thunderbolts struck right onto Bai Qitian's head, burned and charred his body while filling him with dazzling electric arcs. Like a scarecrow blown away by a strong wind, he was thrown several hundred feet away by the explosion, lying on the ground motionlessly and crying out painfully.

Wu Qi gave a long and sonorous cry, turned over his shoulder and smiled provokingly at Li Si. Except for his head, his entire body was now sunk underground.

It was at this moment that Li Si struck. He took out a jade-colored scroll unhurriedly, that was enshrouded in a dazzling golden and purple aura. He slowly spread it, and then brought out a writing brush, its body made from purple gold and its brush emitting a pale golden light. Casually, he wrote an ancient character of 'mountain' on the scroll. After that, he flipped the scroll and pulled it back, tossing the character of 'mountain' out from the scroll.

Then Li Si cried, "Dharma Word, 'Mountain', suppressing the heavens and earth!"

Following the cry, the natural energies in the radius of several hundred miles were suddenly stirred up. Countless Earth element energies quickly gathered towards the battlefield. Within a split second, a huge mountain, several hundred feet tall and several thousand feet in circumference, suddenly emerged above Wu Qi. A tremendous pressure that could make one suffocate was pressing down from above. Wu Qi felt his body suddenly became heavy, and his movement was a few times slower than normal. A deep, muffled noise of wind breaking echoed out as the huge mountain began falling straight down, crushing towards Wu Qi's head.

Staring at the huge mountain that came right toward his head, Wu Qi gave a scream in fear. Without the slightest hesitation, he quickly exerted all his innate Earth energies, speeding up the exercising of Earth escape art and transformed his body into a clump of yellowish gas, quickly squeezing into the ground.

*RUMBLE!* Right after Wu Qi squeezed into the underground, the huge mountain clashed into the ground where he was a moment ago. The earth was shaking violently, and the tremendous force shook the army of over two thousand Qin Dynasty soldiers, making them stumble and stagger, while some with weaker cultivation bases were seen collapsed to the ground, spitting blood from their mouths.

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