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Using the Spirit Searching and Secret Probing Hand Incantation, Wu Qi slowly scanned through the bodies of Shi Tianmo and his son, and shook his head disdainfully.

Both father and son had consumed the evil beast core pills, using that to improve their physical strength and stamina. It was a mystic technique used by cultivators who walked the path of evil, a technique to breed their own demon pets. There were countless evil cultivators under the heavens, and there were endless formulas to concoct such pills. Nevertheless, all of them were extremely bizarre and evil, unpredictable and treacherous. Although both father and son only possessed the cultivation base of Xiantian realm, their corporeal bodies were far stronger than normal, which even made Wu Qi envious.

Through their half-transparent bodies, Wu Qi saw large clumps of dark-green gas. The finding told Wu Qi that the pills consumed by them were concocted with an ingenious formula, which had provided a powerful medicinal strength to them. However, it seemed the evil cultivation technique both the father and son cultivated with was not perfect, as they could only absorb five percent of the total medical strength, while the remaining ninety-five percent was still stored within their bodies. If Wu Qi could absorb all of the medicinal strength, he could straightaway strengthen his corporeal body to the realm of 'Death-proof', which was described in Scroll of Stealing as a magical body that only a cultivator who had formed his Nascent Soul could have attained.

Also, as various cultivation techniques in the Scroll of Stealing required a very strong body, the so-called Death-proof body mentioned in it was actually many times stronger than the body of ordinary Nascent Soul cultivators. If Wu Qi were able to attain such a magical body, he would have no fear facing any opponent under the realm of peak Gold Core. Even if he were to face an Earth Immortal of Nascent Soul realm who he could not defeat with magical techniques, he would also have a high chance of escaping.

On top of that, once he owned a powerful body like this, he could also wantonly use all those evil techniques found in Scroll of Stealing, which could quickly improve his cultivation base, without the need of considering the pressure from those techniques causing his body to disintegrate. Wu Qi thought of those few Gold Cores which he obtained back in the mine pit, and could not refrain himself from smiling.

He thoroughly observed the bodies of Shi Tianmo and his son, breathed out a long sigh and said, "It must be tough for you, as you have pretended death using a mystic technique, keeping a tiny thread of source energy until now. But too bad, Wei Xiaoxiao failed to have you rescued and wake you up, and your Patriarch, Lu Buwei, didn't come to save you either. So, it is such a pity."

"After all, we are enemies!" Wu Qi casually pressed each of his palms separately on the chest of Shi Tianmo and the son, completely wiping out their life force.

Right when their life forces were wiped out, both bodies suddenly began to tremble violently. After losing the control from the life force, their bodies could no longer withstand the backslash from the enormous energy, especially the tremendous pressure coming from the massive medicinal strength. It looked like their bodies were about to disintegrate into pieces. In the twinkling of an eye, Wu Qi waved his hand in the air. Out of nowhere came a ball of crystal clear water, enveloping both bodies within it. After that, he began tossing all kinds of herbs into the water, which he harvested while constructing his secret caves.

The water spun quickly and violently, while noises of explosion kept ringing through the air. Eventually, the bodies exploded into the finest blood mist, staining the crystal clear water ball, several dozen feet in diameter, with a purple-green hue. The air was filled with the pungent and unpleasant smell of herbs. The massive medicinal strength of the beast core pill remaining in their was triggered by the herbs, and exploded and radiated out like a bio-bomb. If such venomous smell of medicine were inhaled by ordinary mortals, they would die immediately with blood oozing out from all seven apertures. But it did not bother Wu Qi at all. Opening his mouth, he burst out a fireball and threw it into the water.

The temperature of the water skyrocketed. Wu Qi had added over twenty thousand strange and bizarre herbs, poisons, and medicines into the water, which weighed over five thousand kilograms. All of them were now being melted down by the intense heat, injecting their medicinal strength into the water. Numerous herbal dregs were being expelled from the water, together with tiny broken flesh and blood. These were the dregs from the bodies of Shi Tianmo and his son.

Wearing the same expression, Wu Qi kept unleashing ball after ball of flame, using them to increase the temperature of the water. "Don't you ever cultivate with such evil techniques in your next life. Look what you have done to yourself. You are neither a ghost nor a human! Even if that had given you great strength, but once the backslash of the medicinal strength devoured your mind, you would be transformed into a demon beast in human form, becoming the puppet under the control of someone else, losing the status of the wisest of all creatures. You should thank me for sending both of you into reincarnation. At least, you can become a man again." murmured Wu Qi under his breath.

Slowly but surely, the massive blood essence and remains of the medicinal strength inside both bodies were extracted and purified. Using a Daoist magic, Wu Qi sent all the medicinal dregs and broken pieces of flesh out from the cave and sprinkled them far into the great river. With that, the pungent and stinking smell of herbs was completely gone from the cave, leaving only a strong fragrant scent of spirit medicine that kept filling every inch of the air.

Relying on the technique of counteracting one toxin with another, Wu Qi used all sorts of poisonous herbs to remedy the brutal and venomous medicinal strength of the beast core pills. After that, he melted down various energy replenishing spirit pills, mixing them with the enormous medicinal strength, and concocted them together into a medicine with a mild characteristic. Then, he slowly purified them.

Five colored energies were seen rocking and rushing in the cave, as a great amount of natural energies were being attracted by the innate energies of five elements in Wu Qi's body, quickly merging into the crystal-clear water in front of him. In addition to that, because of the attraction from innate energies of five elements, a thread of innate energy wandering in the nearby mountain was separated from the acquired energies, transformed into a dazzling five colored beam and plunged into the water ball.

The fragrant scent in the cave became stronger, slowly gathered and condensed into wisps of faint white mist. It took the shape of tigers and dragons, wheeling slowly around Wu Qi. This was the sign when a supreme-grade spirit pill was about to form. Upon seeing this, Wu Qi was so excited that he simply gave a loud laugh and said, "Lu Buwei, do you have any more of these people under your sect? The more the better! Also, how long did it take you to concoct those beast core pills? Do you know it has benefited me?!"

After giving a few loud laughs, Wu Qi's finger began to move rapidly, as he exerted all his strength to cast all 1080 finger incantations of Seal of Minor Universal Star Shifting. The water ball was shimmering brilliantly, and a vast amount of energies were being absorbed into it endlessly. Slowly, the water ball that was several dozens feet in diameter shrunk, turning into a ball of pale-purple medicinal paste, while giving out a faint fragrance. The crystal-clear medicinal paste looked as if it was carved out from crystal, tottering as it hovered before Wu Qi's face, beaming with an unspeakable vitality.

Wu Qi carefully identified the characteristic of the medicinal paste, then again let out an excited laugh. There was still a certain amount of toxin remained in the paste. After all, this was the first time he used this kind of a mystic technique recorded in Scroll of Stealing. Thus, he was unable to completely purify the medicinal strength. However, the toxin was so little that it could never cause any trouble to him. As long as his body was strong enough, consuming such tiny toxin was like how an ordinary man ate a few mouthfuls of salts. It would taste awful, yet would never harm the man.

It was a ball of medicinal paste, dazzling and nearly ten feet in diameter. Without the slightest hesitation, Wu Qi took off all his clothes, clenched his jaws tightly and plunged into the paste.

It took Wu Qi one whole month to concoct this ball of medicine paste. He had lost count to how many bunches of Fire of Samadhi had he shot out from his mouth. Thus, the temperature of this ball of medicine paste could be easily comparable to a red-hot iron ingot. Upon plunging into it, sizzling sounds immediately rang out, like a piece of wild boar skin slapped onto a scorching hot plate. A big cloud of white smoke was rising from his body. His skin became brittle and peeled off from the burn, while countless big and small blisters popped right up.

Wu Qi gave a miserable growl, quickly shut his eyes and cried out with a stern voice, "Those who suffer the bitterest of the bitter will become the best man! ' Body Tempering Universal Energy Seizing '!"

Both his palms half-spread and shifted quickly in a lotus incantation, bringing together streams of spirit light as he hurriedly pointed at all the important acupoints on his body. Wherever the hand incantation passed, Wu Qi's body would explode as thumb-sized holes opened up on those important acupoints. Like the tidal wave that just broke out from a great dam, the scorching hot medicine paste surged through these bloody holes and injecting into his body, turning into a vast and violent energy storm that swept across his entire body.

Sitting cross-legged inside the ball of medicine paste, with both palms formed into lotus incantations Wu Qi quickly and repeatedly slapped on his own body. His body was shivering violently, and every inch of his skin was moving like water waves. From within his body, sounds of breaking was heard constantly coming from his flesh, meridians, bones, internal organs, then immediately followed by the sounds of mending, like the noises produced when silkworms fed on mulberry leaves.

The severe pain made Wu Qi keep howling and screaming, but he focused all his mind in circulating the Body Tempering Universal Energy Seizing technique secretly inherited in the Scroll of Stealing, breaking and smashing his body again and again, and making it regrow again and again. Just like how a fine steel was made, with every cycle of smashing and regrowing, his body would be strengthened by thirty percent. Like the fierce tidal wave, his innate energies had mixed with the enormous medicinal strength from the outside, and were circulating endlessly inside his body. Wherever they went past, all the meridians would be shattered, then regrown, expanded, reinforced, and smashed into pieces once again, then repeated over and over.

All his internal organs were going through the same cycle of smashing and regrowing. It was so painful that Wu Qi had simply forgotten the feeling of the pain. Crying and weeping, he cursed all the holy deities and Buddhas in the world, using the filthiest, the most malicious curse words as he greeted every single person that had a grudge with him before.

If the heaven did have a soul, and if it overheard the savage, filthy curses Wu Qi spewed out from his mouth, it would immediately send out a thunder tribulation of 999 thunderbolts and crush him into powder.

The medicine paste kept penetrating into Wu Qi's body, transforming into tremendous source energies and supplying to the function of his corporeal body. As the days passed, Wu Qi's body became stronger and stronger, while the medicine paste outside his body became lesser and lesser. By the time the medicine paste was finally reduced to a thin layer that clung tightly to his skin, three months had already gone by. At this point in time, Wu Qi did not make any more noise.

His finger incantations kept changing, and the medicine paste kept merging into his body quickly. The natural energies on the outside had transformed into a physical cocoon, wrapping his body completely.

Finally, together with a faint roaring of thunder, Wu Qi ripped apart the cocoon with one punch, slowly descended and landed on the ground.

There was a faint glow on his silky, smooth skin, as if it sere made out of the finest jade stone. The streamlined muscles looked soft to touch. They did not look aggressive, and were carrying a rather natural aura that vaguely echoed with the heaven and earth. Wu Qi casually waved his hand and called out an upper-grade magical item flying sword, thrusting it forcefully and cutting onto his body.

Nothing happened to his skin, yet a large bed of sparks flew out from the flying sword. A large crack was produced on the sword by the impact. No magical item could harm the body of an Earth Immortal of Nascent Soul realm, and only a magical treasure could cause damage to them. Wu Qi took a deep breath and shook his body slightly, causing the entire mountain to suddenly sway.

"The body of Nascent Soul realm? After using the mystic technique from Scroll of Stealing, my body is many times stronger than ordinary Earth Immortals. Unless I am hit in the face by a magical treasure thrust out by an Earth Immortal, no one under the realm of Nascent Soul can hurt me. Nevertheless, it will be a different case if I am attacked by several hundred Human Immortals together."

Wu Qi took some time to inspect the current situation of his body. He pondered for a brief moment, took out a Gold Core which he had seized earlier, opened his mouth and swallowed it.

The Gold Core exploded in his stomach. The enormous core energies rolled and rocked while surging into his meridians. If it were in the past, Wu Qi's meridians would have instantly exploded by the enormous core energies contained in an intact Gold Core. But now, it was like a small river being injected into a dried but great river. Without feeling anything unusual, the core energies had flowed through his entire body through the meridians. Ten False Cores quickly absorbed the enormous core energies and gradually became brighter. The misty shape became denser, slowly transforming into the form of water.

Three days later, Wu Qi swallowed down another Gold Core. Eventually, twenty-one days went by.

Suddenly, Wu Qi opened his eyes, and a dazzling ray shot right out.

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