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As the jet of fresh blood splattered onto the Sword of Greedy Wolf, it was immediately absorbed into the sword itself. Suddenly, the Divine Flame of Order flickered and blazed up. The intense heat burned the sword and made it keep bursting out with wisps of white, razor-sharp energies, cutting out countless tiny yet deep traces on the surrounding walls and ground. Meanwhile, the last and the most difficult eighteen finger incantations of Seal of Minor Universal Star Shifting, which contained a total of 1080 finger incantations, were finally formed by Wu Qi in one breath. Countless sparks shot out from his fingertips, and within a blink of an eye, they were all branded onto the Sword of Greedy Wolf.

Right at the moment when the finger incantations were completed, a bloodline connection was established between Wu Qi and the sword. Like a newborn baby, a feeling of affection mixed with fear towards Wu Qi's divine sense rose from the once dark and dull sword. Wu Qi hastily exerted his last bit of energy, using his divine sense to transmit a friendly feeling over to the sword. Like trying to abduct a little girl, he began comforting the newborn Item Spirit of the Sword of Greedy Wolf.

The Item Spirit was actually an innate soul formed from the energies of the Gold element, which had accumulated for unknown ages in this cave of Gold element. As a result, it possessed an incredible power and an astonishing divine sense. However, as this place was not visited by anyone for ages, it thus never came into contact with any human beings. Relying on its instinct, the Item Spirit had grown in a muddleheaded way for many years. Actually, it would only give birth to a real intelligence after its body was condensed enough to form a corporeal shape.

After it was nourished by Wu Qi's blood essence and communicated with through a mystic technique, the Item Spirit, which had yet to fully form, was now aroused. It became like Wu Qi's child and established a spiritual connection with his mind. Nevertheless, as it was violently burned by the Divine Flame of Order, which nearly made its soul disintegrate, it instinctively felt afraid on facing Wu Qi.

After being comforted by Wu Qi's divine sense, the Item Spirit quickly forgot the pain it had suffered just now. Like a newborn baby, it flew happily beside Wu Qi, wheeling gently around him. It looked like a stream of water that stretched thirty feet long, or perhaps, looked more like a stream of light. It sometimes looked like a dark ray which appeared together with the chilly wind in the small hours of the night. The Item Spirit began to fly at a high speed in a circle around Wu Qi's body, bringing up a shivering breeze while unleashing an invisible, razor-sharp energy that cut out tiny rings of sword marks on the ground.

Due to the Gold element energies in this place being constantly impacted by the spatial waves, it had eventually given birth to Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold. Hence, while the Item Spirit was also under the prolonged nourishment from the spatial waves, it also possessed a certain spatial characteristic. The biggest characteristic for an Item Spirit with spatial ability was that it could fly without leaving any traces behind. By now, as the Sword of Greedy Wolf was controlled by this Item Spirit, it could fly at least ten times faster than an ordinary flying sword.

Wu Qi pleasedly rested his eyes on this flying sword, which had the same shape and look like the original Sword of Greedy Wolf, yet had its essence changed completely. He opened his mouth and absorbed it into his body, slowly guiding it and merging it into his Water meridian on the right arm, allowing it to be nourished by the Gold Core energies. Currently, the grade of the sword had taken a leap and became an upper tier magical treasure, and there was a huge room for improvement in the future. It was highly possible that it could become a Spirit Item, or even a higher grade item. After all, this Item Spirit had an extraordinary origin; it was a spiritual being formed by nature. Thus, it had a significant strength and potential.

For a spiritual being such as this, he could not place it in his storage ring and let it rot. He had to store it inside his body and let it receive the tempering from his blood essence and source energy. Only then could it have a strong connection with his mind in future, which would eventually help unleash a stronger power.

After keeping the Sword of Greedy Wolf in his body, Wu Qi swallowed a few spirit pills that could save one's life, lying flat on the ground and puffing hard for a long time. At last, he was able to regain some strength and rose back to his feet. At this point in time, the powerful effect of Seven Foundation Establishment Technique had gradually brought into play. With both his feet touching the ground, he began absorbing the Earth element energies to nourish his entire body. On top of that, the vigorous and nourishing energies of Wood and Water element surged out from his meridians, slowly recovering his body. In just about fifteen minutes, roughly eighty percent of his strength had recovered.

Wu Qi walked slowly below the huge forty-nine petaled lotus flower, which was formed entirely from Gold element energies. He unleashed his divine sense upward and quickly communicated with the glinting flower. The lotus flower was actually the birth mother of the Item Spirit. Naturally, it was also a rare, extraordinary treasure. He casually beckoned at the lotus, and the over one hundred feet wide lotus quickly shrunk. It transformed into a lotus the size of a human fist, falling gently down from the ceiling and landing right into Wu Qi's palm.

He frowned and rested his eyes on the lotus, then smiled. It was a Spirit Item. 

The so-called Spirit Item was a treasure which possessed an Item Spirit itself, and was more powerful than magical treasures. Perhaps, the offensive strength of a Spirit Item was not as great as some extraordinary magical treasures, but they possessed an Item Spirit. When its owner was struck with a calamity, it would actively provide a protection to its owner. There were even some Spirit Items that could unleash by themselves, traveling to a distance of tens of thousands of miles away to kill the enemy. Yet, magical treasures, no matter how powerful they were, did not have such an incredible ability. After they lost the control from their owner, even if it were a magical treasure that could smash an entire planet with one blow, it was still a non-living thing.

This silver lotus was actually a Spirit Item, and was a Spirit Item which had been partly crafted by someone. Wu Qi could clearly sense a thread of divine sense hiding in the depth of this lotus. The function of it was to breed the Item Spirit, which was now sealed within the Sword of Greedy Wolf. For days and nights, all the forty-nine petals of it kept extracting Gold element energies, feeding them into the Item Spirit. It could be said that this silver lotus was the birth mother of the Sword of Greedy Wolf's Item Spirit.

Probably due to the fear of hampering the growth of the Item Spirit, although the silver lotus had been partly crafted by someone, giving it the shape of forty-nine petaled lotus which could conveniently absorb the surrounding energies, the person did not leave behind any brand within the lotus itself. The person just let the silver lotus function on its own, exercising the spirit arrays within it to nourish and breed the Item Spirit.

Nobody knew how many years had it been absorbing Gold element energies for. Although the tiny silver lotus looked light and thin, it actually weighed several tens of thousands of kilograms, and was formed from extremely pure Acquired Energies of Five Metals, which made it a Spirit Item with an incredible power. Wu Qi pondered for some time, then with his divine sense, he branded a seal on this Spirit Item which looked like a blank sheet of paper. After that, he kept it inside his body as well.

When the silver lotus entered Wu Qi's body, it quickly merged into his Spiritual Ocean and hovered above the spirit energies of four elements. The water wave, glow of flame, gases of wood and earth transformed into four tidal waves, slowly penetrating into the silver lotus. On the once brilliantly silver surface of the lotus, hues of blue from the water wave, green from the spirit wood, red from the raging flame, and yellow from the earth, began to emerge slowly. Together with its original silvery-white color, it was now glimmering with five colors, that looked surpassingly beautiful and dazzled the eyes.

Then, the Divine Flame of Order bluntly twisted its body and sprung into the stamen of the lotus. Energies of five colors gradually sprayed out from the stamen and slowly merged into the Divine Flame of Order. The once one feet and two inches long, thumb-sized Divine Flame of Order swayed a little bit, and seemed like it had grown a tiny bit bigger than before.

Wu Qi was secretly pleased by what happened. The lotus was indeed a miraculous item. Undoubtedly, the person who crafted it was an expert who had attained the fruit of Immortal Dao. As it was now actively absorbing the spirit energies of five elements, it appeared that it could be perfectly merged into one with his Seven Foundation Establishment Technique. Perhaps, he could turn this silver lotus into an extraordinary treasure that provided him an incredible defensive and offensive strength. With its intrinsic quality which had been tempered for a very long period of time by the Gold element energies, along with the power of the Innate energies of five elements, the future development of this treasure was even greater than the Sword of Greedy Wolf.

Wu Qi took a deep breath and ditched all the distracting thoughts out from his mind. He carefully took a few steps forward and came to the heart of the cave, which the stamen of the lotus was facing.

The ground was sunken, forming a perfectly rounded, three feet deep pool. The pool several dozens feet in diameter contained a spirit liquid. It was light silvery and so clear that one could see to the bottom of the pool. At the bottom of the pool, countless runes and arrays could be found. At the center was a thumb-sized black pearl, emanating indistinct spatial waves. The spatial waves that filled the entire iron mine were actually coming from this pearl.

He vigilantly walked a few rounds around the pool and slowly studied the details of the array maps residing at the bottom. It was an 'Outer Dimension Great Void Formation' capable of ripping apart the space, which were usually deployed in the Immortal's Cave of those ancient experts, serving the purpose of a deadly trap. It was a formation with formidable power, and once it was triggered, the Dimensional Blade that could rip apart space could easily kill any existences under the realm of Gold Immortal.

Currently, the formation was confined by the black pearl. Countless Dimensional Blades which were trying to burst out were forcefully destroyed by the pearl, turning into vast spatial waves that swept across the entire place. It was the reason that this iron mine was able to produce Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, and the root cause that made Lu Buwei and Wei Xiaoxiao plot out a scheme to seize all the metal mines found in Duke Yan Le's fief. Originally, they only wanted this iron mine, but for the purpose of pulling wool over people's eyes, they went ahead and demanded the operation rights of all the metal mines found in Duke Yan Le's fief.

At first, they sent Yan Heluo for the mission. Yet, after he was chased away by Wu Qi, Wei Xiaoxiao was forced to attend to the mission herself. When Wei Xiaoxiao was deterred by the violent Nie Baihong and made to swear a poisonous vow, Lu Buwei eventually had to stand out personally, and was able to obtain this iron mine relying on the debt of gratitude Lu Chengfeng had for him in the past. Perhaps, the death of Yan Buji was directly connected to this iron mine? Nevertheless, Wu Qi had no mood or intention to seek the details of the case.

He greedily gazed at the black pearl, then shook his head. The Outer Dimension Great Void Formation was not something he could control right now. Even a first grade Heaven Immortal did not have the ability to construct such formation. Although Wu Qi knew every single detail of this formation, his overall strength was too weak. Thus, he had no way of doing anything on it. He had no choice but to leave this pearl with an unknown origin in this place.

Although the spatial waves had dispersed into the surrounding space, yet eighty percent of them actually gathered in this crystal clear pool. Amidst the spirit liquid condensed from Gold element energies, several hundred silvery pearls, each the size of a human fist, were seen rolling around at the bottom of the pool, following the undulations of the spatial waves. The pearls that were purely formed from innate Gold element energies looked transparent and took the hue of silver. Their grade was extremely high, nearly reaching the grade of Spirit Item.

Right at the core of these pearls, there was a tiny, vague speck that looked pitch-black. Yet, it actually glinted with a rainbow glow in the next moment.

If one could fix his gaze right at them, he would realize that when these 360 silver pearls rolled about in the bottom of the pool, they did not roll like ordinary pearls. Instead, they were performing a short-distance teleportation. They were shifting randomly from one spot to another, and their trajectory was not a straight line, but countless tiny spots.

"As I expected!" Wu Qi used his fingers and made some calculations, nodded his head and smiled. "An unknown senior had constructed this formation here for the purpose of collecting 'Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies'. They are the best materials in crafting the ultimate Immortal Treasure. Too bad they are not matured enough. I fear it will need at least another three to five millenniums. Only then could they truly become the Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies. But for me, they are matured enough!"

These 360 pearls which had not fully matured, they were the perfect material Wu Qi could use to craft a set of Spirit Items that possessed both offensive and defensive abilities. If what he found here were matured Grand White Spatial Breaching Pearls of Innate Energies, Wu Qi would definitely spin and flee for his life instantly, and would never cast a second look at them, as they were not something that any existence below the realm of Gold Immortal could touch. These pearls kept shifting at an ultra-high frequency, and were like an electric chainsaw that kept vibrating at an ultrahigh frequency. Any existence below the realm of Gold Immortal that touched it either with their bodies or divine sense would be ripped and torn into pieces instantly.

The current level of their maturity was just right.

Wu Qi carefully gathered all 360 silver pearls from the pool, then looking at the few hundred faded wisps of white gases drifting above the pool, he suddenly threw his head back and broke into a loud laughter. He had now obtained the Innate energy of Gold element! With that, he could begin cultivating the Source of Gold Chapter in the Seven Foundation Establishment Technique!

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