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While breaking into a thoroughly delighted laughter, Wei Xiaoxiao dashed before the Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, picked it up instantly and said, "Excellent! This is it! With ten thousand pieces of such Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, I'll be able to justify myself before Patriarch. Hurry up, before the people of Great Yan Dynasty can poke their nose here, I need you to dig out at least ten thousand pieces of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold!"

She placed the precious item into her storage ring, then scolded angrily, "What are you guys still waiting for? Do it now! Without presenting sufficient amount of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold to the Patriarch, if he finds out who is to be blamed for what happened today, although I will have to bear the full responsibility and have my rights in the clan deprived, as my personal guards, what consequences could you all be facing? If your rights and powers are taken away, could you be treated better than those slaves who serve teas and snacks?"

Wei Xiaoxiao ran her eyes across the faces of several dozens of cultivators who were standing around her, sneered and said, "We're lucky to have Wei Longfeng, that fool, to take the blame on behalf of us. Thus, we can still have the hope of escaping from the punishment. I want all of you to remember this well: just tell anybody who asks you that I brought you here to harvest the Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold, and during this period, Wei Longfeng was throwing out mischiefs which attracted Yan Dan to probe him personally. This eventually caused our plot to be exposed. You shall know what the things that you can tell are, and what must be kept secret!"

All the cultivators stood silently, exchanged a few glances and at the same time, once again exerted their full force to knock on the iron wall.

For the moment, the spacious mine pit was filled with dazzling sword beams that shot in all directions, along with rumbling of thunder which made the ground vibrate subtly. Chunks after chunks of iron wall were being broken off. Pieces of iron ores piled up on the ground everywhere. The group of cultivators worked arduously for another fifteen minutes, and at the end, only one lucky cultivator of Embryonic Breath tier managed to extract a fist-sized Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold out of the iron wall, while all the other people gained nothing.

The hard work went on for nearly one hour. Besides from a few Human Immortals of Gold Core realm who still exerted arduous efforts in forming sword incantations with their fingers, commanding their flying swords to pierce and drill the iron wall, all the other cultivators had become extremely tired. They felt dizzy, with their vision blurred, the weakness numbing their limbs. They were now sat panting on the ground, trying to regulate their breath while consuming some spirit pills to recover their strength. Wei Xiaoxiao was greatly displeased by the working efficiency of these cultivators. After shown a great deal of temper, she personally commanded her flying sword and thrust it forcefully into the iron wall. 

A loud clanging noise echoed out in the pit. The red sword beam of Wei Xiaoxiao knocked on the wall and produced a lot of sparks, managing to chip off a chunk of iron ore the size of toddler's fist. However, the tremendous repulsive force knocked her sword beam several dozens of feet back, brushed against her body and shot far away, nearly chopping off one of her arms. Wei Xiaoxiao was greatly frightened and had her face turned greenish pale. With a blank face, she looked at those subordinates of her who were now sitting on the ground and regulating their breath. She wisely shut her mouth and said nothing again.

Wu Qi shook his head, exercised the escape art and sunk deeper underground. Ten thousand pieces of Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold? Judging from the efficiency of Wei Xiaoxiao and her subordinates, it would take at least eight to ten days before they could harvest that amount. Nevertheless, they supposedly still had the time to keep fighting with the sturdy iron walls here, as Yan Dan should be in the middle of plotting out a plan and dealing with those vassal kingdoms who were involved in the rebellion. With that, nobody would temporarily pay their attention to this place.

With his body enshrouded in an abundant energy of Earth element and both hands forming incantations, Wu Qi's body was emanating rings of soft yellow light and descending quickly down the earth. Carefully, he identified the direction where those spatial waves were coming from. Then, with the utmost caution, he moved one step at a time towards its source. While on his way, he slowly discovered more and more condensed premium grade crystal cores, and occasionally, he would find Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold of different sizes.

It did not need further explanation for those Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold. Yet, the crystal cores which purely formed from energies of the Gold element, although their outlooks took the characteristic of various metals such as gold, silver, copper, or iron, their intrinsic qualities were all essence formed from the purest energies of the Gold element. It was just that they were possessing various physical characteristics of different metals. These crystal cores were the best additive substances for crafting items. When an upper tier magical treasure was in the process of crafting, if even just a tiny bit of such a crystal core was added into it, the power and strength would be greatly improved.

They were rare treasures indeed, and it would cost a hefty price to purchase them in the Market of Four Seas. Wu Qi conveniently grabbed these materials and shoved them into his storage ring. As all the cultivators had a prolonged life expectancy, it was not a bad thing to have a stockpile of all sorts of materials.

Wu Qi continued his way down. When the collected resources and Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold had fully packed his storage ring and three storage spaces within the storage bracelet, he felt his feet had touched an empty space. He had finally come to a strange space. Right at this moment, the energies within Wu Qi's body were nearly depleted. If he had not arrived at this space, he would have to consider returning to the surface and catch his breath.

The Gold element energies found in the ground and rocks in this place were extremely dense, which made the ground so hard as if they were one huge piece of iron ingot. Fortunately, Wu Qi was using an escape art of innate Earth. If it were other escape arts of Earth element used by those cultivators who followed Wei Xiaoxiao, perhaps their bodies would be shattered into pieces by the strong energies of the Gold element right at the moment they bore into the ground. Nevertheless, the consumption of Wu Qi's energies here was one hundred times more than traveling in ordinary earth. He nearly did not have enough energies that could support him to this space.

After taking a few deep breaths, Wu Qi threw he glance at this strange space, and was dumbfounded by what he saw.

It was a huge stone chamber, obviously man-made. It stretched almost a mile in both length and width, and the dome-shaped ceiling was over three hundred feet from the ground. As the Gold element energies in this chamber were too strong, the surrounding rock walls had turned as white as snow, glinting with a shining glow of metal. Spatial Breaching Spirit Gold the size of a human head, along with various metallic crystal cores, were seen embedded on the walls, as thick as huckleberries.

There was a white lotus flower with forty-nine petals, formed naturally from Gold element energies, hanging at the center of the dome-shaped ceiling. A shadow of a sword could be vaguely seen hiding in the stamen of the lotus, while a white beam, about ten feet long, was darting and retracting from it, emanating an awe-inspiring, razor-sharp aura. Carefully, Wu Qi sent his divine sense and tried to move closer to the sword shadow, but the thread of razor-sharp aura suddenly burst right out and severely wounded his divine sense. Wu Qi's body trembled as a mouthful of blood burst thirty feet away.

"This place is a Spirit Cave of Gold Element, and it is a soul formed from a thread of innate Gold element energy. If it can be completely formed, it will be an ultimate Supreme-grade Spirit Weapon. But too bad, judging from its appearance, it is still in a very early stage of forming. Without going through another several ten thousand years of tempering, it will not be formed completely." Resting his eyes on the white beam which had made him suffer. Wu Qi murmured under his breath, "Nonetheless, it is not a bad timing actually. If it is in the stage of nearly taking the final form, unless it was a Heaven Immortal, no one would be able to control it. Although it is very powerful now, yet it is completely blank in terms of its soul, the perfect time to collect it and use it as an Item Spirit."

After pondering for a while, Wu Qi took out the Sword of Greedy Wolf, clenched his jaws tightly and made a cut on his wrist, forcing out a great amount of blood essence and spraying it onto the sword. Then, using his divine sense to control the blood, he drew many sealing runes that were secretly inherited from the Scroll of Stealing, on the body of the sword. With that being done, Wu Qi moved back and left a huge room between him and the lotus flower, then thrust out the sword, shooting it right toward the lotus flower.

As the sword beam approached it, like the savage tiger who had its territory invaded by an outsider, the white beam suddenly let out a loud cry and shot right out from the lotus stamen. It collided and slammed forcefully onto the Sword of Greedy Wolf. A great curtain of red light splashed out, as several dozens of twisting, blood-red runes shot out from the sword's body and tightly trapped the white beam. They brutally dragged and pulled the white beam into the sword. Layer upon layer of white ripples visible to the naked eyes kept bursting out from the Sword of Greedy Wolf, as the lower tier magical treasure sword began to crack inch by inch, and healed back quickly. However, the speed of cracking was faster than the healing. Clearly, the sword could not withstand the force of the white beam, and was about to shatter into pieces.

Wu Qi sighed with a crying tone, clenched his teeth and bit off the tip of his tongue. He had just forced out three drops of his blood essence, which was the most precious thing for any cultivator, then spat them onto the sword. With that, the glow of the blood-red runes on the sword suddenly grew stronger, transforming into a large net and tightly capturing the white beam, which was now struggling violently within the body of the sword itself.

Not fearing what he did would eventually hurt his source energy, Wu Qi took out all kinds of spirit pills which Princess Zhang Le gave her and kept pouring them into his mouth. Sensing the incredible medicinal strength that exploded inside of his stomach, Wu Qi exerted the source energy in his meridians by force. The seven shadows of deities and devils formed from the Seven Holy Deities and Devils Art of Mind Tempering were now jumping and roaring crazily in his Spiritual Ocean. Then, he carefully moved the raging water waves, earthy gases, the glow of flame, and the shadow of woods, inch by inch closer towards the Divine Flame of Order, which now burned brightly in the center of the Spiritual Ocean.

There was a saying in Scroll of Stealing: as all the spirit objects under the heaven are formed from the natural essence, those who were without great fortune could never obtain them by force with a foolish hope. However, as Scroll of Stealing was a heaven-defying cultivation technique, if one did not have the fortune, he could seize the fortune by force. If he did not have the opportunity, he would seize the opportunity by force. All in all, any spirit objects under the heavens that the cultivator of Scroll of Stealing took fancy to, it would be definitely became his possession in the end. When the conditions permitted, he would take it; if the conditions did not permit, he would still seize it by creating the opportunity himself.

What Wu Qi used right now was a mystic technique he learned from Scroll of Stealing. It was able to stimulate his blood essence and Nascent Divinity by force, using all conditions he could muster to obtain the natural spirit objects by force. He used the medicinal strength to stimulate his source energy, allowing the strength of his energies to becoming one hundred times stronger than normal. Then, he used the Seven Holy Deities and Devils to stimulate his divine sense, which also made his divine sense one hundred times stronger. On top of that, he had mustered the water waves, earthy gases, the glow of flame, and the shadows of woods formed from the innate spirit energies in his Spiritual Ocean, trying his best to control a tiny thread of Divine Flame of Order. Meanwhile, both his hands kept forming different types of incantations, as he was now exercising a finger incantation recorded in Scroll of Stealing which only the Earth Immortal of Nascent Soul realm could have used: 'Seal of Minor Universal Star Shifting'.

By stimulating his source energies and divine sense by force, and even exercising an advanced finger seal which only Earth Immortals were strong enough to use, although Wu Qi managed to muster an enormous amount of natural energies, yet his body could not withstand such enormous pressure and began to crack and get injured. Luckily, as Scroll of Stealing was a cultivation technique which emphasized on foundation, when he was cultivating with the Source of Water, Fire, Wood, and Earth Chapter, his corporeal body had been tempered to the level similar to an Earth Immortal of Nascent Soul realm. As a result, he could barely withstand the force of the backslash. Although his body was now filled with countless cracks, yet he could still maintain an intact body.

A wisp of purple-green divine flame shot out from his fingertip. Following the changing of the Seal of Minor Universal Star Shifting, this tiny flame kept dancing and leaping on Wu Qi's fingertip. Slowly but surely, it condensed and formed into several thousand tiny runes of twelve two-hour periods and twenty-eight astrological signs. Then, enshrouded in flaming specks, they left his fingertips and branded onto the Sword of Greedy Wolf. Casually, Wu Qi waved his hand, and all the crystal cores formed from Gold element energies which he collected while on his way to this cave, together with some crafting materials he purchased from the Market of Four Seas, surged out like a tidal wave. One after another, they merged into the body of the sword, which was now ablaze with the purple-green divine flame.

The white beam condensed from the Gold element energies gave out a groan. It was held in awe by a thread of Divine Order of the heaven and earth contained within the Divine Flame of Order, and had its fierce might greatly reduced instantly.

After that, countless Gold element materials and crafting materials came swarming like bees. Driven by the Seal of Minor Universal Star Shifting, the runes flaming in the Divine Flame of Order completely shattered the sword. Then, using the white beam as the core, a brand new flying sword was formed. 

The source energies within Wu Qi's body were depleting quickly, and his body was shivering violently. He did not pay any attention to whether his body could withstand the entire process, and pulled out tens of bottles of spirit pills which could replenish his source energies, swallowing all of them. With that, he was able to barely maintain the level of his source energies close enough to the level of Nascent Soul realm. His divine sense was jumping and twitching rapidly; all ten fingers of his were moving like flying, as he quickly branded 108 famous maps of arrays found in the Scroll of Stealing into the newly born Sword of Greedy Wolf.

A rumble of thunder rang out. A flying sword, entirely pitch-black and shadowy, such that one could not see its true form, suddenly thrust into the sky and was about to leave this cave.

Wu Qi cried out loudly. He opened his mouth and spat out a stream of brilliantly red blood, hitting forcefully onto the flying sword.

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