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From inside out, Ji City was divided into seventeen districts. Naturally, the heart of it was the Imperial City, where the Imperial Palace was located at. Outside of Imperial City were six layers of inner districts, from Inner District One to Six, and they were resided by all the nobles and important officials of Great Yan Dynasty. Beyond the six layers of inner districts came Middle District, from one to six as well, where the residents were all the wealthy merchants and clans, clans with status and honor. And at last, stacking outside of middle districts were Outer Districts, the area where ordinary civilians and merchants lived.

There was a market in Ji City, where countless rare products of specialty, procured locally and from over one hundred vassal kingdoms, and even unique products from overseas, were being traded. It was the largest market in Ji City: the 'Market of Four Seas'. It was located on the west of Middle District One, and occupied full fifty streets, comprising of more than tens of thousands of stores that came in all sizes. The area was adjoined to Inner District, a very convenient location for those princes and nobles to come purchase all kinds of rare and special treasures. At the same time, the short travel distance between it and all six Middle Districts had allowed the merchants who lived there to take good care of their business. In addition to that, as it was located deep within Ji City, the safety was well taken care of, as no one dared to create trouble here.

After Lu Chengfeng inherited the Arts of Heaven Patching Formation, the group was served with some Spirit Fruits and fine wine that was produced in the Immortal's Cave of Sword Stems From The Mind. At last, they left and returned to Ji City. It was late in the afternoon when they arrived at the city. Lu Chengfeng brought his men and went straight back to Duke Yan Le's Mansion, while Wu Qi and a few other burly men from Meng Village, including Meng Xiaobai, took a turn and came to the Market of Four Seas. He was planning to purchase some useful items.

As Princess Zhang Le had just formed her Gold Core, it hadn't completely stabilized. During daytime, she could visit everywhere she liked accompanied by her private guards, but at night, she would have to do her homework of meditating, so she could further temper her Gold Core and stabilize her cultivation. Therefore, although she wasn't willing to part with Wu Qi