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Like water, the pale moonlight sprinkled and smeared everything. Under the bright moon, Yue Tan gracefully rose to her feet and placed the zither on the wooden platform. Her long white mantle slipped away from her body like flowing water, then the pure white silk dress under it followed immediately. And at last was the thin and near transparent undergarment. A slim, curvy body with perfect proportions, as fair as the flawless jade that was mixed with white crystal, was quietly revealed in front of Wu Qi.

A blush mantled Yue Tan's pretty face, and very soon, the same hue of red spread along her slender and spotless neck, crawling slowly toward her chest, her abdomen. It was a hue of seductive blush, like a chunk of juicy meat sending off a smell of blood that was placed in front of a wild beast. If it were any other normal man standing right at this place, he would have long transformed into a fierce tiger, leaping aggressively towards the girl, tearing and ripping this delicate and fresh beauty into pieces.

With utmost concentration, Wu Qi cast an admiring glance over at this naked body. A splendid body that he could find no flaws in, a marvelous body that had gathered almost all the beauty that one could find on any single girl.

Gently, he moved his glance over Yue Tan's beautiful brows, her tall nose, her juicy red lips, and her slender neck, her protruding breasts, her flat abdomen that had no extra fat. Then, he continued further down, to a mysterious place, and two long, slim legs, which were attached so intimately to each other that even a thin sheet of paper would find it hard to pass through them.

Suddenly Wu Qi shuddered. Amidst his Spiritual Ocean, the Seven Holy Deities and Devils were now roaring and yelling furiously. Countless threads of intense coldness surged whistling out from within the Spiritual Ocean, rushing and billowing throughout his entire body, freezing and shivering all his cells which were rocking in an immense feeling of lust. His lustful desire instantly vanished due to the extreme coldness, and his blurry eyes were now as clear and pure as the spring water, as cold as the coldest ice found in the land of northernmost. A warm and friendly smile emerged on Wu Qi's face. While casting an appreciating glance over at the perfect and flawless body of Yue Tan, he said with a gentle and soft voice, "I'm sorry, Wu Qi is cultivating with a skill of Pure Yang. As my Master has told me, unless I have formed my Gold Core, I cannot lose my virginity." 

"A skill of Pure Yang?" With a faint smile, Yue Tan stared at Wu Qi, then she continued saying softly, "This body of Yue Tan is still a pure body of a virgin, and it contains the innate energy of Yin. By having sex with Yue Tan, the man would gain the cultivation that is worth three hundred years of hard work. Literally in just one night, it will allow Mister Wu Qi to form a Gold Core of your own. Could Mister not desire this?"

Wu Qi felt like he had heard the roaring of Le Xiaobai in his mind, "Push her down, sit on her body. Let's enjoy her body before we talk about anything else!

A strange smile came upon Wu Qi's face. If it were Le Xiaobai, perhaps he would have sitting above Yue Tan's body now and riding hard and fast. He shook his head and then rose to his feet. He took a few steps forward and picked up the dress which Yue Tan had taken off from her body, and was placed on the floor. He gently brought it up and helped to put them back on her body. While doing that, Wu Qi said with a gentle voice, "There are many differences between a human and an animal, and the biggest of them is that the animal mates just for the purpose of reproduction. For a human, at least for someone like me, if I wish to have a pleasure and enjoyable night with a girl, I will have it done on the foundation of love. And this, is the biggest difference between a human and an animal." 

At last, he put on the mantle over Yue Tan's petite body, tied the strings into a beautiful bow. Then, Wu Qi spun and walked on the surface of the water towards the edge of the lake. From those wisteria plants growing on the bank, he plucked a blooming purple flower, and came back again. Wearing a smile that bore no evil intention, he inserted the tiny yet splendidly blooming flower onto Yue Tan's bun. He hugged her, and tenderly gave her a kiss on her temple. 

"Grandmaster Yue is a girl with a broken heart." said Wu Qi softly. "But no matter what, for a beautiful lady such as Grandmaster Yue, you have to treat yourself better. For every single splendid girl such as Grandmaster Yue, each of you is the rare treasure that the Heaven produced after spending all the precious energy in the world. Perhaps, nobody knows how to care and cherish Grandmaster Yue. And if that is the case, Grandmaster Yue will have to take care and cherish yourself." 

Wu Qi let loose his hands from Yue Tan, who now had her eyes gone wide and looked startled. He rubbed his palms and let out a bitter smile, "For us who live and struggle in this world, things are not always easy. Therefore, let's try our best to live this life more pleasantly. We eat what will satiate our hunger, and we drink what will quench our thirst. Why should we always make things difficult and force ourself in something we don't like?" 

He paused for a while, staring deep into Yue Tan's eyes, which looked nervous and at a loss for what to do. "Don't force yourself, and don't suffer what is not right for you. The girl in your story is too silly. If that divine dragon of mortal really loved her, then he would never hurt her in that way. Either it is a nightmare or a sweet dream, but sometimes you have to tell yourself that the dream will always end when you wake up. For a girl like Grandmaster Yue, you ought to find your own happiness, but that happiness would definitely not be something Wu Qi could ever provide."

Gently, he fondled Yue Tan's bun, then again said gently, "Ask your true conscience, then, go and seek that man you really love!" 

With a vacant look on her face, Yue Tan stared at Wu Qi. Her lips were trembling as she said, "The cultivation worth three hundred years of hard work, don't you want it? Having your very own Gold Core formed in just one night, are you not willing to have it? A Gold Core and the achievement of Human Immortal, which allows you to soar in the vast open sky freely and give you the ability to summon wind and rain, and the life of at least eight hundred years, are you really not wanting it all?" 

Wu Qi felt a little bit troubled. He scratched his head and nodded his head, then said, "Yes, of course, I want them. The life of eight hundred years, only a fool will not want that. However, as a man with a straight back, I can lie, cheat, and steal, I can rob the entire world. But, if I have to depend on a girl to attain my achievement, that feels rather dirty for me. Although Wu Qi is young, but Wu Qi has two balls hanging down between my legs. Wu Qi is a man." 

He shook his head, breathed out a long sigh and continued, "My name is Wu Qi. Wu bears the meaning of 'do not', and Qi bears the meaning of 'begging'. The name of Wu Qi serves as a reminder to myself: even if I become a bandit or robber, even if I burn, kill, and loot, I'll never use a dirty approach such as that to get what I want. I can rape a girl who I don't like, use a devilish method to seize her Yin energy and form my Gold Core. Yet, I will never use the body of a fragile girl, who is forced to bring herself to me, to form my Gold Core."

Yue Tan was so angry that she laughed, "Mister Wu Qi's words are too profound to be understood by Yue Tan." 

Wu Qi looked at Yue Tan's eyes and said with an indifferent voice, "Do you really not understand? Then never mind. I'm not a good man, but yet, I'm not a scumbag either."

Yue Tan's body begun to tremble violently. She glared at Wu Qi with a stern look, bent her body and picked up her zither. She then spun and walked on the water towards the bank of the lake. A whirlwind coiled up her body. With a cold voice she said, "Mister Wu Qi, you have just given up an opportunity that countless cultivators are begging for in sleep: forming their Gold Core overnight. You've just given it up. Do you know that many geniuses with extraordinary talents cultivated for hundreds of year, yet at the end, they were merely a cupful of ashes."

Wu Qi shook his head, shrugged and responded with a smile. 

He then raised his head and looking at the bright moon hanging in the middle of the sky. The moonlight sprinkled down, as if it had penetrated into his body. Bits of gentle moonlight were attracted by his innate water energy, and started to merge with his body slowly but surely. This was the essence of moonlight that came from the bright moon, and also was one kind of innate water energy. All of a sudden, Wu Qi felt as if his state of mind had been elevated to a greater height. He felt that the quality of his morals had obtained a great leap suddenly, and thus, he was brought to understand some profound reasons in this world. Initially, these essences of moonlight were extremely tough to be absorbed by a human, yet they were now gradually merging into his body. 

A layer of vague green light was now enshrouding Wu Qi's body. Slowly, the innate water energy was compressing and condensing, then gradually merging into all the meridians throughout his entire body. His meridians were being strengthened quickly. In just the blink of an eye, they had become three times stronger than before he entered into a meditation. 

As Yue Tan didn't hear anything from Wu Qi for quite some time, she turned around wonderingly and looked towards his direction. When she saw how Wu Qi was clad in a layer of moonlight, she couldn't help but breathe out a deep, long sigh. "How can that bring you into an enlightenment? Are you a hypocrite that deceives the world so as to build up a false reputation, or a silly boy with a one-track mind? Or perhaps, you are just a boorish fellow who does not understand the fun of flirting with a girl? A peerless beauty and a mighty opportunity, with both of them presented in front of you, yet you had refused them altogether. Are you a man with a great mind, or a foolish pig?" 

All the emotions had now vanished from Yue Tan's face, leaving behind only a dense air of weariness that emanated from the depth of her bones. She put on her bamboo hat and covered her face with the white veil. She murmured under her breath, but even she herself couldn't hear what she murmured about. 

Quietly, she stared at Wu Qi, who was now sinking into a state of enlightenment. Yue Tan sighed. Wu Qi was a young man that hadn't reached an age of twenty, but he had already possessed the cultivation of Meridian Cultivating tier. Regardless of whether he was a hypocrite or a foolish pig, with such a talent and potential, he had proven himself to be a rare genius in this world of mortals. 

She sighed again. Then, she pulled out a white bag of silk from under her sleeve, and from it, she took out a fist-sized, green color jade. It was a cold jade. Right when it was taken out, a large curtain of freezing mist immediately diffused from it. Under the pale light of the moon, the white mist looked rather eye-catching. 

"Wu Qi, after we part today, Yue Tan has no idea when will we meet again. After all, you are the first man of your kind that Yue Tan has ever met. Take this cultivation pill, and make it serve as the memory between us. When we meet again, perhaps Yue Tan will not be the same Yue Tan again. But, will you still be the same Wu Qi?" Two streams of tears flowed slowly down from her face. Yue Tan waved her hand and threw the jade over to Wu Qi. Not knowing whether she did it on purpose or otherwise, the jade flew whistling through the air and aimed straight into Wu Qi's face. It would soon break his nose and make him bleed. 

A loud cry came from Wu Qi's mouth as he woke up from the state of enlightenment. He stretched his arm forward and tightly gripped onto the jade stone, which was emanating with an intense coldness. 

Yue Tan's body was suddenly coiled up in a whirlwind. She gently stroke a few times on her zither, breathed out a long sigh and left the place. 

"To know what love is, which can make you devote all your life. Wild geese travel in pair across the country, with feather tarnishing over seasons. Happiness in being together, sorrows on getting apart… Such an infatuation, such feelings in mind... A journey covering thousands of miles, through passing clouds and foggy mountains, for whom your loneliness exists?" 

The stolen poetry Wu Qi used to bluff Princess Zhang Le was heard coming from the whirlwind. When Yue Tan's figure finally dissolved into darkness on top of the wall, her soft sigh was heard coming from a far distance. "Mister Wu Qi, you are a strange man with a queer behavior. Yue Tan has learned a lot tonight... When we meet again next time, would Mister still recognize Yue Tan?" 

Wu Qi squeezed and crashed the freezing jade stone. A thumb-sized, half-translucent pill light gold in color dropped out from within the shattered jade stone. A strong fragrance suddenly filled the air. Wu Qi looked at this pill emitting a faint golden glow. He suddenly drew in a sharp cold breath. 

It was a 'Triple Cycles Flame Golden Pill of Transcending Tribulation'. Among all the Immortal Pills he learned from Scroll of Stealing, it ranked the first in the category of Ninth Grade Immortal Pills. Regardless of a cultivator's talent or potential, whether he was clever or stupid, with this single meditation pill, the cultivator would be able to reach the peak of Gold Core realm from peak of Houtian realm. It was now sitting comfortably in Wu Qi's palm. With a blank face, Wu Qi stared at this Immortal Pill, which even Scroll of Stealing had spent quite a long sentence to describe it. He was struck dumb. "Just because of this Golden Pill of Tribulation Transcending, I'll still be able to recognize you when we meet again."

After losing the protection from the freezing jade stone, the medicinal strength of this Golden Pill of Transcending Tribulation would vanish within fifteen minutes. 

Without hesitation, Wu Qi placed the pill into his mouth. He then raised his head and looked into the sky, staring quietly at the bright moon. 

"Yue Tan, who are you exactly?"

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