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Our sudden appearance scared the passengers, especially with A8 and A13 holding onto guns. Ordinary passengers only knew of panic but did not do anything, but the two passengers seating closest to the door suddenly jumped up and rushed for the front of the plane. With one look, I immediately recognized them as the spies, ordinary passengers need not run from the sight of us, furthermore, ordinary passengers would not have such huge reactions.

A13 threw a blade accurately and struck the one behind on his back but he did not fall down onto the ground as expected, instead, he had both of his hands on the door frame and stood there. The plane's doors were not big in the first place, and he had stopped our advancement to chase after the other spy ahead.

I quickly knelt down and aimed my gun at the dead spy's torso and fired off, the recoil of the pistol in my hand was actually close to that of a rifle. The corpse blocking the door was blown apart and the upper half of the body fell down, left with the lower part that remained standing. The spy that ran ahead was struck by the bullet after it went through his dead partner, but a pity it had changed its trajectory due to the corpse, and it merely grazed the man's calf. But the 50 AE caliber bullet was still able to knock him onto the ground with ease.

This Spy definitely had gone through training, he did not even turn back but jumped up and continued running ahead. In the blink of the eye, he was already close to the cockpit. That was when a rather beautiful stewardess suddenly ran forward and blocked the path.

"Sir, you guys…."

Bang! Before the stewardess could even complete her sentence, my gun unleashed its power, her body was flung back and smashed into the spy that was close to the cockpit. I did not see any blood but the stewardess on the ground was still wriggling around, she was also a spy, and was actually equipped with a bulletproof vest!

Before firing off a third shot, A13 and A8 had already rushed to the front from the other door but were still one step too late, one of the crew members had pulled the spy into the cockpit and ignored the stewardess while locking the door.

I turned back and saw the little boy who had helped me by pulling his mum away from the window, he was in the mother's firm embrace, a mother's love will always be worthy of the greatest admiration, even at such a time, she still focused on protecting her son! I gave the boy a thumbs up then stood up. "We are China's security force, we had just been attacked by a foreign Spy. For the sake of everybody's safety, I hope that everyone will head back to the back of the plane!"

The crowd panicked for a moment but all of them started to move towards the back. I did not have the time to manage the crowd, the aisle became empty and I headed straight to the front. A13 had the stewardess by her hair: "Speak, what organization are you from? How many people are inside?"

The lady stared at us but did not say anything.

"She won't talk, just make her unconscious. She will be of use back in the base." I never had any hope that the lady would tell us anything, so I brought over to the door. I aimed my pistol at the door and pressed the trigger. The bullet immediately ignited a spark on the door then ricocheted back at the cabin! "Fuck! The door's reinforced!"

My watch suddenly moved, someone had sent me a message. "What happened?"

"We have already entered the skies above the ocean, we are almost out of China's territorial airspace! The radar senses Japanese fighter planes above their skies!"

"You guys go ahead and take a look at the situation, I'm not in a position to judge your means."

"Roger that! Aerial Force J20 Interceptors have arrived, leave the task of blocking them to the aerial units, we will move first and begin Op. 'Cleanse and Obstruction'!"

After putting down the comms, I told A8 and A13: "We're out of time, we're almost out of the country's territorial waters! The Japs have planes above international waters, SSC has gone ahead to clear them! We need to quickly gain control of the plane!"

A8 replied: "It looks like the flight crew was ready to receive the pilots, we can only break through forcefully!"

"Did you guys bring equipment that can break the door?"

"We are not demolitions, we don't have such equipment on us!"

"Then we can only do this!" I punched the door ferociously, causing the metal board to produce a sound of being deformed, but I only managed to cause a dent in it! I followed up with my elbow but the effect was still not good, there was no other choice, the door was that tough! Fortunately, every time I struck the door, a few dents would form, it looked like it was only a matter of time before the door could be broken through!

The comms device suddenly sounded out. "SSC Reporting! Japanese Fighter Planes are firing towards us!"

"I authorize you to return fire!"

"Roger that! We are authorized to open fire! All teams to battle mode!"

I began smashing the door more ferociously when I suddenly felt someone tugging at me from behind. I turned back to look, to see that the little boy was holding onto an ax that was practically the same height as him. "Big brother, this is for you!"

I caressed his head and accepted the ax and got him to retreat, then started to smash the door with the ax. The already deformed door could not withstand the attacks and was smashed downwards. Behind the door were two stewardesses with a gun each in their hands pointed at us. Right as the door fell, they immediately pressed the trigger!

A8 pushed A13 and me away but he took the shot! Luckily he had a bulletproof vest on, and did not suffer from any harm! I immediately jumped over and shot one of the stewardesses. A8 had opened fire at the other stewardess at the same time, causing her to fall to the ground. The two of us had aimed at their heads, so their bulletproof vests were useless. The British Spy stood behind the two stewardesses with another gun in his hand, but before he had the chance to fire, his neck was met with a flying blade!

The flight crew all started to jump and rush at us, the three of them did not wield any weapons, so I easily took the three of them down. But the captain actually pressed some sort of button. I knew it was not a bomb but obviously to report to their base.

After getting rid of the three of them, A13 jumped forward and fixed the autopilot stick to its position, but suddenly cried out. "The navigation system has been sealed, the plane can't autopilot!"

"Enemy plane!" A8 suddenly pointed ahead.

Through the window pane, we could see the many planes engaging in battle, the black ones were SSC while the rest were Japan's Air Force. The J20 force outside of our plane suddenly left us and flew towards the Japanese planes. I was not afraid of an aerial battle, the SSC's fighting capability was far stronger than the Japs, furthermore, there was even the country's Air Force Fighter Planes J20 for support. But our plane itself was more troublesome, no matter where it flew, it would reach Japan!

I looked out of the window to the wings of the plane, then opened the comms. "SSC, pay attention, destroy No. 1, 2, 3 and No. 4 Engine of our plane, use a machine gun, don't harm the wings!"

"But the plane….!"

"Execute the order!"


The two planes ahead of us suddenly detoured and flew to our backs. I quickly ran to the back of the plane. "Everyone, we are forced to land above waters, please wear the life vests!"

The crowd started to panic again, but there were many life vests, so I figured there would be no looting or fighting. The battle in the air quickly ended, the 54 Japanese Planes were quickly taken down, my SSC lost one Plane while the J20 lost 7!

The plane trembled incessantly, the No. 1 and No. 4 Engines on the right and left of the plane emitted black smoke at the same time, followed by No. 3 and No. 2 which started to go up in flames. The operation was a success, without the engine to propel the plane forward, the plane automatically switched over to manual override, and we could control the plane once again!! A13 adeptly controlled the plane to descend down towards the water, these large commercial planes all had protective installations, so we easily descended onto the water surface.

Low on fuel, the J20 returned back to their point of departure. SSC descended and accompanied us by floating on the water surface! The China Naval Force deployed warships and were en route, but the question is when the Japs fleet were arriving! A8 went to the back of the plane and found the Bio-Source System hidden behind the pilot's seat, the Japs really knew how to conceal things!

After floating for over 3 hours, ships finally arrived, but it was neither China nor Japan's ships, but an American stealth ship. These ships were not merely invisible to the radar, they were actually able to turn invisible from optics and aside from the waves having strange ripples and movements, no one could ever see the ship with their naked eyes! SSC quickly sent a warning shot to the invisible ship, we would not bother if it were the Japs, but we had to think twice about directly assaulting the Americans, although they had a part to play in the infiltration, they would definitely refuse to admit it but we still could not engage in an open battle with them!

Maybe they did not notice the SSC Fighter planes, the other party did not do anything and only stopped 2 kilometers away from us. The comms in the plane sounded out, and what came out was Mandarin. "We are the American Naval Force, according to the International Water Laws, we are here as a humanitarian aid for the plane that fell!"

F*ck! They actually spouted out such nonsense, I immediately opened my end of the comms and replied. "I'm sorry, this is a China Sea Rescue Exercise, we do not need any rescue, our practice boats will be here soon!" On one hand, I was indirectly telling them not to intervene and on the other, I was indirectly telling them that our naval force would arrive soon, so they should think twice before going overboard.


Right as I spoke, a loud and clear steam whistle sounded out, China ships could be seen in the distance with many China warships protecting it. Most probably the Americans must have sensed something as they sneakily slipped away.

By the time we returned to base, It was already midnight. Supper was served alongside NSA and the higher-ups of Central Authorities, although I was so famished, they were all high ranking and important people, I could only force myself to eat politely! On the table, I listened and found out from Dad and the rest that the movements by the Americans, Brits, and Japs were arranged a long time ago, the infiltration was the first, after failing they staked in everything and used their extremely dangerous second plan. In this second engagement, aside from a minority of them that went through legal ways to enter China, the majority of them used the Americans stealth technology to infiltrate into China's various locations, then gathered after that! China holds 960 square-kilometer of space, the borders were so long that no one can ever guard every inch of it, so we could not have our eyes 24/7 on them. Furthermore, the other party used top of the edge technology to infiltrate!

After supper, Dad and the other old fogeys continued to talk while I ran off. The age gap was too large, I could not continue to sit there and listen!

Upon entering the base, one would immediately enter the dining area which was 24 hours. I quickly went to fill up my stomach! In the timespan that I ate, the food I had was equivalent to 10 servings of food that scared the chef. I initially wanted more, but a pity he refused to give me more! Luckily, I was more or less full, so I went back to rest!

My original room had been repaired, the base was not extremely damaged, so it was restored to the perfect condition in half a day. I laid on the bed and stared at the roof, but after a long time, I still could not sleep. After calculating, it was around 60 hours since I last slept, why can't I get tired? Normally, I would be so tired that I would immediately sleep upon lying down! I continued to lie on the bed and even started to count sheep, "One sheep, two sheep, three sheep…..33,142 sheep, 33,143 sheep, 33,144 sheep! Why can't I sleep!" I sat up annoyed! I could not sleep at all, and it turned extremely boring! I decided to go online and would sleep if I feel tired!

After connecting, I immediately appeared in front of sister-in-law's clothing shop, it was afternoon and there were people (ghosts) all over. I turned and entered the shop, to find sister-in-law sitting behind the counter. "Sis-in-law? Where's Su Mei?" I didn't see Su Mei at all.

"She left with your big brother, that little girl, she actually dislikes needleworks but loves to forge ironware!"

"Then I'll go over and find Su Mei, I'll take my leave first, Sister-in-law!"

I sprinted out of the clothes shop and headed to Clark's, and ran up the second floor. There was no one outside, and upon entering the smelting room, I saw Clark smelting something, but Su Mei was not around!

"Bro, where's Su Mei?"

"She's tired so she went to rest!" NPCs never said to log off. Whenever Players logged off, NPCs would say that they had gone to rest.

It had been a long time so she should be offline, it was late in the middle of the night and she was a young girl, her parents would never agree for her to play through the night. Since Su Mei was not around, I could get to business. I took out the [Master Sword of the Flying Dragon] and handed it over to Clark. "Take a look, can you repair this for me?"

Clark carefully took the sword. "Oh my god! Are you using equipment or eating them? Why do you break them every few months?"

"I never wanted for it to happen as well!"

"The first time was you fighting with the Shinryuu, the second was by God's Bane, the third was by some Werewolf, now what happened?"

I took out the shattered Seraphim Sword from the Bracelet." It was cut by this!"

"No way? The Seraphim Sword? You met Michael?" Clark raised his head and stared at me.

"Who's Michael? I don't know him!"

"He is the Leader of the Archangel Group, this Seraphim Sword in your hands belongs to him!"

I shook my head. "I don't know, I didn't get it from him. I seized it from a Player! Oh right, I took everything of hers and there are many things here! I never had the chance to take a look!" I quickly took out everything that belonged to God Messiah and poured them onto the ground. "There's really so many things here and it looks like a set!"

"Woah! The Archangel Set! Did you meet a relative of Michael? All of Michael's things seem to be here!"

"Are you saying that equip is the same as my Dark Dragon Lord Set?" My mood was already so heightened and I was becoming excited!

Clark dampened my mood instantly. "These are indeed Artifact Grade Equip but they are different from your Dark Dragon Lord Set!"


"Your Dark Dragon Lord Set is a Growth Set Equipment, many of its traits requires the Owner to have a corresponding or similar level of strength to display its strength, for example, your Helmet's [Mind Drop] Spell, the [Sacrilege] of your gloves, the [Electric reflection] spell of your shield, the increase of Evil Value from your armor, the intense aggravation towards Light, the Dark World of the faulds, the [Curse of the Land] on your metal Sabatons, you are temporarily unable to use these spells because you are not strong enough!"

"You're saying my Level isn't high enough?"

"Levels is only an aspect of it, your capability includes Level, but it is not solely dependent on Level. Only when your capability reaches a certain level are you able to use the corresponding spells. I will tell you a secret I recently discovered."

"What is it?"

"There are actually even more traits to your Dark Dragon Lord Set Armors that have not revealed themselves!"


"Don't be so surprised!" Clark pushed my opened jaw up. "I was recently repairing a Growth equipment when I discovered that the growth equipment would reveal different traits in my hands and in the hands of the Master, which means that aside from the obvious traits that it reveals, it will also reveal new traits never before seen in the Master's hands, your Dark Dragon Lord Armor is the most powerful equipment I have ever seen in my entire life, it isn't logical for it to have so few traits, there should be even more hidden power concealed within them!"

"You said that the Dark Dragon Lord Set is the strongest Equipment you have ever seen?"

"You must understand this, Growth Equipment all share the same unique point, they will become more powerful and more powerful in their later stages, so Growth Equipments do not really require high levels to equip ordinarily. Elite Grade Growth Equipment will be able to unleash power close to Artifact Grade Equipment in their later stages, while Sacred Grade Growth Equipment is able to unleash power stronger than Artifact Grade Equipment in its later stages. As for your Dark Dragon Lord Set, it is actually an Artifact Grade Growth Equipment set, until now, it is the first time I have seen an Artifact Grade Growth Equipment, tell me, what do you think of its power when it's at a high level?"

"I never knew that the Dark Dragon Lord Set will actually be so powerful!"

"To be able to obtain such good things, you have to cherish them well, don't always engage in reckless battles till they become broken and you have to bring them back for repair!"

"Oh!" I never expected Clark to beat about the bush, ultimately he still had to teach me a lesson!

"Oh right, so how's this Archangel Set? Can you help me repair the Seraphim Sword, I want to gift it to someone!"

"I can't do that! To repair it, you need to head over to an NPC in any of the Light Faction Cities. My furnaces utilize Underworld Flames, the Seraphim Sword is a Light Sword, upon interacting with the Underworld Flames, it will definitely explode, furthermore, this is the Seraphim Sword that belongs to Michael, it is the most powerful sword of the Archangel 7 Sword Series."

"Oh my god! 7 Swords? How does the Light Faction produce them? They have 3 Main Shrines and so many powerful swords!"

"What's so strange about it, the Light Shrine has a total of 7 Head Archangels, why would it be strange to have 7 Archangel swords. You must remember, never go to a Dark Shrine or affiliated City to repair a Light Sword, only a City under the Light Shrine can fix such things. The blacksmiths there uses the Holy Flames to cast weapons, so finding them to repair weapons will be better."

"What about neutral Cities? You must know that I'm full black, I'm easily distinguishable in Light Faction Cities!"

"This is an Artifact Grade Weapon and is different from others, the blacksmiths in Neutral Cities do not have the capabilities to repair Light and Dark high tier Artifact Grade Weapons!"

"Shit! Artifact Grade Weapons are so precious like Mercedez cars, even a broken wheel will cost an astronomical amount of money!"

"Oh right, can my [Master Sword of the Flying Dragon] be fixed?"

"It is possible, but it is rather troublesome, you yourself are aware of the materials required to repair Artifact Grade Weapons….!"

"Weren't there leftovers from the last time?"

"You came back to repair so many times, how are there leftovers!"

"Then what do we do? Are you saying I need to gather the materials again?"

"There's no need for that!" Clark shook his head: "It'll be too troublesome to gather the materials again, this time we only need to repair the cracks and won't require too many things, you think of a way to find some high-grade weapons for me, I will merge them and repair your Artifact grade equipment!"

"High-grade weapons? Are you sure? Do you know how expensive they are, whenever I have any of them, I would sell them off for money, I never kept any! Furthermore, the weapons are the most expensive things in the market compared to equipment, why would I keep them for myself!"

"Then we have no other choice! You need to go and find the materials again! Do you still remember where they are? If you don't, I can let you know where they are."

"Hold up!" Suddenly I had an idea in my mind. "I still have a higher grade weapon, I just don't know if we can use it!"

"Let me take a look, we'll find out in a while."

"Alright!" I extended my hand into the Bracelet Inventory…

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