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Chapter 244: Complete Integration, Liberation

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Planet Eye flew outside Heavenly Abyss, and Su Bai found chairs for everyone to sit down. He then went to the other side to chat with Han Wei alone so that he could understand the changes on Blue Planet during his absence.

After a while, he had gotten a general understanding of the situation. Overall, Blue Planet was still very dangerous, but it was steadily improving at present. The Pet Alliance and various countries had been actively sealing the space cracks and had achieved a determined containment for the time being.

“As for Yulong Gymnasium, things haven’t been looking up.”

Han Wei glanced at Su Bai and slowly said, “Zi Wuji, the son of the curator, is in the Giant Dragon Division. A tacit agreement was reached internally, and now he’s become the leader.

“Because of your absence, the formality in the God Dragon Division has become more complicated. Since you distributed materials before you left, most of the task quota has been given to me and Ouyang Du. This caused dissatisfaction among the core and inner disciples of those with vested interests. There’s no shortage of means, and even a good part of them had already fallen to Zi Wuji’s side.

“Fortunately, we have a lot of strength when we combine those with dragons as well, but the elite and ordinary disciples who don’t have dragon pets pure enough to reach the pureblood level will have to rely on your resources.

“The only problem is that we promised those people that if they perform well, they can obtain your help to improve the conditions of their dragon pets’ blood.”

Su Bai nodded slowly upon hearing this, understanding why those disciples had been looking at him so passionately.

“You guys did a good job. It’s not a big problem to improve their dragon pets’ bloodline. I’ll help a group of them once we return.”

“That’s good.” Han Wei breathed a sigh of relief when she heard this.

“What about the elders of God Dragon Division? No one has come out to speak up?”

He asked again.

Han Wei shook her head and said, “No, there are core disciples who have complained of unfairness who have gone to the elders. However, they were all rejected by the dean, saying that this matter has been handed over to you, and it depends on how you arrange it. He said it was all your business. If they don’t agree, they can challenge you.”

“That’s helping me quite a bit.” Su Bai nodded, slightly surprised.

“The dean is very optimistic about you.” Han Wei smiled.

“Okay, I’ll now issue a task to these disciples to find a kind of creature called the Nihility Koi.

“I want it alive, but there’s no limit to the number; the more the better. The time limit is six months. As long as they can find more than one hundred of them, I can help their dragon pets improve the quality of their blood.”

Su Bai took out a piece of paper with the information of Nihility Koi that he had written by hand and handed it to Han Wei.

Han Wei originally thought that it would be a rare and powerful pet, but when she took a loOkay, she found that this Nihility Koi had no grade. It was a strange fish that lived on the boundary between nothingness and reality.

The number was scarce, and it did not gather in groups. Special methods were needed to capture them, but the task seemed to be very simple.

“I understand. I can now publish it through the internal app we’ve set up.”

She nodded. Although she did not understand why he was looking for this Nihility Koi, she did not ask any questions. Anyway, Su Bai had always been the mysterious type. She only needed to do the things that he arranged for them.

“Wait a minute. Post a few more messages about these materials. It’s best if they can find them; otherwise, it’s alright and they can just give me news of their whereabouts.”

Su Bai stopped Han Wei and gave her a list of several materials that he needed.

“Okay.” Han Wei nodded.

“Is the Blood Moon world completely integrated into Blue Planet?” he asked at the thought of this.

“Yes, it merged a few months ago. The merged location is around your hometown, Cannes. It has now become a new exploration area, attracting a lot of Pet Tamers.

“The Alliance has lifted the blockade of blood pets to a certain extent. Everyone can contract blood pets, which is very unfriendly to our dragon pets.” Han Wei spread her hands.

Su Bai nodded. The integration of other worlds into Blue Planet generally went through a process. After forming a secret realm, it would then further integrate into it.

However, there were also those that directly integrated into it. After understanding the situation of the Blood Moon world, he thought that it was quite special. It had formed part of the secret realm, yet more of its part was directly integrated into Blue Planet.

The Blood Moon world contained a large number of blood laws. After fusing with Blue Planet, various blood monsters and treasures sprang up like bamboo shoots after a rain.

This situation was occurring worldwide, not just in a certain region. Hence, even the Alliance had to let go of the restrictions on blood pets.

However, due to the integration of Blood Moon world into Blue Planet, these bloodline pets were no longer as evil and bloodthirsty as before. Although their nature had not changed, their condition was much better and they had also gained sanity. The newly born bloodline monsters no longer attacked everyone they saw.

This was a good thing for him. The Ancestor Blood Dragon could be said to be the ancestor of all blood monsters and was naturally invincible to blood pets.

Not to mention that many of these blood pets were Little Blood Dragon’s blood subordinates.

He estimated that many people had already contracted the blood subordinates of his pet dragon without knowing it.

Naturally, he would not do anything against these people as long as they did not become his enemy.

In fact, the blood subordinates of his pet dragon were very powerful and had natural endowments, having been evolved by the Ancestor Blood Dragon’s First Dragon Blood.

Generally speaking, they were good as contracted pets. Unless they died, the difference from ordinary blood pets could not be seen.

“How dangerous are those blood monsters in the secret realm?” he asked again.

“Most of them are okay. The bloodline pets in the secret realm are crazy. Unlike the sane ones on Blue Planet, they attack whenever they see people.

“That’s only the tip of the iceberg, though, as there are many more horrors to uncover. The most horrible thing is that the secret realm has numerous Flesh Devourers. Those places are almost without life.

“It’s said that there’s a secret realm called Blood Beach, where there’s a Sea of Blood, and floating on it is a peak sovereign Flesh Devourer. No one has come out alive yet.”

As she spoke about the Flesh Devourer, Han Wei showed a look of fear. That monster was truly terrifying.

“Is that so!” Su Bai could not help but rub his nose. If he let the world know that those devourers were cultivated by him, he wondered what would happen.

He took out his cell phone and did a search. Although most of the devourers were dead, hundreds of them still survived and were at least emperor grade.

However, it was a pity that although the life and death of those devourers were controlled by his pet dragon, there was no way to control their will and actions and no way to use them for his own advantage.

The photo showed a huge ball of bloody flesh floating in the sky with a diameter of several kilometers. It looked really terrifying.

“Yes, it’s said that there weren’t so many devourers in the Blood Moon World before, but they have suddenly appeared for some reason.” Han Wei nodded.

“Okay, I see.” Su Bai nodded as well. For the time being, this secret could not be exposed, but in the future, he could tell Han Wei and let her secretly take someone over to obtain the treasure.

Only those contaminated with the breath of the Blood Dragon would not be attacked by the Flesh Devourers.

As they talked, they flew out of Heavenly Abyss. As the prosperous and huge East City in the distance drew nearer, Su Bai could not help but exclaim, “Ah, I’m finally back! Let’s head to the gymnasium first; I’ll take care of things there and then go back to school.”

Although he wanted to go home and see Chen Ruoxue, Yulong Gymnasium was just right in front of him. It was not appropriate for him not to go there.

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