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Chapter 525: Chen ao’s death

“I’ve heard everything you said just now,”

Qin Chuan stood in front of Chen ao, his voice cold and his eyes cold.

Looking at Qin Chuan’s cold eyes, Chen ao was particularly afraid and instinctively stepped back.

“You … What do you want …”

“I … I’m warning you, don’t mess around.

My family’s old ancestor is an Immortal King.

I also have a brother who is a genius disciple of the Taiyou Palace. ” Chen ao said.

He thought that if he revealed his identity, Qin Chuan would not do anything to him.

However, the next second …

Qin Chuan casually waved his hand, and an arc shot out from his sleeve and swept across Chen ao.

Chen ao’s pupils suddenly shrank, and his lips twitched as if he had something to say.

However, before he could speak, a gust of wind blew, and his body was blown away like dust. Then, he disappeared.

Fang Tian and du Dun were a little surprised to see this.

They had never thought that Qin Chuan would actually kill Chen ao.

Although Chen ao was notorious and many people wanted him dead, he had a strong background and had lived together in peace for many years.

Qin Chuan didn’t like to kill people, mainly because he found it troublesome.

However, Chen ao had tried to mess with him time and time again, like a fly. He had brought this on himself, so he could not blame anyone else.

At the same time, on a distant planet, in a Grand ancestral hall, rows of candles were stacked on top of each other, looking like a mountain from afar.

All of a sudden, a candle in a corner went out for no reason.

In a certain cave abode.

“Chen Gu!”

Chen Gu was meditating and cultivating when he suddenly heard a voice. His body trembled and he immediately ended his cultivation.


Chen Gu quickly stood up, patted his clothes, and then respectfully bowed to the void.

“Wasn’t father and the others preparing to go to an ancient ruin? why did he come to find me at this time?” Chen ao was puzzled.

“Chen Gu, ao’ er is dead!” Chen Gu’s father said.

“What?” Chen Gu’s body trembled violently, like a bolt of lightning on a clear day, causing everyone to be shocked.

“Father, w-what happened? How did Chen ao die?” Chen ao asked in disbelief.

“Regarding ao’ er’s death, I’ve also just received news that he was killed by someone.

I’m already at the entrance of the ancient ruins, and the ruins are about to open, so I don’t have time to come back and deal with it.

But ao’ er can’t die in vain. ”

“Chen Gu, I want you to immediately find the murderer who killed ao’ er.

I don’t care what this person’s background is. He killed my son, so I’ll make him die with me. ”

Chen Gu’s father’s angry voice resounded through the sky.

His own son had been killed. As a father, how could he not be angry?

Chen Gu quickly calmed down and recalled that Chen ao had come to find him the day before yesterday. He could not help but have a guess in his heart.

“Could it be him? If it’s really him, then we’ll be in trouble. ”

“Chen Gu, the ruins are about to open. Father doesn’t have time.

I’ll leave ao’ er’s matter to you. No matter what, you must find the murderer and avenge ao’ er. ” Chen Gu’s father gave a death order.

“Yes, I understand.” Chen Gu braced himself and agreed.

After his father left, Chen Gu fell into deep thought.

In the cave, the air became quiet, and the atmosphere was a little sad.

Chen ao’s death had a huge impact on Chen Gu’s state of mind.

He was just as sad and angry, but he felt even more remorseful.

For a moment, all sorts of memories played in Chen Gu’s mind like a slideshow.

As his parents were busy dealing with the family and Taiyou Palace, Chen ao was taken care of by Chen Gu when he was young.

As the saying goes, the elder brother is like a father when the parents are not around.

Chen Gu had indeed fulfilled his responsibility as an elder brother.

Chen ao had been very mischievous since he was young. No one could control him, but as long as Chen Gu said something, Chen ao would listen.


In the celestial realm, which was an environment of the inner scroll, coupled with the competition within the family, Chen Gu had to go into seclusion to cultivate every few days. As a result, he lacked discipline for Chen ao.

Chen ao, this wild horse, was no longer under control.

“Chen ao! It’s all your brother’s fault. If I had gone to find you back then, you wouldn’t have died. ”

Chen Gu felt that the main responsibility for this matter was on him, and he was particularly remorseful.

After a long period of adjustment, Chen Gu’s mood gradually calmed down.

He took out his communication magical equipment and called Fang Tian.

Soon, Fang Tian’s shadow appeared in front of him.

Was Fang Tian drinking tea in a small wooden house on the great Tang planet?

“Senior brother Fang, it’s me.” Chen Gu squeezed out a smile.

“Yo! Junior Brother Chen! I was just looking for you.

I’ve got some information on that Qin tianjiao you asked me to investigate. ” Fang Tian said.

In fact, he knew that Chen Gu would come to find him.

From Chen Gu’s expression and tone, Fang Tian speculated that Chen Gu probably knew what had happened.

But he didn’t say it directly.

Chen Gu also did not point it out.

“Is it really on the great Tang planet?” he asked.

“That’s right, Qin tianjiao is here,”Fang Tian nodded.

“Oh! Is that so?” Chen Gu felt a knot in his heart.

Although he had a strong premonition, he still hoped that it wasn’t true.

However, after Fang Tian’s confirmation, the little bit of hope he had was destroyed.

In this case, his own brother must have provoked him.

“Chen ao! You’ve really given your big brother a huge problem!”

“But we are blood-related brothers!”

“So what if he’s a heaven’s favorite? I’ll definitely help you take revenge.”

Chen Gu had already decided.

Although Chen ao was a bad person and had done many bad things, he was still a brother born from the same parents.

“Senior brother Fang, Chen ao is dead.” Chen Gu’s tone was particularly calm and expressionless, which made people feel uneasy.

Fang Tian was stunned.

He did not expect Chen Gu to say it so suddenly.

Since he had brought it up, Fang Tian could no longer pretend.

Fang Tian replied,”Junior Brother, I know about this too.”

Chen ao is your brother, so I was going to tell you later, but since you already know, my condolences. ”

“Senior brother, I came to find you today to confirm something with you. I hope you can tell me the truth.” Chen Gu’s expression was particularly serious.

Fang Tian knew what he was going to ask.

On one side were his fellow disciples, and on the other side were his new friends.

Fang Tian felt rather conflicted, but after thinking about it carefully, he felt that there was no need to hide it.

With Chen Gu’s shrewdness, he would definitely be able to guess how Chen ao died.

Even if he didn’t say it, he could get the answer he wanted elsewhere.

“Junior Brother,” Fang Tian thought for a while and said,”I think you know that with Chen ao’s temper, he’ll be in trouble sooner or later.”

“I know, but he’s my brother after all.

As his elder brother, I can’t just let him go. ” Chen Gu said with a firm tone.

“Senior brother Fang, I just want to confirm one thing with you.

Was Chen ao killed by this Qin tianjiao?” Chen Gu asked.

“What are you going to do if it’s him?” Fang Tian asked.

“A blood debt must be paid by blood,” Chen Gu said directly.”A life for a life. Of course, I have to avenge Chen ao.”

“He’s one of the top 100. Do you think you’ll have a future if you kill him?”

“I’ve said it before.

No matter what evil Chen ao has done, even if he deserves to die, he is still my blood-related brother.

As an elder brother, this is my duty. ” Chen Gu said seriously.

“Junior Brother, I advise you to calm down and think about everything. One wrong step will lead to more mistakes.”

Fang Tian tried to persuade him.

Although his relationship with Chen Gu was not particularly deep, they could be considered friends.

He did not want Chen Gu to do this.

If he really killed Qin Chuan, then his life would be over.

However, with Chen Gu’s personality, once he made a decision, he would not change it.

He had gotten the answer he wanted from Fang Tian’s conversation.

Although Fang Tian did not admit it, it was no longer important.

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