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A dark, icy aura surged toward Wang Xiaojun and the gray eagle. The beast was knocked a few steps back, while Wang Xiaojun could feel his body trembling subconsciously. Councilman Luo Mian was extremely powerful. His sharp gaze was penetrating their souls like two long swords.

"I'll say it one last time. Hand it over!" demanded Councilman Luo Mian in a firm voice.

Wang Xiaojun clenched the storage bracelet tightly. He had no intention of handing it over.

"I forgot to mention, my secondary Element is the Curse Element. I'm sure that you've never tasted it before. You must be grateful, as I haven't used it to kill anyone after becoming a Councilman. Those who died to my Curse Element were a lot stronger than you," Councilman Luo Mian slowly waved his hand in Wang Xiaojun's direction.

It was like his hand was trying to hide something. It was a crimson force with a hint of an evil presence.

A spirit in the shape of a giant spider appeared right above Wang Xiaojun and the gray eagle, floating weirdly in the air. Its legs were connected to the same crimson strings wrapped around Councilman Luo Mian's palm.

The silks surrounded Wang Xiaojun and the gray eagle out of nowhere, and began to draw in. A brief moment later, a huge crimson spiderweb became visible, like a trap that had just been set up, or had been awaiting its prey all along. The eerie spider started reeling in the silks, tightening the grip of the silks on Wang Xiaojun.

Humans were the most vulnerable to the Curse Element. The silks not only rooted their target in place, they were like straws that would suck out a human's spiritual energy. They were drawing Wang Xiaojun's soul out at a crazy pace.

"How does it feel? I'm rather old, so I prefer not to commit any sinful acts. Give me the thing, and I'll immediately free you from the pain," said Councilman Luo Mian.

Wang Xiaojun struggled wildly. His face had already turned purple from the great pain. He tried to say something, but his throat was clenched tightly by the red silks.

Councilman Luo Mian stared at his prey. The kid seemed to be begging for mercy, but he responded with a grin. He clenched his hand into a claw, like the deadly legs of the evil spider that was going to kill its prey.

Wang Xiaojun's body suddenly stiffened. His soul was already sucked dry...

His face no longer had the color of blood. His stiffened body suddenly turned weak and feeble.

His eyeballs rolled upward, as if he had been suffocated to death. Apart from terror and pain, his gaze was mostly filled with disbelief!

"How foolish!" Councilman Luo Mian slowly approached Wang Xiaojun's body and snatched the bracelet from his arm.

He did not cast another glance at Wang Xiaojun, whose soul had been sucked dry. He would not have bothered wasting his time on a nobody like him if he had not find the cure to the plague.

He had acquired what he needed to guarantee his success. He had to make his way to the quarantine zone in the city as soon as possible. With the antidote, he could easily negotiate with the authorities of Hangzhou City.

With his Shadow Element, Councilman Luo Mian wove through the battlefield filled with countless White Magic Falcons and made his way back to the city with ease, leaving the corpse of a young man and a gray eagle screeching painfully behind!


Hangzhou's Westlake...

"Idiot! That idiot!" Lingling screamed on top of the Black Totem Snake's head. Her face was filled with hatred and anger.

She had heard everything that had taken place in the woods through a special communication device.

She cursed wildly, not at the vicious Councilman Luo Mian, but at the young man Wang Xiaojun.

Why would he resist, why!? He was only a Basic Magician. Why would he bother opposing a fallen Councilman...

Why didn't he hand the stuff over, at least he would still be alive!

While cursing, Lingling's eyes were already bloodshot.

Although she felt like scolding Wang Xiaojun for being stupid, he was actually very smart. He had managed to turn on the special communication device when Councilman Luo Mian decided to kill him.

Councilman Lingling would never expect that his violent and vicious act had been recorded, and was sent to Lingling and Mo Fan!

"The Sinister Spider Trap... That's a spell that will devour one's soul..." Mo Fan had a blank face.

Mo Fan was extremely familiar with the Sinister Spider Trap. The criminal he and Tangyue hunted down in the past had the terrifying Curse Element, too. He had turned the four Magicians from the Dongfang Clan into empty shells without souls with the same spell.

Wang Xiaojun had suffered the same fate. His cultivation was significantly weaker than the four Magicians. There was no way he stood a chance against the Intermediate Curse Magic!

This Luo Mian was extremely cruel, to use such an evil spell on a youngster!

"Lingling, don't panic, maybe he..." Mo Fan still had a glimpse of hope.

"Do you think I'm a kid!? Do you think I've no idea what the Curse Element is!?" Lingling screamed furiously, "That Councilman, he's not worthy to be called a human!"

Mo Fan's heart sank.

Luo Mian was the main culprit of the plague. He initially thought that there was a certain limit to how bad an evil-hearted Councilman would be, but he never thought the Councilman would murder Wang Xiaojun...

How cruel, shameless, evil, and cold-hearted did a person need to be to do such thing?

He had started the plague, which had placed Hangzhou in such great danger. Instead of having regret, he had forced his man to be the scapegoat just so he could stay out of trouble, and even killed the person who had risked his own life to save the lives of the infected.

How could he possibly kill a young man who had such a kind, pure heart?

Mo Fan had thought Lu Nian was the craziest murderer he would ever know in the world, yet he had met someone who was crueler and more abhorrent than that Lu Nian, not to mention that he was a Councilman of the Enforcement Union!

He recalled how Wang Xiaojun had barged into the meeting room, his gaze determined despite the risk he would be facing. His thoughts were filled with Luo Mian's hypocritical behavior, and the disdainful laugh after he had snatched away the antidote which Wang Xiaojun had retrieved by putting his life at risk. Mo Fan immediately sensed a tremendous fury exploding within his chest!

This Luo Mian...

Even him dying ten thousand times is not enough to repay his sin!


One after another, cries were heard from the communication device.

It was the gray eagle's voice, filled with great sorrow. Mo Fan and Lingling could no longer hold back their tears of sorrow after hearing them.

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