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Chapter 51: Sky Sword (TianXiang Sword)

"Hong!" The male Fiery Dragon's mountain-like huge body toppled down on the ground. Its four limbs twisted and struggled and its Dragon's Roar shook the earth.

Yun Xi was caught off guard. The afterwind of the Dragon's Roar blew him to the sky.

"How dare you!" At first, Hua Huo was going to kill the male Fiery Dragon without pain, but now, her anger flared up…

The two-handed sword, which was made by the Thunder Army in the Western God's Domain, was stained with Hua Huo's blood again.

One hit, two hits. Yun Xi hadn't landed on the ground but saw one sword lights after another take off towards the male Fiery Dragon.

Every sword light was as nimble as a bird flying in the sky.

Every sword light was as heavy as a meteorite hitting the ground.

Extremely heavy and extremely light. Two different properties perfectly blended together on Hua Huo's sword.

Breaking its claws, docking its tail, chopping its wings, cutting its bones and mincing its flesh!

When faced with Hua Huo's god-like sword skill, the male Fiery Dragon, who arrogantly detonated the volcano, was meat on a chopping board: he was completely minced.

"Swish!" As the last action, Hua Huo threw the two-handed sword to the sky, then continuously used Quicksilver Motion for three times, which was so fast that you may wonder if her ankles would break. She rushed below Yun Xi, then leaped up, holding Yun Xi in her arms in the air.

A perfect pose of "hero saving the princess". However, Yun Xi wasn't the hero. He was the princess who was saved.

"Chi!" The two-handed sword dropped down, directly sticking the male Fiery Dragon's head, pinning the scarred giant monster on the ground.

The evil dragon was killed.

"Little Xi, don't come to such a dangerous place."

"I'm happy to take the sword you gave me, but this big one was a little too powerful for you." Though she said that, her face was full of happiness; even Yun Xi could clearly see it.

A little powerful… Yun Xi dumbly looked at the male Fiery Dragon, who was sliced and diced but still giving off an appalling sense of pressure.

It was a Hero rank monster, known as a nightmare who had the power to eliminate a whole army!

Before today, he saw Hua Huo using her God's Sword Skill — Sky Flying Sword (Beginner). Yun Xi had made many guesses about what was the "God's Sword Skill".

However, even his wildest guess was still pale and weak if compared to Hua Huo's record of killing the male Fiery Dragon.

The power of "God's Sword Skill — Sky Flying Sword" was way beyond Yun Xi's understanding, and it was also beyond the common sense of the people of Sky Sword God's Domain.

As a 3rd rank swordmaiden, she could kill the Hero rank male Fiery Dragon as easily as if it were an ant. That was how terrible and powerful the Sky Flying Sword was.

Yun Xi had never heard of such a sword skill!

Jumping down from Hua Huo's arms, Yun Xi walked to the male Fiery Dragon's corpse, which still retained the temperature of the flames. He aimed at the area where  the defense was most weak, the connection part between the wing and body.

Nine sword lights burst out together, which meant that Yun Xi had completely mastered the strongest skill from Hua Huo's seed — Flying Swallow Sword.

"Hiss!" Though the newbie iron sword had been enhanced for three times, it only made a screeching sound on the male Fiery Dragon's patagium, and only made several light scratches on it. After a few seconds, the scratches also disappeared.

"What…" After trying it himself, Yun Xi really understood how terrible a Hero rank being could be.

It was the weakest part of the dragon! Besides, after being killed by Hua Huo, the male Fiery Dragon's corpse had lost the support from its blood and energy.

If the male Fiery Dragon was still alive, and had its blood and energy as support, even if Yun Xi attacked it all day, he probably couldn't deal any damage to it.

Yun Xi's ultimate attack could hurt a 3rd rank swordsman, but couldn't even damage the male Fiery Dragon's weakest spot. That was the difference between the Mortal rank and the Hero rank.

When faced with a monster like the male Fiery Dragon, Mortals — even if it was an army of a hundred thousand — were just a number.

As the being who had Hero rank power, it could kill Mortals as though it was crushing ants.

"Hua Huo… you're too strong…" The more he knew Hua Huo, the more Yun Xi found how unusual his childhood sweetheart was.

She couldn't belong to this common small town!

As a girl who knew how to use the God's Sword Skill — Sky Flying Sword, she could even ignore the difference between the Hero rank and the Mortal rank to kill the male Fiery Dragon. If this was a story from the Western God's Domain, she definitely had the talent as a "Hero"!

"Hee hee… that was not much…" As hearing Yun Xi's praise, Hua Huo blushed, seeming a little sheepish.

"It was just a male Fiery Dragon. If it was a female Fiery Dragon, it would be big trouble."

"However, the male Fiery Dragon was moving alone, it shouldn't have a spouse. So, I used it to practice my sword skill after I found it…"

I knew. You were so brilliant like the stars or the wide ocean.

Your smile was so bright, just like the sun.

You were my most excellent childhood sweetheart! Yun Xi raised his head up, gazing at Hua Huo.

Always, he knew that Hua Huo was a genius, a sword genius who was far better than all the people in the town.

Now, he would correct it.

Hua Huo wasn't only a genius on sword skill. She was also a genius on battles.

With the passage of time, she would naturally emit more bright light, leaving every contemporary behind her.

"Yun Xi… thank you…" Comparing to her behavior when she was killing the male Fiery Dragon, under Yun Xi's gaze, Hua Huo looked pretty rattled.

Ah, Yun Xi saw her unladylike behavior!

But she had no choice. Though it was just a male Fiery Dragon, but her weapon was too subpar. In order to kill it, she had to use the Sky Flying Sword.

Would Yun Xi think that she was too violent? Because, in the past, she always left him the expression as a cheerful and lively sword girl.

However, she broke the male Fiery Dragon's claws, head, wings, and tail, and finally sliced and minced it… it did make her a little unlike a lady…

Oh, that was all the stupid dragon's fault! Hua Huo pouted, kicking on the male Fiery Dragon's head, though it had already totally died.

"Hua Huo…" Yun Xi looked at his childhood sweetheart, with many ideas passing in his heart.

"Yun Xi…" Hua Huo lowered her head and peeped at Yun Xi.

For a moment, two people fell into a weird silence…

Until Yun Xi heard the ethereal and antique-y voice of stars suddenly appearing beside his ears.

"Side Quest: Completed. Please receive your reward."

Then, a transparent line, which Yun Xi looked pretty familiar with, suddenly appeared between Hua Huo and himself, linking the two people together.

Inside of Yun Xi's body, Hua Huo's seed started to grow fast again.

Not only so. The completion degree of Hua Huo's seed started to drop sharply.

31%, 27%, 15%… As Yun Xi looked at it incredulously, the completion degree of Hua Huo's seed dropped to 1%.

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