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Chapter 159: Ceremony

What… isn't… she… too bold?

Feeling the temperature remaining on his lips, and looking at Lu Lu's watery eyes, Yun Xi was suddenly at a loss.

This world was too real!


He smelt the bouquet of liquor in the air and looked at the cute pharmacist girl. He looked around. These people had self-consciousness. They weren't puppets.

He could hear their laughter with his ears. He could see their happy faces with his eyes. Compared to the two dark worlds he had experienced before, this world was just like a wonderful, fantastic dream.

"My apostle, from now on, I'm your woman," Lu Lu said with a blush.

"Kissing Yun Xi" had used up her guts. She never thought that she would do such a daring thing in her life, but she couldn't stop her irresistible impulse.

According to tradition, the bridegroom should kiss his bride in that process. However, it seemed that Yun Xi didn't know the traditional custom in their village, so she proactively kissed him.

"Great! Our Lu Lu got married!"

"Ha ha, she was still a little girl not long ago. In the blink of an eye, she is already at the age of getting married."

"Lu Lu, you must be happy!" The uncles cried, as if it was their daughter who got married today.

Lu Lu's parents died when she was young. The villagers fed her together. From childhood, she had been a sensible girl. No one had seen her cry. After she could walk, she had started to help villagers with work. And after she discovered that she was talented in pharmaceutics, she studied harder than anyone.

Today, Lu Lu would be married. Everyone blessed her and the kind Water God's apostle, hoping that they could achieve happiness.

"Come here, Lu Lu. There is something you must learn today."


"Come here. We will teach you the necessary knowledge as a bride."

"He is an honorable Water God's apostle. You must learn how to become more gentle!" The aunts in the village waved their hands at Lu Lu.

Lu Lu walked to them blushing her face. She uneasily listened their words, after a while, her fingers crossed together.

"Do… I have to do that?" Lu Lu looked as if she was going to cry out.

It was too difficult! It was too early for her!

"Not only that. You have also to do this…"

"Yes, yes. He is Water God's apostle, besides, he is so handsome. He will have a lot of brides in the future. If you don't do your best, you will lose!"

"Yes. Even though you have become Water God's apostle's first bride and he doesn't mind your identity, you can't take a casual attitude!"

"The girls who want to marry Water God's apostle are as many as the reeds in the lake!"

At the same time, Yun Xi was surrounded by a group of uncles.

"Come here, Dear Apostle. Perhaps this is the only opportunity in my life to drink with an apostle!"

"This is the best grain wine in our village that has been stored in the cellar for a hundred years. We were going to use it to pay tax, but… who cares?! Let's drink!"

"Yes, yes. It doesn't matter. Mountain Lord can bless us, we don't need to worry about this year's harvest. Thank you, our great Water God's apostle!"

"Let's have a toast to our great Water God's apostle!"

These villagers has regarded themselves as Lu Lu's family. They enthusiastically proposed a toast to Yun Xi.

"Err…" Yun Xi didn't have any experience in dealing with such a situation. Soon afterwards, he was already drunk. He didn't even notice than Little Mu had stealthily walked behind him.

"Roar?" Looking at Yun Xi's intoxicated look, Little Mu reached its paw and licked Yun Xi's wine bowl.

It was bitter and acrid. Why did humans like it?

However, a minute later, Little Mu's eyes brightened up.

What was this feeling?

The tingling sensation on its tongue turned into luscious bouquet, spreading in its mouth slowly, then to its whole body.

Good! Good! Very good! Interesting!

"Hiccup. Do you want to have a drink, Mountain Lord?" The villagers were also drunk. They shouted, "Come on! Come one! Propose a toast to our Mountain Lord!"

"What? The best wine has been drunk up? Then take out all the wines we have!"

"It's our duty to let our great Mountain Lord feel happy!"

The white tiger happily looked at the small wine jugs the villagers just carried here. They took off the lids and let the bouquet spread in the air.

Roar! I have decided! The villagers don't need to offer me cows and sheep as sacrifices. I will only accept wines from now on!

The white tiger held a wine jug with its two front paws. It licked and sucked, then the wine had been drunk up. The delicious liquid let it feel that it was in heaven.

These humans were sensible and useful. The white tiger was drunk. It looked at the villagers with satisfaction and decided to take care of them in the future, so that they could offer it more wines.

"There are… three of Little Mu?" Yun Xi didn't have a huge body like the white tiger and had been drinking a lot. In fact, he was drunk, but still forced himself to be awake by using his hero-ranked ability.

"It's time, Lu Lu. Go, show your weapon as a woman!"

"Even though he is Water God's apostle… no man can refuse your weapon!"

"Lu Lu, you are our village's honor. It's time to prove yourself!"

"Eh!" These aunts just taught Lu Lu a lot of knowledge she had never learned from any book. She blushed, slowly walked to Yun Xi and lifted him up.

"I… I'm gone!" Lu Lu knew that the villagers were helping her. They made Yun Xi drunk on purpose.

"Go, go. It will become a memorable night of yours."

"Sigh. Our Lu Lu will become a woman."

"Dear Apostle, please be good to Lu Lu. We don't dare to expect more except this."

"Even if you will have other brides in the future, don't forget our Lu Lu!"

Everyone looked at Lu Lu with an air of quiet understanding.

One half-hour of a wedding night is worth a thousand gold bars. Ha ha, we can't say it too clearly. Lu Lu's face was turning red.

"Don't tease me, everyone!" Lu Lu lowered her head and supported Yun Xi with her hands, leaving the bonfire as fast as she could.

"Roar!" The white tiger was still drinking. The wine jugs beside it had been piled up like a hill.

It would become a warm night.

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