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Chapter 143: Transformation of the Stars (1)

After finding out the desperate truth, Yun Xi was uneasy for several days. After all, the truth that the girls and he were on the eye of an incredibly large monster was too appalling.

Only Mumu was still carefree, which made Yun Xi feel really envious.

At the same time, some changes, although ordinary people hadn’t noticed them, were happening.

Every night, the girls on the island could see the stars in the sky becoming brighter and brighter, and the number of stars in the sky were also increasing.

Normally, unless one was an astronomer, it would be hard to discern the stars save for the famous stars. Most of the stars were lifeless. Only the stars that could be intelligent species’ habitats had the probability to form an embryonic form as a new god’s domain.

Sky Sword God’s Domain was a large god’s domain located in the eastern star river. It was formed by countless sword domains, including thousands of stars. Every sword domain had its own Sword Palace.

Sky Sword God's Domain had hundreds of lower-level sword domains. Most of them, including White Lotus Sword Domain, Flying Swallow Sword Domain, and Stygian Sword Domain, took “sword” as their names.

The middle-level sword domains were more complex. Some sword domains were named after famous swords such as “Dragon Abyss”, “Xuanyuan” and “Sky River”, but there were also dozens of sword domains that used country names such as “Da Liang”, “Da Jin” and “Da Ming”.

As for Sky Sword God’s Domain’s greatest honor, top-level sword domains, there were only four: “Da Xia”, “Da Zhou”, “Da Han” and “Da Tang”.

Da Xia Sword Domain, which was known for its oldest artifact, was the capital of all the sword domains.

Da Zhou Sword Domain, Da Han Sword Domain, and Da Tang Sword Domain had the largest population and were known as “the three holy sword domains”. Most of “Sky Sword” were born in the three sword domains.

The rank of a sword domain wasn’t immutable.

White Lotus Sword Domain was a lower-level sword domain, but it had once been a middle-level sword domain. Most of the noble families in White Lotus Sword Domain had been founded during that period of time.

All thanks to the only Sky Sword in the history of White Lotus Sword Domain, Yun Hai, White Lotus Sword Domain managed to upgrade to become a middle-level sword domain at that time.

He forged an artifact, the symbol of middle-level sword domain, for White Lotus Sword Domain, and left his legacy here. After doing that, he left White Lotus Sword Domain and became a Sky Sword.

Benefit from Yun Hai the Sword Master’s efforts, his birthplace finally had the honor to be regarded as a middle-level sword domain, even though both its population and territorial area didn’t meet the requirements.

After Yun Hai’s departure, no new legend-ranked person had been born in White Lotus Sword Domain. The sword domain gradually descended to become a lower-level sword domain again. Even so, White Lotus Sword Domain still attracted many geniuses from other sword domains.

Every year, when Sword Palace’s entrance test began, many geniuses came to this sword domain to try their luck. They wanted to repeat Yun Hai’s experience and obtain his legacy.

Anyway, all the sword palaces in the whole Sky Sword God’s Domain were an integral whole. Unfortunately, so many years had passed, no one had comprehended what Yun Hai saw and understood in Sword Palace.

The secret treasure of White Lotus was still a mysterious, alluring tale.

The traces of stars couldn’t be changed easily. Even with the destruction of a star, the end of the world to the living beings on it, was just a small wave in the vast star sea.

The stars in the star sea always followed certain rules, to be a part of the memories of the river of time, and to be a part of the entire universe. However, several days ago, some people suddenly discovered that the stars in Eastern God’s Domain, especially in Sky Sword God’s Domain, were changing in an incomprehensible way.

Many people thought that they were mistaken when they saw the first change. There were various tools that had observed the change: such as a star observation tower on a hill, a large magic circle on the mountains, and a matrix formed by countless mirrors in a desert… There was even an all-seeing eye, which was transformed from a planetoid and wouldn’t even waste its computing power to observe small sword domains.

They had all observed and recorded the change. The data they recorded was so inconceivable that it could even make their observers have a heart attack.

Looking at the data, many people’s world outlook crashed.

“It’s impossible!” Some people were hysteric.

“Gosh! There must be something wrong with my eyes!”

“Tell me, this is not true! This is not true!”

Whether it was a saint in Western God’s Domain, or an astrologer in Eastern God’s Domain, when they observed the absurd change, they went mad.

Soon afterwards, several god’s domains got into a mess. Most of the people who could divine via astrology or calculate destiny were in the leading class of their god’s domains. After they commanded, the whole god’s domain had to follow their orders.

Twenty-four hours passed, they had assembled more observation tools. Hero-ranked people, even legend-ranked people were all working for this.

The star saints and astrologers who dedicated themselves to astronomy all fell into a frenzy. They shouted unintelligible terms and acted very excited as if they were children who just discovered a new toy.

All the observation tools were aiming at the same location. At that star region, the stars’ orbits were breaking.

On the second day, they observed the same phenomenon.

No matter whether they looked like old men or young boys, these god-like powerful beings were all staring at that star region as if they were possessed.

The stars’ orbits shouldn’t change within such a short time. They should never change within a thousand years, ten thousand years, or even a million years. Their life cycle was beyond mortal’s imagination, as long as the universe itself. However, they witnessed it with their own eyes now. They observed that the never changing star orbits, were changing.

Many people’s world outlook was shaken. They even started to wonder if they mistook the nature of the world in their past lives.

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