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Chapter 106: The Girls’ Group Portrait

The boy and girl were walking down the familiar street. They saw familiar scenes around them.

The fish shop was the first shop that opened for business on this morning. The shopkeeper was hanging one string of squids after another in front of his shop. They knew the shopkeeper. He always had a way to get a variety of fish from different places, especially all kinds of seafood such as dosidicus gigas, tuna, and north sea squid.

There was Milei’s flower shop down the street. Just like the the fish shop, the flower shop sold all kinds of flowers from various god’s domains. From orchids, the speciality of Eastern God’s Domain, to the rare black rose from Western God’s Domain, customers could find all types of flowers that they may like in the shop.

This was a common town and its ordinary townspeople. This was the place where the boy and the girl lived.

They heard warm congratulations from these ordinary people.

“Hua Huo, are you going to Sword Palace? Well done!”

“I’m proud of you, Hua Huo!”

“Hua Huo, when will you marry Yun Xi?”

“Ha ha, another sword genius from our town!”

These familiar uncles and aunts blessed the boy and the girl. They smiled at the two people who were going to leave.

“Eh. I promise I will marry Little Xi! I promise!”

Hua Huo raised Yun Xi’s hand with a bright smile, showing everyone that this maid was already her thing.

“Sigh…” Yun Xi sighed. He looked at his dress and snow-white hands.

He really didn’t want to say goodbye to everyone in the town in this manner.

“Hey, cute Miss Maid, please look after our Hua Huo!”

“Yes, Hua Huo is too careless in daily life. She must have someone to look after her.”

“Miss Maid, we will leave Hua Huo to you!”

None of these uncles and aunts realized that the maid was Yun Xi. They enthusiastically greeted him one by one.

“I-I’m not careless! A-at least, I can roast meat by myself!” Hua Huo blushed and argued for herself.

Yun Xi once ate the roasted meat Hua Huo roasted. He remembered it with a grimace. Hua Huo, didn’t you realize it? The meat you roasted was bad enough to kill a dragon with poison!

“Hua Huo, come here! Here!”

“Everyone is here. We are all waiting for you two!”

At the end of the town, the leader of the female swordsman, Hua Yue, waved her hand towards Hua Huo and Yun Xi.

Today, Hua Yue looked more beautiful than usual. After taking off her white silver armour, she was wearing western style white clothes today. The part of her clothes from her chest to her waist were black, studded with pale god buttons. Her skirt was a yellow that was as bright as autumn wheat. From her chest to her neck, her clothes were pure white. Plus her golden hair, she looked like an exalted princess from fairy stories.

Her black and white thigh stockings and her thigh boots were perfectly silhouetted against her slender legs and her proud body shape. Without the constraint of her armour, her full breasts looked like they were going to push open her clothes, making it hard for to move his eyes away.

Her white gold crossed sword was hanging at her waist. After awakening her White Gold Rose Bloodline, she was prettier than at any other time.

“You’re beautiful…” Yun Xi praised her beauty with sincerity. No matter whether it was her white and flawless skin or her noble temperament, they both made her more pretty and charming.

White Gold Rose Bloodline was indeed excellent.

“Mei, don’t be seduced. White Gold Rose Bloodline is naturally a bloodline of kings. Tell me everything! Are you enchanted by Hua Yue?” Looking at Yun Xi’s dumbfounded look, Hua Huo’s jealousy radar was immediately activated.

Searching… Searching… Hua Huo saw a crowd of red points which represented rivals in love around them! The thirty-seven female swordsmen, including Hua Yue and Xiao Cao were all being marked as her enemies on her jealousy radar!

Hey… was… my jealousy radar broken? Hua Huo touched that strand of cocked hair on her head and looked around, but still only saw a crowd of dense red points.

Weren’t the rivals in love too many?!

“Mei, Hua Huo, welcome!” Hua Yue didn’t know that her younger female cousin had discovered something wrong. She still kept her composure and reached out her hand towards Yun Xi.

“Thank you. I will resign myself to your guidance.”

Compared to Hua Huo, Yun Xi looked more natural. Anyway, his relationship with Hua Yue, Xiao Cao and other female swordsmen was very pure. He didn’t need to pay too much attention to it. After all, he only poured his seeds into their bodies. There were no other links between them.

“Come here. Now everyone is here. Let’s queue up!” Hua Yue guided these female swordsman queued up and saved the central place for Hua Huo and Yun Xi.

Finally, the girls formed two lines, circling around Yun Xi, Hua Huo, Hua Yue and Xiao Cao.

“What’re you doing?” Yun Xi looked around in confusion.

“I think this is a golden opportunity. It was a pretty good and memorable event that we could meet each other in Sword Palace’s entrance test, and that we passed through the test at the end. So I want to do something to commemorate it,” Hua Yue said. She stood on Yun Xi’s right and explained it to them.

“Master, you can get started!” Hua Yue waved her hand.

At first, it was just a half-baked idea. However, after discussing it with all the female swordsman. they all agreed to this plan.

“Ok, everyone, stop moving! I will start to sketch!” A middle-aged painter who looked a little decadent came up. He looked at these girls and his eyes gradually became impassioned.

His name was Hgog Nav. He was a painter who came from Western God’s Domain to visit Hua Yue’s family. When Hua Yue requested him to make a group portrait for these girls, he was a little annoyed.

He wasn’t a street artist who only drew for money. He was a real art master. His works were equivalent to gold in Western God’s Domain. If it was an ordinary person who had requested him to make a portrait for him, he would think that his artistic talent was offended. Even if it was Hua Yue, he wasn’t very willing to make a group portrait for them.

However, now, something in his heart was changed. His artistic soul was screaming, and his passionate spirit was burning. He had a feeling that the group portrait he would draw today would become the best masterpiece in his life.

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