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The flame was the size of a fist.

The color of the flame was scarlet red, just like the sun that had just risen. It was a bit dazzling.

The moment the Fire Bull King rose up from the magma, the temperature of the entire cave began to change.

Incomparable heat.

The air was filled with the scent of fire. When it entered his body, it felt as if his entire body was on fire.

If not for the support of the ancient dragon body, Long Fei's body would have already been burnt to ashes.

"Fire element?"

"What's that?" Long Fei asked.

Long Kuangdao: "A fire spirit, fire essence."

"No wonder this guy can cultivate the physique of an adult. So it turns out that he has cultivated fire essence. Looks like he has completely absorbed all the magma in this underground mountain range." Long Kuang indifferently said.

Long Fei asked: Is it worth a lot?

Long Fei would not take anything else that Long Kuang said to heart.

He did not care what the effects were, nor did he care whether he was awesome or not. Did he just want to know how much this thing was worth?

Long Kuang calmly replied, "Just average."

"That's boring." Long Fei immediately lost interest.

If the item was ordinary, then what was the point?

Long Kuangdao: "Master, even if you don't look at who you are, this sort of childish thing can at most be considered average to you. "For cultivators in the mortal world, this is not something ordinary people would do. That's quite impressive."

"Aren't there little brothers of the five elements outside?"

"This fire essence is just enough to awaken the five elements in my body."

"This fire essence can help him cultivate for 10 years less!"

How could the words of a dragon be ordinary?

He was at least a Divine level existence in the The world of Mortal World.

Hearing Long Kuang's words, Long Fei said, "Damn, then why didn't you say so earlier?"

brothers of five elements had to be nurtured.

These fellows were just as Long Kuang had said. They were all peerless, unpolished jades. Once they were carved, it would be amazing.

Dragon Kuang's evaluation of the brothers of five elements was very high, surpassing Baili Tianhai and Zhao Dahan. In other words, their potential was enough for them to enter the divine space.

If he wanted to enter the divine space, Long Fei needed helpers.


brothers of five elements might be able to control the Five Elements Laws in the future.

That's amazing.


The power on the Fire Bull King's body trembled violently, and with a loud explosion, the entire cave seemed to collapse. The flames in its eyes stared straight at Long Fei, and it said solemnly: "Brat, let me show you my power."


As soon as he finished.

The Fire Bull King's Qi released a buzzing sound. The scarlet flame at the location of the heart slightly flickered, and the Fire Bull King inserted both of its hands into the magma.

In an instant.

"Hualala …"

A ten meter long gigantic Flame War Hammer took it out from the magma. The magma was like water and continuously flowed down, the Fire Bull King held onto the warhammer.

His arms flexed.

Raising high.

The fire elemental energy surged again.

The furious hammer slammed down.

"Hualala …"

Space began to burn and crack, and crimson cracks began to faintly appear.

Long Kuang said, "Be careful. His power is filled with fire elemental attacks. Your body hasn't reached the level of invincibility yet."

Long Fei watched as the gigantic Flame War Hammer slashed down, and then moved his feet.

The walk like snakeskin was up.

The warhammer fell to the ground.


The ground began to crack and the entire mountain began to crack.


The place where the warhammer had smashed into instantly burned with city lava, and those black rocks instantly melted. This sort of power …

"The damage done is a bit off the charts!"

Long Fei said with a faint sound, and said excitedly: "A BOSS is a BOSS, it's just not the same."

"I like it!"

The fiercer the situation, the more Long Fei liked it.

The stronger the Boss, the better it was because the stronger it was, the better it would drop.

Long Kuang started to say that fire essence was an ordinary thing and Long Fei lost all interest, but now … The Fire Bull King's explosive power all came from the fire essence. This damage, this explosive strength, this thing was definitely not inferior!

Seeing the good stuff, Long Fei's blood started to boil.

The momentum came!

The Fire Bull King roared out, "Boom!"

The Flame War Hammer attacked again.

Long Fei's figure blurred and Snake Trust dodged.

The Fire Bull King roared, "Trash human, are you cowering like a dog now?"

"You don't even dare to receive a single hammer strike from me?"

"You scum!"

Being mocked by the demon beast!

Long Kuang said, "His weakness is his heart. If we can take out his fire essence, he will lose his source of power."

"What weakness?"

"If you just want to fight him head on, then do it head on."

"F * ck, you dare to laugh at me?" Long Fei's eyes turned sinister, the power of the three-rate dragon body burst forth.

His body moved.


He stepped on the air and his body shot out, appearing in front of the Fire Bull King in a flash, "You think you can laugh at me?"

When the Fire Bull King saw Long Fei appearing in front of it, it moved and roared, "Die!"

The Flame War Hammer pulled out its body from the lava and dove towards Long Fei's head with its body covered in flames.

This time.

Long Fei was completely shrouded under the Flame War Hammer and there was no place for him to hide.

There was no way to dodge it.

However …

Long Fei also didn't think of dodging.

He had appeared in front of the Fire Bull King precisely to confront it head on.

"Is the Flame War Hammer awesome?"


"The magma carries the power to burn everything?"

"F * ck!"

"This old man wants to fight you!"

He clenched his fists tightly.

"Boom, boom!"

A mark of power shot out from Long Fei's fists, and also instantly produced a loud explosion.

He raised his eyes and stared at the Flame War Hammer above his head. His body shot out once again and rushed towards the Flame War Hammer.

"Breaking Heaven, king of strength!"

He punched the Flame War Hammer heavily.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Flames scattered everywhere.

Like fireworks, it exploded in midair, causing Long Fei's fists to burn, and it hurt a little. "My level 3 physical body is still not invincible."

Although it was a bit painful.

However …

Long Fei's fist had blocked the several tens of thousands of kilograms of hammer strikes. Under the powerful bombardment of the Fire Bull King, it was unable to move an inch forward.

Long Fei smirked and laughed coldly: "You laugh at me?"

"Heh heh …"

His left fist moved once again. "Bang!"



Suddenly, Long Fei's fist struck the Flame War Hammer like a torrential storm.

The lava on the Flame War Hammer exploded continuously. This was not the scene of the fireworks anymore. It was now like a meteor shower, with lava flying everywhere.

The number of Flame War Hammer continued to decrease.

The Fire Bull King continued to press down.

However …

It was simply impossible to suppress it. Not only that, his arms were also becoming numb, as they were completely unable to withstand Long Fei's attack.

In a short span of ten seconds, the 10 metre long Flame War Hammer only had the handle of the warhammer in its hands. Long Fei looked down from above and said coldly, "Come!" You're trying to act cool with laozi again! "

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