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Mozimu did not hear Su Junmo. She walked toward the lawn to her photography team and was pulled away by Su Junmo.

“Well, they’re busy. You’re not a professional photographer. No need to go there first.”

Mozimu looked at the staff event organisers and turned her head to Su Junmai. “The second time, let the flower girl, ceremonial master, and band come together. Today’s order of events must be marked down, reprinted and distributed together with the flow chart. And -“

After a pause, Mozimu went on, “It’s not their fault that Da’an and Xiao’an failed the whole manned test today."

She knows that although Su Junmo easily laughs and is cheerful, he never lets anyone make a mistake in work and never mixes business with love.

"Well, the chief has spoken. How could I dare say anything?”

Mozimu chuckled. “I’ll be happier if you praise me for being kind.”

Su Junmo also laughed, “Let Da’an Xiao’an go to Yao Tian Tian’s house again tomorrow.”

"No way.”


"I know Shizidu. This morning, our test didn’t satisfy him. He won’t let Tian Tian cooperate with us again.”

Su Junmu flicked his eyebrows. “But if we succeed this morning, we don’t have to look for Yao Tiantian anymore.”

"This is Shizidu. Regarding everything, he only gives one chance.” Mozimu patted Su Junmai on the shoulder. “Don’t worry too much.”

"How can I not worry about it? The C university's Music Department's beauty Yao Tiantian, How can she be so easy to deal with? The manners of the Yao family's eldest sister are enough to scare a cow to death. If something goes wrong on the day of the wedding, 80% is because of her.”

"Don't jinx it!”

Su Junmu laughed, “How about you come handle it in person that day?”

“That's not a bad idea!”

“What if Sister Yao doesn’t cooperate with your plan in our scheduled time?”

Mozimu was decisive, “Power through!”

'Planning Memories' this awe inspiring name's reputation must not be smashed in the hands of Mozimu when she's personally leading the team.

Su Junmo raised his thumb to Mo Zimu. “Sister Mu!”

Mozimu is actually a young person for her position, but because of her position and manner of work, everyone admires her and calls her “Sister Mu”.

"Ah.” Su Junmo abducted Mo Zimu’s arm. “Say what is going on regarding big brother Major General?”

“Such a gossip!”

Su Junmo’s eyes were almost peach-hearted, and he said excitedly, “Major General Shizixian is a man with a heroic complex, making one want to worship such a military man.”

Knowing that Su Junmai could no longer be detained from asking in the end, Mo Zimu opened her mouth.

"You really want to know?”

“Of course.”

Mozimu took a strong breath and exhaled, “Well, my life was like my mother's golden yellow cake. Golden on one side and golden on the other side. It was beautiful and delicious.”

Su Junmo swallowed a mouthful of water.

"But when Shizixian appeared, boom!" Su Junmo opened his eyes wide and looked at Mo Zimu. “It all turned into mush!”

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