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There were two things that men couldn’t refuse in this world. First, a naked woman lying in front of you. Second, a naked woman lying in front of you.

Feng Feiyun naturally knew that women who could survive in the cruel heretical way of life were, more often than not, quite poisonous. Alas, he wasn’t afraid of poison.

Yao Ji’s body was petite and exquisite while Lu Liwei was slender yet plump.

Yao Ji wanted to use her body to subdue Feiyun’s lust but Feiyun also stripped Liwei as well. How could he let go of an opportunity to sleep with the both of them?

“Pa! Pa! Pa!” Noises constantly came in the cave along with Yao Ji and Liwei’s wonderful moans on top of Feiyun’s panting. This musical piece went on for a long time.

Inside this marsh full of miasma was a scene of endless “spring”.

Who knows how much time has passed before they finally came out from the marsh. It looked like dusk of the next day.

Yao Ji looked fatigued with disheveled hair while leaning towards Feiyun. There was a smile on her beautiful face.

Liwei’s legs weren’t cooperating as she was having trouble walking. Her bottom half was in great pain as she walked behind those two while biting her lips.

Feiyun suddenly stopped and stared carefully at Yao Ji: “Are you that happy?”

“You aren’t?” Her body tilted slightly as she twirled her hair.

Feiyun shook his head; “If I knew you were a virgin, I wouldn’t even touch a finger of yours.”

Yao Ji leaned on his chest and coquettishly said: “Don’t men love taking a woman’s first time?”

“How could a woman who takes the initiative undressing before a man be a virgin?” Feiyun smiled as well. He found this matter too strange.

Yao Ji was slightly annoyed: “Do you believe me if I were to tell you that I have only undressed in front of you?”

Feiyun didn’t answer with a smirk still on his face.

“Then do you want me to swear to the heavens, my husband?” Her slender hand touched his cheek with a pure smile in her eyes.

“Miss Yao, I’m sure an excellent woman like you have many suitors, why did you undress before me?” He grabbed her hand to stop her from touching him.

Yao Ji raised her head and laughed: “There are many cultivators in the world but who among them could be more talented than my husband?’

Feiyun didn’t reply.

Yao Ji continued: “Feng Feiyun, you and the rest of the world are underestimating you. However, I will not do that. I’m certain that in twenty years at the latest, you won’t have an opponent in the Jin Dynasty. There’s no way that I have misjudged this, haha!”

“Haha! I have never underestimated myself before although it is surprising that you held me in such high regards.” Feiyun laughed.

Yao Ji touched his muscular chest and smiled charmingly: “I like gambling the best. There are many people I have high expectations for but I placed the most money on you.”

“That’s why you bet your body on me?” Feiyun asked.

“I went all in this time so don’t let me down!” She pursed up her lips as her hands played with his cheek and chest. Suddenly, five ghastly patches of fog came from her fingers and surrounded him like five black dragons. They spun and turned into a dark cage.

“You are still scheming against me!” Feiyun has always been cautious so the moment she took action, he has already activated the Infinite Spirit Ring for protection.

“Haha, I wouldn’t dare to attack you, my husband. It’s just that I have to take Sister Liwei away and you might not let her go so I have no choice but to resort to this.” She smiled while covering her mouth before grabbing Lu Liwei. A soul of a green bird flew out. Its bright feathers illuminated the marsh as it screeched in the sky. The two beautiful figures then landed on top of its back.

Yao Ji with her beautiful eyes stared at Feiyun below and smiled: “My dear, we’ll meet again. I’ll miss you!”

“Whoosh!” The green bird flew across the sky and turned into a dot before disappearing completely.

“Boom!” Feiyun finally shattered the cage and put away the ring with a smile on his face: “Well done, witch!”

Feiyun naturally has heard of the Yinvoid Cave before. Many beautiful girls were killed by them and refined into corpses. However, he was confident that they wouldn’t dare to touch Lu Liwei. After all, not just anyone could offend Mount Potala.

Yao Ji certainly had a reason to take Lu Liwei away. The witch was quite wily and impossible to predict.

A spirit cloud plunged down from the sky. It almost resembled a curtain of water pouring down. A golden bird with the head of a lion flew out of the cloud. Ling Donglai was standing on its head in his black armor.

“Rumble!” There were elites from the Martial Army riding their qilins everywhere. All of them had murderous bloodthirst with their saber pointed at the sky.

Feiyun calmly watched while shaking his head with a wry smile. This Ling Donglai guy was too persistent. It looked like he won’t leave until he captured Feiyun.

“Feng Feiyun, you know that I could have led our three thousand elites from the Qilin Regiment to attack this marsh and bury you in that cave yesterday?” Donglai’s thick voice came.

Feiyun touched his nose and smiled: “Then why didn’t you do it, Brother Ling?”

“Because I hate disturbing people’s business the most.” Donglai said: “That witch from the Yinvoid Cave came to me a month ago too but I guess she chose you in the end.”

“Do you feel bad about it?” Feiyun said.

“I already have someone in my heart.” Donglai snorted.

Feng Feiyun covered his belly while feeling too much pain from chortling: “I didn’t expect Brother Ling to be such a romanticist. Quite rare, quite rare…”

“Do you think every man is like you, unable to refuse anyone who comes or force the unwilling? A playboy like you is doomed to never find true love.” A supreme figure appeared in Ling Donglai’s head. It was as if he has returned to the dragon lake with its boundless water and saw her playing the pipa by the shore.

Donglai wanted to capture him as fast as possible and take him back to the capital so he could see her for a second time right away.

Feiyun smiled while shaking his head: “Don’t you know women love bad boys? An honest man would only be able to watch on the sideline. I’m a bit puzzled, how could a smart man like you not understand a woman’s heart?”

Donglai sneered: “I don’t need to understand a woman’s heart, just my own is enough.”

He threw the banner down on the ground. The three thousand cavalries formed a quad-formation and attacked at the same time.

This Qilin Regiment was one of the elite forces with experienced soldiers. All of them had amazing cultivation and could massacre 100,000 ordinary troops without any problem. Even an old man that has cultivated for several hundred years would run till their shoes fall off.

Four large qilin images came smashing towards Feiyun.

The combination attack of 3,000 battle-hardened soldiers carried a murderous aura, thick to the point where it was condensing in the air. Ordinary grand achievement God Base would explode right away from the pressure.

“Rumble!” This land turned dry with smoke everywhere and began to tremble.

“Feiyun has escaped the from the battleground, after him!” Donglai in the sky stared towards the north and was the first to give chase. Feiyun’s speed has exceeded his expectation. Even three thousand cavalries couldn’t contain him.

These riders formed a new formation in a short time and chased after him while inadvertently creating a huge gust of dust.

Feiyun looked as if he was walking but each step could cross a high mountain. This was an astonishing speed.  After a full hour, he could see towering pagodas shrouded in the clouds. There were beasts flying around as well.

“Clang! Clang!” The spirit bell from the Bell Tower automatically rang. People could hear it from a thousand miles away.

One could see the disciples dressed in white uniform as they entered the pagoda’ territory. In the sky were enforcement team’s members riding the silver birds with spears as their weapon of choice.

Feiyun looked back and sure enough, Donglai has stopped chasing. The pagoda was the number one sacred ground in the world so he couldn’t make trouble there.

Feiyun smirked and continued flying towards the Martial Tower since he needed to report many things to the Divine King after the journey to Trinity.

“General, what now?” Another gallant man flew towards the Golden Lion Lentigo and asked for an order.

“Haha, just wait! Feiyun will definitely come out. The revision of the pagoda’s list will last for three years. Only half a year has passed so even if it isn’t for the ranking, he will come out for a second time in order to get exchange points for items from the Treasure Tower.” Ling Donglai quietly told the man with eyes full of wisdom. The man obeyed and left.

Feiyun landed next to the Martial Tower. Wang Meng has already been waiting there and was ecstatic to see Feiyun fine and well. He walked forward and greeted: “Uncle, the Divine King wishes to see you.”

Feiyun nodded, just like his expectation.

“The Treasure Tower Lord is here talking to the Divine King. They’re waiting on the 91st floor for you.” Wang Meng reminded.

Rumor has it that she was a Giant from the royal family. Two great characters from this family were waiting for him, causing him to feel an unusual atmosphere.

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