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What is that thing?

It was a boat; a blue spirit vessel with an ancient design that resembled an underworldly demonic ship.

It was made out of a golden bronze material with eighteen steel pillars for the sails; towering like magnificent mountains. The steel pillars had already started to rust, and the black sails were tattered and filled with holes. It painted a dark and eerie picture of a ship.

The pitiful state of the blue spirit vessel would still inspire respect and remorse from spectators.

“Such a fast speed!”

Even when Feng Feiyun was alive, he would not be able to reach that kind of speed.

The gigantic spirit vessel was as fast as light; no one could dodge it at this momentum. It pierced through the soul of Feng Feiyun.


Feng Feiyun found out that his soul and the spirit vessel were flying in the void; slowly becoming one. It flew aimlessly in this eternal darkness.

Where was it heading?

“This is…”

Not waiting for Feng Feiyun to react, the blue spirit vessel tore through the fabric of space itself and zoomed outside.


Up ahead, a blinding light illuminated powerfully. Feng Feiyun was knocked out immediately; he felt that his soul was entering a warm body.

Opening his eyes, he found that he had become a fourteen or fifteen year old teenager.

He had reincarnated.

However, this body did not belong to him; it was rather sickly, even when compared to the average person.

And in his head, numerous memories resurfaced. It was easy to recognize that they belonged to the owner of this body.

Did he enter a dead body? Or did he forcefully steal this boy’s body?

Forget your mother! Living again was already a good thing.

(TL: kowtow kneel and touch the ground with the forehead in worship or submission as part of Chinese custom.)

This Young Master Feng was a lowlife in the city, there was nothing that he wouldn’t do. Wearing the best of clothes, forcing young girls in broad daylight, taking them home and then defiling them. Many young girls were ruined by his hands.

This Young Master Feng was the lowest of the lows; the scum of the earth.

However, his family background could not be underestimated. It could call the rain and change the wind in Spirit State City. Even though everyone was extremely resentful, no one dared to say anything. The best they could do was to avoid him.

At Spirit State City, to hear the three words “Young Master Feng” was enough to scare little girls crying.

“This old man really wants to die. Your grand daughter being chosen by Young Master Feng is her own fortune; if she can satisfy the young master tonight, she can enter our home as a maid. If not, we’ll sell her off to the Xing Hua brothel tomorrow; to become a bitch for thousands of men to ride.”

Two servants from outside came in. Both were wearing a black uniform with an expression like two wild tigers.

They started laughing and kicking the old man, immobilizing him on the ground.

“No! Xiao Yuer is only fourteen; if the Xing Hua brothel buys her, she will die in there.”

The gray-haired old man started kowtowing again, his forehead, swollen from earlier, was now painted red by blood.

The Xing Hua brothel was the biggest brothel in Spirit State City, and it’s also the most vilest of places. Even virgins that were sold to the brothel were forced to work at least ten times a day. The prettier the girl, the faster she would die.

It was the sin of men! Every man wanted to ride beautiful women; who cared about the money?

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