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Chapter 1546: Miscalculated

The reason Xillin had reacted the way he did was because he had sensed the aura of Morell, his former master and the Soul Race crown prince, from Qin Lie. 

Together with the crown prince of the Soul Race, Morell, Xillin, Cadak, and Meio had possessed a Soul Beast each and arrived at Spirit Realm as the Soul Devouring Beast, the Dark Soul Beast and the Blood Soul Beast.

While battling against Indigo’s mother, Morell’s Soul Beast avatar was destroyed before he became separated from his subordinates.

Weak and powerless, Morell had no choice but to choose a human at random to possess.

That human was none other than the ancestor of the Qin Family, Qin Tian.

Morell couldn’t possibly imagine that the random human he chose would possess an extraordinarily tenacious will.

Because his soul had suffered some serious injuries prior to landing in Spirit Realm, he wasn’t able to wipe out Qin Tian’s soul imprint immediately. A long period of struggle and fusion later, it turned out that his consciousness was actually the one that was being replaced.

On the other hand, Qin Tian’s soul grew stronger and stronger as he absorbed more and more of Morell’s soul knowledge and memories.

In the end, Morell and Qin Tian became one in a way that not even Morell could understand, but… he was no longer the crown prince of the Soul Race.

He had become the Soul Progenitor of the human race. He had taught humans the secrets of the souls and helped them master the cultivation art of constructing a Soul Altar.

Thanks to the Soul Progenitor’s soul secret arts and the Blood Progenitor’s bloodline-stealing arts, the human race ultimately became the ruler of Spirit Realm.

The Soul Suppressing Orb carried by the Soul Progenitor was a sacred relic of the Soul Race. Only his inheritor would have the ability to use it.

For generations, no one in the Qin Family had been able to use the Soul Suppressing Orb until Qin Lie appeared.

After Qin Lie had merged with the Soul Suppressing Orb’s thought fragments, his soul presence had grown more and more similar to Morell’s.

His rank ten subsoul had purposely imitated Morell’s soul presence in order to trick Xillin, and Xillin had fallen for it immediately.

“Are you still alive, master? Is it really you?”

Xillin was excited beyond belief. His soul shadow shook intensely inside the pitch black pond.

A Soul Tree emerged clearly from the head of Xillin’s soul shadow. A tiny mark could be vaguely seen at the root of the Soul Tree.

The mark was Xillin’s proof of loyalty to Morell. It was made since a long time ago.

A hierarchical system existed between Soul Race clansmen as well, but it was different from that of a soul master and a soul slave.

For example, Qin Lie had power over Curtis’s very life.

He could instantly extinguish Curtis’s soul flame and kill him through the imprint in the latter’s soul origin with a single thought.

If necessary, he could claim everything that Curtis possessed and force him to die on his behalf as well.

This was the relationship between a soul master and their servant.

On the other hand, the master-servant relationship between two Soul Race clansmen was a lot freer and equal.

It was similar to the relationship to the relationship between a dominant Gold rank force and a vassal Silver rank force.

Xillin was Morell’s servant, but Morell didn’t have the ability to kill Xillin without reason, or the ability to send him to his death like cannon fodder.

Xillin was a servant of Morell, but he was given the freedom to develop his strength and raise his own soul servants.

However, Xillin had to fight for Morell when required.

Morell would have to reward Xillin, Cadak, and Meio every time they conquered a realm and obtained a rich payout.

If Morell was being too abusive, the three of them had the right to request a dissolution of their contract with the Soul Race and regain their freedom.

This meant that Morell couldn’t do whatever he pleased and strip them of all their rights and benefits.

It was because they were all Soul Race clansmen.

The Soul Race’s benevolence was only offered to its own kind.

On the other hand, soul servants were pawns that they could discard anytime they pleased if the necessity were to arise.

“Xillin, the old imprint is slightly blurry because I nearly died that one time.”

Greenish flames burned brightly in the Dark Soul Beast’s pupils as countless secret runes unique to the Soul Race only flew out of the flames and towards Xillin’s Soul Tree like butterflies.

His plan was to fool Xillin into believing that he was Morell, alter the imprint in Xillin’s mind with the Soul Race’s secret art and change the master Xillin was loyal to to himself.

If the imprint in Xillin’s soul origin was altered successfully, he and Xillin would be sharing a new master-servant contract with each other.

Xillin could only dissolve this contract when he returned to the Soul Race ancestral ground.

During this period, he would be able to sense Xillin wherever he went.

This meant that he would be able to sense Xillin’s every move even after his true self had traveled to God Realm.

At the very least, he wouldn’t need to worry about Xillin committing evil.

Besides that, this contract would allow him to know exactly what had happened to Xillin and his connection to the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

“I’m going to deepen the imprint,” said the Dark Soul Beast avatar as the secret runes made from his soul flew slowly towards Xillin’s soul shadow.

“Okay.” Xillin seemed to be completely unaware of the danger.

However, when the secret runes came into contact with the Soul Tree, the imprint at Xillin’s roots suddenly vanished into nothing.

In fact, hundreds of phantoms had suddenly turned into ropes to trap the secret runes instead.

A bad feeling suddenly struck Qin Lie.

“Hehe! I knew that you’re just the inheritor of my master’s soul since a long time ago. Did you really think you can fool me?” Xillin chuckled darkly.

Thousands of souls dragged the secret runes Qin Lie had made with his soul consciousness into the pond that was connected to the Profound Yin Nether Sea.

The soul consciousness imbued inside the secret runes had been embedded with Qin Lie’s unique Soul Race imprint. If he were to allow Xillin to drag them into the pond, they would immediately be corroded by the Profound Yin Nether Sea’s black water into nothing.

“I am no Malcolm and Latiff. When I had become famous throughout the galaxy, those two hadn’t even climbed to a high enough position to carry my shoes!” claimed Xillin fiercely.

Chains made out of the black water of the Profound Yin Nether Sea abruptly flew out of the pond and plunged into the Dark Soul Beast’s stomach like spears.

“Glug glug!”

A rich amount of blood immediately flowed towards Xillin through the chain.

Xillin’s illusory form immediately started growing solid after obtaining the Dark Soul Beast’s blood.

“Frankly, Cadak’s Soul Beast avatar is even more enticing to me than Latiff or Malcolm’s Soul Beast avatars.” Xillin grew more and more physical as he absorbed the Dark Soul Beast’s blood. “With a physical body, I’ll be able to refine all of the useless residue in my soul and discard any soul and thought fragments that are unnecessary to me. It won’t be too long before I return to my peak form, and now that Morell is dead I am completely free.”

“I will use the power I had learned from the Profound Yin Nether Sea to convert all souls in Spirit Realm into dead spirits and phantoms. I will turn them all into my power.”

“I will enslave every expert that exists in Spirit Realm!”

Xillin revealed his arrogance in full.

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