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Chapter 151                 The Appearance of Underworld Midwife 1

Ye Shaoyang choked up as he spoke. He turned around and watched Xiao Ma’s eyes well up with tears. Obviously, Xiao Ma had been touched after learning the reason.

“Why don’t the other infant spirits do that?” Xiao Ma muttered.

“The other infant spirits have been dead for quite a long time. The underworld midwife has usurped their obsession with their mothers. The midwife lies to them and makes them think she is their mother.”

“Since the underworld midwife knows that this infant spirit is looking for its mother, why doesn’t she stop it?”

Ye Shaoyang shook his head, “The midwife can’t completely control this infant spirit right now. There is no need to exert too much control as that would evoke rebellious thoughts in the infant spirit. Besides, the infant spirit will certainly be under her control in another half a month. So I guess, this infant spirit is what we watched in the video clip. It has been separated from its mother for less than two weeks, that’s why….”

Ye Shaoyang sighed as he could not continue this conversation.

Xiao Ma tightly clenched his fists. He gritted his teeth, “Damn the underworld midwife! I’ll torture you if I get the chance!”

Xiao Ma’s spoke loud enough that the infant spirit heard his voice. It abruptly turned around. Its eyes were blood red, and a jet of black Spirit Qi emerged. It squatted and made a defensive gesture.

Xiao Ma immediately waved his hands, “Calm down. We’re here to help you.”

Ye Shaoyang glared at Xiao Ma, “It only thinks that you’re trying to stop it from summoning the soul of its mother. I’d be surprised if it could understand you.”

Xiao Ma was stunned, “What should we do now?”

“Capture it.”

Ye Shaoyang cut his middle finger, quickly drew a Blood Stamped Talisman Paper and passed it to Xiao Ma, “Carry the nurse into this room. If the underworld midwife comes, stick this talisman paper on the lintel. I want to make her stay in this room!”

“Alright, leave it to me!” Xiao Ma nodded vigorously. He carried the nurse and stood near the door. When Ye Shaoyang walked toward the infant spirit, he reminded him, “Little Ye, don’t kill it.”

“Of course, you don’t have to tell me that!”

Ye Shaoyang took a handful of copper beads as he approached the infant spirit. He sprinkled them over the feet of the infant spirit. Instantly, it let go of Old Wu to avoid the copper beads. Then, it pounced on Ye Shaoyang.

Ye Shaoyang sprung forward. He threw a Heavenly Thunder Talisman Paper at the infant spirit. ‘Boom!’ A heavenly thunder struck the infant spirit and threw it out. Ye Shaoyang flung his sleeve and eight ancient Chinese coins flew toward the infant spirit. The coins dropped around it, followed the positions of Bagua, and sealed it in the middle.

Then, Ye Shaoyang rushed toward the infant spirit and took out a bundle of Tibetan Skywood. With a swing, the Skywood ignited. He divided it into eight parts and inserted each part through the center hole of each ancient Chinese coin. Eight jets of smoke surrounded the infant spirit and formed a chain that restrained it firmly, restricting its movement.

Ye Shaoyang stood beside it and silently recited an incantation to cleanse the violent Qi in the infant spirit.

Suddenly, Ye Shaoyang felt a sharp attacking force from behind. He quickly avoided it, but when he looked back, he saw nothing.

The underworld midwife!

The special feature of this spirit from the underworld was that it was invisible regardless of its cultivation, even divine eyes could not detect its existence. Ye Shaoyang could only feel that a force had come into the room and stopped in front of him. He shouted, “Xiao Ma, stick the talisman paper!”

There was no response. Ye Shaoyang was stunned. As he looked back, he saw that Xiao Ma had already fainted beside Xu Yajuan with the Blood Stamped Talisman Paper in his hand.

How had the underworld midwife come in so suddenly? Ye Shaoyang wondered. Suddenly, he felt a force removing the Tibetan Skywood from the ground to try and dismiss the smoke to save the infant spirit.

“Don’t even dream of it!” Ye Shaoyang threw himself toward it. He quickly made a hand seal and thrust it toward the force. He felt the force slightly shift and repel him with its full strength. He knew the underworld midwife desperately wanted the infant spirit. He didn’t want the midwife to get it, or else it would have been a waste of his efforts. He took a deep breath and quickly stuck a talisman paper on the infant spirit’s forehead without parrying the force. When the talisman paper sucked in the infant spirit, the powerful force hit him on his back.

‘Pfff!’ Ye Shaoyang vomited a mouthful of blood as the force lifted him off the ground. He immediately adjusted his posture and kicked against the wall to reduce the impact. He fell to the ground and staggered, quickly he turned around, pulled out the Qixing Dragon Sword, and sprung back to the side of Xiao Ma and Xu Yajuan. He intended to prevent the underworld midwife from escaping by guarding the door as well as protect both of them.

Ye Shaoyang spat out a mouthful of saliva mixed with his blood. He then took a deep breath and looked around the room, “You hurt me. As an underworld midwife, you’re quite strong.”

“Hehe hehe,” an old woman’s cold voice echoed through the black chilled wind.

The chilled wind blew stronger and stronger. A jet of black Spirit Qi permeated the room.

The force and the chilled wind continuously changed their direction of attack on Ye Shaoyang.

Even though Ye Shaoyang had the Qixing Dragon Sword, he was unable to launch an attack because of the underworld midwife’s invisibility and black Spirit Qi camouflage. He also had to protect Xiao Ma and Xu Yajuan. He became tired and passive in the fight.

“Hehe hehe hehe,” the underworld midwife’s triumphant laughter echoed around the room, trying to provoke Ye Shaoyang and affect his judgment.

Ye Shaoyang ignored the laughter. He threw out six talisman papers which ignited and circled him to resemble a helical lamp. They repelled the black Spirit Qi three feet away from him.

‘Humph!’ The underworld midwife snorted in the midst of the Spirit Qi.

Ye Shaoyang understood why she snorted. The flaming talisman papers were nearly invincible, but they would only sustain their power for a short time. She was waiting for the flames to die.

Ye Shaoyang snorted too, “You think I’m running out of tactics because you’re invisible to me?” He quickly took out the Eight-trigram mirror. He adjusted the angle, and with the help of the flames, the mirror reflected from left to right.

Suddenly, an old woman with a hunchback holding a black shackle appeared in the Eight-trigram mirror.

A smile began to form at the corner of Ye Shaoyang’s mouth.

He extended his hand. He held a Flaming Talisman Paper to the mirror and read aloud, “With the revolution of the universe, I command the Bagua to attack with the eight natural phenomena!” He crumbled it into pieces. The sparks hit the mirror and transformed into rays of light. The mirror reflected the light, illuminated the corner of the room and the lights exploded.

“Ahhh!!!” An awful scream erupted from the corner.

In the mirror, Ye Shaoyang saw an old woman bounce off the ground and smash into the wall. The old woman vomited a mouthful of black blood. However, she was quite powerful. She quickly stood firm after she landed. Then, she launched an attack on Ye Shaoyang with her black shackle.

With the help of the Eight-trigram mirror, Ye Shaoyang could easily know the location of the underworld midwife. Even after the Flaming Talisman Papers had died, he quickly ignited another and reflected the light toward her.

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