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Chapter 542
"Oh, I finally get it!" Bella exclaimed as she listened to the girl's explanation . "So it's not a weakness but actually a human reproductive system? That's actually interesting . " 

"Yes, exactly . Also, you can't go out naked . You have to always wear clothes, okay?" Yiren reminded sternly, holding Bella by the shoulders as if she was her little sister .  

"But I was always naked . What's the problem with being naked?" Bella asked confused, tilting her head .  

Yiren lent Bella her own dress which matched her perfectly, wrapping around her curves .  

"Let's say that there are many guys who will lust over your body if you show too much . That's why you wear clothes to protect yourself . If you don't, you will be targeted by old men who want to assault you and exploit your body," Yiren explained .  

"I'm not scared . If they want to fight I will burn them to ashes," Bella replied confidently .  

"I don't deny that but it's still better to keep your body private . It's something only your lover should see . Just listen to us and you will be fine," Yiren assured and the rest confirmed .  

They were all gathered inside their bedroom while the boys were left outside for obvious reasons .  

"Didn't you see how Xuefeng and Drakos reacted? It's really dangerous to be naked outside, especially in the Heaven Realm . You will be like a sun, gathering attention from everyone," Nuwa added . "It's for your safety . "

"Us Phoenixes live the life of solitude but I understand," Bella finally nodded, no longer arguing . "I will wear your clothes . They are comfy anyway . I can get used to them . Please take care of me . I still have a lot to learn if I want to live within humans . " 

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The girls finally sighed in relief .  

"We shouldn't let her roam free once we leave this Hidden Realm else someone will scam her," Tianshi proposed and reminded, "Remember you can't talk to strangers . You should always stay with us once we go outside . "

"Okay~" Bella replied sweetly, showing a rare smile .

'We should also keep Bella away from Xuefeng,' Xiao Wen proposed in their channel and they all agreed . "Yes . "

Only then did they all leave outside to the garden and saw Xuefeng talking with Drakos .  

"We explained everything to her . She won't make the same mistake again," Yiren called out as she presented Bella while holding her hand .  

"I didn't know the rules in the human world were this complicated," Bella shrugged, not really remorseful about her mistake .  

"Don't worry, as long as you understand now," Xuefeng replied with a bitter smile, scratching himself on the head . "I really didn't want to see anything . You caught us by surprise . "

"I don't really care about that . Don't worry," Bella assured and glared at Drakos, pointing at him with her slim finger . "You! Do you remember your promise?"

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"Ehem, of course, I do . How could I forget?" Drakos replied, sounding embarrassed .  

He looked away, avoiding her gaze .

"You promised to help me speed up my cultivation once I reach Celestial Stage," Bella repeated . "I can see that your method is working well so I believe you . What do I have to do?"

"Wait…" Drakos froze . "You want to do it immediately? Don't you want to enjoy your human body for a while at least? At least until we reach the Heaven Realm . " 

"Why would I do that?" Bella questioned while squinting her eyes . "I don't care about that at all . I want to start as soon as possible . You grew so fast in just a year and a half . If I try now, I will just need a few years to regain my power back and even more . "

"Huh? You know how much Fate Stones is required to achieve it?" Xuefeng asked confused and gazed at Drakos . "Did you tell her?" 

Drakos couldn't reply as Bella was first .  

"He didn't tell me a specific number and only said that as long we have enough resources its possible . He also mentioned the mine underneath the mountain . " 

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"He didn't go down for one year already . I'm sure he already cleaned the whole mine and absorbed everything," Xuefeng replied .  

"What?!" Bella exclaimed, her palms suddenly bursting with flames . "So you dared to lie to me?!" 

"Hey! I didn't lie! As long as we have enough Fate Stones, I can help you! It's just I don't even have enough for myself, not to mention repeating the whole process with you," Drakos defended himself only to dodge the fireball flying in his direction .  

"So you can't help me! You lied!" Bella called out angrily, even though she only looked cute rather than scary . "I will kill you!" 

"Wait! I promised I will help you so I will! I know a place with many Fate Stones!" Drakos cried out, dodging multiple attacks and eventually running away, not even trying to retaliate .  

"Liar! I don't believe you anymore! You could have said so earlier!" Bella called out, chasing after him . "Come and fight me! You wanted to challenge me before, why are you running?!" 

Drakos and Bella ran away but they didn't even try to help him . It was clear Drakos had a lot more counter play as a dragon than Bella . She was still clumsy, only recently changing .  

"Poor Drakos . He dropped his thoughts of getting revenge on her the moment he saw her . I think he fell for her," Xuefeng commented casually but that created a chaos in the lady's minds .  

"What?! Drakos fell for Bella? How?" 

Xuefeng got quickly surrounded as the girls entered into gossiping mode .  

"Yeah, he was like frozen when you left with Bella . I had to slap him to wake him up . I thought he would prefer some female dragons but he is surprisingly attracted to humanoid beasts instead," Xuefeng explained amused . "Can they even be together?"

"Oof! Thats… unbelievable . " 

"Well, look for yourself," Xuefeng shrugged, pointing with his gaze at Bella who was dragging Drakos back . The poor Drakos was held by one of his horns .  

"I decided to spare him for now . We will visit the Heaven Realm and check this 'stash' he was talking about . If he lied again, this will end badly," Bella announced .  

"I didn't lie . It's true!" Drakos called out only to have his neck twisted as if punishment for speaking out .  

"Shush, you already said your piece," Bella silenced him and to everyone's surprise, Drakos didn't argue, replying obediently, "Yes…" 

"I think I can see it…" Wuying muttered as she stared at the two and others nodded .  

"See what?" Bella asked curiously .  

"Oh, its nothing . Don't worry . " 

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