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Published at 14th of January 2021 10:38:44 AM

Chapter 228

Title: Spending the Villain's Money to Extend My Life
Translator: Fringe Alpaca
Chapter 228 - Senwu Products (“So… the boss was asking him to find a company for Miss Gu to play with?”) (1)

On the day of their physical examinations, they took the VVIP passageway.

Gu Shishi didn’t have to wait in line much.

The only few minutes that she spent waiting she was attacked by Chen Kexin’s messages.

[MeowMeow: OOOOOOHHHHHHhh. Fairy water. No! Even better than fairy water! What kind of balancing lotion was this? Do you have more? I am down on my knees begging you.]

[MeowMeow: What brand is this? Where did you get it from?]

[MeowMeow: It’s the savior for those with oily skin. It’s amazing!]

It had been a few days since the pool party.

Gu Shishi flipped through the system interface.

Hmmm. Chen Kexin’s fondness for her had gone up a whole three times within the last three days.

And somewhere in there was an unfamiliar name.

Li YuXia.

Gu Shishi had no recollection of who this was so she responded back to Chen Kexin first.

[10 ml can last you a week. Pace yourself.]

[7 days for a course. Summer is almost over. You won’t need to use it again till next year.]

That’s what it said in the system.

It cost her 24 hours of life to trade for 7 days’ worth of skincare product. This was like asking her to puke out blood.

As such, a small bottle like this could maintain her skin condition for one to two months.

She wouldn’t need to use it daily.

But, as soon as Gu Shishi had finished sending her message.

She received from Chen Kexin a crying-on-her-knees emoji.

[MeowMeow: 555. Is that so? But, my mom already took it away from me.] (T/N: 555 = woo woo woo. Crying sound)

[MeowMeow: She also said it’s super good and asked me to buy some more. ORZ…]

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Image: ORZ

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Gu Shishi scratched her nose.


So Li Yuxia was Chen Kexin’s mother?

This pair of mother and daughter have very similar skin type and could be appeased in the same manner?

Gu Shishi winked and looked at the item exchange screen.

Exchanging for 500 hour worth of items could trigger the “24 hours of pretty eyes” halo.

But she loved her life a lot and she was barely halfway there.

She then looked at her now 30-day worth of life that was filled to the max.

She pursed her lips.

She’s now wealth in terms of remaining life balance.

Her life bar was filled to its max the minute that she stepped foot into this luxurious medical center.

The VVIP set of service that cost 70,000 yuan was said to be able to detect any possible illness from one’s DNA and cells.

She was now one that has 30 days to live. She’s super wealthy!

In the past, a day’s worth of life would pain her. It wouldn’t anymore!

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Quite the contrary, it’s more important to earn more fondness so she can get to the next stage of 60-day limit.

Saving them would just be a waste anyway.



She had excess now. She would be fine!

[Exchange for Summer Day Balancing Lotion. 3 bottles.]

[Exchange for As-Though-Assisted-by-God Drawing Skill (Beginner's Level). 10 times.]

And four days of life was gone just like that.

What delighted Gu Shishi was that her blood bar had been so long now that the decrease was very minimum. She could barely notice it with her naked eyes.

Oh good. Oh good.

Gu Shishi immediately texted Chen Kexin back.

[I’ve just asked. There are still 3 more bottles.]

[One bottle will be sufficient for both you and your mother. Don’t ask me again till winter time.]

She thought about it some more and sent a voice message.

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[I have two more bottle. See if any reasonable friends of yours might want one. Don’t send anyone who’s annoying.]

After she had sent that, Gu Shishi realized that she had it figured out.

What was the point of having a sidekick?

Was it for a sense of achievement?

Of course not!

It was to have them bring in even more sidekicks!

When there were more and more of them, the network would become tighter and tighter.

That way she could just stay home and reap the fondness.


Gu Shishi felt that she has been becoming smarter and smarter.

[MeowMeow: I want all of them.jpg]

[MeowMeow: Alright, I’ll ask around. But... what do I tell them if they ask me where did they come from?]

There was no packaging or instructions.

This was your textbook senwu product.*

Had Gu Shishi not drew the red plum for her the other day and reassured her, she would never dare to try this.

Gu Shishi gave it some thought. That would be a problem.

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