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"An Tingjun, where did you learn etiquette for more than 20 years? Get loud one more time and i'll make you roll out of here!” Father An looked at An Tingjun coldly. “This is also your younger sister!”

"This is also my younger sister? Then where do you want to put Tongtong, why should we send off Tongtong when this one returns? You have asked so much of Tongtong in the past 18 years1, she does not know how envious other family's daughters are and how they want to toy with her. You educated her in this way and now people say to let her go and you just let her go? You, how will you let her adapt to ordinary life. Do you not have one bit of old affection?”

The brother and sister were very close to one another in age and, from his childhood, An Tingjun had loved his sister very much.

In the surroundings of the great institution's children, not one person dared to touch his younger sister.

After so many years of pampering, even if these dogs(Ye fam) were overflowing with emotion, when they, this Ye family, asked to switch back at this time, An Tingjun's backlash was especially big.

It was not that he didn't accept one more little sister. It's just that, in any case, Ye Family had raised this biological little sister for so many years. And suddenly, they said that they would like to exchange her with An Tongtong. Didn't it make people's heart chill?

“Say you're sorry to your sister,” Father An looked at him harshly, and then looked at Ye Shaohua gently. “Shaohua, Tingjun doesn’t have a brain, his temper is like mine, very irritable. You, don’t mind it.”

It was just a momentary impulse. He was an adult yet he spoke like this, An Tingjun also knew that he had reacted too aggressively.

“Sorry.” He said harshly. In any case, this one word to his younger sister wouldn't have left his mouth if he had not been asked to.

Father An was not in the least afraid of the consequences of criticizing An
Tingjun, but he wasn't not in the least afraid of the consequences of criticizing Ye Shaohua, because An Tingjun was his son who he was very close to and Ye Shaohua was separated from them for 18 years.

In these eighteen years, they did not even know that there was a person named Ye Shaohua. Although she hung the title of their own daughter, they still pacified Ye Shaohua, but it was somewhat strange and polite.

“Mr. Ye, both children have already grown up, and their lives have already been decided. If they are changed back once again, it may not be suitable.” Father An thought for a while, and very rationally analysed the problem: “Our families can frequently visit one another. Shaohua, we will also try to compensate her as much as possible. What do you think?”

“But you have already owed to Shaohua for 18 years, Tongtong has also had a good life for 18 year, we think…” Father Ye wanted to let An Tongtong come back, An Family also had an An Tingjun, but their Ye Family only had An Tongtong as their biological child.

When he heard Father Ye's words, An Tingjun sneered.

“No need,” Ye Shaohua's cell phone rang. It was a call from the class teacher. She stood up and politely said goodbye to the elders who were sitting. “I am already eighteen, and I am also an adult. I have the right to decide for myself. I didn’t think about going back to An Family, and my "Ye" family name will probably not change. You also don’t owe me anything.”

After she finished speaking, she looked at Father Ye. “Dad, if you want to let your biological daughter come back, I don’t care. I will live independently after I go to college. I have things to do at school right now, so I don’t have time to talk nonsense with you. If there's nothing else, I will leave first.”

When she knew that her identity was exchanged with another person's, her expression did not change, and her train of thoughts was awfully clear.

Even, in the end, going as far as saying something like “If there's nothing else, I will leave first.”, this kind of words.

Father An looked at Ye Shaohua and his gaze couldn’t help but soften a lot. Sure enough, she was worthy of being called their An Family's seed.

When Ye Shaohua opened the door to leave, An Tongtong and Yan Xu were just coming in.

Even if you guessed with your toes, you would know who these two people were.

Ye Shaohua looked at the two people with a clear and cold gaze, and slightly nodded her head to the two. Afterwards, she stood sideways to let the two people go inside. The dropping eyebrows and eyes seemed to surround her in mist, and a snow white face was reflected by the light passing through the corridor, making her face colorful and picturesque.

An Tongtong looked at her, somewhat strange, and her heart was somewhat uneasy

The atmosphere in the room was a bit strange. When An Tingjun saw An Tongtong coming in, without head or brain, he said, “Tongtong, you can rest assured, you will always be my younger sister!”

Next, An Tongtong encountered the biggest challenge in her 18 years of life.

She was unexpectedly not the daughter of An family.

Father An gave her time to think about it. At this time, he also had to deal with Ye Shaohua's matters. ” Shaohua also took the college entrance examination this year, right? I remember her grade were not very good. Tongtong wants to go to B Uni. If you don’t mind, I can also arrange for her to go to B Uni?”

From the moment An Tongtong appeared, Father Ye and Mother Ye's eyes stuck to her, almost greedily looking at their own excellent daughter.

Hearing what he said, Ye Guoqing casually nodded. “If she can go to B Uni, it is already a great luck.”

B Uni and Jing Uni were the two most famous schools in Jingcheng, but B Uni was more focused on literature, and Jing Uni leanedmore on science.

“Want to go to my house for dinner tonight? Let my wife arrange a court feast for you.” The principal of the third school looked at Ye Shaohua with very passionate eyes, their school’s first place ah, the whole nation's top scorer ah.

Jing Uni, B Uni, and Z Uni all quickly blew up the phones in their office.

This year, this BT2 science examination paper was like this, yet she could still get full marks, this was a black horse that was completely unexpected!

The principal also called her class teacher before, knowing that Ye Shaohua's parents had never attended the parent-teacher meeting in her three years of high school  and although these parents filled the salary requirement, the principal felt that her parents were strange and unusual.

The college entrance examination's top scorer was such a big thing, yet her father and mother had still not appeared and also didn't greet anyone.

Such a well-behaved student, he inevitably felt a little distressed.

Ye Shaohua took her mobile phone, smiled and refused. Just a moment ago, Father An had called her and invited her to go to An residence to eat. Conveniently, she knew An Family's people well, and she also wanted to see Grandpa An, so she did not refuse.

Although the two people would probably not be changed back, she was still a member of An family in the end, and An Tongtong was also the only blood descendant of Ye family.

An family’s people were not that kind of unreasonable people.

When Ye Shaohua arrived in An Residence, An family's people were almost all in the living room, and the group of people talking and laughing were extremely warm.

However, her appearance destroyed this harmonious atmosphere.


1. as in he asked a lot of efforts from her because of his expectations ↩


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