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This is… the provincial champion ah! This year's champion, and she is superior to the second place by 30 points.

Madam Ye was waiting to say ridiculous words. When she heard this sentence, the gentle smile on her face suddenly solidified.

Madam Ye couldn't help but clench the cup in her hand. She stared at the housekeeper. "Housekeeper, are you sure this is true? Based on her grades, how could she be the provincial champion?"

What does it mean for the teacher of the first class accept her or not?

"It must be true," The housekeeper of Ye family took a deep breath. "The principal will not lie to us about this incident. He also said that the Ningcheng Newspaper and the Education Bureau would interview eldest miss."

Ye Ke turned her head to look at the housekeeper. She took the phone and asked the principal on the opposite side a few questions, until she got a positive answer. Her whole face suddenly became overcast.

Seeing such an expression on Ye Ke's face, the housekeeper and the others were in a daze.

They had never seen such an horrible look on the gentle Ye Ke.

However, Ye Ke did not care about them, she was a completely on edge.

“No, it shouldn’t be like this…” Ye Ke hung up the phone. No one in the last life can remember it more clearly than her. Ye Shaohua only got an ordinary grade, and she only achieved it in thanks to being in the first class !

In this life, Ye Shaohua is in the second class. How could she become the provincial champion?

Unless … the other party is reborn, like her, and has the ability to predict?!

But it is not right. If Ye Shaohua is reborn, she would not be stupid enough to oppose Ye Family and not go to learn Go, so what went wrong?

After Ye Ke's rebirth, everything had been going smoothly, this is the first problem she encountered, and she now knows that the world is not as simple as she imagined.

It was at this time that Ye Han came back with his car key in hand and heard the words of the housekeeper. He was also stunned, but there was no other expression on his face. He seemed to be quite happy for Ye Shaohua.

Seeing Ye Han like this, Ye Ke looked at him a lot deeper. She still remembers that Ye Han and Ye Shaohua had a very good relationship in the last life. She begged Ye Han to talk to Gu family and to let her join the National Laboratory, but he refused.

This younger brother, his heart will eventually be biased towards Ye Shaohua.

Ye Shaohua's college entrance examination was originally directed in the province, so she felts that her results were not unexpected.

Ningcheng high school is the best school in Nincheng, there are a lot of top students there.

When she heard that a black horse was not only the first in the city, but also the first in the province, the first class' teacher felt that her soul was floating.

Apart from the top student in her class, who else can have such a result? She thought he could only take the first place in the city. She just didn’t expect that this student was beyond the normal level and was the first in the province!

The first in the province is the student she taught.

Her promotion was absolutely nailed. As she thought of it, she ran to the principal’s office.

Unexpectedly, the director was quite surprised to hear her, and finally told her gently that the top student is not her usual black horse, but the second class' Ye Shaohua that she had despised!

After listening to this sentence, Teacher Zhang stared intently at the results on the principal’s computer.

After seeing the first place, she saw 723 points, and after that was Ye Shaohua's name. She fell into the chair!

Ye Shaohua? it is actually Ye Shaohua? Teacher Zhang blushed a deep red, she was almost breathless.

She had seen the previous results of the other party, obviously ordinary, so she was not willing to have her in her class, even under the pressure of Ye Family.

“Teacher Lin, the Provincial Department of Education just issued a notice, because you have taught a provincial champion, you are invited to work in the provincial education department. Congratulations.” The principal took a document and said to the second class' teacher.

The second class's teacher is a middle-aged man. He stared at the document with disbelief.

Provincial Department of Education? He felt that life was a mysterious fantasy, but he also knew that everything was due to the new transfer student in his class. He didn’t expect to have such a big benefit after receiving the Ye Shaohua ridiculed by Teacher Zhang.

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but look at Teacher Zhang. He can remember that the principal should have given the provincial champion to her class.

There are other teachers in the office. These are all lively. Ning Cheng had not had a provincial champion for many years. This time there is one, everyone is very happy and proud.

However, when they saw the name of the provincial champion, everyone's eyes on teacher Zhang changed a bit. Although the change was not obvious, there was a ridiculing look in their eyes.

They all know that Teacher Zhang did not want Ye Shaohua because of her promotion in the Education Department, but she did not expect that she personally introduced the provincial champion to someone else.

Teacher Zhang's face was inconspicuous. When she thought that she refused to let Ye Shaohua in her class, she regretted it.

Is there anything worse than almost having something, but being forced to give up and regret?

Ye Shaohua didn’t know about Teacher Zhang’s thoughts, but even if she knew, she wouldn't care.

When she appeared in front of people again, it was the day they chose their university.

Because of her status as the provincial champion, those university in the capital all called Ye Shaohua's principal to invite Ye Shaohua to go to their school.

However, Ye Shaohua refused all of them. She didn't even fill her choice of university. The principal was somewhat confused.

“I have received a notice from Stanford's CS department, today.” Ye Shaohua pulled out an envelope from her backpack and smiled.

CS — Computer-Science, short for computer science.1

Stanford is a world-famous university, and the capital's university is inferior to it. If you want to enter this school, you must have personal achievements. After the principal heard it, he was even more surprised by Ye Shaohua.

Ye Ke also came today. After knowing Ye Shaohua’s results, she did not sleep well for a few days. She was afraid that Ye Shaohua would choose Go as she did in her previous life, and finally become the national player of Go.

Unexpectedly, she actually heard from the principal here that Ye Shaohua would learn the computer?

Ye Ke's sleeplessness disappeared, and she even wanted to look up to the sky and laugh heartily!

Computer? Ye Shaohua, do you want to learn computer? Then wait for a lifetime to be stepped on her soles!

Ye Ke clenched her hands. Her brain was loaded with computer programming software from the next ten years. She experienced the development of the Internet. So what if Ye Shaohua was admitted to Stanford? Can she compare with the top network programming for decades to come?

Ye Haohua, if you choose Go, I may still be jealous of you. Others say that you are a genius, but you chose to study the computer in which I am good at! What about Stanford CS department, you will soon discover that this will be the most wrong choice of your life!


1. Its CS——Computer—Science的简称,即计算机科学 so they say it in English, then in chinese

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