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The military schools were good news to Lu Shu. Practitioners were no longer of little significance, but they were now incorporated into a single organization where everyone could specialize in their own talents, forming an integral part of society.

In school, everyone would be able to learn the art of magic, assassination, alchemy, kendo, martial arts, intelligence, formation and tactics, and weapons forging. During free times, they could exchange ideas and even gossip about which female practitioners were prettier. Or everyone could have a meal together, watch a movie, or even fall in love…

The feeling was like being presented a detailed image of the future practitioner life, and one would finally understand just how interesting a practitioner life was in the modern city.

The objective was for everyone to be brought closer to the mysterious and holy ways of training.

Lu Shu imagined the scene of ten thousand practitioners and metahumans gathering together. Hehe, people are my precious resources!

When Jiang Shuyi left, Lu Xiaoyu was still sleeping. Lu Shu thought that this wasn't appropriate. This girl had been becoming lazier and Lu Shu was wondering if he should send Lu Xiaoyu to school while he had the money.

Previously, he couldn't afford for Lu Xiaoyu to go to school and the girl had never had a friend. But now that he had money, Lu Shu thought that social interactions were necessary. Including the money he picked up before, he now had around a hundred thousand dollars. If he could let Lu Xiaoyu regain a normal life rather than living an aimless orphan life, spending this money was worth it. After all, he could still sell stinky tofu to make it back.

And in fact, settling the household register wouldn't require that much money.

Having thought about it, Lu Shu called Jiang Shuyi who was confused at the call since he had just left, "Hello?"

"About that… there's something I need your help with. My sister followed me from the Fu Li orphanage but her household register is still not settled. I'm wondering if your family could help me with this and I still have… 80 grand! I've also bought the house so I'd want to transfer her household register to this place," Lu Shu said.

He had intended to say 120 thousand but that 40 thousand under his bed was better to be kept a secret.

Jiang Shuyi pondered for a moment, "I've to go back and ask. I can't make the decision."

Lu Shu heaved a sigh of relief, "Okay, thank you. Could you make a trip back? I'd like to have 3 drops of your blood, just from your finger will do."

He knew that Jiang Shuyi was just a high school student, and even with the identity as a practitioner, his family probably wouldn't let him have a say. Which household would let a 17-year-old child make any major decision?

Furthermore, children will always be children in the eyes of all parents.

But it was still good to ask. Lu Shu suddenly thought of a problem. He was wondering if Lu Xiaoyu could get along with her new classmates… This is a huge problem!

Based on Lu Shu's plan, even if the household register couldn't be settled, the temporary annual schooling fee of 10 thousand in Luo Cheng international school was an amount he could afford.

Could 10 thousand dollars be compared to Lu Xiaoyu's life and mental health? Of course not.

Being a big brother is so stressful.

With regards to the 3 drops of blood, Lu Shu had another purpose for it.

Jiang Shuyi had come back within a short while, "It can be settled and there's no need for money. Make a trip to the local police station in Xigong district with your account book. My brother said he's already contacted them and you should take down this number, 158…"

So efficient?! Lu Shu was surprised, "That's fast, do I need to bring anything else? Such as the birth certificate?"

He had checked before. Changing from an unregistered resident to registered wasn't so simple. There would be many information and approvals needed.

Jiang Shuyi replied, "My brother didn't mention those so you should just go. He also commended your brave and heroic performance in the remains and hope for you to continue working hard…"

Lu Shu was feeling emotional as his longtime problem was resolved so suddenly.

He once saw a news about a couple who bought a car at a 4s shop. In the end, the money was paid but they didn't receive the car.

The sales manager said, "When the car arrived, a group of people robbed it. There was nothing I could do… How about trying to contact someone else who could help?"

At that point in time, the woman was crying in the 4s shop, "We paid for the car, so why do we have to find someone else for help?"

Lu Shu could empathize with them. In the past, they were the bottom of society but it turned out that their unsettled problem could be resolved so easily.

But no matter what, resolving Lu Xiaoyu's household register was a good thing.

At this moment, Lu Shu took out a small test tube and retrieved 3 drops of blood from Jiang Shuyi who didn't question what Lu Shu wanted to do with them.

Jiang Shuyi left while Lu Xiaoyu, rubbing her sleepy eyes, appeared, "Lu Shu, who were you talking to?"

Lu She replied gleefully, "I've good news!"

Lu Xiaoyu was stunned, "What's the good news?"

"Haha, you can go to school!" Lu Shu said excitedly.

Lu Xiaoyu, "???"

"From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +999!"

What kind of good news is this? Lu Shu, are you misunderstanding the meaning of good news?!

"I'm not going! I don't want to go to school!" Lu Xiaoyu was upset.

"How can you not go to school?!" Lu Shu wasn't pleased, "You're at home all day and the old grandpa wouldn't come down too strict on you. You have to go to school and lead a normal life! If not, no more noodles, crepes or fried tomato eggs for you!" Lu Shu replied in a serious tone.

"Haha, saying that with such confidence. If you can let me have them by the next minute, I'd go to school!" Lu Xiaoyu said.

When she… suddenly saw noodles, crepes and fried tomato eggs appear in Lu Shu's hands as he placed them on the dining table...

It was Lu Xiaoyu's first time in 10 years to hate the sight of food… The first time she lost her appetite!

"Lu Shu, didn't you say your awakened power isn't culinary related?" Lu Xiaoyu was shocked.

"From Lu Xiaoyu's distress, +999!"

Lu Xiaoyu finally understood that her going to school was decided… It was hopeless!

Sleeping in! Naps! TV series! All these would be gone! Why is life so tough?!

At this moment, the little fury suddenly jumped in from the window, hugging a huge apple. Lu Xiaoyu saw it and vented, "You still know how to come back!"

Little fury, "???"

Little fury stood motionless on the window frame, wondering what exactly happened...

From little fury's distress, +1+1+1…"

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