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Before he entered the ancient remain, Lu Shu never thought that he would be battling another person. In his opinion, the opening of the ancient remains signified an exploration and adventure, with many treasures and perils awaiting them. But never did he expect so much deceit and killing in this place. To be honest, it was because the heavenly network concealed all these too well.

If he had encountered those practitioners who intended to trespass Mt Beimang at the foot of the mountain, he would have been prepared and entered the mental state of battle earlier on.

But in reality, he didn't. All the daoyuan students were training peacefully in the military base, making use of the rich magical energy to cultivate their skills. In fact, the heavenly network never had the intentions of allowing these students into the actual ancient remain.

But everything in the world would never go as planned.

Neither one of Lu Shu and Chang Hengyue made the first move. Lu Shu feared Chang Hengyue's mysteriousness as a spy while Chang Hengyue feared the sword snuggled in Lu Shu's hand.

Once a practitioner reaches class D, it was difficult for a normal sword to do much damage. The physique and structure of the body of a class D practitioner were much sturdier and durable than any normal weapon.

Chang Hengyue had a dagger hidden in his sleeve. If he suddenly struck Lu Shu at his neck or a vital part with his dagger, he might likely be able to win.

But it was human nature to protect themselves, especially their vital parts. It was instinctive.

It was akin to blinking when someone punches your face, it would be a subconscious and instinctive move.

That's why Chang Hengyue didn't make use of this opportunity to kill this Liu li in one blow.

The two people… were stuck in a stalemate again...

In reality, not many people were willing to fight to the death in battle. Everyone felt it was better to bide their time to wait for a better opportunity...

"Haha, never expected the two of us to be able to run over. You run quite fast…" Chang Hengyue took the initiative to break the silence.

"Haha, never expected myself to run so fast at a critical moment," Lu Shu replied with a laugh.

The two doubtful people suddenly found peace with each other all of a sudden...

"Let's go to a safer place to rest?"

"Good idea."

The two of them continued advancing towards a small hill. Although they were moving together, there was a distance of at least 5 meters kept between them...

People always say that there was a subconscious safety distance kept between people. If you were warmer towards a person, that person would walk closer to you.

The distance between these two people, was indeed quite safe...

Lu Shu suddenly thought. Could anyone in Luocheng's daoyuan class be a spy like Chang Hengyue? Most of his distress points amassed were contributed by his classmates, so he couldn't really identify the true identity of people in other classes.

Once they reached the hill, Lu Shu stared at the ravines below him calmly.

Who would have thought that there were so much malice and cruelty in this calm land?

The two of them claimed to come up to rest, but neither of them decided to rest and didn't dare to train as well...

The situation was extremely awkward, and it stayed that way until day broke...

The blood red moon only faded into its normal color at the break of dawn.

"Grrrr," Chang Hengyue's stomach rumbled, he must be hungry.

From yesterday afternoon till now, no one had eaten anything since they entered this realm. Daoyuan students never intended to come here, so they were not prepared and did not have any food on them.

It had almost been a day in this place. They didn't feel it when they were running, but now that they were idle, they could feel their immense hunger!

There wasn't anything edible in this place, and dying of hunger here was very possible.

But Lu Shu didn't see such a problem. As long as he ditched Chang Hengyue, he could get a few pieces of tofu from the lottery. If he was lucky, he might even get a crepe!

Damn, his mischief system could actually be so useful!

The two of them stayed there for the entire morning and Lu Shu was thoroughly frustrated. He then said he needed to relieve himself and went to a gully nearby, obtaining a piece of tofu and wolfing it down immediately before going returning.

Lu Shu, being as cautious as ever, went back by another route in fear of an ambush by Chang Hengyue.

As he got back, he chanced upon Chang Hengyue grabbing tightly onto something hidden in his sleeve.

Lu Shu was curious, and asked with his mouth still full, "What are you doing?"

What are you doing, this was what Lu Shu wanted to ask but nothing could be made out clearly as his mouth was stuffed with tofu.

He didn't worry about Chang Hengyue asking why he brought along food. As long as he didn't allow Chang Hengyue to see the process of him obtaining the food, he couldn't draw the link between the piece of tofu and his system.

Most people would probably think that he brought food along with him while others might think that his special ability was to conjure food. But all this was not important.

As Chang Hengyue looked at Lu Shu eating, he was stunned… This person actually brought food along! He actually had food!

Chang Hengyue, who had been hungry the entire day, couldn't believe his eyes!

"From…, +999!"

He thought both of them wasting each other's time would lead to both of them being casualties, but the other party was not disadvantaged in any way!

"Are you eating… stinky tofu?" Chang Hengyue questioned, he had smelled the stench of stinky tofu! He was rather confused, so he asked the question.

"Yeah, stinky tofu," This stench could not be concealed and there was no reason to lie anyway.

Chang Hengyue was utterly dumbfounded! I could understand if you had biscuits or other dry rations on your body, who would have stinky tofu on themselves?! How did he store it?! Are you mad!

Lu Shu continued to swallow the food in his mouth. As the food entered his stomach, Lu Shu felt more energetic than ever before. He had never been this hungry in a long while. When was the last time he was so hungry? Probably when he just left Fu Li orphanage, when he was hungry for two whole days. He wasn't willing to beg for food, he wasn't willing to steal, and didn't accept gifts from anyone.

He thought he would die from hunger just like that at that point in time. After that, a barbecue street stall owner took pity him and hired him as a waiter, providing him with dinner and a small wage.

At that point in time, Lu Shu only had that single meal each day.

After Lu Shu finished, he continued delaying time with Chang Hengyue, "Shall I tell you a story?"

Chang Hengyue became alert and wary. Could this trash be using the story as a guise to break this stalemate?

Only to hear Lu Shu giggling, "Steamed lamb cake, roasted duck, roasted chicken, roasted goose, braised pork, sesame chicken, roasted delights…"

Why did you memorize all this?!

"From Haruto Takumi's distress, +1000!"

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