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At the remains, night had fallen as the blood-red rays of light faded into the horizon. At least the moonlight in the remains was brighter than outside, probably due to the lack of clouds and fog.

Lu Shu and Chang Hengyue were running towards a certain direction on the yellow soil which was mottled with ravines. Under the night sky, the rows and rows of ravines looked like abysses.

Chang Hengyue wanted to test Lu Shu's strength and increased his speed on purpose. Initially, Lu Shu could still keep up but he soon started to pant and requested for Chang Hengyue to slow down.

Chang Hengyue realized that this Liu Li student wasn't as strong as him!

But he was still wary of the sword in the Lu Shu's hand. Since he had entered this remain, he must have known that the weapons inside weren't as simple as they looked. Many average practitioners had been inside but weren't good enough to obtain the relic. In the end, they would target the best weapon they could get their hands on.

These weapons could resonate with your vitality and Chang Hengyue had seen a South American expert cut a family vehicle into half in a video. Such feat wasn't possible with normal weapons.

Basically, remains were the resources fuelling the magical era. Treasures, medicine, weapons were more bountiful here than outside, which explained why all the experts were eyeing the remains!

Lu Shu observed his surroundings and noticed many dead corpses along the way, dampening his mood.

He suddenly felt tired following the spy as he had to rush along with him and at the same time acting as though he was panting. Distress points were really hard to earn...

At this moment, the mounds on the ground suddenly moved regardless of whether they were close to them. Lu Shu observed closely and not all of the mounds were moving, but that the skeletons' detection range had increased! Based on this, could it be that they grew more powerful in the night?

The ground was turning red and Lu Shu looked up at the sky. The originally white moonlight had become a bright red color, and the night was especially cold!

Lu Shu was shocked. There was a huge change taking place in the remains during the night!

In no time, the underground skeletons would have surfaced and this place would become a living hell, everywhere would be filled with walking skeletons!

The situation was quite dire and if he was too slow, he might never make it out.

At this moment, Chang Hengyue increased his speed. He had originally planned to kill this Liu Li and this nighttime situation was perfect. As long as he was faster than Lu Shu, he could make it to a safe location and Lu Shu would eventually die at the hands of these skeletons.

Chang Hengyue knew that inside the remains, there were safe locations as well. This was knowledge based on his half a year experience with remains and whenever someone was injured, finding a safe location would be the priority.

Based on his previous observations, Chang Hengyue reckoned that Liu Li wouldn't be able to escape.

Hold on, Chang Hengyue suddenly turned to Lu Shu and shouted, "throw me your sword, I'll fight a way out for you!"

Lu Shu immediately offered up the sword, but he didn't throw it. The distance between the two of them was over ten meters and by extending out his sword, Chang Hengyue wouldn't be able to reach it.

With no other choice, Cheng Hengyue had to turn around to retrieve the sword. This sword was valuable to him as being able to obtain a weapon was already worth the trip.

In the day, Chang Hengyue had just been waiting and only killed one or two skeletons. Unlike Lu Shu who encountered two armed skeletons, Chang Hengyue didn't know that skeletons could carry weapons and had all along thought that Lu Shu found that weapon...

As he turned around to return to Lu Shu's side, the skeletons already had their torsos above ground. Lu Shu suddenly screamed fanatically, "So scary! Ahhhhhh!" It was as though he had just witnessed a traumatic scene which caused him to unleash his true potential!

Chang Hengyue had already arrived beside Lu Shu, ready to retrieve the sword when Lu Shu suddenly sped ahead, leaving him behind...


Chang Hengyue almost stumbled into the ground...

"From…" another 900+ distress points...

Seeing Lu Shu running faster and faster, Chang Hengyue suspected if this scum was previously hiding his true strength or if he was really shocked into unleashing his true potential?

For normal people, a shock could cause a sudden increase in strength and not to mention practitioners. Such cases were definitely possible but Chang Hengyue felt something not right. This Liu Li running ahead would only trigger more skeletons and would I be in trouble?

When the skeletons surfaced, they would be cutting me instead of the people in front! This incurred Chang Hengyue's murderous intent. He had previously found this scum troublesome but being played like this, he really wanted to kill him!

Lu Shu continued running ahead and screaming fanatically while he received distress points… Looking at the continuous +19+41+21+38 income, this was way better than a one-time income!


In fact, Lu Shu knew that Chang Hengyue wasn't stupid and that he would eventually find a way to get rid of him. Chang Hengyue would start to have suspicions about Lu Shu's motives. Lu Shu was no dimwit either and he didn't underestimate the other party. This time, he planned for Chang Hengyue to die right there!

As long as he was running ahead, there would be a trail of skeletons to deal with Chang Hengyue.

But Lu Shu underestimated Chang Hengyue a little. His speed also increased and although he wasn't as fast as Lu Shu, he definitely wasn't a normal Daoyuan student.

Based on his strength, he must be a high tier aptitude! He should have already completed the mysterious senses chapter!

As Lu Shu just decided to increase his speed, he suddenly realized that there were no more new mounds. The two of them had escaped the skeletons and entered a safe zone!

Lu Shu gave up on his plan to increase speed and while panting, he waited for Chang Hengyue ahead in the safe zone. When Chang Hengyue arrived, the two of them stood there quietly taking deep breaths. The situation was extremely awkward as neither of them spoke.

They were both extremely conscious of each other and couldn't figure out if the other party was really out of breath...

Chang Hengyue was trying to figure out Lu Shu's real strength while Lu Shu was guessing if this person was really a spy or of some other identity...

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