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C19: The Bear

The injuries of the few youths who had escaped from the forest were not too serious. Most of them were superficial bruises. Although they were not fatal, the pain was unbearable. It could be seen that the person who laid the trap had shown mercy.

Zhang Fengyi opened his eyes slightly and an invisible wave of energy spread out from his body. The ten youths at the stream instantly felt a terrifying chill penetrate into their hearts, and they couldn't help holding their breaths as they heard the sound of "Eeeh" from Zhang Fengyi,a note of surprise in his voice.

"You guys continue!"

Four ropes suddenly dropped from the treetops. Before the two injured youths and the two youths who had broken the amulets let out a cry of surprise, the ropes were already tied to the waists of the four people. Zhang Fengyi soared into the sky as he led the four people out of the enclosure, leaving behind a voice that echoed in the ears of the youths.

After a while, a teenager who had escaped from the forest suddenly shouted, "Where's the corpse of a Mountain Collision Bull? You guys don't even have a chance to take it. Hand it over quickly, otherwise, don't blame us for being impolite …"

The youths began to clamor. First, they quarreled and cursed, but very soon, the fight over the carcass of the Mountain Collision Bull turned into a fight.

Yang Junshan was whizzing through the forest,the way was too overgrown but Yang Junshan was always able to avoid being blocked while he was moving. If Su Baozhang was still with him at this moment, he would realize that he could not keep up with Yang Junshan.

In his previous incarnation, this was an instinct from experiencing life and death tribulation. Behind him, there must have been an existence that he could not defeat. If he was not wrong, after the protective talisman was crushed, it should have attracted the attention of the cultivators of the Heaven-Shaking Sect.

Although the disciples of the Heaven Shaking Sect shouldn't take part in the hunting, Yang Junshan still had an instinct to protect himself. He didn't even bother with setting up half of the traps in the forest, and instead ran all the way until he felt that he was out of the range of the Heaven Shaking Sect's perception.

Yang Junshan leaned against a big tree and took some deep breaths, and quickly calmed down the chaotic atmosphere. The sound of light footsteps came from the forest in front of him, and Yang Junshan's expression froze, the three stone bows that he had been able to pull out three times with all his might quietly opened up for the fourth time, pointing in the direction of the sound.

"Brother Jun Shan, are you there?"

Su Baozhang's voice came from the woods. Hearing this, Yang Junshan's relaxed, and he put down the carved bow in his hand to the ground, but he did not take the Iron Feather Arrow that was drawn onto the bowstring.

"It's me!"

A rustling sound rang out, this was the sound of a branch being drawn on a person's body. With a shake of the branch, Su Baozhang's figure appeared in Yang Junshan's line of sight, and the Iron Feather Arrow was already nailed into the quiver on his back by Yang Junshan.

Seeing that Yang Junshan was safe and sound, Su Baozhang finally let out a sigh of relief, "It's good that you're fine. Otherwise, I really don't know how to explain this to Lord Village Head!"

"Just a few of them want to catch me. Hmph, another three years!"

Yang Junshan looked proud on the surface, but in his heart, he was very pleased with Su Baozhang's ability to return. Earlier, when he was being chased by the teenagers, Yang Junshan had told Su Baozhang to escape with Calculus Bovis Immortal Spirit, he also meant to tempt him, and this Su Baozhang was obviously not let him down.

Su Baozhang gave him a thumbs up and then handed him the Calculus Bovis Immortal Spirit. His face was full of excitement as he said, "Brother Jun Shan, I am truly impressed!Here, this is the Calculus Bovis Immortal Spirit I just found in the stomach of the cow. It's a middle-grade Immortal Spirit!"

Yang Junshan saw that Su Baozhang's eyes were clear, and he did not feel the slightest reluctance towards the fairy in his hand, so he said: "Alright, I'll take this immortal spirit first, it's a good start. However, a medium-grade immortal spirit is far from enough, we still have some work to do next!"

Su Baozhang was stunned for a moment, then he said, "Brother Jun Shan, actually, if you can help me get a low-grade immortal spirit, then that's fine. There's no need to take such a risk like hunting a Mountain Collision Bull!"

Su Baozhang took it for granted that Yang Junshan would use Calculus Bovis Immortal Spirit to summon the spirit, because in Su Baozhang's eyes, this intermediate grade Immortal Spirit could already be considered an unreachable treasure.

In fact, the Yellow Bull Immortal Spirit was a very popular treasure amongst the intermediate grade. Most of the younger generation from the Prominent Class and influential families were only considered intermediate grade Immortal Spirit, and might not even be comparable to the one in Yang Junshan's hands.

If it was someone else, they would have been extremely satisfied with this immortal spirit, but how could Yang Junshan only have this little bit of ambition!

Yang Junshan smiled and said, "Let's go!"

This time,Yang Junshan still took the lead. However, his walking speed slowed down significantly. Previously, when he hunted down the Mountain Collision Bull and got rid of the youths' pursuit, both of them had consumed a lot of energy.They slowed down for refection.

This time, the two headed westward, and Su Baozhang discovered that Yang Junshan seemed to be very familiar with the terrain of the Hundred Sparrows Mountain. He rarely hesitated because of his route, as if he had already calculated his next target.

Two of them had been walking in the forest for an hour, Su Baozhang finally asked with curiosity, "Brother Jun Shan, where are we going?"

Yang Junshan didn't stop. He chuckled and said, "We should be arriving soon. You will know."

Su Baozhang had no choice but to suppress his curiosity as he followed behind Yang Junshan. A moment later, a mountain breeze blew through the forest, and Yang Junshan suddenly stopped. Su Baozhang was startled, but he saw Yang Junshan standing there motionlessly, and the atmosphere froze in an instant, and Su Baozhang did not even dare to breathe.

After a while, Yang Junshan suddenly asked, "Brother Bao Zhang, have you heard anything?"

Su Baozhang was stunned, but he still focused his ears. However, he only heard the whistling of the wind and the swaying of the trees. Other than that, there were only the chirping of birds and the chirping of insects.

When Yang Junshan saw Su Baozhang's faint smile, he immediately stepped forward again. Su Baozhang followed with a face of suspicion.

However, the two of them did not advance for more than a few dozen zhang before a faint 'buzz -' sound of vibrating finally caused Su Baozhang's expression to change.

Yang Junshan signaled him to keep quiet, and said in a low voice: "Did you hear it?"

Su Baozhang nodded, but there was still a questioning look in his eyes.

Although Yang Junshan did not explain anything, Su Baozhang could see the danger contained in his actions. Thus, he tightened his grip on the Hundred Times Refined Cold Light Dagger.

As they continued moving forward, the special noise was more clear,it seemed like something was trembling constantly, after each trembling, there would be a gasp, from this gasp, Su Baozhang even recognized a joy and pleasure!

What the hell!

They squatted in a bush, Yang Junshan turned towards Su Baozhang and made a "mentally prepared" hand gesture, slowly moving the bush in front of him. Su Baozhang's eyes were wide open, his face filled with disbelief.

About one hundred and fifty feet away from the two of them, a tree as thick as a man's waist fell to the ground. Only half of a five-foot tall tree stump was left on the ground.

What was truly shocking was that beside the broken tree stump, there was a giant bear that was almost eight feet tall. It was standing there, its hands and feet were shaking, and its mouth was making "Ho Ho Ho" sounds. It seemed to be extremely … "Pleasure"?

Just as Su Baozhang was dumbfounded, the bear suddenly reached out its two forearms to grab the broken tree stump and violently pulled it in the direction it was standing in. The five-foot-tall tree stump slightly bent under the bear's power, then the bear abruptly let go of its two forearms, and the tree stump suddenly shook. It looked so happy!

"It's, it's,it's …"

Su Baozhang was unable to say anything for a long time. The scene in front of him was clearly beyond his knowledge. Not only him, even Yang Junshan's face was full of surprise and deep thought.

"This black bear looks like a Treading Ground Bear, but a Treading Ground Bear doesn't have such a huge body. Moreover, this giant bear looks like it's with, with …"

After the initial shock, Su Baozhang quickly calmed down and tried to find out the origin of this huge bear. There was a high probability that such a huge beast had immortal spirits in its body, and their quality could also be extremely high.

"Spiritual Wisdom!"

Yang Junshan immediately said Su Baozhang's confused thoughts, and Su Baozhang suddenly said, "That's right, this bear does seem to have wisdom, but how can a beast act on its own? How can it have intelligence?Seemed this giant bear should not be a Treading Ground Bear."

Yang Junshan looked at the giant bear with an abnormally deep look in his eyes, and said: "You are right, this giant bear is indeed a Treading Ground Bear, a high-grade vicious beast with spiritual wisdom, and it also has another name, 'Demon'!"

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