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The audience felt inexplicably shocked when they realized that Pill King Zhen was only at the seventh level sage realm. He was much too formidable when compared to other cultivators of the same level! Seventh level sage realm cultivators that hadn’t been eliminated yet were far and few in between at this stage of the ranking list battles. In fact, Pill King Zhen might possibly be the only one left.

Even though Ji Zhongtang’s sword technique was fierce and aggressive, it was evident that it wasn’t something beyond the pill king’s abilities to handle. It didn’t seem like Ji Zhongtang had any advantage over the pill king at all. Ji Zhongtang was fated to lose if this were to continue because the pill king wasn’t only adept at the sword. Ji Zhongtang didn’t seem to have considered all of this; he was completely immersed in his own rhythm. He performed the Coiling Dragon Sword Technique to such an extent that his every move swept up powerful gales that moved the clouds. It was ferocious and powerful, and it seemed as if it would consume all of heaven and earth. The arena was suddenly filled with sword aura that was running amok. It was as though countless ancient dragons were soaring through the arena.

“War of Wild Dragons!”  growled Ji Zhongtang. He grabbed his sword with his two hands and changed into another stance, emitting a monstrous aura. He had immersed himself fully into this sword stance. 

“Good move!” Jiang Chen laughed heartily when he saw Ji Zhongtang charge towards him with his sword. He recited an incantation and activated his own sword technique’s hand seals, “Qi is the origin of the gods, and gods the product of qi. The metallic might of the west originates from the lungs. Using the strength of the gods, I shall move the heavens!” 

Divine Five Thunder Sword Technique, strike! Since Jiang Chen possessed the magnetic golden mountain, he didn’t lack the power of metal. He summoned the metallic might of the west, and embedded it into his current attack. A formidable sword arc shot towards Ji Zhongtang’s War of Wild Dragons. It was evident that Jiang Chen wanted to make this a battle between sword techniques, as he hadn’t even wasted a single movement. Only the brave shall be victorious in a war between two enemies! Both their swords were immovable and unwavering. Neither were willing to step aside, and neither were willing to lose its keenness. 


[1] I SHALL SEAL THE HEAVENS!! *cough* okay I digress. XD

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