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The Ninesuns Sky Sect was both shocked and furious, but it wasn't like these series of events were all considered bad news to them. The sect had been trying to find a good excuse to invade the Myriad Domain for quite some time. Today, they finally had that justifiable excuse. The destruction of the Purple Light Division was a tiny blemish in the overall scheme of things—it didn't affect the Ninesuns Sky Sect's core strength at all.

Despite their initial anger, the senior executives of the Ninesuns Sky Sect were secretly bursting with joy when they sent out large groups of inspectors into the Myriad Domain. The current Myriad Domain was a mess that was being controlled by the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Great Scarlet Mid Region. This outcome displeased the Sky Sect greatly. After all, they had made their own plans for the Myriad Domain a long time ago. Unfortunately for them, their schemes weren't as great as the Eternal Celestial Capital's. In the end, a large majority of the Myriad Domain had fallen into the Eternal Celestial Capital and Great Scarlet Mid Region's grasp. To say that the Ninesuns Sky Sect's share was small was an understatement. So how could the sect possibly be satisfied by this outcome?


Setting aside the Myriad Domain that was about to be embroiled in chaos once more, Jiang Chen was currently more anxious about trying to cure Huang'er of the Generation Binding Curse, three thousand meters below the ground of a secluded area in Swordland Region. He had obtained the Requiem Wood, and only one piece of it was needed to cure the Generation Binding Curse. The Requiem Wood was the best item for purifying one's soul and nurturing one's mind. It was often used for such purposes, even in the heavenly planes.

However, the Requiem Wood that existed in the heavenly planes were much older and of higher quality than the ones in the Divine Abyss Continent. But of course, the Requiem Wood that he currently possessed was still enough to cure Huang'er's Generation Binding Curse. Although the treatment process wasn't particularly complicated, it would take a very long time to complete. According to Jiang Chen's calculations, it would take at least three to five months to cure Huang'er completely.

If the treatment really did take that long, then he might not be able to make it back for the Veluriyam Pagoda opening ceremony. With that being said, the first battle that would take place during the ceremony was the pill battle. Jiang Chen no longer had anything he wanted to attain from pill dao. Thus, the pill battles of the Veluriyam Pagoda didn't interest him all that much. After all, he was the absolute authority in Veluriyam Capital's pill dao scene. He was so great that even Sacred Peafowl Mountain had to rely on him to fight against Pillfire City. Considering how famous 'Pill King Zhen' was right now, there was no longer any need for him to prove his worth. In fact, he suspected that not even Emperor Peafowl himself was expecting him to participate in this particular battle.

The treatment process was very long, but Jiang Chen went through the entire process with extreme caution. He forbade himself from making even the slightest mistake. In reality, he had to bear a little bit of risk as well to do away with the Generation Binding Curse, as this curse was extremely potent. But he had his past life's experiences to guide him, and he was well-versed in the characteristics of the Generation Binding Curse. Therefore, the treatment process proceeded relatively smoothly. 

After injecting the Requiem Wood's essence into Huang'er's consciousness, Jiang Chen used his own consciousness to force the Generation Binding Curse against the Requiem Wood's power. The curse was slowly but surely purified like silk being drawn from woven cocoons. This was a blood curse, and thus was extremely powerful. However, everything in this world has an accompanying weakness, and the Requiem Wood was the item that could counter and purify this particular curse. Three months later, when the final trace of the Generation Binding Curse was purified by the Requiem Wood, Jiang Chen finally let out a long sigh of relief.

"It is done." Jiang Chen's eyes were bloodshot and very tired. He had been working continuously for the past few months, and the task had been exhausting for him, even with his level of consciousness.

Conversely, Huang'er felt much better and more relaxed than ever before. The darkness that had constantly overshadowed her consciousness had finally disappeared entirely. As she basked in a new degree of comfort that only normal people had the privilege of enjoying, Huang'er felt her eyes turn misty despite her tranquil temperament. She hugged Jiang Chen tightly in her arms, wanting to never let go of him. Right now, the only thought running through her mind was that this man was her sky, her earth, and her everything. She was deeply pained to see the extent that Jiang Chen had pushed himself for her sake.

"Brother Chen, knowing you is my life's greatest happiness." Huang'er murmured softly like she was in a dream. As she watched Jiang Chen sleeping soundly in her arms, she gently pressed a kiss onto his forehead with reddened cheeks. Her eyes were overflowing with infinite love. Huang'er was born with a tranquil disposition, and no young man had ever managed to leave a deep impression in her mind. But this man—she would give up even her life in order to protect him.

Jiang Chen's spirit was fully replenished after he spent roughly four full days in recovery. Only now did he have the time to thoroughly inspect the rewards he'd procured. From the battle against Lu Shinan, he had obtained a big cauldron that would serve as a good piece of defense equipment. The eight statues that had formerly belonged to the Prince of Shangping were extraordinary as well. The only regret he had regarding this haul was that the formation disk was missing. Lu Shinan had a bit more good loot on him and a shocking amount of wealth. Naturally, they were all under Jiang Chen's possession now.

Jiang Chen had also obtained a batch of sky rank spirit herbs from the Wood Demons. They were all genuine sky rank spirit herbs. He had obtained at least a dozen or so sky rank spirit herbs during this trip. Therefore, he currently possessed almost twenty sky rank spirit herbs. It was definitely a shocking amount of spirit herbs. Presently, only a handful of great emperors were wealthier than him. Of course, the greatest reward of this trip had been the improvement in his cultivation. Jiang Chen had already noticed that he was only a thin margin away from reaching the sixth level sage realm.

Taking advantage of this short gap, he shot through this boundary and completed his ascension smoothly. Jiang Chen wasn't satisfied with just advancing a single level, however. After his ascent, he consumed a Sage Smile Pill and continued to cultivate. The Sage Smile Pill had been a gift by the Coiling Dragon clan lord, and it allowed a sage realm cultivator to unconditionally gain an entire cultivation level.

Jiang Chen hadn't used it earlier because he had wanted to reserve it for this exact moment. In this way, he could ascend into the seventh level sage realm and immediately become a sky sage realm expert. Once he completed his ascension into the sky sage realm, his combat strength and cultivation would increase dramatically.Jiang Chen had used a total of three months to cure Huang'er of her Generation Binding Curse. He'd completed it ahead of schedule. However, it took him more than a month to ascend to the seventh level sage realm. When he reached the sky sage realm and felt an infinite amount of energy surging within his body, he felt truly great.

"I've finally reached the sky sage realm!" Jiang Chen's eyes sparkled with joy. His cultivation had never stopped rising since the day he started cultivating, and now he had finally reached the sky sage realm. He was confident now that he could fight against an ordinary emperor realm expert even without his equipment.But Jiang Chen didn't grow lax just because he had broken through. Making good use of the momentum from his ascension, he began practicing the Divine Five Thunderclap Sword Technique. He had been preparing himself for this sword technique since a long time ago, and now his rapport with the Pentecolor Divine Swords was almost perfect. He truly possessed the necessary qualification to cultivate this sword technique. The technique had gone through countless evolutions from complexity to simplicity, and vice versa. It was full of variations.

Naturally, Jiang Chen couldn't master the sword technique in a single day. He had to start practicing from the most basic move. The Pentecolor Divine Swords had also been modified many times and possessed great power. Even a simple move could cause a large amount of destruction and upheaval.

The first move of the sword technique was called 'Worldshaker'. The Pentecolor Divine Swords contained the True Law of Five Thunders. When it was executed, it killed with the force of the move coupled with the might and sound of thunder. It took Jiang Chen half a month to finally comprehend the essence of this first move. Out of sudden interest, he executed the move and discovered that he had accidentally shorn an entire mountain peak in half.

"Congratulations, Brother Chen! This sword technique is absolutely extraordinary." Huang'er was no fool, and she too was astonished by the power behind the sword technique.Jiang Chen chuckled, "I still may not be a match for you if you were to fight me at full force, Huang'er."

Now that Huang'er was no longer restricted by the Generation Binding Curse, there was no longer any reason for her to refrain from fighting.She smiled beautifully, "If you were anyone else I wouldn't refute them, Brother Chen. But now I can't help but think that you're just being humble."

"I'm not being humble. Back at Regal Pill Palace, it only took you one move to scare Cao Jin into fleeing with his tail between his legs. It's a legendary story in Regal Pill Palace, you know?"Huang'er giggled, "I couldn't just do nothing while you weren't around. You would've lost face if I'd allowed him to behave atrociously in front of Regal Pill Palace's entrance, wouldn't you have?"

Jiang Chen laughed loudly and happily. He felt great to see a cheerful Huang'er who was no longer tormented by the Generation Binding Curse. One of his greatest worries had finally been completely assuaged.

"I wonder where Elder Shun is, though? Even if he did go back to Myriad Abyss Island, he should've returned already, shouldn't he have?" He sighed softly as he recalled Elder Shen.

Huang'er also looked a little concerned when Elder Shun was brought up. "Elder Shun is a stubborn man, and he cares for me greatly. I'm just afraid that he isn't willing to return without the Requiem Wood. Worse, I'm afraid that he may take dangerous risks to find it.""I hope he returns soon."

Huang'er nodded in agreement, "Speaking of which, that bounty should be invalid now, right? Let's find a suitable time to take down it down later. It'll be terrible if those who saw it decided to run to the desolate wildlands to seek out the Requiem Wood and lose their lives for a mere great emperor relic in the process.

"Huang'er was born kind-hearted, so she didn't want to see someone getting into trouble for her sake, especially since she was now freed from the Generation Binding Curse.Jiang Chen nodded, "Come. Everything is done. Let us head back to Veluriyam Capital."

The duo walked out from their hiding spot and returned to Tai-ah City. The city left quite a bad impression on Jiang Chen. He never forgot the fact that Tai-ah City had aided the villainous Gong Wuji in his attempt to hunt Jiang Chen down. Now that he had returned, Jiang Chen was wondering if he could find an opportunity to show them his 'appreciation'.

However, after the two made their way into the city, they heard that the Eternal Celestial Capital and Ninesuns Sky Sect had actually started fighting each other in the Myriad Domain. The Ninesuns Sky Sect claimed that the Eternal Celestial Capital had destroyed their Purple Light Division. However, the Eternal Celestial Capital said that the Ninesuns Sky Sect was making something out of nothing so that they could invade Myriad Domain.Neither sect gave ground, considering how they were competitors who shared many hostilities to begin with. As a result, escalating tempers eventually resulted in full-blown warfare breaking out within the Myriad Domain. The news sent a surge of pleasure into Jiang Chen's mind. It's a dogfight!

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