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Chapter 859: Another Side of Wei Xing'er

Of course, it had actually been Wei Xing'er who misunderstood Jiang Chen in a moment of sentimentality. With Jiang Chen and Huang’er's relationship, their hearts and minds were completely linked. There was absolutely no need for mindless speculation from others. Furthermore, there was no need to worry that Huang’er might overthink from their interactions with Wei Xing'er. However, Jiang Chen wasn't fond of the way Wei Xing'er compared Huang’er and Ling Bi'er.

"Young madam Wei, if you have anything to say, just say it." Jiang Chen said indifferently.

When Wei Xing'er heard the way Jiang Chen addressed her, she was first taken aback, then produced a bitter smile. With a sudden flourish of her sleeves, the scarlet virginity dot that struck a sharp contrast against her snow white arm was once again jarringly exposed to Jiang Chen's gaze. Wei Xing'er bit her bottom lip as she eyed Jiang Chen. "That's right, I am a succubus. My heart is that of a scorpion's. There are certainly countless men who have suffered at my hands. However, which one of them can dare to proclaim that they are innocent? From what I can see, they all deserved to die. I am a succubus, but I'm not a cheap whore to be used by any man. I might have woven numerous lies throughout my life but everything I told you previously was the truth. This virginity dot is genuine. I am still a virgin even today." For some reason, Wei Xing'er seemed exceptionally conscious of what Jiang Chen thought of her. In Jiang Chen's eyes, she saw contempt. It left a lump of discomfort in her heart that she had to pour out her feelings.

Jiang Chen was stunned. He couldn't comprehend at all. Why had Wei Xing'er sought him out was to talk about such insignificant things? Conversely, it was Huang'er who shot Wei Xing'er a meaningful glance. She sighed quietly. "Miss Wei's virginity dot is indeed genuine. She can't make this up." Huang'er spoke up suddenly.

Wei Xing'er would never have thought that this girl standing in front of Jiang Chen would actually speak up for her. Her eyelashes gathered a little mist as she abruptly asked, "I'm still curious. Which prestigious sect does a noble young lady like you come from, for you to be have such a generous temperament?"

Huang'er laughed. "I come from a rural place. You wouldn't know even if I said it."

Wei Xing'er did not pick on her unwillingness to answer. Instead, she sighed, "There's no way a small sect could foster someone as generous as you. No wonder even that wench, Ling Bi'er, lost to you. There's nothing strange about her loss."

As she said this, Wei Xing'er's brilliant eyes shifted towards Jiang Chen, "Little boy, I suddenly thought of something. Can you tell me?"


"Wei Qing of the Walkabout Sect, did you kill him?"

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, "What, are you planning to seek vengeance from me?"

Wei Xing'er raised her brows. "You really did kill him? Then I must thank you. That brat is from my clan, but he'd always lusted after me. Not only that, he even drooled after that exquisite senior sister of yours. That kind of repulsive man pesters me when he's in the sect and troubles others when he's out. Good riddance, I've wanted to kill him since a long time ago if not for sect camaraderie. When he died, I even had to pretend to grieve for him."

"You really think so?" Jiang Chen asked, his expression not quite a smile.

"You must think that I, Wei Xing'er, was born a liar, hmm?" Wei Xing'er sighed.

"Yes, he died at my hands. But he invited his own death," Jiang Chen didn't deny anything.

Wei Xing'er nodded. "Even if you didn't admit to it, I still could have guessed. With that personality of his, he'd have kicked the bucket sooner or later. The fact that you killed him was within my predictions."

Jiang Chen didn't answer her. Instead, he asked, "Even if you've become the young madam of the Resplendent Emerald Veranda, you don't seem to want to sell us out. So what are your intentions behind calling me to attend this auction?"

"If it was anyone else, I'd have turned a blind eye. There are less than five people who have captured my interest within the entire Myriad Domain. There's an Elder Wu Hen in my sect who's always taken good care of me. He originally swore revenge on you but in the end, he retreated with your Regal Pill Palace's Palace Head instead. Tell me, doesn't that make me fortune's fool? If I'd know, I would have just left with him." Wei Xing'er was filled with regret and her tone carried a hint of sorrow. "Afterwards, our sect head was killed in the war along with many others. The few of us left became prisoners and were brought to the Great Scarlet Mid Region. Jiang Chen, we might not be as accomplished and powerful as you are in stirring up so many matters, but there wasn't a single coward nor was there anyone who turned traitor in our Walkabout Sect. Your Regal Pill Palace never lost your moral integrity. Our Walkabout Sect certainly never lost ours either!"

Her words struck a chord within Jiang Chen. With the destruction of the Myriad Domain, the Regal Pill Palace had not been the only one shattered. Various other big sects had also collapsed. Today, as he heard Wei Xing'er recount firsthand the details of the Myriad Domain's collapse, Jiang Chen was similarly shaken. The Myriad Domain had been the homeland of the Walkabout Sect as well. It had been the bloody battlefield that they had fought to protect until their last breath. From this perspective, they were all wandering survivors, nomads of the Myriad Domain's collapse.

"Since then, the Myriad Domain's cultivators that I've saved so far in this region number at least eighty, if not a hundred. Some of them were sold as slaves, others were being pursued… If I ran into them, I don't care who they are. I've spent money and effort to help them settle their past. No one knows of these things, no one understands them. Nor will anyone believe me.

"A woman who's been labelled a succubus… how could she have any kindness?" Wei Xing'er scoffed self-deprecatingly. "Truth be told, I've never been a saint. They say I'm a scorpion, that I have a heart of stone. Well, sometimes they're not wrong. Back in the Myriad Domain, I'd be too lazy to even glance at these people. I might even kill them if they pissed me off. But when I saw their pathetic figures here, I couldn't help but lend a helping hand. Perhaps this is just a case where misery loves company? After all, we're all stray dogs after our home has been destroyed. I might have squirmed my way into a moneypot, but I'm not blind to the reality that I'm still a stray dog. You ask me what my intentions are in coming to this auction? I can tell you. I was just taking a stroll here to see if there are any slaves from the Myriad Domain for sale. If there are, spending a bit more money isn't a problem if I can save them from the abyss of suffering. As for what they do afterwards or where their future takes him, I don't care neither can I care."

If Jiang Chen listened to other people pass on this information instead of personally hearing it from Wei Xing'er, he would never have believed it to be true. But, at this moment, as he stood face-to-face with her, Jiang Chen could determine that Wei Xing'er's spiel didn't seem to be a lie. She also had no need to lie. Moreover, under the watchful gaze of Jiang Chen's God's Eye and Evil Golden Eye, it was impossible for her to lie.

This rather surprised Jiang Chen. It never occurred to him that venomous scorpion Wei Xing'er, that moody and resentful succubus, would actually have such a sentimental side to her. It was just as she said. They were all stray dogs. Maybe, this truly was misery seeking company. At least, Jiang Chen was currently also wrestling with similar feelings. For any sect disciple of the Myriad Domain, after the collapse of the domain, all the gratitudes and grudges of the past had become fleeting clouds. Every one of them now shared a common identity as a stray dog, the common possession of the remnants of a broken home.

After Wei Xing'er said her piece, a smile of relief was revealed on her face. "Alright, I've said everything I needed to say. Today I am very happy, but not because I saw my enemy. There's nothing happy about seeing my enemy. We're all stray dogs anyway, seeing one would only add to my frustrations. But, you are different. You are the only one who I desire to tell everything to. Don't ask me why, because past, present or future, you will always hold such a place in my heart… Because of the way you left us helpless during the Mt. Rippling Mirage Pill Battle, because my Azure Smokesnare Powder had no effect on you, because you are the only man who dares to spank me…." Towards the end, Wei Xing'er's voice had turned into a light murmur.

Jiang Chen's face had turned completely red in embarrassment. He never would have imagined that this Wei Xing'er would view himself in such a favorable light. Huang'er also laughed softly. She took all this in without jealousy or ridicule. She was even a little moved. Whether a succubus or a goddess, everyone held love in their hearts. Everyone had their true self. Only, reality was too cruel… The sects had been destroyed and people changed. The next time they'd met, this Wei Xing'er was already someone's wife.

Wei Xing'er smiled a carefree smile filled with false confidence. She blinked away the mist gathering at the corner of her eyes as she forced a laugh. "Little boy, put that sour expression away. I'm already married off to someone else now. I never had the chance to say this during my teenage years. As of today, I haven't lost ownership of my body yet, but I have already become another person's wife in name. Other people might think that what I told you is unbecoming for a wife. I don't give a damn. If it makes me happy, I have to say it. I'm not like that lass, Ling Bi'er, so clearly in love yet so self-restrained. In the end, didn't someone snatch her man away? If I was her, I would have thrown myself into your arms long ago and taken your name. Even in death, I would at least have been your woman."

Jiang Chen had nothing to say to that. This manner of speaking was akin to that of a little demon. This was truly Wei Xing'er's style, fearless and rebellious.

"Now, you know why those people are scrutinizing me so closely, right? They're scared that I'll run off with some other man." Wei Xing'er appeared to laugh blithely, but someone as attentive as Huang'er could detect something else.

"Miss Wei, if your heart isn't here, why not leave the Great Scarlet Mid Region?" Huang'er suddenly asked.

"Leave? Where would I go?" Wei Xing'er scoffed. "I might appear as the young madam of the Resplendent Emerald Veranda, a lofty identity that's worthy of respect. But the one being respected is not me, it's the Veranda. I'm just an ornamental vase, a puppet. If I overstep my boundaries even a little, then what's waiting for me might even be a fate of eternal damnation." This was not an exaggeration. Wei Xing'er possessed at least this much wisdom.

She was very clear that her status had not been achieved by her own power. Instead, she had received it from the Veranda. If she displayed any signs of infidelity, she would inevitably land herself in hot water. Leave? How could she leave to?

Huang'er nodded lightly, opening her mouth to say something. However, Wei Xing'er waved a hand in dismissal. "You don't have to console me. I won't leave anyways. I might fancy your man, but those are all thoughts from my teenage years. I'm going to stay here and do what I can do. If you really want to make me happy, then grow stronger. Reestablish the Myriad Domain and counterattack the Great Scarlet Mid Region! If I am to leave, there is only one place I will return to and that is the Walkabout Sect. I won't go anywhere else where I'd just have to prostitute myself again anyways. At the Resplendent Emerald Veranda, I at least have some status to do some good."

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