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Chapter 858: Resplendent Emerald Veranda's Young Madam

It had to be mentioned that Wei Xing'er certainly had a bag of tricks up her sleeve. Somehow, she'd always had a way to handle men. She had a way of attracting even Jiang Chen's attention, a man unlikely to fall for her tricks. Of course, what she relied on was not her assets but rather, the fact that she was able to analyze Jiang Chen's thoughts. Upon seeing his hesitation, Wei Xing'er giggled. "You evil little boy. Back when this girl fell into your palms, why didn't you hesitate before you spanked me? Could it be that you're scared right now?"

Jiang Chen exchanged glances with Huang’er. Huang’er didn't seem too scared of this temptress either. She nodded lightly, indicating that Jiang Chen should respond to her. He thought for a second before replying, "Wei Xing'er, I don't care what status you have right now or which house's young madam you might be. If you dare to do anything unfavorable to me, it's child's play for me to take your life, regardless of how many patrons you have."

Wei Xing'er raised her brows when she heard this. Not only did she not show a trace of fear, a smile graced her lips instead. "I just love how fierce you look. I haven't seen you for a few years but it's wonderful that you've become manlier! You hold my life within your palms anyway. Do whatever you want to me, I have no objections." As Wei Xing'er said this, she shot Jiang Chen a coy glance instead.

Jiang Chen sneered. "Your little tricks have no effect on me."

Wei Xing'er spat softly. "I'm fully aware that you're being manipulated by that wench, Ling Bi’er. You're biased towards her. Hmph, what a hypocritical little girl. In the end, doesn't she still have to watch the two of you flirt from the sidelines, just like I have to?"

Wei Xing'er seemed to carry some innate hatred towards Ling Bi'er. One was a publicly acknowledged goddess of the Myriad Domain. The other was a temptress who everyone feared but yearned to get close to. Character wise, the two women seemed to be naturally seemed to oppose each other. Hence, it wasn't hard to understand why Wei Xing'er didn't see eye to eye with Ling Bi’er.

Jiang Chen frowned. "You can stop spewing nonsense now before you go too far. Didn't you say you were going to the auction? Let's go then."

Wei Xing'er was delighted when Jiang Chen agreed to go to the auction. "Little boy, you've made the right choice!" She walked back to the sedan chair and spoke to the porters and guards, "I'm bringing two friends to the auction. There's no need for the sedan."

Those people seemed extraordinarily deferential to Wei Xing'er as they did not dare defy her. Since Jiang Chen and Huang’er seemed to be a romantic couple, they probably wouldn't too a negative influence on the young madam. Hence the servants felt at ease simply walking behind the trio respectfully. When Jiang Chen saw the judging eyes of the people around him, he sneered, "You also seem to be well-regarded nowadays. These people appear as though they respect you, but why are they looking at you like you're a criminal?"

He'd originally expected Wei Xing'er to rebuff him. Who would have guessed that Wei Xing'er would only sigh lightly and indifferently reply, "You were born lucky. You have great potential and can stir up all the wind and rain you want. I'm just a weak woman. My sect has been destroyed, I have no one to rely on. Being bought by someone without being sold back and forth is already be considered a blessing."

Wei Xing'er's words left Jiang Chen speechless. No matter what grudges there had been between the Walkabout Sect and the Regal Pill Palace, they were all matters of the past. As of today, the two sects had already become part of history. Most sect members had already passed from this world too. Grudges from the past had long since been written off with one stroke.

When he thought about this, Jiang Chen's mood had turned somber. He felt that if he mocked Wei Xing'er any further, it would be an ill thing to do. However, despite his resolution to stop making fun of her, he would keep his guard up around her. As the world had changed, who knew what position Wei Xing'er now occupied? From her appearance, her status in the Great Scarlet Mid Region didn't seem to be that low. If she stood on the side of the Great Scarlet Mid Region, then she would naturally oppose him.

After all, the relationship between their sects had been complicated to begin with. Although tensions had eased somewhat towards the end, they definitely couldn't be considered friends. Once again, they arrived in front of the Dragon & Phoenix. When the wandering cultivators saw Wei Xing'er arrive, they automatically moved aside to form a path for her.

"Tsk tsk, who'd have thought that even Resplendent Emerald Veranda's young madam would be here. This auction definitely doesn't seem to be on a small scale.

"Indeed, this young madam is certainly breathtaking."

"Hehe, if she wasn't as beautiful as that, with Resplendent Emerald Veranda's top tier wealth in this region, how could she get a chance to become the young madam?" Various secretive whispers echoed around him, yet Jiang Chen could hear them loud and clear. He couldn't help but glance over at Wei Xing'er. Resplendent Emerald Veranda? Although Jiang Chen didn't know what kind of power Resplendent Emerald Veranda had, he could tell from the tone of the people around him that this entity was definitely a big shot within the Great Scarlet Imperial Capital. Moreover, it was apparently shockingly wealthy. He remained silent as he followed Wei Xing'er into the Dragon & Phoenix.

"Oh my, young madam Wei has graced us with her presence today. Please, come in, come in. Will Master Shixuan be present today?" A staff member of the Dragon & Phoenix greeted them enthusiastically.

Although Wei Xing'er had spoken to Jiang Chen with a faceful of seduction, she did not bother putting up a facade for others. Her tone was bland as she replied, "He doesn't have time."

"Master Shixuan is a diligent and hardworking man. It's natural that he does not have time. Young madam's presence here is the same." That person added with a harried smile as he seemed to have detected the distaste in Wei Xing'er's tone.

Wei Xing'er remained silent. She simply walked inwards according to the staff member's instructions. Jiang Chen and Huang’er followed Wei Xing'er in with silent amusement. Jiang Chen hadn't thought that Wei Xing'er would have racked up such a immense reputation during her time in the Great Scarlet Mid Region. He'd truly underestimated her.

After crossing a few long corridors, they arrived at a spacious site. The staff member said, "Young madam, every VIP of this area has their private area that's been separated from the outside. As Resplendent Emerald Veranda's representative, please enter this private room."

The auction hall was extremely luxurious. Although the private room wasn't big, it was cosy enough for the few of them. However, it was indeed a private room removed from the outside world. This small private room actually provided a significant advantage. When other people competed against each other, they could all see each other's conditions. However, they weren't able to see those people in private rooms. There were around fifty private rooms. The other guests were all in the hall, which could comfortably contain about two or three thousand people. To tell the truth, Jiang Cheng wasn't that interested in the auction.

After all, he'd seen auctions of much higher value in the Veluriyam Capital. Back when he'd been at the Joined Ridges Pavilion in Veluriyam Capital, the auction there had naturally been better. And it was during that auction that Jiang Chen had gotten to know Ji San and entered the upper echelons of society.

The private room wasn't that big but it contained three rows of seats that could house about nine people. Since only three people had entered, it was naturally very spacious. There was no conversation after they had entered the private room. The atmosphere turned heavy in an instant. There was still some time before the auction. As Wei Xing'er looked at Jiang Chen and Huang’er, a trace of envy was unconsciously revealed in the corner of her eye. However this look passed in a flash and was subsequently well-hidden. The other two hadn't noticed. Wei Xing'er stared at Jiang Chen. "Aren't you curious?"

Jiang Chen shrugged. "About what?"

"Curious about Resplendent Emerald Veranda or about what I'm doing here? Curious about why I dragged you to this auction? Curious about why they're looking at me like I'm a criminal?"

When Jiang Chen heard her questions, he laughed but didn't answer. He was naturally a bit curious. However, he was following the principle of not asking unless necessary regarding Wei Xing'er's matters. At any rate, he was always on his guard against this woman. It was best if he remained at a respectable distance from her.

"Resplendent Emerald Veranda has a lot of money. With money, comes power. If we're only talking about wealth, then perhaps there might be a number of people in Great Scarlet Mid Region wealthier than us. If we're talking about power, we can still enter the top twenty." Unexpectedly, Wei Xing'er volunteered this information. However, as she introduced this party, there wasn't a shred of pride on her face, much less any trace of showing off.

"You're definitely looking down on me, thinking that I'm dependent on a sugar daddy." Wei Xing'er laughed self-deprecatingly. "However, all that is already irrelevant. I know you two are on your guard around me. That's also natural. We've all changed. Even if we'd been in the same sect, you two would still be cautious around me after so long. Moreover, our previous relationship has never been very good." After entering the private room, Wei Xing'er put away her bubbly facade.

Jiang Chen did not comment. Instead he asked, "You asked me to come to this auction. Why?"

Wei Xing'er laughed. "Now, you're thinking of clarifying everything then leaving, aren't you? You're scared of me. You're scared of this succubus, scared that I'd report you at any moment? You're scared that by interacting with me, you'll raise the ire of that beautiful girl beside you?"

When he heard the hint of anger that had entered Wei Xing'er's speech, Jiang Chen sighed softly. "You're thinking too much."

Huang’er also smiled slightly. "I don't know whether you're a succubus. But I don't mind if you two want to reminisce about your past. If you need me to, I can take a step back too."

Huang’er remained as open as ever. It was as though she was willing to accept anything that happened in this world, even if the girl opposite her was called a temptress and harbored some complicated feelings towards her man. Her woman's intuition told her that this girl called Wei Xing'er probably had butted heads with Brother Chen previously. But as of today, she didn't feel any enmity emanating from her. Conversely, her declaration caused Wei Xing'er to be rather stunned, as though she was seeing Huang’er for the first time. Wei Xing'er carefully examined her for a long time before she sighed softly, "I know now."

"What do you know?" Huang’er laughed softly.

"I know why Ling Bi’er lost to you. Her attitude is too aloof. She's as pretty as a portrait but not as magnanimous as you," Wei Xing'er exclaimed.

Huang’er laughed softly and shot a glance at Jiang Chen. Actually Huang’er was fully aware of what happened between the Ling sisters and Jiang Chen. She had even seen Ling Hui'er grab Jiang Chen's hand and press it against her abundant bosom. Only, at that time Huang’er had used some clever way to cover for Jiang Chen. She'd never nagged about this matter, nor did she deny it. In reality, her impression of the Ling sisters wasn't even bad. In particular, Ling Bi'er had given up her own life to save Jiang Chen in the Paramount Realm, something that Huang’er really respected her for. Hence, when Wei Xing'er said that Ling Bi'er's personality wasn't as good as hers, she didn't preen, but rather calmly accepted it.

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