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Chapter 856: A Powerful Warning

Within the heavenly planes, the demon race was a particularly invasive race. Moreover, the assimilation capabilities of their bloodline was extremely strong. An ordinary race would be hard-pressed to avoid being turned into a demon once the demon race's bloodline assimilated with theirs. Therefore, from their bones down to the very blood coursing through their veins, the demon race could be said to be an extraordinarily invasive race. With their aggressiveness, they would not only take over a power's territory and land, but also invade people's bloodlines and souls, completely converting them into a denizen of the demon race. This was the major factor behind how the demon race had grown into a large tribe renowned around the world.

Of course, since the demon race possessed so many distinctive traits, they could definitely effortlessly dominate the world if they did not have some form of weakness. The heavens were fair. Although the demon race had a strong invasive ability and offensive power, they also had some corresponding weaknesses. For example, the bloodline of the demon race was very easily distinguishable. Due to this weakness, the moment the demon race appeared, they'd  immediately be noticed and attacked by those around them. This had also largely restricted the expansion of the demon tribe.

In his previous life, Jiang Chen had heard of the demon race but had not conducted much research on them. When Emperor Peafowl raised his questions, Jiang Chen naturally turned to words he'd heard from his non-existent "teacher". Actually, Emperor Peafowl had always been very interested in this "teacher" of Jiang Chen's. Everything Jiang Chen had done so far irrefutably indicated how exceptional he must be. A teacher who could produce such an outstanding disciple in a mere ten years—just what kind of unnatural existence was he?

Even when Emperor Peafowl used himself as a measuring stick, he could only shake his head in inferiority. As he heard Jiang Chen mention his teacher again, Emperor Peafowl couldn't help but ask, "This teacher mentioned even matters regarding the demon race to you? What opinions does your teacher have on the demon race?"

Jiang Chen shook his head. "He only introduced me to the demon race so I'd be aware of their existence. He didn't actually offer any opinion on them."

Emperor Peafowl was slightly disappointed. He had wanted to listen to the opinions of Jiang Chen's teacher, this uncommon, saintly being. When the emperor followed up with a few questions about the demon race, Jiang Chen spilled everything he knew apart from the Requiem Wood. The reason why he hadn't mentioned the Requiem Wood wasn't because he was afraid that Emperor Peafowl would fight him for it, but rather, that the emperor would not allow him to go.

After all, for a young cultivator of the fifth-level sage realm, entering the desolate wildlands was undoubtedly a dangerous matter. If Emperor Peafowl took the dangers Jiang Chen would be facing into consideration,  naturally he wouldn't allow Jiang Chen to go. When he heard that Jiang Chen had a way to counter the Wood Demon Parasites, Emperor Peafowl was shocked. "Was this method also something that your teacher taught you?"

Emperor Peafowl was beyond astonished. Was there anything this teacher of Jiang Chen's didn't know? From what he could see, this teacher was definitely not a simple person. One had to know that whenever a variant of the demon race appeared, the world would be immeasurably affected. Hence, Emperor Peafowl had previously heard plenty of news regarding the Wood Demons. He had also seen ancient records of how the Wood Demons had managed to turn an entire region into hell on earth within just a few months. Considering this, how could he contain his shock upon hearing that Jiang Chen had a way to destroy the Wood Demon Parasites?

Emperor Peafowl viewed his problems with great foresight and immediately asked, "Little friend, did you know that you've unintentionally accomplished a task of great virtue?"

Jiang Chen did not deny this. "It was nothing but a trifle. Your Majesty can ask Pill King Lu Feng for the medicine I prescribed him. If that's able to bring peace to Veluriyam Capital, then I am willing to offer it for free. If Your Majesty feels apologetic, then you can simply repay Pill King Lu Feng in some way. He's my disciple now."

"Your disciple?" Emperor Peafowl was shocked for a moment before he smiled, "Pill King Lu Feng, that old jester, I've heard of him too. He has a terrible temper. He won't show anyone ordinary a shred of respect. There must be a great story behind why he's taken you as his master."

Jiang Chen laughed, "I have yet to consider making this public. If Your Majesty wishes to carry this out, you can collaborate with him. Allowing him to take credit will suffice."

He found matters like credit rather insipid. After taking his leave, Jiang Chen returned to Taiyuan Tower to prepare for his departure the next day.

Emperor Peafowl sighed lightly. As he watched Jiang Chen's retreating figure from Sacred Peafowl Mountain, his heart filled with sorrow. "The reason Jiang Chen was born to shoulder this burden must be related to the fate of the Divine Abyss Continent. This child carries many mysteries. And I'm afraid that it's not simply because of his mysterious teacher…"

Emperor Peafowl harbored many speculations within his heart. Nonetheless, they were not important at present. What was important was the spark of hope he saw within Jiang Chen.


On a small footpath in the backyard of Taiyuan Tower, Huang'er asked in a gentle voice, "Brother Jiang, you've prepared for so long this time. Which faraway place are you planning to go?"

Jiang Chen smiled slightly, "Huang’er, even if you hadn't asked me, I was just about to tell you."

Their two hearts were connected. Just as one wanted to ask, the other wanted to answer. When they glanced at each other, they smiled warmly, clearly displaying the chemistry between them. Huang’er laughed gently, taking the playful pose of a little girl. She tapped the corner of her lips softly, "Allow me to guess?"  

"Guess." Jiang Chen chuckled upon seeing her in high spirits.

"It must be related to your native country? You want to return to the Myriad Domain?"

Jiang Chen nodded his head mysteriously, "You're half right."

"Only half?" Huang’er's beautiful eyes moved slightly.

"Yes. This matter—it's related to you," Jiang Chen hinted.

Huang’er's elegant brows suddenly arched, "Is it news related to the Requiem Wood?"

Jiang Chen exclaimed in praise, "As expected of your intelligence. I've received a clue regarding the Requiem Wood. No matter if it is real or fake, I must still pay a visit. The reason I didn't tell you earlier was because I was afraid that you'd worry too much about the gains and losses. That wouldn't be good for you."

A light smile appeared on Huang’er's face, "Then why aren't you afraid of that now?"

"Because if I keep it hidden any longer, I wouldn't be able to forgive myself."

"Brother Chen, if things were like before, I naturally would've hoped that the illness that plagued me could be cured earlier. But now? When I'm with you, Huang’er feels very comfortable. I've already forgotten all my pain. No matter my illness, my heart will remain lively." Huang’er murmured softly as she disclosed her innermost feelings. Her bashful speech carried an underlying current of steel.

Jiang Chen felt the ache in his heart worsen when he heard these words. "Huang’er, don't worry. There is nothing in the heavens or earth that can stop us. The Generation Binding Curse can't and even the Myriad Abyss Island can't. Your family clan, your rival clans…none of them can stop us!"

His tone was incomparably resolute. His eyes shone with a sense of determination. Huang’er might be a well-raised young lady from a large clan, but even so, when a young girl hears such a promise from the man she loves, her heart cannot help but be filled with happiness.

A night passed in silence. Early next morning, the two people disguised themselves, dressing up in the likelihood of wandering cultivators, before quietly leaving Taiyuan Tower. Not long after they left Taiyuan Tower, a few pairs of eyes affixed upon them.

"Report for the Saint Holy Kings! Two people from the Taiyuan Tower left in the early morning dressed in the clothing style of wandering cultivators. We suspect them to be members of Taiyuan Tower in disguise."

"What exactly is going on?"

"We have been keeping a close eye on Taiyuan Tower recently. These two people left very early, yet they are currently entertaining no visitors. They must be members of the tower."

The two saint holy kings' eyes lit up. Although there were numerous people residing in Taiyuan Tower, not many of them were significant. Apart from Pill King Zhen, the rest were all insignificant characters who would have no need to disguise themselves. Hence, the first thing that occured to Holy King Ke and Holy King Mu was how fishy this development seemed.

"Continue to pay attention to the important figures in Taiyuan Tower to see if any are missing. If none of them are missing, then the only one who could have left is Pill King Zhen."

"Also investigate any movements from the Wei father and son duo!" The two kings commanded in succession.

"Understood!" The spies left one by one. However, once they had left, the spies did not return for a long time.

As a result, Holy King Mu, who had been waiting for news all this time, began to rage. "What the hell are they doing? It has already been a few hours. If we continue to wait like this, who knows where those people would have gone already?"

"Those guys don't usually do things this way." Holy King Bei was somewhat ashamed. He was the head of the spy network in Veluriyam Capital. These men had all been trained by him. The fact that they had not brought back news even after so many hours caused him to feel as though he had lost plenty of face.

However, Holy King Ke frowned instead. "Could something have happened to them?"

Holy King Bei's expression changed. "This subordinate will personally check."

Just as he was about to get up, a hurried pattering of footsteps resounded from the corridor. Immediately, a guard responsible for securing the yard rushed in, his face full of fear as he said, "Saint Holy Kings, the spies that have been sent out have all been beheaded. Their corpses have been thrown into the yard."

"What?" The few holy kings were completely dumbfounded. They stood up one after another.

As they rushed outside, Holy King Mu suddenly shouted loudly, "Everyone, stop! Don't exit through the main gates." The people were all stunned. Holy King Mu's face was grave as he intoned, "There's danger."

Holy King Ke had also gathered his wits. He stared at the door for a second before saying, "It's been restricted. This doorway—someone has laid restrictions on it."

"Not just the doorway. All our exit paths have been restricted. We've been completely trapped." The holy king's complexion instantly turned extremely ugly.

Suddenly, a voice traveled from the void, "If the Eternal Celestial Capital would like to visit Veluriyam Capital as guests, Veluriyam Capital will not reject you. However, if you are here to cause a storm, consider this your first and final warning. If this happens again, every one of you can forget about ever leaving Veluriyam Capital again."

This voice was neither too fast nor too slow, but everyone who'd heard it felt the chill of fear penetrate their bones. The person who dared to proclaim this must be an enormous heavyweight within Veluriyam Capital. It was entirely possible that this was Emperor Peafowl himself!

In an instant, everyone had turned as stiff as stone statues. No one dared to move an inch, as though they were afraid that a single action would cause a misunderstanding that would result in a mass murder. All along they had been under the impression that they had worked in secret. They had always assumed that their plans were flawless. Never had they imagined that their each and every move had been under close inspection. As their line of thoughts trailed to this eventual conclusion, every one of them felt their blood run cold.

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