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Chapter 832: News of Ling Hui'er

Though Emperor Peafowl wasn't criticizing Jiang Chen, his words still carried a hint of admonishment. As it happened, Jiang Chen couldn't exactly refute him. He'd truly been a little selfish in that area, a little self-centered. He had to admit he'd never thought about carrying the fate of an entire sect on his shoulders. He'd thought even less about shouldering the fate of the common people. Jiang Chen  hadn't reached such a level enlightenment yet. In fact, in the world of martial dao, those who'd gained such enlightenment numbered very few.

Ye Chonglou, Palace Head Dan Chi, Emperor Peafowl, they were the only ones who'd reached that level among all those Jiang Chen had met. Only, Ye Chonglou's strength had been a little lacking despite his good intentions. On the other hand, Palace Head Dan Chi had grand aspirations, but the Regal Pill Palace's power and foundation restricted his possibilities. Emperor Peafowl's status was exalted. He was, sadly, at an advanced age, and had come to feel and comprehend the dao of the heavens. He was soon going to break through to a higher stage. When he did so, he wouldn't be able to remain in Veluriyam Capital.

Jiang Chen stayed silent, yet thoughts stormed through his heart and mind. As a matter of fact, Emperor Peafowl was the same type of person as his father from his previous life, the Celestial Emperor. Jiang Chen was convinced that if his father could see him right now, he would certainly not like this child who was cautious to a fault. To put it bluntly, the Celestial Emperor was a heroic sovereign, grand of aspiration and bold of spirit. Otherwise, he wouldn't have willingly sacrificed his own fate and power to refine a Sun Moon Divine Pill for the sake of his son, ruining natural order in the process. Jiang Chen was simply ashamed if he was held up in comparison.

Emperor Peafowl's words reverberated in Jiang Chen's mind like the rolling ringing of a morning bell, cracking, shattering the shackles of his heart, layer by layer. The chains that bound his heart, the shackles buried deep within, shattered and disintegrated one after another. All of a sudden, a spiritual flash shot inside Jiang Chen's sea of consciousness.

As if on the surface of a calm sea, waves suddenly rose on the surface of the seal in Jiang Chen's consciousness. The turbulence was miniscule, but Jiang Chen clearly felt it. And in that moment, he seemed to sense a familiar feeling, the aura of the Celestial Emperor. The feeling was almost imperceptible, disappearing in a flash from his sea of consciousness. However, that flash was like lightning illuminating Jiang Chen's mind, instantly shattering all his burdens.

"Father!" Jiang Chen was now dead certain this seal was related to his father. It had always been a nagging guess, but he was absolutely certain now. At that moment, Jiang Chen's spirit was clear and serene. The chains holding him back vanished with a trace, and he was overflowing with spirit and energy.

"Your Majesty's guidance allowed a sudden flash of insight for this humble junior. Since Your Majesty has bestowed such favors upon me, it would be rude for me to refuse." Jiang Chen's eyes were crystal-clear as he faced Emperor Peafowl.

Delight shone on Emperor Peafowl's face. "Very good, good kid! Sensible and perceptive, you're indeed someone worthy of grooming, the kind of successor I'm looking for."

"After handing Sacred Peafowl Mountain over to me, isn't Your Majesty afraid that your personal disciples will refuse to comply? That the four great monarchs under you will refuse to comply? What about about the clan lords?"

Emperor Peafowl responded with a faint smile, "Since I'm handing it to you, that's something you'll have to resolve with you strength, wisdom and ability. What, not feeling up to it?"

Jiang Chen smiled. "Your Majesty is indeed adept at goading someone into action."

Emperor Peafowl laughed out loud. "Tell me, are you confident?"

"That will depend on how much free rein Your Majesty leaves me."

Emperor Peafowl's face was resolute. "SInce I'm leaving it to you, then of course you'll be the one to make decisions. I won't put any restrictions on you. Even if you flip everything on its head, even if you turn Sacred Peafowl Mountain upside down, I definitely won't utter half a word as long as you seem able."

"Very good." Jiang Chen was elated at the promise. "Your Majesty's chiding today has set free my heroic spirit. Since Your Majesty gives me carte blanche, I'm now fully prepared for what's to come. Ten years… ten years…" Jiang Chen quietly mulled over the words "ten years."

It hadn't yet been ten years since he'd appeared in this world. In that time, he'd gone from a small place like the Eastern Kingdom all the way to Veluriyam Capital, shaking the world in his wake.

Ten years later, what would stop him from heading for the pinnacle and dominating human territories? Jiang Chen had never lacked in self-confidence. He'd never let his daring and his aspirations run free, but that had been out of fear of the consequences, not because he was lacking in either. After tossing away his restraint and the shackles of his heart, Jiang Chen instantly felt himself relax. He was now brimming with grand aspirations.

If one gave a cultivator ten years, perhaps he would only progress a level or two in the same realm. However, ten years for Jiang Chen was the same as a hundred years for others, maybe even a thousand years. After all, ever since his debut, he'd walked a road in a few short years that others would need several hundred years to travel. Hence, ten years might be a pressing constraint, but Jiang Chen didn't believe it was a responsibility too heavy for him to bear.

"Haha, kid, if I hadn't goaded you, would you be brimming with this much motivation?" The Great Emperor laughed out loud. "After the contest this time, keep hiding your strength and biding your time. You'll have to take center stage after the Veluriyam Pagoda closes. Then, I'll proclaim you as my successor. You should be aware that the Veluriyam Pagoda Gathering will have far-reaching consequences for the Capital. When the time comes, you'll have to shoulder the mantle of Sacred Peafowl Mountain's young lord, whether you do it as Pill Master Zhen or as Jiang Chen."

Being Sacred Peafowl Mountain's young lord implied that Jiang Chen would formally enter the core of the Capital, and formally compete with the other great emperor's successors.

Only the strongest could be the Capital's true master. Emperor Peafowl for example, had been the unshakeable number one for three thousand years.

"By that time, you'll have proper justification for mobilizing Sacred Peafowl Mountain's power. It wouldn't be any problem even if you wanted to use Sacred Peafowl Mountain to rebuild the Regal Pill Palace, look for your father, or even look for your fellow sect members. Even declaring war on the Eternal Celestial Capital isn't outside the realm of possibilities."

Something flickered on Jiang Chen's face, but he still immediately shook his head with a faint smile. "Declaring war on the Eternal Celestial Capital isn't a pressing matter for now, and I won't need Sacred Peafowl Mountain's power either. As to rebuilding the Regal Pill Palace, it's actually something I can think about."

Jiang Chen knew that using Sacred Peafowl Mountain's power to wage war on the Eternal Celestial Capital would be a little excessive. He didn't want to give others food for gossip.

"Haha, you are candid and straightforward; that's the thing I like most about you. Of course, it's not impossible for Sacred Peafowl Mountain to wage war on the Eternal Celestial Capital. The only thing required is a suitable reason. If it's because of the Regal Pill Palace, then you would be using your public status for a private quarrel. That would be a little low and unprincipled. But if it's for another reason, it's not impossible to fight against the Eternal Celestial Capital." Emperor Peafowl laughed out loud. "Alright, your promise today relieved me of a worry. As for the duel against Pilfire City, you'll have to prepare yourself a little anyway. Are you planning to do it in my Sacred Peafowl Mountain or are you going to go back to Taiyuan Tower?"

"I will return to Taiyuan Tower."


Jiang Chen's mood after leaving Sacred Peafowl Mountain was a lot more carefree. He'd thrown away all the worries weighing down his mind. He recognized that his life had indeed been a little constrained and stifled previously. He'd been restricted by all sorts of things. In order to handle matters in place of others, he'd fallen into a vicious circle of overcautiousness. He couldn't do as he wished or act free and unrestrained, following his heart's desires.

To put it bluntly, his hands had been tied by the circumstances. Only, no matter how cautious he was, what use had it been? Almost every bad thing that could happen happened anyway. In that case, why would he still continue like that? Just as Emperor Peafowl had admonished, he might as well live the way he wanted to live, live his life a little bolder, a little more carefree. Everything in Taiyuan Tower was as he'd left it, apart from the business that'd become much more flourishing. Every corner of every floor was bustling with activity.

"Senior brother." Shen Trifire hurried to his side all of a sudden. "You've come out of seclusion?"

Jiang Chen nodded. Seeing Shen Trifire maturing day by day, already able to take charge of the Tower by himself, was a great source of gratification for him. He nodded when he saw the latter wanted to tell him something. "Let's go inside."

Shen Trifire followed Jiang Cheng to a private room.

"What's the matter?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Senior brother, you told me to pay attention to junior sister Ling Hui'er's whereabouts last time, so I've continuously sent men to inquire and investigate everywhere. We found a clue a few days ago."

"Oh?" Jiang Chen's eyes suddenly shone bright. He had been inVeluriyam Capital for a long time now. Ling Hui'er and Ling Su should have arrived already by now. Only, because of all sorts of reasons, Jiang Chen hadn't found them so far. If Ling Su and Ling Hui'er had been able to bypass the Eternal Celestial Capital's blockade, then they'd certainly have come to Veluriyam Capital. That had been their agreement with Jiang Chen.

"Even if junior sister Ling is already in Veluryiam Capital, she still wouldn't have guessed that you're Taiyuan Tower's master. So they wouldn't have come here on their own. My guess is that, if they're already here, they should have mingled with the wandering cultivators. That's why I'd sent many informants to watch the places frequented by wandering cultivators. Yesterday morning, someone sent news that at a certain gathering place for wandering cultivators in the northern part of the city, they saw a man and a woman somewhat similar to the description of junior sister Ling."

"Is she still there?" This stirred Jiang Chen's interest. Ling Hui'er had very distinctive traits. The sight of her bosom was in and of itself rather conspicuous. This trait was extremely obvious. Facial features could be altered or masked, but she couldn't shrink her assets in that particular area.

"We don't have any further news for now. That said, I already sent more men there. When things are settled here, I had planned on going there myself."  Shen Trifire knew that any sect member of the Regal Pill Palace was very important right now. Ling Hui'er was a particularly important person even among them. Back then in the Regal Pill Palace, many fellow members of the sect had gossiped about the relationship between Jiang Chen and Ling Hui'er. Shen Trifire was of course aware of the rumors, so he simply thought Ling Hui'er to be his senior brother Jiang Chen's wife. How could he not take this information to heart?

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