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Chapter 830: Emperor Peafowl's Wish

There was no reason for Jiang Chen to deny Emperor Peafowl's intentions. Personally speaking, Jiang Chen was very impressed by Emperor Peafowl's behavior and amiability thus far. Moreover, this battle was no longer merely a conflict between Veluriyam Capital and Pillfire City. It was directly related to his personal future and fate. Therefore, the thought of retreat didn't cross Jiang Chen's mind even once.

The Longevity Pill was his!

If Jiang Chen hadn't given the pill willingly to Pillfire City, then there was no way they would get to keep it. They had to first ask for permission from Jiang Chen if they wished to use it!


That day, Jiang Chen met Emperor Peafowl once more inside the Sacred Peafowl Mountain secret realm. Although the highly anticipated battle was going to happen in less than three days' time, not a shred of pre-battle jitters could be seen on Emperor Peafowl's face. At his level, it seemed as though nothing could cause huge emotional turmoil in Emperor Peafowl. Even a matter such as this, a battle so important that it would influence the future trend and fate of Veluriyam Capital's influence in pill dao for the next thousands of years wasn't enough.

"Jiang Chen, you and I may be the only two people in the entirety of Veluriyam Capital right now who are completely unaffected by this battle." Emperor Peafowl cast Jiang Chen a rather meaningful glance before smiling.

"Aren't you worried about this battle at all, Your Majesty?" Jiang Chen blinked and asked with a smile.

"Why should I be worried?" Emperor Peafowl countered.

Jiang Chen rubbed his nose, "Aren't you afraid that I would lose this battle and negatively affect Sacred Peafowl Mountain's fate?"

Emperor Peafowl smiled freely, "I can see the flow of destiny, so why on earth would I be afraid of the effects of destiny? My eye art tells me that Sacred Peafowl Mountain will only climb to greater heights. I can almost see no possibility of you losing this battle."

"Are you that confident in my abilities, Your Majesty?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"You're even more confident in yourself than I am, aren't you?" It was as Emperor Peafowl said. Jiang Chen truly was completely unaffected by this battle.

It wasn't that he was confident in his chances of victory. The thought that he would lose simply never crossed his mind. "Oh right, I heard that Pillfire City's team has already crossed the borders, Your Majesty?"

"Yes, they have already arrived in Veluriyam Capital. Emperor Pillzenith and I have already met."

"Oh?" Jiang Chen remarked, "It must have been very interesting, not? Sparks must have flown everywhere when the two greatest emperors encountered each other."

Emperor Peafowl laughed, "What sparks? It is true that we fight each other on the surface, but drawing daggers in private is a whole other matter altogether. Great emperors wouldn't butt heads against each other easily unless their very life was at stake, young friend."

Jiang Chen smiled but said nothing in reply.

Emperor Peafowl actually took the initiative to ask Jiang Chen with bright eyes, "Do you plan to publicize your identity after this battle, young friend?"

Jiang Chen didn't think that Emperor Peafowl would ask this. A moment later, he ultimately shook his head, "My father and my sect mates are still out there somewhere. I'm afraid that publicizing my identity would put them in danger."

It was true that it was somewhat dangerous for Jiang Chen to publicize his identity with his current status in Veluriyam Capital, but if he managed to beat Pillfire City, then not even the Eternal Celestial Capital would dare act brazenly before him. But still, he didn't wish to publicize his identity. They might not be able to threaten him in Veluriyam Capital, but they could attack those who were close to him in secret.

He could imagine that his father, Jiang Feng or his Regal Pill Palace sect mates would definitely come running after hearing his name. He had no doubt that it would also give enemy forces the chance to attack them. Jiang Chen would rather investigate in secret than openly publicize his identity. If his actions enabled his enemies to threaten his loved ones, he was sure that he would come to regret this decision his entire life.

"Come to me whenever you feel like publicizing it. I will give you the greatest protection possible in Veluriyam Capital. I guarantee that not even the Eternal Celestial Capital will dare raise a hand against you." Emperor Peafowl made his standpoint very clear.

Jiang Chen was touched. No matter what happened next, there was no denying that Emperor Peafowl was treating him with great kindness. "I won't forget your kindness, Your Majesty. I will definitely win the Longevity Pill for Sacred Peafowl Mountain and send Pillfire City back with their tail between their legs," Jiang Chen also expressed his determination.

Emperor Peafowl laughed loudly, "Haha, that's a sight I'll look forward to! Emperor Pillzenith completely looks down on Sacred Peafowl Mountain's pill kings completely, and it is true that they are inferior to those of his Pillfire City. That being said, I have a feeling that the all-encompassing Emperor Pillzenith will be met with a loss at Sacred Peafowl Mountain's hands this time around, shattering their invincible legend in the pill industry. My expectation grows just thinking about it."

"The Longevity Pill is mine. If I haven't given them the pill willingly, then they shouldn't dream of keeping it to themselves. I would not have the face to meet my master if I lose."

"Alas, your master must be an expert of unimaginable heights. I can't believe that he could nurture a genius like you in just ten years time. I've dominated Veluriyam Capital for three thousand years, and I have seen as many geniuses as there are fish in rivers. But I have never seen a more skilled young man than you. If it isn't for your master, I might actually consider keeping you in Veluriyam Capital by force, young friend." Emperor Peafowl might be using a joking tone, but who knew if that had seriously crossed his mind ?

When Jiang Chen had triggered that shocking worldly phenomenon back at Precious Tree Sect, Emperor Peafowl had seen it all with his ability to observe the threads of destiny. It had came as a great shock to the emperor. Even he hadn't triggered such a ridiculous worldly phenomenon the day he broke through to become a great emperor. Now that he had seen Jiang Chen with his own eyes, the flow of destiny circulating around the youth was to a degree he had never seen in his whole life. It would be stranger yet if Emperor Peafowl wasn't tempted to bring a genius like this into his camp.

He had forcefully suppressed his ability to perceive the heaven's dao and stayed in Veluriyam Capital because he was waiting for a successor of great talent and destiny to succeed him. In his opinion, Jiang Chen was the best choice he'd ever seen. That was why he had never given up trying to take Jiang Chen as his disciple these past few days.

Although Jiang Chen found Emperor Peafowl a lot to his liking, he still found it somewhat difficult to accept the emperor as his master. After all, he couldn't just forget his past memories, and in his past memories, the only person worthy to become his master was his father, and no one else. Be it Ye Chonglou or Palace Head Dan Chi, Jiang Chen had thought both of them as his friends and seniors despite their age difference. He had never given them the salute of a disciple.

In terms of seniority in this lifetime, he deserved to be called a junior considering his age and status. However, a master and disciple relationship was a lot more serious. Naturally, Jiang Chen didn't wish to take a secular world's expert as his master. After all, there literally didn't exist anyone in the entire Divine Abyss Continent who could guide him along the path of martial dao.

He had no doubt that Emperor Peafowl was tens and hundreds of times stronger than him right now. At the very least, there was zero harm in accepting Emperor Peafowl as his master at the moment. Moreover, the emperor could pass down many things regarding actual combat. But still, Jiang Chen couldn't overcome that final hurdle in his heart. He couldn't help but feel a little something keeping him from accepting Emperor Peafowl as his master.

Thankfully, he had this fake 'master' to use as his shield. Therefore, turning down Emperor Peafowl's offer was less awkward than it could've been. After all, his fake 'master' sounded a lot more mysterious and powerful than even Emperor Peafowl. Experts attached great value to their inheritances, so naturally they couldn't forcefully take in another master's student. It would be a breach of the rules of martial dao.

"I am very grateful, Your Majesty. It's just that my master once told me that the ten years of skill he imparted to me is enough for me to use for an entire lifetime. He forbade me from accepting another expert's offer to teach me, or it would constitute a breach of the rules."

Emperor Peafowl waved his hands gently and smiled, "That is exactly right. Do not worry, young friend. Even if your master is just an origin realm expert, I would not force you to take me as your master." He wasn't that narrow minded considering his position as the heavyweight of an entire faction. However, Emperor Peafowl immediately smiled again, "That being said, I do have an idea."

"Please speak, Young Majesty."

"You and I are like old friends, even though we met not long ago. Perhaps a master disciple relationship does not yet exist between us, but that doesn't mean I can't pass down my inheritance to you."

"What do you mean, Your Majesty?" Jiang Chen was surprised.

"You and I are the only ones here, so I shan't speak in circles, young friend. I had three direct disciples, and two are left after one was killed by my own hands. Both of them are preeminent geniuses of their time. However, they still lack a quality that would enable them to carry certain responsibilities on their shoulders; a quality that only you currently possess. It is not yet time to pass on the torch of Sacred Peafowl Mountain's fate."

"You can always wait a little longer, right?" Jiang Chen smiled.

"I'm afraid that isn't possible for much longer. I can miss the heavenly law's the first and second summons, but I absolutely cannot miss the third time. If I do, I am afraid that the law would smite me." Emperor Peafowl sighed softly, "In the next ten years, I must either obey the heavenly law and refine the empyrean decree, or perish and enter the cycle of reincarnation."

Ten years? Jiang Chen looked shocked when he heard this, "Your time is that short?"

"Ten years is just an estimate, but that is more or less the right time. That's why I'm so curious: What kind of method did you use to stop the Coiling Dragon clan lord from losing his cultivation?" There was no need to tell this to others, but Emperor Peafowl's insight was so great that it obviously couldn't be hidden from him. Therefore, Jiang Chen had no choice but to tell the truth.

"This is something your master taught you?" Emperor Peafowl let out a soft sigh. He was filled with respect and admiration after he finished listening to the story. Jiang Chen nodded.

"Then the Pinecrane Pill truly exists?" Emperor Peafowl suddenly asked.

Jiang Chen nodded, "It definitely exists."

Emperor Peafowl's pupils contracted a little when he heard this. He continued, "Did your master teach you the method to refine the Pinecrane Pill?"

Jiang Chen couldn't lie in front of Emperor Peafowl, so he had no choice but to nod in acknowledgment.

"So you mean that if the ingredients are present you could try refining the Pinecrane Pill too?" Emperor Peafowl's eyes shone brightly.

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