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Chapter 811: Taiyuan Lodge Is Done For Again

Perhaps it would've been better if he hadn't said anything. The crowd erupted in hisses when Wang Tong turned to them.

"Motherf*cker, piss off with your trumped-up charges! Is there anyone here  who's unaware of your clan’s code of conduct? It’s one thing to be a despotic oppressor and bully the weak, but you’re even a thief who colluded with foreign scum!"

"And the most despicable is selling a Longevity Pill worth two million for ten million. Even a leech doesn't suck out the people’s lifeblood like that!"

"Please, honored lords of the Peafowl Guard, you mustn’t let this slimy and evil father and son duo get away with it!" The voices denouncing the Majestic Clan all of a sudden became an endless, crashing tide.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were icy when he witnessed everything from the shadows. His chest was filled with elation. Weren't you very full of it? Weren't you quite adept at exploiting the situation to your own advantage? Weren’t you counting on the Longevity Pill to make you a fortune? Then I’ll use the Longevity Pill to bury the two of you and your Majestic Clan!

He had been the one to plan the entire scheme. The pieces had all fallen in line when he'd  made the decision to gift away the Longevity Pill’s recipe. To begin with, Sacred Peafowl Mountain had merely lacked an opening. They’d also thought this plan feasible after he'd shared it with them. They’d immediately inspected the recipe, and Jiang Chen had spent the entire night teaching the two pill kings how to refine the pill. The two of them were ninth-level pill kings, both outstanding in their study of the dao of pills. Together with Jiang Chen’s guidance, it’d taken them very little time to learn how to produce the pill. That was how the Longevity Pill had become the Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s pill recipe.

With this underlying basis, the Sacred Peafowl Mountain had more than enough justification to spring into action. This was the reason why they'd arranged such a play to back the Majestic Clan into a corner. The origin of the Longevity Pill recipe had always been a mystery to begin with. The critical part was that the Majestic Clan couldn’t explain themselves fully either. They had first resorted to sophistry, then mentioned the Celestial Eternal Capital's name. Such a change of tune naturally wouldn’t convince anyone.

On the contrary, the Peafowl Guard had always asserted that the Longevity Pill was the property of Sacred Peafowl Mountain. They’d never deviated from this line from start to finish. Then they’d displayed an upper-rank Longevity Pill and instantly crushed the Majestic Clan’s Longevity Pill. This pill might look a minor thing in the larger scheme, but it was an extremely important piece of evidence. It instantly convinced those previously skeptical to trust Sacred Peafowl Mountain. Furthermore, the Majestic Clan’s story was full of holes. Captain Kong hadn’t let any of them pass by freely and constantly battered at them.

All of a sudden, the Majestic Clan side was riddled with loopholes while Captain Kong and his men pressed every opening. On top of all that, the Majestic Clan had set the price of the Longevity Pill at ten million saint spirit stones. This was a price that infuriated the public. They all heard this Longevity Pill was only worth two million! Let alone, the Majestic Clan had even stolen this pill recipe. In their rush to rake in more wealth, they’d put it up for sale before even verifying whether there were any side effects! In comparison, the Sacred Peafowl Mountain had been very conservative while studying the recipe. They hadn’t been in a hurry to sell before they collected sufficient data. This contrast made the Sacred Peafowl Mountain look serious and responsible, worried about everyone’s safety, while the Majestic Clan was blinded by wealth and didn’t have any scruples using the wandering cultivators as their guinea pigs. It was obvious at a glance which side was more deserving of trust.

Seeing the Majestic clan lord’s speechless dismay, Captain Kong shouted, "Since you already admit your guilt, then obediently come back with us to the Sacred Peafowl Mountain!"

The clan lord shuddered from head to toe. "I’m not going with you! You’re framing me! The Peafowl Guard is showing quite some daring today to frame a great clan! I won't accept this! I want to see His Majesty Great Emperor Shura!"

"Dream on!" Captain Kong sneered. "Stealing Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s pill recipe is a crime that even Great Emperor Shura can’t save you from!" His face turned stern. "Attention, Peafowl Guards, take away the Wang father and son as well as the Taiyuan Lodge’s pill kings. Kill anyone who resists!"

"Let’s go!"

A myriad of expressions flashed in quick succession on the Majestic clan lord’s face. He was clearly debating the best course of action in his mind. He knew full well he still had a lifeline left to him if he could break through from this encirclement. Perhaps he could escape disaster if he fled to Great Emperor Shura’s side. However, his son would certainly be killed on the spot if he were to flee. They would also take the opportunity to execute all the pill kings. He would have no one left by then. Whatever aspirations, whatever ambitions he had, they’d scatter like smoke. The most important thing was that he might have some confidence in making good his escape, but it wasn’t an absolute guarantee! Moreover, if he were to flee with his life all by himself, then the question of how much use he would be and how much value he would have for Great Emperor Shura would also arise.

After much deliberations, the clan lord clenched his teeth and announced to the great clans allied with him, "Clan Lords, you know I am innocent. Please go to His Majesty the Great Emperor and plead for me. Tell His Majesty he must save us."

To clash head-on with the Peafowl Guard right now was definitely not a clever choice. His only choice was to beg Great Emperor Shura. Only the great emperor could save him and save his son.

The Peafowl Guard wasn’t planning on dilly-dallying. "We're counting to three. If you’re still not leaving with us then, then there won’t be any need to leave."

His eyes bloodshot, his chest filled with a feeling of humiliation, the clan lord still stood up nevertheless. "I’m coming with you! Don’t feel so pleased with yourself though. Great Emperor Shura will never let you get away with your sinister plot."

"You still want to quibble even when death is knocking at your door? The evidence is foolproof. The more you argue, the more wretched your fate will be!"

"You even had the gall to steal something from Sacred Peafowl Mountain, you even dared collude with foreign powers and leak Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s secret recipe. You really deserve death!"

These successive accusations were like thunderbolts striking the clan lord. He couldn’t hold back the urge to twitch. The Peafowl Guard took away the father and son from the Majestic Clan, as well as the pill kings. They parted the crowd apart and left with great fanfare. Only the Shura guards and the clan lords were left behind, flabbergasted.

"Why are you still staring like fools? Hurry up and notify the Moon Monarch!"

"We must notify His Majesty Shura at once. Big trouble’s brewing this time."

"Alas, who would have thought a Longevity Pill recipe would cause so many problems."

"I also thought it weird. I kept asking the clan lord where the Longevity Pill came from, but he always skirted around the subject. Could he really have gotten it from the Sacred Peafowl Mountain?" This time, even the Majestic Clan’s allies were suspicious of the clan lord. After all, they’d also previously inquired about the pill’s origins, but the clan lord had always acted secretive and had never been willing to reveal the truth.

"What the bloody use is there talking about this now?" The Shura Guard captain was furious. "Hurry to the Shura Palace and report to His Majesty and the Moon Monarch!"

"Right, the Moon Monarch is Lord Wang's sworn brother. He definitely won’t sit by idly and watch this happen." These great clans had looked grand and imposing when they’d arrived, but now they looked like stray dogs, one and all. They were all cutting sorry figures. Their fighting spirit was obviously rock bottom after the Peafowl Guard’s maneuver. It hadn't been their business to begin with. If the Majestic Clan had really stolen Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s pill recipe, they would also follow suit and be covered in shame. The Murong clan lord’s frown was particularly intense. He was the most nervous one, and also the most afraid. If the Majestic Clan’s pill recipe had truly been stolen from Sacred Peafowl Mountain, and if they’d even smuggled it to the Eternal Celestial Capital, then the Majestic Clan was done for. This might compromise anyone associated with the Majestic Clan. With the Murong Clan so close to the Majestic Clan, they’d definitely be implicated. After all, the Murong clan lord and the Majestic clan lord were brothers-in-law!

Sacred Peafowl Mountain’s paper seal was stuck to the front of the Taiyuan Lodge. It was two simple strips of paper, yet more frightening than any seal. No one even had the guts to approach within three meters of that area. The previously resplendent Majestic Clan had become so miserable and desolate in the blink of an eye. Looking at the Taiyuan Lodge’s shattered signboard lying on the ground, everyone lamented.

"Retribution really comes quicker than one imagines!"

"Isn’t that so? They took revenge against House Wei’s father and son, but forgot their own butt wasn’t clean. Serves them right!"

"House Wei is so honest, and their pill king has genuine ability. The Majestic Clan lashed out at them simply out of jealousy."

"That’s right. The Majestic Clan has always been like this. They can’t tolerate others. It’s best to eradicate such a faction as soon as possible, or else they might become a disaster for the Veluriyam Capital in the future."

"Indeed. The Peafowl Guard’s actions are really gratifying this time!"

"Isn’t that so? The Peafowl Guard has always been fair and impartial. Otherwise, do you think they could have stayed the number one faction in the Capital for so long?"

"Right. Today showed us the Peafowl Guard’s indeed more reliable. In comparison, humph…" The crowd hadn’t yet dispersed from the street. Everyone obviously felt today’s trip had not been in vain. They’d originally planned to visit the Taiyan Lodge on the first day of their reopening and see whether something interesting would happen. Who would have thought they’d really get to see such a great drama? They had to admit it felt very satisfying. In particular, many people felt gratified when they saw the crestfallen Majestic father and son taken away by the Peafowl Guard.

Inside the crowd, Pill King Lu Feng was also delighted. Seeing the Majestic Clan in deep trouble of course made him ecstatic. He walked to the shattered signboard and viciously spat on it. He swore, "A great clan that doesn’t practice virtue and doesn’t accumulate positive karma, serves you right!"

Pill King Lu Feng’s steps became light and spry as though he’d been cleansed by the spring breeze. He walked away. The drama had about come to an end. On the way back, he suddenly ran into two people barring his path. "Pill King Lu Feng, throwing away the Majestic Clan’s invitation and secretly watching the show unfold, wasn’t it very interesting? Come, take a walk with us!"

Pill King Lu Feng suddenly grew furious. "What the hell are you, get lost!" He threw a punch, but the one in front laughed mischievously. "Hehe, you damn old man, did you really attack me? I wouldn’t have asked you for a favor last time if I’d known."

Pill King Lu Feng froze as soon as he heard this voice. "You… Young master San?"

The other person came forward and patted his shoulder. "Ole Lu, I’m quite pleased with your attitude this time, you passed my test. I am thinking of formally accepting you as my disciple." This voice naturally was Jiang Chen.

"Honored master?" Pill King Lu Feng was overjoyed when he heard this voice.

Jiang Chen was all smiles. "Let’s go, we’ll chat after we go back."

Jiang Chen and young master Ji San had arrived at the scene some time ago. Only, their sole mission today was to watch the drama unfold. However, while watching, they’d also been observing the others at the same time. They’d inadvertently noticed Pill King Lu Feng throw away the invitation card, spit and step on it. Jiang Chen found it funny, and he’d also understood that Pill King’s intent to seek refuge with him was indeed sincere and genuine. Otherwise, since he didn’t know Jiang Chen was present on the scene, he naturally couldn’t have deliberately put on a front for him to see.

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