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Chapter 809: Take Them Down

Still concealed, Jiang Chen was amused when he heard the Majestic clan lord's words. The Majestic clan lord still thinks that the Peafowl Guard has nothing on them. In reality, Jiang Chen had been present for quite a while. It was just that he couldn't make an appearance because of what would happen next. Therefore, both young master Ji San and him had disguised themselves as solo cultivators and watched the show unfold from a hidden corner. They were extremely pleased to see the Shura Guard stumped for words at the hands of the Peafowl Guard.

As for the Majestic clan lord, he was still smiling calmly, righteous in the belief that his words had demolished Captain Kong's cause. If Captain Kong was smart, he would be taking his men away right about now. However, the clan lord didn't see the embarrassment he expected on Captain Kong's face. In fact, Captain Kong's face turned chilly, "I see the Majestic Clan isn't going to be convinced unless we show you reality! Are you still going to be remain stubborn and resist to your last breath?"

His words only confused the Majestic clan lord. Do you really understand the rules, Captain Kong? Where on earth do you get your confidence? You say that I won't be convinced unless I see reality? Whatever do you mean?

The Majestic clan lord had thought the Peafowl Guard had learned of the clan's partnership with the Eternal Celestial Capital, but that was nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. It was perfectly normal to cooperate with another entity and act as an agent to sell pills. The only reason the Majestic Clan didn't want to reveal the partnership was to give Veluriyam Capital the false impression that they were the refiners of the Longevity Pill. Although his decision was a little selfish, it was hardly an important matter, much less one that broke the law.

"I'm afraid I don't understand what you're talking about, Captain Kong. The Majestic Clan has done nothing wrong, so naturally there's nothing to admit. Please be aware that there are countless witnesses here, if you really are planning to intimidate the Majestic Clan using the Peafowl Guard's authority or frame us, Captain Kong." The Majestic clan lord was actually subtly threatening Captain Kong instead.

Captain Kong smiled eerily and nodded all of a sudden, "Very well. I will take that as an admission that you will turn down your final chance to confess your crimes. Don't say that I never gave you a chance, you hear? Men, arrest the Wang father and son and seal off Taiyuan Lodge. You have permission to kill anyone who resists!"

The open kill order that came twice in a row caused the conflict to escalate in a matter of seconds. The Majestic clan lord and his son turned deathly pale. Wang Teng especially cried out in grievance, "What the hell? This is persecution!"

Captain Kong smiled coldly, "That's your forte, no?"

Once he was finished, Captain Kong swept a glance across all other clan lords who were partaking in today's event, "Everyone, are you going to watch from the sidelines? Or are you going to step into this mess yourself?"

These clan lords were all Emperor Shura's subordinates and the Majestic Clan's diehard followers. There was no way they could allow the Majestic Clan to be detained without saying anything. Even if they couldn't resist, they had to say something in support of the Majestic Clan.

"Captain Kong, we are in no position to comment about the Peafowl Guard going about their business, but law enforcement has to have a basis in law, does it not? At least tell us what the Wang father and son did wrong, or how can the masses be convinced otherwise? We clan lords are the Majestic Clan's friends. There is no way we can let you take the Wang father and son away without good reason!"

"Yeah, there must be reason behind this!"

Captain Kong was also well aware that these people were diehard supporters of the Majestic Clan. He smiled coldly, "Everyone, my advice to you is to stay out of this business, for it won't be worth it if you accidentally get yourself involved in the ensuing mess. This is my final warning: back off. If you don't, we shall treat you as accomplices and arrest you as well."

These clan lords didn't think that Captain Kong would act this forceful. They exchanged uncertain glances with each other. Although they had the courage to speak up on behalf of the Majestic Clan, that didn't mean that they actually dared to go up against the Peafowl Guard. The Guard represented Emperor Peafowl. If they dared to offend Emperor Peafowl, the emperor himself might cause a river of blood to flow at their expense. The emperor quite literally could slap them into meat paste if he so wanted. Although these clan lords looked impressive and awe inspiring in Veluriyam Capital, their posturing was only effective to people who were beneath their stature. They were nothing but ants before a great emperor, and especially Emperor Peafowl. It was said that Emperor Peafowl was a supreme expert who could apparently handle three great emperors on his own. Even great emperors didn't dare pick a fight with Emperor Peafowl, much less the emperor realm cultivators present.

The Majestic clan lord laughed loudly at this, "Very well, very well. The Peafowl Guard truly is mighty and baleful. Everyone, I do not ask you to offend the Peafowl Guard for my sake. I only ask that you report this injustice to Emperor Shura so that he may seek out justice for me."

The Majestic clan lord also knew that enforcement carried out by the Peafowl Guard could not be stopped. If they tried, the Peafowl Guard would kill them all without mercy. Their words were definitely not empty threats, which was why he wasn't going to try at all. He was now even more certain that this was Emperor Peafowl's subordinates purposely trying to cause trouble for the Majestic Clan and take revenge for the capture of the House Wei father and son. However, while the Shura Guard had created 'evidence' before they made their arrest, the Peafowl Guard had merely ordered an arrest without producing any at all.

Not only was the Majestic clan lord not panic-stricken by the situation at hand, he was even feeling a little pleased. Come on then, arrest me. Let's see how you're going to conclude things once you've made the arrest. Of course, you can punish me first before trying me for my crimes, but if you did that, then not even Emperor Peafowl can handle the backlash!

He actually felt safe when he thought up to that point. The clan lord continued to show off his poise in spite of his arrest, "Everyone, I hereby thank you for attending today's event. I am sure that you know in your hearts who is in the right and who is in the wrong today. Some people think that they can hide the truth from the world, but they are wrong! I know that I am innocent, and although they've arrested me today, it is only a matter of time before they'll have to set me free, safe and sound later!"

His words sounded both just and forceful. The Majestic clan lord was very deft at rousing sympathy. His touching plea actually made plenty of neutral parties on the scene feel that the Peafowl Guard had acted a little overbearing this time. Perhaps it was true that the Majestic Clan was a victim of revenge. Setting aside what had happened to the House Wei father and son, it was undeniable that the Peafowl Guard's current actions seemed a little unfair.

Captain Kong paid the murmurs of the crowd no heed however. With the trace of a sneer lingering around the corner of his mouth, he oversaw his subordinates taping Taiyuan Lodge's entrance shut. In fact, some of the Peafowl Guards also took down Taiyuan Lodge's shop sign and smashed it to bits. They gave the Majestic Clan no face at all. The entire process was carried out in crisp, clean, and overbearing manner.

The Majestic clan lord was bleeding on the inside to see his beautiful shop sign being smashed into bits after it'd been just hung atop his store, but he was also sneering inwardly. You can throw your weight around all you like now, but you absolutely won't get off scot free later!

When everything was done, Captain Kong swept an indifferent glance across the Majestic Clan faction. "Who are the pill kings registered under Taiyuan Lodge?"

The Majestic Clan's pill kings all cowered behind the closest piece of cover they could find. However, Captain Kong had already investigated their identities beforehand. He locked his gazes on these people as they were dragged mercilessly out into the open.

The Shura Guard commander sneered, "You may be feeling happy now, Kong, but I dare say that you won't be able to settle this later! Detaining a clan lord like this! Your gall is greater than the four monarchs under your Emperor Peafowl."

Captain Kong smiled indifferently, "I'm sorry? Did you say you wanted to join them at Sacred Peafowl Mountain?"

The Shura Guard commander simply sneered and said nothing, knowing that the odds were against them right now. It was only after Captain Kong had done everything that he needed to do that he finally cupped his fists to the crowd, "Everyone, I am sure that some of you think that we have acted a little hastily and over aggressive, didn't you? But I'm sure you won't think the same way if you knew just how angry we are right now. I am sure that you'll think even less of the Wang father and son's innocence once I tell you the truth." He stared coldly at the Majestic clan lord, "Clan Lord Wang, why did you not answer me when I asked you where your pill recipe was from? If you won't answer this question, then I'll be the one to tell everyone where you'd gotten the Longevity Pill's pill recipe!"

"What on earth are you trying to say?" the Majestic clan lord sneered.

Captain Kong declared loudly, "The Longevity Pill's pill recipe originally belonged to the Sacred Peafowl Mountain. However, not only did this Majestic Clan somehow manage to steal our pill recipe, he actually had the gall to build Taiyuan Lodge and sell the Longevity Pill openly! Now you tell me if the Majestic Clan should be punished for their crimes!"

What?! His words was a tidal wave that caught everyone by surprise.

The Longevity Pill's pill recipe was originally Sacred Peafowl Mountain's?!

The Majestic Clan had stolen the recipe from Sacred Peafowl Mountain?

Oh… no wonder the Peafowl Guard would muster so many men and make such a big fuss! The Majestic Clan had been a little too bold to pull this kind of stunt, hadn't they? How dare they steal something that belonged to Sacred Peafowl Mountain? The onlookers who hated the Majestic Clan from the start immediately started to hoot.

"I see, no wonder. Well done, Peafowl Guard! You're utterly shameless, Majestic Clan!"

"Yeah, well done! I can't believe that a great clan would commit thievery. This is an insult to our civilization!"

"I knew it, the Peafowl Guard has always been fair, so why would they suddenly oppress the Majestic Clan for no reason? Where's there's smoke, there's obviously fire!" More and more were standing up and accusing the Majestic Clan. It was obvious that the Majestic Clan's reputation had always been bad, and they had annoyed people even more with their exorbitant pricing earlier. In comparison, the Peafowl Guard maintained their image as a mysterious but fair unit. They represented the peak of Veluriyam Capital, and they had always been loved by all. Naturally, they trusted the Peafowl Guard over the Majestic Clan.

Don't tell me that the Peafowl Guard would accuse the Majestic Clan wrongly! They wouldn't make such a claim without sure evidence!

A boom resounded in the Majestic clan lord's mind. He was obviously blown a little off his feet by Captain Kong's words. However, he quickly regained his cool and laughed loudly. "What a joke, what a joke! Sacred Peafowl Mountain's pill recipe, you say? What a bold claim to make, Captain Kong! Let's not forget just how heavily guarded Sacred Peafowl Mountain is. Is it really possible for the likes of me to slip into such a place? Moreover, since when did Sacred Peafowl Mountain possess the Longevity Pill? If you did, why haven't you promoted it despite possessing such a revolutionary pill?"

One had to admit that the Majestic clan lord was very good at capturing the important points. He immediately won some support with his words. For a time, everyone's gazes were directed to Captain Kong once more. It was obvious that they were waiting to listen if Captain Kong had any further evidence to support his claim.

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