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Chapter 800: The Coiling Dragon Clan Turning of the Tables

Young master Murong had brought a large group of people with him and thus had held the advantage in numbers at first, since Jiang Chen’s group only had three people. However, young master Ji San and his men’s appearance suddenly turned them into the losing side with an absolute disadvantage. Furthermore, young master Ji San had a high cultivation, a genius just half a step away from reaching emperor realm. Every time he took a step towards Murong Qiu, a few beads of sweat would surface on the latter’s forehead. Uncle Tuo stared closely at young master Ji San with bloodshot eyes. He looked like an animal desperately protecting its young.

“Don’t act rashly, old hunchback. If you want a fight, you’ve got one right here!” Captain Mo chuckled oddly before he sprang off the ground on the balls of his feet. He drew a circle in the air with a hand, drawing it back and slamming it through the circle to send a palm strike flying towards Uncle Tuo. Even the simplest technique possessed tremendous power when executed by an emperor realm expert. It was a power that could shake mountains and move the world itself.

Uncle Tuo didn’t dare look lightly on Captain Mo’s attack as he yelled, “Protect the young clan lord!”

As he said this, he crossed his arms in front of his body, receiving the palm blow as he strove to dissipate it. He pushed forward like he was turning a millstone, eventually dispelling Captain Mo’s palm strike. An exchange of experts was an extraordinary occurrence. Although it looked like they were fighting in close combat, in reality the two clashed many times with their domains as well. They were both emperor realm experts, and they both had a rough understanding of the other’s strength. As such, there was no need to deploy their emperor domains in full from the start. An emperor’s domain could cause a lot of destruction. The people around them might be hurt because of it.

But although they hadn’t fully deployed their emperor domains in full, the resulting impact of a tentative exchange was still shocking. The surrounding folks faltered on their feet a little every time. In fact, Captain Zhang literally staggered backwards. Jiang Chen remained unaffected. He gently stepped in front of Huang’er to protect her from the shockwave.

Huang’er giggled, “I’m fine, Brother Chen. This tiny bit of aura can’t hurt me.”

Although she couldn’t use her consciousness, Huang’er was born of Myriad Abyss Island and possessed immeasurable strength. How could she possibly be blown off her feet by these little aftershocks? The Murong Clan was a second rate clan among all 28 clans in Veluriyam Capital, and so on a completely different level compared to the number one clan, the Coiling Dragon Clan. Moreover, they hadn’t brought their most elite troops with them this time. However, young master Ji San had brought only elites to Jiang Chen’s rescue when he heard that Jiang Chen was in trouble. Therefore, this battle already heavily favored one side before it had even truly begun.

Young master Murong Qiu looked pale as he watched his bodyguards being taken down one after another by the fearsome Coiling Dragon guards. “You go too far, Ji San!” Murong Qiu yelled loudly, “We are both members of great clans. What can you possibly do to me? If you kill me, even the seven great emperors will not tolerate the Coiling Dragon Clan!”

Although Murong Qiu was afraid, he was an unyielding person. Instead of begging for his life, he tried to verbally attack young master Ji San instead.

Young master Ji San smirked. “I can kill you as easily as I kill a dog, but I only plan to teach you a lesson on manners today.”

With that said, he took a step forwards and arrived in front of Murong Qiu. Ji San swung his arm back and punched straight at Murong Qiu. Murong Qiu was a seventh level sage realm expert, and hadn’t gotten to that level with external help. He clenched his teeth, patted the silver ring in his hands once, and conjured many sharp, silver rings of slaughter into existence. With a growl, they cut towards young master Ji San.

This Silver Ring of Slaughter was a retractable killing weapon.  However, young master Ji San was a genius just half step away from reaching emperor realm. He was stronger than even Cao Jin back then, so not only was he fearless in face of the Silver Ring of Slaughter, he actually brandished his sleeves and yanked all of the silver rings from mid-air, as if he was turning a trick.

Murong Qiu was shocked to find his weapon so easily taken down by his enemy. He immediately leaped towards Uncle Tuo. Young master Ji San chuckled and sent a kick straight at Murong Qiu’s butt, landing it with unerring accuracy.

Murong Qiu cried out and flew high up into the air. Then, he crashed heavily on the ground like a splatter of mud. Young master Ji San took two steps forward and stepped right on Murong Qiu’s face, “I heard that you want to pull out my brother’s tongue? So should I return the favor and pull out your tongue now?”

Young master Ji San exerted some internal strength and stepped fiercely on Murong Qiu’s face a couple of times. Crack! Half of Murong Qiu’s teeth were instantly destroyed. Blood, fluid and saliva leaked from the corner of his mouth in an ugly fashion. Murong Qi snarled, “Kill me if you dare, Ji San!”

Jiang Chen was prepared to fight to the death, but since young master Ji San and Captain Mo had shown up in time, he decided to shelve the thought for some other time. He walked over after seeing that Murong Qiu had been put under control. “Murong Qiu, is it? I thought you were impressive, but I guess you’re all bark and no bite.” Jiang Chen crouched down and patted Murong Qiu’s face. He sneered, “Don’t you forget, this doesn’t end today.”

Since the Coiling Dragon Clan had taken action, Jiang Chen had no interest in beating a downed dog. However, Huang’er was Jiang Chen’s bottom line. Jiang Chen wouldn’t tolerate even someone ten times stronger acting this way, much less Murong Qi. He had offended the Majestic Clan itself, so why would he fear a mere vassal force of the Majestic Clan?

Since they were all great clans, young master Ji San couldn’t possibly slaughter them to the last. After teaching all of them a stern lesson, he noticed that Captain Mo and the old hunchback were about done fighting.

The old hunchback had been at a disadvantage throughout the battle, but ultimately Captain Mo hadn’t defeated him. The captain ended his fight after seeing that the battle at young master Ji San’s side had come to an end. Seeing that young master Ji San was done teaching their master a ‘lesson’, Murong Qiu’s subordinates stumbled their way to his side and lifted him to his feet. Murong Qiu had never suffered such a terrible loss until today. He glared hatefully at young master Ji San and held up one side of his face. Without half his teeth, he couldn’t help but speak with a lisp. “Ji Ole Third, the Murong Clan won’t stand for this blatant abuse of power. We will sue you all the way to the seven great emperors if we have to!”

Uncle Tuo was also furious after seeing his young master beaten blue and black and partially toothless, “Mo, my clan lord will absolutely hear of this!”

Captain Mo shrugged. He was just a subordinate. Whatever happened after this would be the clan’s business and none of his concern. He was a fighter and a bodyguard. All he needed to do was his job.

Young master Ji San smiled faintly, “What a joke! The Coiling Dragon Clan hasn’t been the foremost clan in Veluriyam Capital for only a year or two. Where on earth did you find the courage to fight us, ah? I guess my punishment just now was too kind. You are the ones who intruded in our territory. What can the seven great emperors say even if we did kill you?”

Although there were forces of varying strengths throughout Veluriyam Capital, there was a set of rules that they all had to obey. There was definitely a rule that stated that a faction shouldn’t intrude another force’s territory. This was especially true when the intruders had attempted to force their way in and even turned hostile after receiving a warning. This was a great taboo. If the defenders were to take out all the intruders during the clash, then the trespassers would have literally died for nothing. Young master Ji San was absolutely justified in killing all of them. However, he didn’t wish to make a complete enemy out of the Murong Clan without the clan lord’s orders.

The old hunchback said angrily, “This isn’t a core or important location. Even if we did accidentally intrude into this place, it’s still just a misunderstanding.”

“A misunderstanding? If so, then why did you still attack the Coiling Dragon Clan’s honored guest? Are you going to tell me that this was a misunderstanding too?” Young master Ji San sneered. He completely rejected the old man’s cunning excuse.

However, the old hunchback continued to speak firmly, “There are so many random people these days. Who knew if he’s just an imposter? He hasn’t shown us any proof that he is who he is, and his tone is arrogant and disrespectful to his seniors. How could it be wrong for me to teach him a lesson?” The old man had a way to put himself and his side entirely in the clear.

Jiang Chen sneered and said nothing. He knew that there was no point in trying to talk reason with an unreasonable person. However, Captain Zhang grew furious upon hearing this, “That’s not the case at all, young master. This old hunchback said that he wanted to capture Pill King Zhen and turn him over to the Majestic Clan after hearing his name. He said that young clan lord Murong’s uncle and cousin would be very happy if Pill King Zhen was captured. They are the ones who started things first, and they were really disrespectful to the Coiling Dragon Clan earlier.”

The captain was an honest person. How could he possibly stand to see the old hunchback distorting the truth however he liked and endure it in silence? Ridicule gleamed in young master Ji San’s eyes as he stared at the old hunchback, “Go on, just keep making up more of those lies! No matter what you say, you can’t change the fact that you’re the one who provoked us first. I was going to leave things at this, but if you want to point fingers at us, the Coiling Dragon Clan can play with you to the end. Did you really think that we’ve lost our fangs just because we’ve been silent for so many years?”

Young master Ji San obviously sounded more confident than he was before. The Coiling Dragon Clan had kept a low profile for many years because of their clan lord’s lifespan. Their forces had also withdrawn themselves and avoided making too much contact with the outside world. This low key display was naturally interpreted by the outside world as a sign that the Coiling Dragon Clan was in its twilight years.

But after Jiang Chen had used the ‘Five Elements Augmentation Art’, the Coiling Dragon Clan’s clan lord had regained his former strength, and would be able to hold on for another three to five years. This extension of the clan lord’s lifespan would at least ensure that the Coiling Dragon Clan would survive the current dangerous period. Moreover, this period was also sufficient for them to prepare the Pinecrane Pill. With the Pinecrane Pill in hand, the Coiling Dragon Clan clan lord would add a thousand years to his lifespan. He would definitely be able to return to his peak or climb to even greater heights!

With these convictions in mind, it was only natural that young master Ji San’s confidence had soared. Considering how many years the Coiling Dragon Clan had kept a low profile despite being the number one clan in Veluriyam Capital, and considering how many grievances they suffered to the point where even a second rated clan like the Murong Clan would dare climb onto their heads, young master Ji San couldn’t help but grow angrier and angrier.

Just because the tiger hadn’t bared its fangs didn’t mean that it was now a sick cat! Therefore, the Coiling Dragon Clan had to set an example and display its might and strength to the world, and the Murong Clan had graciously offered themselves on a platter right now. An attack on the Murong Clan would be an indirect one on the Majestic Clan. It would be a show of strength to the entire Veluriyam Capital and the world that the Coiling Dragon Clan was still the foremost clan in Veluriyam Capital!

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