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Chapter 799: The Murong Clan

The new group of trespassers was larger than the previous. A young man dressed in luxurious clothes strutted at the front while accompanied by a bustling group of experts. They raised quite a clamor as they moved. The young man leading the group didn’t look more than twenty years old. He looked rather handsome, but the movement of his thin lips added some malice and frivolity to his appearance.

“Young clan lord, I believe that this is the place,” A hunchbacked old man with a round forehead and eagle-like eyes next to the youngster scanned their surroundings. It was obvious that he was an emperor realm expert who carried himself with natural dignity and power.

“Where’s Old Hong and the others, Uncle Tuo?” The youngster frowned.

The hunchbacked old man looked a little surprised too. He couldn’t find any clues about them despite his search. “This should be the place they mentioned in their message, but I can’t seem to sense their presences. How strange. Young clan lord, there’s someone over there. Let’s head over and ask them!”

“I’m too lazy to walk, Uncle Tuo. Just capture them and interrogate the information out of them,” The young clan lord’s tone was careless, but his words were that of a hedonistic person who cared nothing for human life.

Obviously, this Uncle Tuo obeyed the young clan lord’s every word. He cackled strangely and nodded before ordering the bodyguards around them, “Protect the young clan lord properly. I’m heading over for a moment.” The hunchbacked old man’s figure vanished like a wisp of clear wind, and he instantly arrived in front of the hill. He stopped three hundred meters away from Jiang Chen and his men.

“Come here, kid,” The hunchbacked old man sounded like a broken bell. His voice was so shrill that it scratched at the heart uncomfortably.

Jiang Chen simply sneered and ignored him. However, Captain Zhang couldn’t endure this transgression and abruptly shot to his feet, “Who are you? This is the Coiling Dragon Clan’s forbidden area. How dare you intrude here without permission?”

The hunchbacked old man was caught off guard. The Coiling Dragon Clan’s forbidden area? This place didn’t look like a forbidden area no matter how he looked at it. But this hunchbacked old man was not a coarse idiot like the one-eyed man. He was an old and cunning bastard, and despite his initial surprise at the announcement, he smiled faintly, “Who are you, and why are you using the Coiling Dragon Clan’s name to intimidate me? Which part of this place looks like a forbidden area?”

Captain Zhang yelled, “If the Coiling Dragon Clan orders it, then any land in the Coiling Dragon Clan’s territory is taboo. Your people have already crossed the boundary. Leave immediately!”

The more the hunchbacked old man heard, the more irritated he became. Who the hell is this guy? How dare an earth sage realm expert put on airs before me?  His young clan lord had told him to come and capture someone, not listen to nonsense. Therefore, the old man snarled, vanished, and pounced on Captain Zhang wildly an eagle diving its prey.

Jiang Chen saw his movements clearly and threw out the Featherflight Mirror. Whoosh! An invisible light was fired from the Featherflight Mirror, and it struck the hunchbacked old man head on, greatly slowing down his movements.

This hunchbacked old man was no ordinary person. He was fifth level emperor realm and a top class expert even among the rest of the young clan lord’s followers. He was also the head of young clan lord’s bodyguards. He had also fought in innumerable wars in his life. Therefore, the sudden decrease in his movement speed that happened without warning caused warning bells to ring loudly inside his head. He didn’t dare to continue further. He landed back onto the ground once more.

“Who’s there?” The older someone was, the more alert they were.

Jiang Chen slowly rose to his feet, “Sir, how many times do we have to tell you that this is Coiling Dragon Clan’s domain, and that you are not to intrude without permission?”

Despite facing a fifth level emperor realm cultivator, Jiang Chen was no longer who he was before. He couldn’t deny that he was feeling a bit of pressure, but it wasn’t so heavy that he was intimidated.

“And you are?” The hunchbacked old man narrowed his eyes and examined Jiang Chen.

Captain Zhang exclaimed, “This man here is Pill King Zhen and the honored guest of our clan lord. Who are you people, and how dare you behave atrociously in Coiling Dragon territory?!”

General Zhang was honest, but he wasn’t stupid. Although he knew who these people were, he pretended that he hadn’t recognized them. However, the hunchbacked old man raised his eyebrows as a light of recognition flashed across his eyes, “You are Pill King Zhen of Taiyuan Tower?”

An indifferent smile appeared on Jiang Chen’s lips. Although he noticed some undercurrents to the old man’s words, he thought it beneath him to deny the admission. He hadn’t wanted to bring up his name, but Captain Zhang had blurted it out before he could stop him. Since it’d already happened, he had no reason to deny his own identity.

“You’re not denying it, so I’ll assume that you are Pill King Zhen.” The hunchbacked old man chuckled evilly.

“So what if I am?” Jiang Chen’s tone was indifferent, “Are you one of the Majestic Clan’s dogs? You sure don’t look it though.”

Jiang Chen noticed that this hunchbacked old man’s smile was very unfriendly. Naturally, he didn’t care to be polite any longer. He was hoping to avoid a fight, but it would appear that the circumstances were not as kind.

The hunchbacked old man laughed loudly, “I am not a member of the Majestic Clan, but the Majestic Clan is related to my young clan lord.” With that, the hunchbacked old man turned around to inform the youngster, “Young clan lord, something interesting has just happened. Do you know who that guy is?”

“I have zero interest, Uncle Tuo. Have you found where Old Hong has gone to? Also, where’s that pretty girl he said he saw earlier? That old guy claimed that she was so beautiful that even I’ve never seen such beauty before… I’d like to see with my own eyes exactly who that lady was to deserve such exaggerated praise from Old Hong!” It was apparent that this youngster was the young clan lord.

But instead of answering the question, Uncle Tuo laughed with his broken voice, “If you can capture this person, young clan lord, your uncle and your cousin Wang Teng will be most pleased!”

At first, young clan lord Murong wore an impatient look on his face. But when he heard Uncle Tuo’s words, he raised his eyebrow and floated to Uncle Tuo’s side in an instant. “What did you say, Uncle Tuo? What does he have to do with my uncle?”

His uncle was none other than the lord of the Majestic Clan himself. This also meant that young clan lord Murong’s mother was the younger sister of the Majestic Clan lord. That was why the young clan lord had called the latter his uncle, and Wang Teng his cousin. The two great clans were extremely close with each other. The Murong Clan was pretty much the Majestic Clan’s most solid and loyal ally.

“Young clan lord, you haven’t forgotten what happened at Taiyuan Tower, have you?”

A ruthless gleam appeared in young clan lord Murong’s eyes, “I was travelling in another region and didn’t make it to that pill battle in time. I heard that Taiyuan Tower is the sworn enemy of my uncle’s family.”

Uncle Tuo chuckled and cast a glance at Jiang Chen, “The main culprit of Taiyuan Tower is someone called Pill King Zhen, and it would appear that this brat in front of us is that same person.”

Fierce light appeared in young clan lord Murong’s eyes. A wolfish gleam seemed to shine from his pupils as he stared closely at Jiang Chen. “Are you that pill king surnamed Zhen of Taiyuan Tower?”

Jiang Chen smiled coldly, “And who the hell are you to ask me that?” Now that he knew what kind of relationship this young clan lord Murong shared with the Majestic Clan, he knew that this grudge had been long set in stone. So what was the use of courtesy in this situation?

However, Captain Zhang looked extremely displeased with himself. His momentary lapse of judgment had caused him to forget about Taiyuan Tower and blurt out Pill King Zhen’s identity. Moreover, he didn’t know exactly what had happened inside the capital while he was outside. He never realized that Pill King Zhen was the Majestic Clan’s sworn enemy. When he realized that he had revealed Pill King Zhen’s location, Captain Zhang practically felt like committing suicide. He felt like a cat on a hot tin roof.

Young clan lord Murong’s handsome face abruptly darkened as a killing aura erupted from his body. “Take down this kid and pull out his venomous tongue first, Uncle Tuo. Let’s see if he can keep up that cheek of his after that.”

The hunchbacked old man chuckled, “Understood.”

Jiang Chen squared his shoulders and got ready for a fight. He secretly slipped his formation disk into his hand, and was ready to activate it at any moment. Be it the Minor Artifice Formation or the Ancient Slaughter Formation of Seven, neither was enough to deal with a fifth level emperor realm cultivator. However, they were enough to harass and delay his enemies for a short period of time.

“If I were you, kid, I would save myself some pain and just surrender.” Uncle Tuo laughed maliciously and pounced towards Jiang Chen like a ghost.

It was at this moment a loud voice crashed through the air like thunder, “I’ll kill every last one of your group, old hunchback, if you dare make even a single move!” The sound truly sounded like a clap of summer thunder as it came down from the sky.

Uncle Tuo felt his expression changed a little, as if he’d heard the devil’s voice himself. He hastily protected young clan lord Murong behind his back and looked ahead with a severe expression on his face, as if he was about to face his mortal enemy. A rift was torn open through space itself, and a man walked out. This man was stocky, spirited, and exuded immense presence. He was none other than the captain serving under young master Ji San, Captain Mo.

“Please forgive Ol’ Mo’s tardiness, Pill King Zhen. My young clan lord is currently leading a large group of elites upon hearing that someone is causing trouble here. He will be arriving immediately. Since he was afraid that you might come off worse in the exchange, he told me to come first.” Captain Mo possessed an immense amount of presence. His mere entrance was enough to force looks of worry and unease on the faces of everyone on young clan lord Murong’s side. “You’re quite bold, old hunchback. How dare you behave so atrociously in Coiling Dragon territory? Do you want to take a gamble and see if I can end your house’s lifeblood right here?”

Captain Mo chuckled strangely before sweeping his gaze across young clan lord Murong’s body several times. Although young clan lord Murong was also an outstanding genius, he was slightly inferior to Wang Teng. He was ultimately just a young man about twenty years old of age, and at the seventh level sage realm. He was considered good enough among all other great clan descendants, but he hadn’t made it to the very top because of his age. There was no doubt that a sixth level emperor realm cultivator like Captain Mo could crush him as easily as killing an ant.

Uncle Tuo had a dark expression on his face as he said, “Captain Mo, aren’t you afraid that your tongue will catch a stroke with such boastful words? Your realm may be slightly higher than mine, but I’m not afraid to take you on!”

“Oh? What if we joined the fray then?” Young master Ji San’s voice rang through the air as an enormous group of troops descended from the sky. Man after man, until a large troop of elites took position around the two sides, completely surrounding Jiang Chen and young clan lord Murong.

Young master Ji San’s eyes were dark and cold as he stared at the other side. “Color me curious, Murong Qiu, since when did the Murong Clan grow so bold? You dare harm a member of the Coiling Dragon Clan in our territory? It would appear that your father and your uncle haven’t taught you the most basic of manners. Perhaps I should teach you a lesson of manners today!”

Young master Ji San sounded as furious as a volcano that was about to explode!

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