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Chapter 759: Face Slapping and Counter Face Slapping

Indeed, young master Ji couldn’t stop midway; he could only keep riding the tiger. How could he be ignorant that this was an act with Wang Teng as the director? The goal was to make him lose his composure, make him fight over the Longevity Pills for ten times their worth, and to give him a vicious slap on the face. However, Ji San had no other choice.

He was also aware that these Longevity Pills might not be of any use to the clan lord. Only, even one chance in a million was still a hope. He didn’t want to let go of that hope. After all, Coiling Dragon’s clan lord had tried countless methods during these years, but the only thing he'd gained for his efforts was disappointment, more disappointment, and endless, boundless disappointment. As for the Coiling Dragon Clan, once celebrated as the undisputed foremost clan, it was now in imminent danger.

Various influences and factions within the clan were already engaged in an endless power struggle, trying to take advantage of the clan lord's imminent demise to seize his seat. Meanwhile, the aristocratic houses under the Coiling Dragon Clan were also uncertain which path they ought to walk in the future. There was no sense of security for any of them. One could say that though the Clan wasn’t engulfed in chaos yet, it wasn’t far from it. As soon as the clan lord’s cultivation started dissipating, the clan was bound to enter a chaotic struggle for power and influence. This was a foreseeable future that no one would be able to prevent.

Young master Ji was an outstanding figure amongst the younger generation in the clan, but he was young after all, his experience shallow. He didn’t have the qualifications to take over as the clan lord. Hence, his fate was also bound to experience stormy waves. This proud clan scion, blessed by the heavens, might very well become a sacrificed pawn in the internal struggles of power.

This was what young master Ji least wanted to face. On a public level, he didn’t wish for the Coiling Dragon Clan to fall into chaos and break to pieces. On a private level, he didn’t wish to become a scapegoat in his clan’s internal struggle. For that reason, he wouldn’t give up these Longevity Pills even if they offered but the tiniest shred of a hope. No price would make him give up.

A contest of wealth? Then let’s fight with wealth! Being derided as a useless dandy? Then he might as well be one this one time! Being schemed against by Majestic Clan’s young master? Then let him strut for a while! Ji San clenched his teeth, and upped the bid once again, "Eighty million!"

Sikou Nan laughed, "Hehe, ninety million!"

This was a pure contest of pride now. Sikou Nan upped the ante without even blinking, making the crowd secretly sigh with admiration. Joined Ridges Pavilion’s young master had to be one of the happiest. This terrific price was also a bolt out of the blue for him and he was most delighted with the situation. The higher the price, the greater the share for their auction house!

Wang Teng suddenly smiled, "Old chap, we all know you’re rich. One hundred million, do you dare?"

It made young master Ji regain his composure instead. His determination to win was already firm as steel, so he didn’t appear as restless as before. "One hundred million." Three faint, indifferent words, but they revealed young master Ji’s resolve to push onwards.

Sikou Nan giggled, "One hundred twenty million."

This caused a storm at the scene. Sikou Nan was well on his way to make a mortal enemy out of the Coiling Dragon Clan. Even if your faction’s a trusted confidant of the Majestic Clan, you still don’t need to act like this, now do you? Are you so dead certain that you're on the same side with the Coiling Dragon Clan?

Wei Jie’s face clouded, foul-mouthed words coming out his mouth as he swore something or another. Clearly, he felt a bone-deep hatred for the Majestic Clan and House Sikou at the sight of this situation. Were it not for his words carrying little weight due to his low status, he would even be tempted to interfere. Only, he knew that with his rank and identity, he would be more of a hindrance at a time like this and would make young master Ji dissatisfied instead.

Jiang Chen threw a faint glance in Wei Jie’s direction, glanced at young master Ji, then looked again at Wang Teng’s proud and complacent air. He was also feeling very ticked off. He couldn’t let Wang Teng keep acting so high and mighty. Jiang Chen couldn’t sit still any longer! At present, if there was still one person left who could turn the situation around, it was Jiang Chen. He originally had no desire to be involved in this matter. It was just that he felt very unhappy when he saw Wang Teng looking like he was dead certain he had young master Ji by the neck. Wang Teng, how will I possible tolerate you using my Longevity Pills to act tough? Steeling his resolve, Jiang Chen decided to go into action.

"Wei Jie, whether you can restore your relationship with the Coiling Dragon Clan today will depend on how you take advantage of the situation!" Jiang Chen said, transmitting his voice to Wei Jie.

Jiang Chen had already sent a message to young master Ji before Wei Jie could react "Young master Ji, Wang Teng is deliberately toying with you today. I have an upper rank Longevity Pill in my possession. I only ask ten million saint spirit stones of you."

He wasn’t making this up out of nowhere. He had indeed refined another cauldron of Longevity Pills afterwards. After giving three of them to Palace Head Dan Chi, he’d kept some of them himself. One of them was precisely a Longevity Pill of the upper rank variety. It was much more outstanding compared to these mid rank ones. Jiang Chen also knew that, were he to tell young master Ji that the Longevity Pill were useless for emperor realm cultivators, the young master would never believe him at a time like this. Instead, young master Ji might believe him yet if he said he had a Longevity Pill.

Sure enough, young master Ji froze, then looked in the direction of the voice. His eyes stayed a moment on Jiang Chen, then looked at Wei Jie beside him. Though Wei Jie hadn’t heard the contents of Jiang Cheng’s words, he was likely aware that Jiang Chen had gone into action.

Jiang Chen transmitted his voice to Wei Jie next, "Young master Wei, if you dare use your House as guarantor, then there’s an opportunity to restore your relationship with the Coiling Dragon Clan today. Do you have this courage? Everything rests on it."

Just as Wei Jie was pondering this, young master Ji transmitted his voice to Wei Jie as expected. "Wei Jie, is the one beside you a new guest pill king of your House? Is it true that he has a Longevity Pill?"

Hearing this, Wei Jie immediately understood Jiang Chen’s intention. He was immensely grateful. He knew Jiang Chen was taking out his own Longevity Pill to reverse the current situation. He was also inwardly admiring of Jiang Chen’s quick thinking. Young master Ji was certain not to believe them if they’d told him that the Longevity Pill was of no use. Instead, using a Longevity Pill to convince him would be a hundred percent effective. Understanding Jiang Chen’s intention, Wei Jie also understood that Jiang Chen meant for him to vouch for his House's new guest pill king.

He immediately responded with a solemn vow, "Young master Ji, I am willing to vouch on my life that Pill King zhen truly has a Longevity Pill. If there is any deception, House Wei is willing to submit to any punishment. House Wei and the Majestic Clan are enemies that cannot live under the same sky, we are loath to see young master Ji played and made fun of by them. The heavens and the earth are witness to House Wei’s loyalty."

There was no insincerity whatsoever in Wei Jie’s words. Young master Ji couldn’t help but take them seriously. To tell the truth, the Coiling Dragon Clan harbored suspicions about House Wei after the drama with House Wei’s pill king. That was the reason why they’d given the house the cold shoulder. Young master Ji’s first reaction to Wei Jie’s words today was skepticism.

However, they didn’t seem false upon looking at Wei Jie's expression and hearing his tone. Young master Ji was tempted. If he withdrew at a time like this, confidently and leisurely, then it would no doubt be the best way to strike back at Wang Teng. He could even buy an upper rank Longevity Pill at a cheap price afterwards, so why squander his money and be the foolish buyer? However, he was also afraid that if by any chance the information turned out to be false, it would sever this hin strand of hope! Who knew when the Longevity Pill would appear next?

The previously always firm and decisive young master Ji was suddenly a little hesitant as to what to do. Seeing him hesitate, Jiang Chen faintly spoke once more. "Young master Ji, if you’re distrustful even of your most loyal subordinates, then the Coiling Dragon Clan will truly be one day supplanted by the Majestic Clan, and you will be the only ones to blame. You are a grand scion of the number one clan, surely you can’t be afraid of being deceived by us?"

Young master Ji frowned when he heard. A decision arose in his mind. They heard Wang Teng’s voice again just then. "Heh heh, who would have thought we would one day see the wealthy and extravagant young master Ji also cower in fear. Old chap, tell this brother if you’re short on money. Lending you thirty or fifty million won't be a problem."

Young master Ji gave a long, lengthy peal of laughter. He didn’t even spare a glance for Wang Teng. His eyes fell straight on Joined Ridges Pavilion’s young master instead. "How much did they bid earlier?"

The auction house’s young master responded with a smile, "A hundred and twenty million."

Young master Ji slapped his thigh. "Alright, then let them have it! Have them pay on the spot and take the items away. Be sure they don’t cheat and renege on their bid, otherwise this young master will suspect your auction house of conniving with them to maliciously drive up prices and disrupt the normal bidding process."

This unforeseen turnaround had truly happened too suddenly. Did that mean that young master Ji was throwing in the towel? His free and easy manners didn't give off the resentful feeling of one who'd been defeated at all! Everyone at the scene was confused. Was it young master Ji toying with the Majestic Clan, or the Majestic Clan making a fool of young master Ji instead? Why was the plot so hard to follow?

Joined Ridges Pavilion’s young master was slightly surprised when he saw young master Ji give up. But he was already very, tremendously, absolutely satisfied with the price they’d already reached. However, Sikou Nan was struck dumb. They’d never imagined young master Ji would give up all of a sudden. Their bottom line had been to reach two hundred million before letting go. From their understanding of young master Ji, two hundred million was definitely a sum he could afford. However, young master Ji had put the lid on at a hundred and twenty million already? That wasn't young master Ji’s style. Didn’t he want to obtain the Longevity Pills and use them to prolong the Coiling Dragon clan lord’s life?

Even Wang Teng was stupefied, to say nothing of Sikou Nan. Young master Ji’s sudden withdrawal threw all their plans into disarray! It was young master Ji who wasn't willing to let them go now. He asked with a faint smile, "What? You were bidding so enthusiastically a moment ago, are you reneging on your debt now? Are you trying to slap Joined Ridges Pavilion’s face?"

Bidding and concluding the transaction on the spot, this was the rule the auction house had set for this auction. Sikou Nan truly had a little trouble sitting still. He hadn’t brought so much money with him. Moreover, they didn't have so much money as to throw it away by spending so much for three Longevity Pills, no matter how wealthy House Sikou was. They were still smarting from the robbery at House Sikou’s Myriad Puppet Pavilion, and funds had been a bit short lately.

If they were to lose another hundred twenty million here, then it would be fuel on the fire for House Sikou. Sikou Nan made a beseeching signal at Wang Teng with a plaintive expression. Wang Teng’s face was also drained of color. He’d been counting his eggs before they’d hatched, so the instant reversal quite ticked him off. He spoke with a grim smile at young master Ji, "Old chap, it seems you aren’t concerned in the least about your clan lord’s matter! You're cowering at a mere hundred twenty million?"

Wang Teng’s tone was one that was wholly unreconciled.

So this chapter and a few others were thanks to guest translator CV. sometime, and leave him comments to translate moar SOTR! XD. “As the era of dragons gradually came to an end, as arcane masters left countless riches and legends under the starry sky, one awakened youngster after another began to set foot on their journey.”

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