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Chapter 757: Three Longevity Pills!

Space lockdown glyph? That set the crowd on its ear. An escape glyph was an item commonly seen in auctions, but a space lockdown glyph was a rare treasure. They seldom appeared in auctions. But the first item of the day was already a space lockdown glyph. Didn’t that instantly elevate today’s auction to a whole new level? Even Jiang Chen was rather surprised.

A space lockdown glyph was much more valuable than an escape glyph of the same grade. The first item on auction was already so luxurious, it seemed today’s auction would be a high class one indeed. However, Jiang Chen still didn’t have much interest for this space lockdown glyph. He did have the one million saint spirit stones, but he wasn’t planning on spending them like this. Not to mention, this was merely the starting bid. The price would increase further afterwards.

Indeed, just as he expected, all the rich folk in the Capital were quite crazy. Crazed bidding swiftly drove the price above the two million mark. Jiang Chen couldn’t help but admire these people's pockets. Back then, one Longevity Pill selling for ten million spirit stones had caused a brouhaha across the whole Myriad Domain. Ten million spirit stones was the equivalent of a mere million saint spirit stones. Those moneybags though, they'd casually raised the price to two million!

Jiang Chen was hard pressed to discern which one was more precious out of a space lockdown glyph or a Longevity Pill, but if he had to choose one, he’d certainly choose the latter. After all, the Longevity Pill could prolong one’s life. That was an advantage no glyph or talisman could replace.

The emergence of the space lockdown glyph instantly ignited the atmosphere. The bidding very quickly stormed past two point eight million. In the end, a noble house’s scion won the space lockdown glyph for a steep three million. Jiang Chen quietly clicked his tongue in surprise. This was really too extravagant. Squandering three million on just a whim? Saint spirit stones at that! It was the same as thirty million spirit stones! He even saw the winner brim with excitement, as though he felt'd he won this glyph on the cheap! Jiang Chen suddenly had to reevaluate a ninth-rank noble house’s financial resources.

It seemed that even the Joined Ridge Pavilion’s young master wasn’t very satisfied selling a space lockdown glyph for three million. Jiang Chen heard him say, "Ladies and gentlemen, this space lockdown glyph was a mere appetizer, it seems your appetite haven't been whetted yet! In that case, I hope our second item will be enough to put you in the mood!" He then deliberately left them hanging for a moment, sweeping his eyes through the crowd and back, a slight smile floating on his lips. Only then did he loudly say, "The second item, three mid-rank Longevity Pills! I trust everyone here has heard of the famous Longevity Pill. These pills come from the Myriad Domain. The news of their existence stirred a storm of blood in the Myriad Domain, while the sect possessing them suffered an even worse fate of complete annihilation! Haha, I’m not painting an exaggerated slaughter, I’m merely emphasizing the value of these pills to all of you. One Longevity Pill can extend the life of someone at the sage realm for five to eight hundred years. Reversing time, divine craftwork! One could even say it wrestles fate away from the heavens. Such a miraculous pill, I would like to ask all of you, can you feel its lure?"

Indeed, the scene rumbled with commotion as soon as the crowd heard the name Longevity Pill. All the participants started to whisper amongst themselves. This pill’s fame was clearly too resounding. It could turn back time and extend one’s life. It was something extremely tempting for anyone. Only the cream of the Capital was present at the scene, and the majority of them could hope to break through to the emperor realm. They wouldn’t possibly always stay in the sage realm. However, the two mere words "prolong life" were enough to make anyone crazy, to say nothing of all the rest.
Since ancient times, "death" was what men feared the most, whether for mortals or for cultivators. Prolonging one’s life, pursuing immortality, that was almost everyone’s dream. Cultivators defied the heavens and changed their own fates. Apart from their thirst for formidable martial power, their quest for immortality was also eternal. From scions of great clans to sons of noble families, all of them wore solemn expressions.

Everyone had more or less heard about the Longevity Pill, and they also knew the Myriad Domain’s Regal Pill Palace had been ruined because of it. It was impossible for a matter like this not to spread around the Capital. In particular, the Veluriyam Capital had been abuzz with the matter about the Eternal Celestial Capital and the Regal Pill Palace. Those present were all people of stature and power and had naturally heard about it.

All of them felt their heart suddenly tremble when they heard the Longevity Pills had made their way to the Veluriyam Capital. Even if they couldn’t use them themselves, everyone felt their hearts racing at the two words "prolonging life."  Even if they couldn’t use the pills, it would still be pretty good if they could buy a few and study them back home. They’d make a fortune if by any chance they could decipher this pill’s recipe. Sage realm cultivators were too many to count in this word. Who didn’t want to extend their lifespan? One could imagine the value of this pill even blindfolded!

It's value didn't merely lie in prolonging life. For the Veluriyam Capital, it had an even greater business opportunity, a tremendous opportunity! Even Coiling Dragon’s young master Ji San frowned, his heart stirred. Countless thoughts came and went in his mind. Longevity Pill, prolong life for five to eight hundred years! Ji San couldn’t help but be reminded of his clan’s lord! The clan master’s life was drawing to a close, his cultivation soon to dissipate!

If they could obtain this Longevity Pill and delay it… Though it was a pill for the sage realm, it might not be entirely useless for the emperor realm. They didn’t need five to eight hundred years. Even fifty to eighty years were enough! As long as they had time, the clan master could hope to break through the pinnacle of the emperor realm and stride into the great emperor realm. As long as he achieved the realm of a great emperor, his life would automatically be extended!

After all, three thousand years was the minimum lifespan for a great emperor. Most of them could live for five or six thousand years. Some ancient great emperor had even lived past ten thousand years old. Ji San felt a rush of excitement all of a sudden. Only, while those thoughts churned in his mind, he seemed to sense someone secretly observing him from the side.

As soon as the faint feeling came to him, Ji San detected it came from Wang Teng, Clan Majestic’s young lord! Ji San feigned ignorance, but his thoughts were grave. This Wang Teng must be aware of our Clan’s situation. The kid must have realized my intention already. He probably won’t stop at anything to bid against me! As though he were facing a mortal enemy, Ji San inwardly came to a firm resolution. He had to win these Longevity Pills no matter how much money he had to waste.

Meanwhile, Wei Jie was also a little curious. Fortunately enough, everyone’s attention was drawn away. No one could possibly be attending to him. As a result, no one noticed the inquisitive glance Wei Jie stole in Jiang Chen’s direction.

Jiang Chen extended his consciousness and swept it through the Longevity Pills on the stage. He was also secretly taken aback. None of these three Longevity Pills carried the slightest sign of his own refining. In other words, these three pills were not his own handiwork. He also remembered that out of the three pills he’d given to Palace Head Dan Chi back then, one of them was lower rank, the other two mid rank. The lower rank pill had been handed over to Honored Master Tian Ming from the Dark North Sect a long time ago. The palace head hadn’t fallen into the Eternal Celestial Capital’s clutches either, so they couldn't have seized the other two pills. Did that mean that the Eternal Celestial Capital had refined these three pills on their own? Jiang Chen couldn’t help but admire the Eternal Celestial Capital’s efficiency. This manufacturing speed was simply astounding.

He'd left the recipe with the Regal Pill Palace while he spent two years in the restricted area inside the Ancient Crimson Heavens Sect on Mt. Rippling Mirage, but the sect hadn’t been able to refine the Longevity Pill even after these two years. Meanwhile, how long had the Eternal Celestial Capital obtained the recipe? They refined it already, and they'd even taken it to the Veluriyam Capital to test the waters! One had to admit that the foundations of a first rank sect were indeed formidable. It wasn’t something the Regal Pill Palace could match.

Looking at the quality of these three Longevity Pills, though there was still some differences with a mid-rank Longevity Pill that Jiang Chen would refine himself, they were nevertheless genuine mid-rank pills.

Seeing the inquisitive glance Wei Jie snuck his way, Jiang Chen shook his head faintly and transmitted, "The Longevity Pill’s recipe has been seized by the Eternal Celestial Capital. These are pills the Eternal Celestial Capital brought here to test the waters. They have nothing to do with me."

Seeing his own exclusive recipe seized by the Eternal Celestial Capital, seeing them refine the Longevity Pill and auction it right beneath his eyes, it was the same feeling as having his things snatched away and paraded right in front his face. One could imagine the depths Jiang Chen’s anger. However, he'd never imagined even Joined Ridges Pavilion would attach such high value to a few Longevity Pills. And judging from all those these bidders’ reactions, it seemed all of them also attached great importance to these pills?
Isn’t it merely extending the life of sage realm cultivators? Can they be under the impression it can also be used for the emperor realm? Jiang Chen had a little trouble understanding why these people would value it so strongly. In Jiang Chen’s memory from his former life, the Longevity Pill’s recipe wasn’t any extraordinary recipe. After all, the horizons of his former life far surpassed these.

The auction house young master was clearly whetting everyone’s appetite on purpose. He arrayed the three pills in his palm and displayed them several times in every direction. Only then did he smile and say, "I trust everyone already has a preliminary understanding of these Longevity Pills. Now, let’s begin the auction. The starting bid for these three Longevity Pills is five million saint spirit stones."

Five million? Jiang Chen was slightly taken aback when he heard this number. Five million saint spirit stones, that was a whole fifty million origin spirit stones! Back when he’d auctioned a low-rank Longevity Pill, the Great Cathedral head's Xiang Wentian had paid ten million origin spirit stones, but that was due to there being only one of them, leading to crazed bidding. Meanwhile, the starting price for these three middle-grade Longevity Pills was already five million saint spirit stones. Even per pill, the price was above sixteen million origin spirit stones! And this was merely the starting price. Even twice that number might not account for the final winning bid.

What intense profit! All of a sudden, Jiang Chen realized why these people would all be glaring at the pills like tigers eyeing their prey. As it turned out, they weren’t merely thinking about its life-prolonging use, but also about the business opportunity they represented! Three pills had already created such a situation, then if they were to be mass produced, it wouldn’t be making a profit anymore, but daylight robbery!

With a secret wry smile, Jiang Chen finally understood the twists and turns of these people’s thoughts. The Longevity Pill was a mere ordinary pill for him, but for the entire cultivation world, it was without a doubt a restricted pill difficult to acquire. What was a restricted pill? It simply meant an exclusive possession, one that couldn’t be sought, only stumbled upon.

"I bid six million!" Tong Kun of House Tong lifted high his placard, a faint smile on his face. He’d instantly upped a million as soon as the bid began.

"Seven million!" Sikou Nan wasn’t to be outdone.

Wei Jie was thoroughly dumbstruck when he heard these numbers. Since when had Tong Kun and Sikou Nan become so generous? These two guys had about the same status as Wei Jie. All of them were sons of noble houses. The money might not be an amount a noble house’s son couldn’t afford, but their outspoken boldness had already surpassed the style befitting noble house. Wei Jie was at a complete loss all of a sudden. The only thought he had was that the world had gone mad. He couldn’t make any sense whatsoever of what he was seeing!

On this holiday season… Instead, something spooky in the night goes bump…

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